Ollie's gettin' serious

March 17, 2016:

Oliver Queen approaches Matthew Murdock about employment, politics, and exposing governmental programs.


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"I have a few appointments, but not until the afternoon," Matt tells Karen in a soft, understated tone that is his customary office voice. "I'll be reviewing some of the case law on the Bloomis case and will probably eat lunch in. If you need me to cover yours, just let me know."

"Sounds good, Matt. There was a call this morning about the Gregorson issue, but I didn't think we were taking that. Don't forget tomorrow's Emmmerson meeting, and I brought my lunch here, so you won't need to worry about it. Thanks, Matt." Karen gives him a two million-watt smile, as is the custom of the strawberry-blonde receptionist. She's learned not to ask about his frequent absences.

Moments later, Matt sits down into his chair with a wince. He's taken a few days off, which is normal for lawyers. The sai stab in his side isn't, however, and he gingerly moves to sit better, careful not to pull any stitches. What a world.

On goes the radio with some local AM radio programming focused on New York issues. Off comes the glasses as he begins to rub at his face.

The internet is a wonderful tool, Oliver isn't even sure how he survived without it prior to his disappearance on the island for years. With it, this time, he has been able to track down a lawyer that might suit his purposes. Someone that's dealt with similar clients and that is low profile enough to not draw substantial attention to him.

The door to the office opens and he steps in. There is no business suit or fancy trappings of the like. Rather Oliver is wearing a leather jacket with the collar pulled up and a baseball cap pulled over his features to conceal them a bit; a look that screams incognito. Turning, he shuts the door behind him carefully before looking over the auspicious location, a grin spreading to his lips. "Perfect." The whisper is quiet to himself and then he looks towards the receptionist, poor Karen.

"Good morning. I'm here to see about hiring a lawyer and keeping them on retainer?" The greeting is pretty straight forward, reaching up he removes his baseball cap and loosens the jacket collar some so that the common page 3 profile on the tabloids visage that is Oliver Queen can be seen.

"Good morning," Karen says with a smile before learning the identity of who is behind the collar and under the cap. Her eyes go wide from the unexpected visitor—they have all sorts of clients, including famous ones, but seeing Oliver Queen here, in the flesh, comes as a bit of a surprise.

"Uhm, right away, Mr. Queen. She fumbles slightly in finding the phone, but finds her voice a bit better. "Mr. Murdock, I have Mr. Oliver Queen in the office. Is now a good time?"

After a beat, Karen smiles. "Mr. Murdock is available. Right this way." There's a short hallway, which Karen leads Oliver down before opening the door for him.

Matt is already on his feet with a professional smile, reaching his hand out toward Ollie to shake. "Mr. Queen, this is a most unexpected, yet welcome surprise. Thank you for coming." Turning to Karen, "Ms. Page, would you mind grabbing a water for me and whatever Mr. Queen would like?"

Oliver is, well used to it. He even manages a small blush on his cheeks as he smiles warmly at Karen. Following the woman down the corridor after she contacts the boss he pauses and adds when she passes back out, "Water would be fine, thank you very much." The words are warm as he turns to Matt and reaches out to shake his hand. "Mr. Murdock. I'm glad you could make time for me on such incredibly short notice, especially as a walk-in. I apologize for that but was hoping to keep this visit low profile."

Queen motions a bit then grimaces as he does so, realizing that motioning with his hands might be a bit redundant with the lawyer. "I really like your offices. It is approachable. Your pro bono work also is commendable." With the compliments coming out Queen adds with a chuckle, "Don't worry, I'm not here for pro bono obviously. I'd like to get your firm on retainer, not for Queen Consolidated; they have a plethra of lawyers. For myself."

"Of course, Mr. Queen. Luckily all of my appointments are later in the day. You've got us at a good time. Please, have a seat." Murdock adjusts his glasses slightly before he takes his. "I appreciate that, Mr. Queen. Foggy and I have aspired to give back to the community we love. Consequently, I should add that your and your family's philanthropy has been well documented, so trying to make a better world seems to run in both of our philosophy."

Once the issue of retainer is brought up, Matt nods, "Obviously, Foggy and I would be interested in representing you personally, Mr. Queen. In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that we are also on retainer for the Croft family as their American representatives. I have not been called into service for her, but I felt you should know about our time constraints. That being said, we believe we would have more than enough time to fit your needs. I should also note that Foggy and I are the only partners here at Nelson and Murdock, so we do have that limitation as well. With that out of the way, we have an extremely successful rate at trial and have won several awards both here in the state of New York, as well as the region and nation as well."

