Temporal Oversight Team Eliminating Mis... What?!

March 17, 2016:

A "time cop" shows up to eliminate Spider-Man 2099 and Witchdoctor who he declares criminals. Doctor Strange just happens to be introducing himself to Alysse at the time.


NPCs: TOTEM Officer RT23



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Sun and no clouds? Insanity. Still smog though plenty of smog but it is nothing like Nueva York of the year 2099, it almost makes Miguel O'Hara the Spider-Man of Tomorrow forget he misses that place.

Clinging casually to a ten story bank building red and black Spider-Man has already gotten a rude gesture or two from a streetwalker. At least that hasn't changed about 'New' Yorkers.
"Lyla, we have anything near us?" O'Hara questions the AI housed in his wristwatch. This spot is a haunt this side of town now - it has wi-fi.
"No, nothing at the moment unless you're interested in a domestic dispute." The musical voice replies.
"Pass. Guess we'll go find something to eat and get back to the job hunt as Mike O'Mara, nerd at large." Sarcasm in his tone. He really hates this job search garbage. It was a lot easier when Alchemax just poached you out of their Insitutes of Advanced Learning.


Witchdoctor had been in this version of New York for a fortnight now…and she'd been still trying to get adjusted to things. Her usual 'street' attire of skirt, vest, shirt and jacket had been minus the last thanks to a meeting with a claw the night past. The wounds had healed but she wasn't exactly rolling in money to replace things on the spot.
Exhaustion had lead to her sleeping in till after midday and only now was the Witch walking, a cocoa from a local cafe stand in her hand as she sips it slowly to bask in the taste. Of all of the things that had truely been 'better in the old days', the food is certainly one Alyse would agree with.


Be a wizard ex-surgeon, Mike. Dr. Strange technically has no marketable skills anymore. He would find mildly amusing less than a century from now ruthless corporation aggressively recruit sorcerers. Maybe mildly alarming, and not amusing.

On the other hand he can turn lead to gold. On the third hand, that is very, very frowned upon by his order.

Instead, besides his daily job as Supreme Sorcerer, Strange spends his spare time tracking down sorcerers visiting his home town. Nueva York. Which is why he is looking for Witchdoctor right now, the Eye of Agamotto in his hand, because the it his link to the Orb of Agamotto, which is the artifact that can find anything, even a witch in New York.

To blend in he has disguised the Eye with a basic illusion. It looks like a starkphone: because that is how cool kids find people today. Also, big glowing golden eyes are weird even in early Twenty First Century New York.


People point towards the sky and a slinger one of several glides through the city streets above. New York's newest tourist attraction is spiders. Spiders and more spiders. Vendors make bank off of them.

Miguel/Spider-Man 2099 twists in the air just to show off a bit and then is stricken with a sudden burst of intense pain…

Brilliant green light reflects off skyscraper windows and casts the extra-temporal webhead from his aerial travels towards the streets below. Unlike Peter Parker or his clones Miguel O'Hara doesn't have a special spidey sense.

This happens now several blocks away from the Witch and the Strange Doctors. Likely they have time to say "Hi!" and secret wizard handshake before they're aware or engaged.


Another sip of her coffee and Alyse seems to be enjoying her casual stroll…right up until her 'senses' shudder. Magic, and plenty of it, was up ahead. The last time she'd encounter that she'd nearly killed herself channeling toxic magics to seal some great horror back to where it came from, so she's not exactly thrilled by the sensation.
Lowering her drink, the blonde Witch's eyes look over the street, trying to narrow things down with her more mundane eyes, to get a sense of if she's just simply stumbled past another sorcerer, or something terrible was about to go down.


Dr. Strange meets Alyse's gaze and smiles faintly, offering the woman a knowing nod. "Miss? Ah… I think I was looking for you, oh yes." He checks the 'Starkphone' and puts it down in a pocket of his coat. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Doctor Stephen Strange and I am a sorcerer. I heard you had just arrived the city and I thought we should…" he pauses, frowning, and turns to glance in Spider-Man's direction, "excuse me, it looks like I am going to be busy for a few minutes."


