What the *!@& Just Happened!

March 16, 2016:

Rose comes to talk with Jean about X-Black, but the conversation gets derailed.

Jean's Office


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The school bell rung close to an hour ago and the last child filtered from her office with their head hung low until they were met by friends. The great incident, was, the fact that little Robert managed to put gum in Cindy's hair. Thankfully, there was a mutant who actually had fingers for knives and was studying to be a beautician. Though, studying and actually doing the job weren't one in the same and her hair wound up in little odd and uneven tendrils that made it look as if she went head first into a garbage disposal.

Little Cindy cried, cried all day long. Cried in Jean's office and in her chair. Even cried in her arms until Jean had managed to look up something online, a picture printed, and a college student with a wad of cash from Jean's own pocket to send her to the hair dressers in New York.

It was called Buxom. Cause the only people who could afford to get their hair done there was debutantes and trust fund babies. Thankfully the guy owed Xavier a favor for helping the owners now graduated daughter out of a bind.

(That daughter had talents. The sound of her voice could lure and actually kill a man. Codename? She didn't really need one! She was studying to be a dematologist!)

Though with the last of the students shuffling off to the dinner hall, Jean smacked her head down upon the table, arms joined around her back and laced together in a backwards prayer as she slowly.. but surely begins to lift. Lift so much that the joints within her shoulders and elbows begin to pop and Jean herself was letting out a sigh of relief!

Desk jobs. Pure hell on the back and shoulders especially if you attempt to set an example by sitting up straight, hands folded, and attentive. Once those few kinks were out she leans back into her chair, hitching herself high enough and..


Her hand even hooks beneath her chin to twist hard..


Knuckles soon cracked and fingers shaken out as she stands from her desk to twist left and right, popping hips as well. "Eech. Gettin' old."

The kids running out of the office at first did not notice the wallflower, but then she moved as soon as the door to Jeans office was opened up long enough and all of the waist high two legged minions were out she pushed free and from hitching voices dead silence came.

Heavy soled boot dropped from prop upon the wall, criss crossing laces tuck over ribbed leather until the base of calf, straps and buckles bind it to her feet with bullets notched into the holsters for the ammunition modified in along with the switch blades hidden beneath.

Abdomen is left exposed, new and older marrings criss cross over skin like a tic tac toe board, especially the 'wild animal' attach that bears serrated angry lines from base of throat to sternum. The scenario only interrupted by a halter top that bears two guns over the heave of chest. Chain necklaces hang down, a couple with random cyber parts woven in. TIMMIE's been making her things and it was /gangsta/ - in a very nerdy manner. A lift of hands and the kids back off, shrugging the loose fitted and tight sleeved tunic coat-top back on, mesh hanging in parts like tattered webs, swinging like the leather tassles from low slung belt across thighs.

A beanie atop her head said it all. SILENCE - I'll Kill you. Wrapped around the flap where beneath white strands hang in choppy bits only on one half.

Stepping inside the office the door closes with a click and the fast paced steps of the kids return as they beat feet down the hall in retreat. "Well. No shit, ma." Rose states dryly in regards to Jean's age and creaky bones. "Though, I think that's because you're not out stretching your legs more. Animals aren't meant to be caged."

The *snap* that fires back.

This one caused a strain within her hip that nearly had her doubling over if not from the sight of Rose. Of course, one had to produce a stiff upper lip when in front of the 'gangsta queen', so much that her hand smacked hard upon the desk and she righted herself almost immediately with a final, quiet.. yet painful pop that has cheeks flushing a hint of red. And smile. Smile!

Jean does, though her eyes betray the need to go 'ooow' and soon she turns away from the woman with a hand lifted to bite right into the thick flesh of her index finger from the side. Owwowowowoowowow..

"You think I'm an animal?" She finally managed to squeeze out, not insulted in the slightest. But that was the first time she's heard anyone think of her that way. And it made her curious. "I mean.. I really don't think I am one." With a shuffle back towards her chair which was pulled out and eased into, she lets out a little sigh as she slumps partly. Her outfit was all business. Pencil A-line skirt that was all black and a red blouse that had a bolo tie of a rose around it's collar. Her arms were free. And it was clear that Jean needed to workout because there lacked the definition where tiny muscles would have lain. Her hair? Meh. High ponytail that spills down behind her back. Her hair was getting too long for comfort and blow-drying it now seemed to take hours.

Though now it was the time for her to stare at Rose, her eyes boring a hole into her stomach. Those wounds look a little fresh, others fresher still. While some, which she may or may not remember, were there in plain view. "You locked the door. Which means you want to talk. I take it you caught up with Nate?" She finally blurts out, her hand outstretched towards the chair in front of her desk. "What are your thoughts on that matter?"