Oliver nods and chuckles softly, "Most of the work I have in mind actually Mr. Murdock revolves more around advice in legal matters, filing documents that are needed and just making sure I have everything covered I need to for a few .. plans I have. To be blunt, I need a legal mind I can talk to that can steer me on some issues." Oliver's smile is in his voice, the man seems to be a rather jovial sort at present.

"I'm hoping that'll work well with your schedule since I'm just looking for consulting and like I said, the occassional filing with state and local courts as need be. I don't want to take time from your clients, but I was honestly looking for someone with a strong reputation and seemed to share some of the same values I have; and who isn't going to use representing Oliver Queen as a trophy on a wall to brag about. That's what led me here."

Matt can't help but chuckle, "Well, as tempting as it is to put a picture of Oliver Queen on our door to try and get clients, we're really more about discretion. There's a reason that we stayed in our home community rather than move to a more luxurious part of the city. The main part of our clientele lives and works here in Hell's Kitchen. We're very picky about which corporate or celebrity clients we take because of our inherent passion about being able to service some of the disadvantaged clients we tend to get. Simply put, your money will allow us to do that better."

"When you are ready to make your decision, we usually have our more wealthy clients make us an offer. In your case it would be per year. After acceptance of the offer, Karen would send you all the required documents."

Matt sits back in his chair with a tilted head, and though he cannot see Oliver, he seems to 'look' at him for a long time. "Pardon me if I'm too forward, but I'm completely curious: Is there a pressing matter you're seeking assistance with? It's not every day that people in your line of work come to our door." Even with Lara, he went to her penthouse.

"There is. And whatever numbers you send over I'm sure will be reasonable." Oliver responds to the comments about pricing as he leans back in his own chair and folds his hands under his chin. "Really there are three main issues I am looking at are both time sensitive. First off, I am opening a series of restaurants in major cities to serve as a job opportunity for reformed metas and those who have lost their livelihood in recent issues. The entire operation is non for profit so there's all the paperwork and filings to do those. I simply want to make sure the legal side is taken care of so I can focus on making sure these people who have lost and suffered have a bridge to help them rebuild their lives from."

"The second, is I want someone to help monitor campaign finance; to make sure I don't break in rules in my election bid. And finally the third is I want to understand the legalities of the DEO, and particularly this operation Knightwatch they have announced."

Oliver lets both of those concepts settle in before he speaks. "To be frank, Mr. Murdock, I want to investigate into these groups that are helping the DEO because I believe that this is a grave threat to the people of this country and I want to make sure I have legal backing on what I do. As you can tell, each of these is separate from Queen Consolidated, hence why I want a separate legal resource."

"Excellent," Matt says with a grin. Not only is the itchy question scratched, all three questions seem very interesting to him for several reasons. "Well, the restaurant issue is pretty straightforward. We can handle that in just a few days and set up the procedures for that endeavor. It's going to be pretty cut and dry and my recommendation is that, once you're ready to move on this idea, to hire a full-time administrative executive to handle the legal concerns that our office can work alongside. We'd ask to train this person to ensure full legal compliance. After that's taken care of, everything should run smoothly from a legal perspective."

"Campaign finance is also pretty straightforward. I'll need the contact information for your campaign manager, and will need copies of all the pertinent paperwork, including the bank accounts. I'll also need to know how aggressively you would like to look into your opponent's' campaign finance. We can also set up a system to FOIA their records often, if there is cause for concern on the other side. We can just work that into our normal schedule if it's beneficial for your campaign. But really, Mr. Queen, I probably need to know what office you're running for, and whether you're a Progressive Party member or a Tomorrow Party member." Matt chuckles, "Not that it will matter, but I'll want to start making contacts with the party and their attorneys as well.

"The third issue will take some digging. I don't profess to know much about the DOE, but I will state that I will need to know whether you want us to act aggressively or defensively."

Oliver listens as Matt rattles off stuff and he sighs in relief; part of him concerned that it may be too much, too spread thing, but since Murdock sounds like he knows what is going on Queen is able to catch his breath now. "Excellent. Excellent." He says the relief in his voice. "I'll try to answer what I can for you right now. In regards to the restaurant aspects I'm in the hiring phase, so knowing what to be looking for in regards to that administrative executive is wonderful. That should go smoothly."