Temporal energy bleed completed.
Subject 2 of 4 in close proximity.
TVA authorization acquired.
Continue with Correction Procedures. Engage Target #1.

Another green flare of light and a car is blasted in to an explosive mess. Spider-Man leaps away from the debris and spins around firing webshots towards the pursuing blackish silver robot that is following him down the strip. NOW it is visible to both mages.

What exactly is seen is Spider-Man in black and red instead of blue and red swiftly evading in a defensive trek continued glowing green projectile charges from a six and a half foot tall pursuer. Any thing the Slinger has cast it's way has little to no effect.

"There is no escape criminal." An electronic distorted voice at loudspeaker volumes declares.

As Spider-Man 2099 scales the side of a billboard and ducks behind it the assaulter pauses and looks around.
Scanning. Target #2 present.
Green visor illuminates in a flash and a small dot of light appears on Witchdoctor's chest.
Target identified.


"Looking for me," Alyse repeats, her drink lowered to her side while she looks over the Strange man, the senses clearly humming a little more intensely as the Sorcerer and the Eye are both literally standing in front of her. "And who is it that told you I was here?" The witch is suspicious enough, even if she's sure the magics that sent her spiralling into this time weren't exactly 'low-key', but one from her time doesn't go trusting people on the spot. She opens her mouth to say more when her eyes are cast skywards towards the silver robot and the swinging man's dramatic enterance. "What in the…" the blonde sorceress begins before the light switches and the robot's light shines on her chest. That's not good.

She'd seen a laser sight before, so she isn't exactly going to stand still and wait, but the move the Witch makes is probably suprising. Hitching the side of her skirt she pulls a small handgun, raising it towards the robot she'd seen exploding cars a moment ago.


Strange would love to explain, he really would. It is just not a good moment. Also, Spider-Man is supposedly an ally. He reads all the JLA reports. Yes, even Hawkgirl's JLA reports. "I'll explain later," he replies quickly, raising his hands to draw mystical sigils on the air. A transparent shield of energy materializes on the air about a yard from him, shielding Alyse and himself from the direct robot fire. "Do you know who they are?"


A green pulse burst as it seems to be this things theme hits the ground where Witchdoctor was. The second and third are deflected by Doctor Strange's eldritch shield.
"Stand aside this does not involve you… " A scan, a pause. " Sorceror Supreme."

Witchdoctor's own return shots bounce off of it without indication of any damage.

Spider-Man peers over the edge of the billboard then proceeds to climb to the top of it where he then descends in a flying leap aimed direction for the metal fiend.

"Stand back!" A shout of warning before debris explodes outwards, the ground tremoring at the impact. As quick as it happens Spider-Man is hop skipping over to stand beside the mages. "So, ow. This guy, claims he is some sort of time cop. Thats my situation update. Also I am just going to assume we're on the same side because I seen you on the Hall of Justice walls, your picture is new though, huh? It still had a shiny frame."


The thing about bullets is, they don't stand out. Even pure iron rounds don't tend to startle people half as much as outright magics on the street. Shaking her head, the witch lowers the smoking gun with a curse and a glance towards the sorcerer. "No idea," she says as she takes a breath, extending her hands either side of her and starting to call on her own power…right until the spiderman lands beside them with his hurried explinations. Most of those words, Halls of Justice, all of them are glossed over except for 'Time cop'. That makes her frown. "This keeps getting better and better," she mutters as voltage starts to crackle in the air between her fingertips.

Doctor Strange glances at Spider-Man. "Er… yes," beat, "and you must be Hawkgirl's new friend, welcome to the Justice League." And the robot knows who he is? That is strange, technological-minded people tend to try to forget his existence.

Still, since he was polite enough to ask before shooting him, Strange figures he deserves a response and not a mystic blast on the face. "I am the Supreme Sorcerer, indeed. I will consider standing back if you state your case peacefully and explains this seemingly unwarranted attack on a member of the Justice League and an innocent citizen."