"Who isn't an animal?" The mismatched stare goes right back at Jean, deadpan save the slow rise of a brow. "You at least need to come out once a month and beat the kinks into someone else." A small smile that never reached her eyes comes and goes, the seat taken and slumped into. One arm is along the rest the other has fingers playing over chains and small digital wiring bits as well as cybernetic bits of scrap re-bent into small symbols.

"Hm? Which part of cathing up? Us speaking is… a work in progress." A shift and she drops the charms upon bare abdomen and shimmies to sit straighter with a slow exhale and a roll of eyes.

"I came to say 'thank you', I came also to say I am sorry, I came to give answers if questions were present, and if you mean the SHIELD thing? Not ever part of what I intended when I mentioned this team, but since an X is in front of it.." Hands go up as if in surrender…or release and drop to leather clad thighs. "I don't do government, underground government, backdoor government - Because in the end I am tired of getting fucked with no lube. If I want another bomb in my ass, it'll be for my stupidity not someone elses. Acronyms do nothing good."

"Robots." Jean's answer was simple. As if to actually tell a joke, but a joke that fell flat even if she manages to grin like a simpleton. "I think I've had enough with the dust up over some.. really extremely large tentacle that came from the ocean in front of some island in Hawaii." Jean will never eat sushi ever again. "I almost felt like I lost myself out there. Just because the battle felt that damn good."

It seemed like confession time was the way to go, but she remained silent all the while. It seems as if she was reading Rose, though.. without the necessary peek into her mind. Her body language, the words she chooses to use, the gestures that comes with someone naturally talking. It laid the groundwork for the next question.. or possibly statement that she was going to say. Or ask. Better yet. Ask.

"Why are you always upset?"

"Im finding that debatable lately." A roll of a shoulder and her position shifts to a lean moreso, but are cyborgs robots? Where is the line drawn and difference defined?

Jean speaks about her own feeling of battle and what came of it and Rose just tilts her head slightly in the stare that allowed one single blink. "Lost yourself or let go?" The question is an honest one, and for a moment that single human eye seems to soften, and then it glasses over again, a snap of a moment with Jean's next question.

From alive to frozen solid, even her motion of crossing her leg was mechanical. "That's not a true question."

Eh? Rose remarks about robots gained a little lift of her brow, but she'll ask about that later. For a moment, it seemed there was a chain that Jean noticed, something so minuscule and committed to memory that she doesn't expound upon it yet. Though there were a few tests she had in mind to allow that side to come out, though there had to be a bit of caution. A person like Rose could probably tell when a person like her is lying.

And to hide such a truth, that fear? It would cause upset. So she speaks on it the best way she could describe it.

"Both." She admits. Though she looks downward. It was a little uncomfortable to speak so candidly about it. A lot of things were starting to scare the shit out of her lately.

But that change in demeanor made her eyes connection, a slight lean forward with a plant of elbows upon the table so that fingers could lightly steeple. "No? You don't think so?" She frowns just a little. "If I came up with a list of three words that have nothing to do with anything at all, you could possibly come up with an even longer list of it's negatives." Though, there was a thought. "However, there was a hint, a long time ago, a showing of your fondness for Nathaniel through snide jokes and dirty remarks. But I felt the intention behind it. So.. again. What pisses you off?"

Jean's lean forward and the whole approach now is making Rose press back, back against the high rest of the chair like a dog backing away from its owner and into a corner, awaiting the next kick. Mentally, Rose was locked and closed. She shut down after her Rachel incident and has barely opened back up. Not even to Nate. But shit happens. Not now, no, everything went rigid in her body and her upper lip even peeled away from teeth in a flash.

"I can also take negative and make good. The times this place was going through hell, I catered parties." Hank shut them down never fail, but none the less. Positive intent. "I proposed X-Black to take the darkness that needs done by people willing to do it off you hands and out of here so those of you who want rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers can carry on, because fuck if I will ever be able to see that side of life, but I can protect who does from what I have."


"Kind of."

A settle back and she almost looked wilted, especially when she mentioned Nate. There ws still a battle there she was sorting all on her onesie and now was not the time.

"I don't know. Start throwing your words at me and I will give you yes or no answers?" Defensive much? Who wouldn't be when she came to say thanks, say hi, and everything she stated and it turned to an accusatory therapy session.

"Yes. You've done that. All of that. And you will never see that side of your life because you are always too angry." Jean was calm, even if she wanted to lash out and argue Rose to the death with a hand that smacks upon the desk with every word… she doesn't. She could see the woman as a daughter that she probably had in another universe like Rachel, or one into marriage and would treat her the same. And she meant it, she'd always love her. Thick and thin, scar to no scars..

