Moves Like... Freddy Kruger

March 15, 2016:

Another SHOC bites the dust…

Lower Manhattan (Just outside of Mutant Town)

A run down strip outside of Mutant Town, just before Manhattan opens up.


NPCs: Chip McNally



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Mutant Town had been Rose's haunt for Cyberdata operatives after a couple months back Mother May I made a strike that had Ravager making a decision and a stand.

One that left her stapled closed from throat to lower sternum. Staples out and she is functioning again, in a manner that has her staring through the scope of a Winchester sniper rifle, aimed out of a busted window in an abandoned apartment. This had been her method via doctor Corben's recommendation. "Stay back if you want to live out past 21." Rose listened when nothing was hitting her radar.

From the shadows she watches and scans faces, the bionic eye glowing an optic blue as scans are made, profiles pulled against the ones TIMMIE had let her see.



No match found.

Andrew T. Hart. Approach With Extreme Caution.

A few reels clip through of attempted capture and then the cameras go black after sudden blurs and spatters of red.

"Well, well. Let's do this." A stretch and rock back and Rose unmounts the Winchester, slinging it across her back, the rigging along arms loaded, Glocks holstered in just above elbows, swords clipped just at wrists to run up the outer length of arms.

Reinforced body suit is zipped to full closure over scars and exposed skin, sealing it off in a coating of ribbed black lined on the outside in scale maille and red tracers.

Do as she did with Nadia? No. Ravager is going to listen for now, instead she follows Andy towards the outskirts of Mutant Town, watching.

"Chip. I have another." And from shared relay what she sees is fed to Chips computer.

"You see the blinking red letters of warning this time, right?" Chip points out, concern in his voice.

"Saw 'em last time."

"Don't die, Ravager. That doesn't help our cause."

Maybe martyrdom helps her own.

Andy Hart frequents a diner here in Mutant Town, where he is both dreaded and humored in equal measure. None of them could ever say why he frightens them - he's unfailingly polite, always smiling, tips well. But some of the things he says don't match the smile on his face. And his eyes. His eyes are always almost unblinking, dead and empty.

Having finished his meal, he's lazily going down the street, not realizing he's being trailed. He probably could, if he were feeling particularly alert, but a side effect of the conditioning that keeps him content with his lot is that he rarely worries about such things. He trusts wholeheartedly in company security. And, if it proved insufficient, well, he was hardly helpless.

Which didn't mean he wasn't armed to the teeth. He always was.

He's singing to himself, idly, with no musical accompaniment, "If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waitiiiiiiin'…Time After Time…" he sings in a wavery falsetto, casually reaching down and scooping up an old woman's dropped groceries. "Here you go, ma'am, careful there, you never know who might come up behind you and slit your throat. Kudos on the peppers, by the way, they look vibrant! I smell some fajitas on the horizon," he grins, giving the old woman a wink as she slowly backs away and clutches the groceries to her chest before she shuffles rapidly down the street.

Watching, Ravager stalks in almost a lupine persistence. But she stays back in the urban jungle, peering between posts from over the eave of a roof and through conditioning grating long corroded from disuse.

"He seems…" …come up behind you and slit your throat.. The old lady's look was dead on, survival sense kicking in based off her reflection in his dead eyes.

'Nice.' No. Not anymore. "Fucked up."

"Welcome to it." Chip replies.

But Rose was just waiting for her moment, and once her rounded the corner and was clear of the old lady her perch on the edge of the building straightens, her crouch lifted to a perch, poised on one knee as she draws the sniper rifle from over her shoulder, aims, and fires. The silenced bullet whips free and heads directly for Andy's shoulder, just at the rotator cuff. No warning, but not deadly.

The impact to his shoulder spins Andy down to the ground, blood shooting out and blasting over the front of his crisp, peach polo shirt. The little alligator on the breast gets blown right the fuck off. His polyester jacket doesn't offer much protection either, but it is certainly shiny as he drops to one knee.

Instead of going down, though, his head whips around with almost eerie, robotic precision, backtracking the angle of the shot and the wound in his shoulder to the shooter. His face is spattered with the mist of his own blood. And he's still smiling.

"Gosh! That smarts like the dickens! I think somebody didn't get a valentine this year." He flicks his arms and a pair of push daggers pop free of the sheathes on his forearms, sliding into his grip with buttery ease.

"Warriorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs…come out and playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…"

He spotted her. This does not surprise Ravager, as she blew her cover when she blew his Gator off his shirt and painted white in red. The sniper rifle is set aside upon that rooftop and from tac belt the amphetamine inhaler is withdrawn. An asthmatic draw inward would have Chip (the geek) swooning over how this looks like a nerd about to throw down on a bully that is finally getting an answer before she pulls herself from the locker.

Several puffs and pupil drops to a pindot…

"Don't be foolish." Chip states with a slight hitch in his voice.

"Don't worry." Ravager responds.

"That's what they always say."

And in response to that outcry of battle ravager leaps the roof ledge and descends the few stories to land upon the sidewalk with just a light bend of knees for impact absorption. Reveal it is just her and not plural? Nope.