A rumble sound and that armored figure pulls itself up out of the crater Spider-Man 2099 put it in. "Your Justice League has no authority over me, I am T.O.T.E.M. officer designation RT23 and these criminals are charged with unauthorized time travel. They and several other subjects in this year of 2016 are suspect in causing an anamlous and critical disruption. They have been declared by the Time Variance Authority as law breakers. The fact that two of them are now sighted together… coincidence? I think not. Prepare yourselves criminals to be processed."

One hand rises up again and it's palm starts to glow green in contrast to Witchdoctor's own electrical display.

"TVA, TOTEM? What the shock is this stupid nonsense." A sigh from Miguel and he starts to yell at the crowd around them, "Go! Get back. This isn't safe you morons." Pssh. " New York."
"Also, hi, and I honestly didn't think I was part of the team yet. I thought Hawkgirl just had the hots for me and was showing me the clubhouse. Whats the plan?" A curious look at Witchdoctor. This guy has declared her a criminal time traveler just like him. They'll probably have to chat about that at some point.


Definately something to talk about too, although later when robots are not trying to blow them away with energy bolts and police designations. Witchdoctor's jaw is set and her hands are outright glowing with crackling energy she had yet to cast. Officers suggest agency, agency means that there's backup that could get on their trail if she goes smiting something she doesn't quite understand.

"You're mistaken," the Witch says slowly, still holding that tense standoff of sorcery against science. "My arrival here was…unintended and not of my doing. This place is already strangely different to the past of my world when I was cast to this time."


"I seem to remember TVA stands as Time Variance Authority," explains Strange. "They police time travel sometimes, they… are not very competent as an organization," he directs an apologetic glance to the robot. Sorry, robot, it is true. Look at what Kang is doing with the timelines!

"RT23, I have to ask if you recognize any authority besides your own in this continuity? If so I'd like to appeal to such authority. Otherwise I will be forced to destroy you. If you know who I am you should know it is within my abilities." Sorcerer arrogance, maybe. But he wouldn't be the Supreme Sorcerer if he wasn't so convinced he could take out any time-travelling robot.


"Unsure how you would know this as that isn't exactly public knowledge especially our ongoings. Noted and an update will be sent. This is a friendly notice that you will now be under observation and evaluation. Now stand aside and no, exact parameters of your capabilities are not documented." RT23 hesitates as if considering it's options once more before launching itself in a blindly fast headlong rush towards the trio. He is fast, superhumanly fast.

"He has you there, Strange, how do you know thes… SHOCK! Move!" Spider-Man 2099 leaps to the side without thought of saving either of them. He'll work on that. He defaults to self-preservation more often than not. Landing on his hands he kicks his legs out in to a spin like a breakdance and fires off webstrands towards the TOTEM officer to grab ahold and yank. It won't be quick enough to aid Strange or Witchdoctor in the initial assault.
They are on their own there.


Strange is in the business of knowing. In fact one of his main supernatural contacts is called the 'All-Knowing Agamotto' and he probably also knew RT23 was able to move very fast.

Strange didn't, and he just has no time to cast a spell to protect himself. All he can do is deploy the Cloak of Levitation and hope it is strong enough to protect them. The red cloth seems to materialize out of his coat. And it still feels like being hit by a speeding semi, and he is thrown back several yards and through the front window of a bookstore, the impact, and a couple broken ribs, leave him stunned.


Witchdoctor is a slim woman, looking at her she's not exactly all that imposing or threatening. Aside from those glowing fingers. But she doesn't move or flee as the robot comes screaming towards them. Instead she extends her hands forwards and those glowing bolts of crackling energy slam forwards. Seems she's banking on sheer power and hoping the other doctor has their defence covered.


Fortunately for Witchdoctor and unfortunately for Strange he absorbs the brunt of the impact and force the effects obvious as he careens past and through a storefront. Webbing latches to RT23 and electricity licks in all directions but the towering Time Cop is still present flailing limbs included as it tries to dismantle Witchdoctor.
"I warned you to stand aside." That electronic voice blares out towards Strange.

"Hey, I'm still here!" Spider-Man 2099 yells and tugs back, pulling on the webbing vines he'd attached already to the TOTEM's backside.