The next part has him smiling a bit, "The main Queen residence is in Gotham, which is where I was planning to throw my hat into the ring during the mayoral election." He hesitates a bit and then goes on, "I won't give you the speech of why beyond the city has gone to garbage and a change is needed. I'm not really a member of any political party but what I do know is this is Gotham we're talking about, and politics there are dirty. I want to try to keep myself out of the muck as much as I can but I'm not delusional to think that it won't be flying everywhere. Mafia, other politicians, it'll be a dirty undertaking."

The last bit has Oliver thinking in silence for a bit. "That's the problem Mr. Murdock, I don't know much about the DOE myself other than some of the people that are tied into it. I'm intending to ask around myself, to try and gain information so I guess… that's the Freedom of Information things right?" He asks, curious if that's the correct terminology. "The government is hiring these companies to build weapons to use against the citizens of the country. I don't see how that is not wrong and I intend to find out if my gut is right about this, and if it is, expose it."

Matt nods, "My recommendation is to have at least one person, full-time, who works in administration and can handle the procedural aspects of the restaurant. Health code, for example. Legality with both personnel and city code matters. We will be able to point such a person in the right direction on many matters, but depending on how many stores you have you may want a specialized person handling those tasks."

"If I were to be your representation, I would caution you to join up with a political party. Many wealthy and popular candidates who enter into politics often try to do so through a third party. The rationale is that money is no object and therefore they do not need to be beholden to any special interests. However, what candidates routinely underestimate is the infrastructure and organization that a party provides and those can be instrumental in close races and be the difference between victory and defeat."

"My main focus on getting information out of the DOE might seem odd at first. I would advise you use Nelson and Murdock as a nuisance. Everyone knows what the government has said about Knightfall. Everyone knows that much of their technology is going to be listed as secret. However, what will not be secret, are all of the voluminous amounts of emails undoubtedly sent back and forth about the purpose. That's what we're really interested in here, I imagine, the purpose. That being said, I'm willing to attack this issue any way you see fit."

Oliver listens and then nods his head as he does so, taking out his phone to make notes on it about some things when Murdock speaks about a topic. "A political party then, hmm. I have truthfully no idea what I'd identify closest with. I'll need to see what matches my agenda best and see if they'll fit. My concern with that would be any sort of primary and challenging party insiders obviously." But he does take several notes on the phone to look into that.

"I think the approach you laid out of getting to the purpose through the emails is a good one. A concern I have, this group is public and is going to garner a lot of enemies as well who aren't going to be proceeding through a legal mindset like we are. When mutant or meta groups feel attacked many times they'll come back at the target in force; I don't want our work to be confused with theirs but at the same token they may gain information that could be useful to our own work. How would you advise working around those two concepts?"

"I assure you, Mr. Queen, my own personal political biases will not factor into any part of the advising process. Either way, I recommend you notify whichever party of your intentions before you make your announcement. I can check on deadlines to get upon the ballot today and let you know this afternoon. I have some friends I can call with recommendations for each party for campaign managers, but you'll want to do that as soon as you decide as well. My bet is that either party would love to have you. Gotham has been wrought by corruption and it is not even clear that either party wouldn't prefer you to the current guy. There's been so much corruption in that town it's been awestriking."

"In regards to the FOIA requests, that's the thing that puts fear into the hearts of the government, and people like Wayne, Stark, and Trask: They have to divulge certain things. We do not. No one has to know that I represent you. And I don't have to tell them, either. We have client-attorney privilege until whatever time it benefits you to tell people."

Oliver ponders for a bit, "That'll be good, to know those dates. I'm leanign very very heavily towards making this candidacy happen but I want to make sure I'm certain, but obviously can't wait forever." He smiles at that then adds a chuckle, "I'm not worried about your own political biases Mr. Murdock. I don't think you can vote in Gotham." The man grins at that before he leans forward, elbows on knees.

"Alright, I think that's a plan. If you can apply pressure on them to get information that's a start. I'll keep my ears open as well, being in that circle a lot of times things slip. I work with many of these people, know them. Hell, are friends with them. I want to believe they're doing the right thing, and I want to believe I'm wrong; but its too much of a risk to just gamble on belief, we need to know just what Knightwatch is about."

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