In the Garden of Mindy

March 17, 2016:

X-23 and Ripclaw are introduced by Nate.



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Mentions: Rose Wilson-Worth, Rachel Summers, Jean Grey


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So, Laura stabbed Rachel! Nate should be angry. Hell, he is angry. He almost broke with Rose when she shoot Rachel. But he can't be angry at Laura, she didn't make the wrong decision. She was just not in control.

Someone is going to pay for the incident, but not today. Today he has brought Laura here, to Croton-on-Hudson and Ripclaw secret hideout. No one told Nate it was a secret hideout. He assumed the secret hideout was Cyberforce base.

Laura is typically the quiet one and while the slim assassin isn't always that observant of what is normal and what's not (with people, at least), she does realize that Nate is acting a little odd. It doesn't help that she can pick up on the anger he's feeling, thanks to her sensitive nose.

For the most part, she was her typical quiet self on the way over to the super secret hideout of Ripclaw, but when the two step inside, X-23 can't help but state. "You are angry."

The once abandoned dojo outside the township of Croton-on-Hudson that Ripclaw hides away in is rather beautiful this time of year. Even when everywhere around it is laden with mud and still reviving plantlife it's obviously been kept up by someone who knows how to nurture.
Secluded it takes a small hike to get to it but it is worth it by appearance alone.

"Him or me?" A new deep voice inquires before presenting it's source. A heartbeat after the words a tall broad shouldered man with unnaturally chalk white skin and crimson eyes steps forward from behind one of the paper curtains inside the structure. Dark hair in a topknot, a black shirt with a flaming skull on it and torn jeans, "Welcome… Nate and…?"

"Yeah, I got that a lot," replies Nate. And there is Ripclaw. Nate is unsurprised, but he could sense his mind. "This is Laura. Laura, Ripclaw. You two got a few things in common and may even have been screwed over by the same people. Those are the folks I am angry against, by the way. I am angry because they tried to kill Rachel and used you."

The 'sudden' appearance of the owner of the dojo doesn't seem to surprise X-23. In fact, when he steps out from behind the paper screen, the slim assassin turns her eyes immediately to him. His odd appearance also doesn't seem to cause any sort of reaction, as she automatically assess him to determine whether he's a threat or not.

This being Nate's friend, he doesn't get put into the active 'take down threat' category, but Ripclaw is still put into a threat category, albeit a 'safe threat'.

Nostrils flare, an automatic gesture on X-23's part, as she tries to catch Ripclaw's scent now. When Nate introduces her name, X-23 will offer a single nod to the white-skinned man. As for the rest of Nate's words, Laura doesn't necessarily remark upon them, at least, not yet.

There is a certain type of familiarity in regards to Laura a type which both her and Ripclaw fall under. "Cyberdata victim or.. ?" Curiously he looks her over but fails to see any of the usual indicators, "In any case welcome, you can call me, Robert since we're going with our human names." A grin at that.
"I have sun tea ready if either of you would like some."

Nate glances at Laura. "You can tell him," after all he doesn't have the whole story. Tea? He would have preferred something stronger, but Nate rarely says no to an offer of food or drink. "We are all people others tried to turn into weapons for their benefit," he comments.

At Robert's words about using their 'human' names, that earns an almost quizzical cock to Laura's head. For those that know her, it could be a startling show of 'emotion' or 'reaction' from Laura. Something about the way he worded that statement has clicked with the young assassin.

It's, however, Nate's words that actually cause her to open up a bit more. Her bright green eyes will focus on Nate for a long silent moment, before she nods again.

"I do not know this Cyberdata." She states in a rather flat and emotionless voice, "The people who created me were called The Facility." Again a look is given to Nate for a second, before she adds, "I had thought I had killed them, but they have resurfaced." Or so it seems to X-23.

The mention of sun tea seems to go well over Laura's head, but she will follow the two men wherever they may go.

"Facility, Cyberdata, may as well be the same from the sounds of it." Ripclaw's voice carries as he walks back around that sheet he was behind when they entered. A door can be heard opening and closing and he comes back with a jug and three tin cups. Each is poured a share and offered up.
"So, I am going to assume you brought her here to help fight Cyberdata? She capable of what that might result in?" He is looking at Laura when he asks as to make it less rude while he inquires of Nate.

"She is capable enough of whipping out whole armies of well-trained human soldiers and she will do it if she is told to," replies Nate. "Which is part of the problem. Laura has no implants in her head telling her what to do. Her training was less high-tech but just as merciless. And I don't think most of the X-Men understand what it is. Or how to… walk out of it."

When Ripclaw returns with that jug of tea and offers that cup to Laura, there will only be the slightest of hesitation from the young woman before she accepts it. Then the contents of held within the tin cup will be given a sniff. Sure, she doubts he'd poison her, but that sort of thinking is ingrained within X-23's brain. Suspicion.

As for her capabilities and the potential rudeness of Ripclaw's questions, neither seem to prompt a response from Laura. Instead she simply shifts her attention from Ripclaw to Nate and then back to Ripclaw again.