"I'm aware. Wait your turn scum."

"If you have anything up your sleeve I suggest using it." Miguel shouts at Witch.


Alyse does indeed have -something- up her sleaves as the lightning bolt doesn't appear to have done any great damage to the robot. It seems that it's simply too well made to be shorted or shattered by volatage alone. Raising her hands, the blonde seems to explode…almost. Her body at first appears to catch fire, but those 'flames' are revealed to be glowing golden lights shaped like butterflies, moving in one solid swarm before they scatter, leaving no trace of the Witch behind. Had she simply fled and left the others to their fate?

Then the butterflies seem to reassemble behind the robot, reappearing out of nowhere and taking less then a second to reform into the Witch herself as she places her hands either side of the TOTEM's head. "So many moving parts, so much to break…" she practically purrs as her hands begin to glow again, this time chaotic magics trying to seep into their hunter's working and throw a magical wrench in them.


Strange stands up, coughing weakly. Well, he was warned. Small consolation. Damn robots, they are worse than demons. He would have known what to do exactly if RT23 was a demon. Despite his previous boast, his mystical training is not directed to fight technological threats.

But that doesn't mean he will let a robot walk all over him!

He limps back to the street and assess the situation, then says, "I see an appeal to reason will not deter you, machine. So! Let the crimson bands of Cyttorak surge forth, seeking the one who assaulted me!" Ouch. Shouting hurts.

But Cyttorak responds, and the mystical tendrils of red energy are sent for to try to bind RT23 with unbreakable strands or force.


Spider-Man's heart sinks as he thinks Witchdoctor exploded but well, ta-da! Magic. No guilt in not being better at this hero thing.
Within seconds she rematerizes standing behind the TOTEM surrounded by webbing and now what is crimson tendrils of ensnaring magic. The 'time official' appears incapable of movement while her hands place easily to each side of his armored head.

Spider-Man 2099 attaches the webbing off his end to the cement and fires a few more shots at the robotic humanoids ankles and feet.

Chaos magic then onsets into the armored innerworkings of the TOTEM officer, "Let me go!" Is shouted. "Release me now!" Sparks and energy discharges begin to erupt from joints.


No more words from the Witch, that chaotic magic still wrecking havoc on the robot and now Strange's magic combined with that organic webbing is preventing the automaton from stopping her. Her eyes close and the air around her is practically burning with the dangerous magic of chaos that casts her hair and clothing like she were standing in an updraft.


Strange walks forward slowly. "That might be enough, young lady," he states. Not that he can blame her for being angry at murdering robots from out of time. But still, if RT23 is sentient he shouldn't get killed when he is helpless. "Please, stop. He is beaten and we can hold him at the Hall of Justice."


Emergency Evacuation Procedure Initiated.
Countdown Override Acknowledged.


A flash of light the sound of air in taking and the TOTEM officer vanishes almost as if he just imploded. Snapping out of existence. Not even any parting words.

"Well that was anticlimactic." Spider-Man 2099 states as he strides forward webbing released to float with the wind away from him or just drop to the cement. It'll dissolve in a couple of hours.


The Witchdoctor did at least release the robot…eventually and only with Strange's request. Pulling her hands back the large aura of destruction begins to fade down into nothingness. Stepping back, the blonde is indeed looking a little mad before the robot disappears in a sudden burst of who-knows-what to leave them alone with questions.
"What the hell sicked that thing on us?"


The Crimson Bands stay there a few seconds and then dissolve in a shower of sparks. Strange does a double take and a mental note to comment in the Book of the Vishanti the bands failed to hold RT23. It is pretty rare they fail.

"Actually… it is pretty extraordinary, he escaped," he comments bleakly. "He will return, no doubt." He commands his cloak to get back into coat shape and glances at Witchdoctor. "So. Time traveling? That kind of magic is certainly forbidden in most mystical schools. What brought you here?"