She shakes her head slightly, so much that fingers unsteeple and press upon the desk, and with that she rises, a little lean given, palms flat now with a crackling thump.

"This isn't how this works. Rose. Even if there is an exact science to it all, this isn't how -I- work." She smiles a little bit, then continues on. "What. Pisses. You. Off."

Rose was silent for a long time, but volumes were spoken in a series and in octaves with the glare she had settled upon Jean. One bitten by daggers and backed by venomous words.

"You don't have the time, and neither do I. It's how life works. I've settled for that fact. I won't ever be able to understand or have this," A wave of hand around the place ending with a flippant flick of wrists at Jean. "A family. A constant place or person, because who I was raised to be will never be ideal for that."

A pause and brows furrow as she looks down, remembering what Nate said to her. But then… "I'm not angry. I'm bracing for it. I'm fine with who I am and what I do, but not everyone likes a necessary evil."

"And neither will we." Jean smiles sadly. "No matter the path we walk we all will meet a nasty, violent end." Her shoulers shrug slightly as she settles back down into her chair, her arms now folding yet again as she watches the woman carefully. So much so, that after the final words leave Rose's lips, Jean retained her silence.

With a slight lean back, one leg lifts to cross over the other as elbows rest upon the arm of the chair, her foot pressed against the ground turning the chair left and right, her gaze never breaking from Rose's form. It could possibly be an uncomfortable thing. It could possibly be something that makes Rose angry. But Jean was considering.. everything.

"Tuesdays at 7 o'clock." Jean states. There it was. The time in the world that would be reserved for Rose. They apparently weren't done just yet. "I ask the questions and you answer." A little smile there. "Or.. come when you feel and I will be there. I'll /make/ the time."

"I have already accepted that. Years ago." And Rose is 21. "But at least it will be doing what I want to." Rose is done answering to faceless organizations and faceless people. Something like the X-Men is not that, but she is -not- them either. Chaos follows. They cared for her when she needed it, asked no questions, and kept the repercussions at bay when they came knocking on the door. With rockets and guns.

Rose owed them a thank you, owed answers when they asked none, but she came to see the one person who she met first at the gates and despite her prying into her head she was the only thing Rose had come to trust that she hadn't hurt too deeply. Yet.

The stare was discomforting, for a while it was met and then she blinked, looking around the back of the chair for another object of those eyes, around the room, and then back at Jean. "Sweet baby jesus. WHAT?!?"

Then Jean finally speaks and Rose deadpans at her. "So, you are giving up being who and what you are…. to be a therapist? First Ripclaw asking me about spirituality and now you wanting me to go under your mental knife?" Glare. Long. Slow. Blink.

"I'll get back to you on that."

"Oh.. honey." Jean says with a smile. "That's actually what I went to school for!" There was a child-like glee, speaking of it. The way green eyes glitter in a little spot of happiness, finally getting a chance to do what she's always wanted to do. To help. More than just throwing fists and telekinetic blasts, but to truly make an impact. Few people -rarely- get a chance to do something they were so passionate about.

"I didn't know that you still had .. relations with Ripclaw. Interesting fellow." Beat. "And it's not really a mental knife if you don't want it to be. You can just talk. I'm your verbal punching bag for as long as you'd like and your willing. And.. for formalities sake, nothing would ever leave the room that we're in. What you say to me, even at this very moment, is in confidence. And free." She lifts her hands in a half-hearted shrug. "Take that how you will. My doors always open."

"And besides. I do intend to go out and do 'battle'," she even makes the quotation fingers, "..every once in a while so my cup will be filled."

Rose was not about to say what her schooling was. Not now at least, and likely not very soon. It almost seemed fate bound she would end up in one of these scenarios. But this seemed to make Jean happy and despite the desire to flip the desk and walk out, Rose sat there watching the woman, listening and tugging the large tunic coat over her like a blanket.

"He's who I have been staying with. Him and his…People." A light nod and Rose tucks feet up beneath heron the chair, shifting lightly. "They are a lot like here, but more like me." A tilt of head, thinking if that even made sense, and it did. To her.

A deep breath in and Rose nods. "Well. Anyway." Beat. Eyes dart back and forth as she searches for a word to end this awkwardness that suddenly consumed and made her uncomfortable. "Be careful when you do 'battle', you're getting old-timers arthritis. I think…."

Legs drop and booted feet impact the floor like dead weight, a heavy weight. Pushing to a stand she heads for the door. "I'll let you know." Meaning she'll be here, or she wont.

What the fuck just happened??

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