So, yes, clearly she's capable.

The drink held within her hand still goes untouched, as she listens to what Nate has to say. While she could have easily stayed silent, she doesn't, instead adding slowly. "There is a scent .." Begins the girl, her voice turning even flatter (if that's possible), " .. That I cannot ignore." Nate might pick up on the struggle within her, as she admitted that. Sure, she could have said so much more about the trigger scent, but for now, that's all she can manage to get out.

"Impressive and I'll take your word for it. No implants? Psychological conditioning?" Ripclaw gives another appraising glance at Laura, this time beyond just his eyes he is also using that unique spiritual awareness he possesses feeling out her very aura and essence. "Hrm, a scent?" An inhale is given to the air and he curls his nose up, "I smell nothing beyond us and the gardens." Confusion on his part and at having no clue about the trigger scent.

Nate takes the cup and sips some tea. Then shakes his head. "Laura, you need to explain better, I really shouldn't have to talk for you." He looks at the girl and gives her a few seconds. No? Well, Nate is too impatient. "She was trained from birth to be a weapon. But yeah, there is a trigger to turn her berserk. It is not a word, but a scent. Nothing that can be found here, no worries."

When Ripclaw's more mystical senses reach out towards Laura, the first thing that might be felt is rage. That particular emotion colors her aura, truly her whole self, in a vibrant and hot shade of red. Again, her face shows none of this constant anger, but it's there. Constrained only by Laura's will.

Beneath the anger is a cooler shade of color. Regret. But mostly, the anger outweighs that regret that is also held within her.

Thankfully, the misunderstanding about the scent is easily cleared up by Nate. Though his words bring a microscopic tightening of Laura's mouth, whether he meant the words to be chastising or not, it seems something about them has caused Laura to react. Turning her gaze from Nate, the young assassin says, "What he says is correct. I have been trained to be an assassin. If I did not wish to kill my target, they used a trigger scent to make me complete my missions."

"Thats… different. Trigger scent, tricky." Ripclaw admits. "This here," He motions behind him with one hand, a hand she'll notice is silvery coated and blade tipped, "isn't a place for any violence, rage or anger. I'm making sure of that so please… try to let it overcome your senses a bit like I have allowed it with my own." A look from the corner of his eyes is given to Nate, "I only ever invite people here I truly know but lately it has had more traffic but you're welcome, Laura, to make use of it. You remind me of Rose, you have a similar feel. Similar." Empathy and spiritual connectivity tailoring his words at this point. He's making it known.
"You're not as young as you look and so far, I find your presence amicable. I welcome you to my fight. It very well may do your spirit some good."
"Though, I still wish to see what you're capable."

Oops. Nate blinks surprised at knowing this is some kind of retreat to come by invitation only. No one told him. Then again, he never asked. He just tracked Rose down here once. "Like Rose?" Second surprise. He looks at Laura, the quiet, seemingly rational and secretly angry-guilty Laura. Rose is all fire, and a very loud anger and passion. "Hmm, they both like fighting, I guess."

The silver upon Ripclaw's hands is noted, but beyond a look towards his hands, Laura doesn't say anything about them. Instead the slightest of frowns ticks her lips downward, as she parses exactly what Ripclaw just said. Finally, Laura will simply bow her head a second as she says, "Thank you." Others might say something more, but with Laura silence is usually best.

Nate's words bring the young assassin's back to him, as she considers easily scents his double dose of surprise.

"It isn't just about the fighting, the similarities stand beyond that. I speak often of people beneath the skin. Are you also empathic or just a telepath, Nate?" Ripclaw's brow quirks up as it appears to be an honestly curious question. "Matters not ultimately, they both shine different. As they should. "A tip back of his tea and the mutant sets his empty cup down. A thoughtful look is offered Laura, "You're welcome." Another sharptoothed grin appears, "I like her, she is polite. Maybe I'm still too close minded about what to expect of your X-Men." His experience beyond Jean, Rose and Nate is limited after all.

"I can sense emotions sometimes," replies Nate. "But only if they are strong and I am close. I guess I am mostly telepathic." And not polite. Hah. He finishes his tea. "Laura is mostly… quiet. And the X-Men… they come in all flavors. There are a lot of them. Some annoy the hell out of me, and I usually like people."

While others might take offense at being talked about (as if she weren't there!) Laura doesn't seem to mind. After all, the scientists and trainers did the same thing to her while she was being trained.

Finally though, there will be a faint tilt to Laura's head as she speaks up. "I have class soon." This is said more to Nate than Ripclaw. "We will have to leave shortly." Which is kind of sort of X's version of trying to be polite in telling Ripclaw they need to leave.

"Ah, I see." Ripclaw says in regards to Nate's answer about empathy." Well, I admit to liking quiet more often than not. I have to go as well, a new guest to deal with elsewhere." Andy aka Breakneck, Nate's familiar as they tackled him just the other night. "A pleasure and I'll be seeing you both soon, I am sure."

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