"Nothing about that guy says magic to me." Spider-Man says as he rests hands upon his hips looking at the two of them, "Oh, you mean you two. Right. Absolutely on that number minus the wands." A chuckle given at Witchdoctor and her irritation at the disappearing act. "We got a fan or apparently possibly the entire VRA. May as well enjoy it."


"Nothing deliberate," Witchdoctor says with a little shrug of her shoulders. "As far as I knew, time travel was practically impossible…" Turns out she'd been wrong on that one. However she landed here however, it wasn't intentional. Turning her head towards the masked man in black she looks him up and down. "You…You were being hunted as well."


"There is nothing truly impossible," replies Strange. "But there are certain activities that are too risky and wise mystics should avoid," and then he looks at Spider-Man. Hawkgirl didn't say anything about time travel. "We should move away or we will have to spend a few hours at the police station," he points out. He will have to talk with the authorities anyway, being a JLA member. Turning back, he gestures and mutters some words, and the broken shop window is restored, the shattered glass vanishing and returning where it was a few minutes ago. Inside, the broken and toppled stands of books are also restored, the books back to their places.

At least no one will have to pay for that.


Yeah, hence the we. Keep up my fellow temporal displaced miscreant." A wink from Spidey's oddly expressive mask eyes. Sarcasm is a Mig trait, he isn't exactly the Parker type he leans more towards self-absorbed and reluctant. It is a work in progress. "Time travel is largely supposed to be impossible but then again so is magic and walking talking human spiders guess we're 3 for 3 there. Mine wasn't exactly intentional either, which, makes me think this TVA isn't being exactly selective or friendly… " A click sound and Spider-Man flicks a fingertip towards Strange, "That too. Unwise mystics translates to what exactly? Mad scientists? They do this sort of thing. First hand experience speaking there. You JLA types are very insistent about this clubhouse… not that I've met more than you and Hawkgirl now."
"OH! Right, manners. I'm S-Man or the /other/ Spider-Man. Whatever."


She'd been staring at both men for a moment longer before she points a finger at the man. "Nueva York…" she says slowly, something clicking in her mind. "I know you." No only was this guy not from this time, but he was from -her- time? That's a hell of a coincidence! Her eyes shift towards Strange now as he goes about fixing most of the damage the robot had inflicted. "We're going to have to talk, but you're right, not here."


"Nueva York, how… wait, yes, you're not a Thorite or one of them Fenris nuts are you? Nevermind. Shock, we do need to talk and soon like but I also agreed not here and I can't go back to the Hall just yet. How about you, me, this same location, same time uhm 2 days from now?" This is aimed at Witchdoctor. "I have an important interview to get to and I'm getting antsy. I think thats the word. Antsy." Spider-Man 2099 may also be a bit giddy to meet someone from his own time. He does suddenly seem rushed though, "Strange, it's been… something. I'm sure we'll see eachother again soon since Hawkgirl is riding my ass about joining you guys." A flick of a wave towards both and webs snare him up and off.


Strange has the impression he is missing some meaning in the exchange between Spider-Man and the blonde sorceress. But he is sure he will see the future Spider soon. "Yes… farewell," he manages. "I need to see my ribs looked upon, I think a few are cracked," he mentions to Witchdoctor. "But… allow me," he adds, again gesturing, his fingers leaving traces of light in the air. There is a brief flash of light and they are in Central Park, a few miles from the place they were attacked. "Please come to see me at my Sanctum, it is at 177A Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village."


Being transported by another unexpectedly is…unnerving. To the point where Witchdoctor actually wavers a little more on her legs before she rightens herself and looks up at the sorcerer supreme. Later, someday if she learns more about him, she might find amusement in the fact they are both surgeons by former trade and Magical by nature, for now however, she nods at his words. "177A Bleecker, Greenwich Village," she repeats, looking around the park with a dry chuckle. He'd removed her from one scene of a battle just to place her at the site of the one prior. "Alyse," she says after a moment as she starts to turn away. She'd never actually shared her introduction before the spider and his 'friend' had showed up. "But where I came from most just called me 'Witchdoctor'."

With that she gives a nod of her head and disappears in a rush of those same butterfly lights that wink out after a moment, transported to who-knows-where.

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