"I just got my valentine. You, painted all in red." A smile and Ravager's arms rise, one snapping motion that leaves pistols in hand. One with bullets, another with EMP radiating loads, meant for a knock out effect and a little side of crispy. The charged bullet fires first.

The phrase bullet time has certainly gotten over used in cinematic circles since the Matrix debuted. No doubt, the creators of said effect would be horrified to know that it had been perfect in brutal, cybernetic reality in the person of Andy Hart - Breakneck, as his codename goes.

To him, the world seems to suddenly shift into slow motion, the bullets pushing through the air towards him, visible as if she'd thrown a water balloon in his direction. He sprints forward, running between them, until he finds himself suddenly sinking into normal speed at the end of his burst.

He's face to face with Ravager, staring into her eye, "Ain't I a stinker?" he grins and then kisses the top of her nose before unleashing a kick aimed at her midsection. No need to rush this dissection. He'd be playing jumprope with her intestines soon enough.

"That's why!" Chip states as the camera flickers, Andy is far and then he is close, making distance once more with a crack sound that has the view aiming skyward and in a roll…

"Going dark Chip." And that was that.

"She needs to stop that." A voice in the background states to Chip.

"Load up! We're moving out."

"Ripclaw said…"

"He'll understand."

The kick has wind leaving Ravager's lips in a wheeze, the crack the impact of limb upon suit that sends her flying backwards, onto ass and with a sudden twist of her body she is kicking her feet up, over head and flipping up off shoulders to push and be back on feet.

Hands shake out and the pistols are gone, instead she is watching him, empty handed.

"Do it again."

Last time Rose went hunting a Cyberdata SHOC she was almost eviscerated and ended up with three dozen stitches. And of course, even before those stitches were even removed, she was again looking for targets. This time Nate has been in touch with her.

He usually leaves her well alone when she goes hunting, but this is not a 'usually' situation, this has been Rose's worse than very bad month, and Nate is somewhat worried. So when she got her target, he was listening. And now he is flying at high speed towards Lower Manhattan.

Andy Hart flicks his knives against one another, making a few fun sparks spatter off the edges as he cocks his head at her. He rolls his neck, feeling the little shiver of excitement run up his spine, "Oh, sugar, you are a sweet one, aren't you?" he laughs.

"I wonder who sent you? You're a yappy little dog, but somebody owns you. You may be off the leash, though. Bad puppy, no cookie! This is going to be for your own good. Well, maybe not the part where I make an accordion out of your spine. I do a mean Weird Al impression! See if your ghost can linger a little bit, I'll do "Amish Paradise" in your honor!"

Like a western standoff they faced down. Mismatched gaze zeroed in on Andy, fingertips flicking like she was antsy to draw, and when he slid blade against blade a single corner of lips curls upward.

"Shut up." And on those two words she takes one step forward, but it is a quick motion in one direction, her own burst of amplified speed that takes her to peak human in a sudden burst of sole to 'crete, the kunai drawn from holsters around thighs and with a leap she is banking them from another direction in a ricochet'd throw to take him at different angles, the cacophony of *bang* *clatter* *bunngg* as they rebound from the corner stop sign to redirect his way.

The several tossed to know few if any will be successful, but distraction is meant moreso, because when she comes up on the other side both swords of enforced titanium pivot free of holsters and in that spiral are aiming for Andy's wounded side. She'll rip the sniped hole open further if she has to. And crucify him from it if given chance.

Ripclaw only got a little information from Chip and that was Ravager had discovered yet another SHOC. Not one Ripclaw knows nor one there is much info on.

"It may be an assassin or spy model. Very limited intelligence on him." Chip updates the feral cyber-mutant.

"Does he have a handler or support of any kind?"

"I don't know, Ripclaw."

"You let her go in without knowing anything?"

"I can't exactly stop her…"

"Fair enough I suppose." Tracking Ravager for them is at least easy he won't be there for another couple minutes however.

"She hung up on me too, just like last time. I don't think shes a very good team player."

"Noted Chip. We'll figure it out."

Nate lets Rose know he is about to come with a brief telepathic touch, trying not to distract her from the ongoing fight. There they are! He slows down just as Ravager throws her daggers at Andy. Andy doesn't seem terribly dangerous, at least not compared to some others he vaguely remembers from Rose's timeline.

So instead of just blasting him without mercy, Nate's lands at Rose's side and tries to scan Andy's head. "He doesn't seem very dangerous, what is his mutant power, talking?"

When Andy moves, it's impossible for the naked eye to track. His speed is not just peak human, but far beyond. His metabolism would've burned his body out, leaving him starving and screaming to death in a hospital bed if Cyberdata hadn't intervened.

Once he begins to move, he can read her feint, seeing her intent as she draws her swords. He shifts enough to make sure the taggers don't hit him anywhere vital - a shredded line along his ribcage, a hit in the buttock. Stings like fuck, but, well, he kind of likes that stuff anyway. They fucked him up real good, his masters did.

Speaking of which, when Nate peeks into his head, he'll discover a mind like nothing he's ever seen. Andy has been tortured and conditioned since adolescence, his entire nervous system turned into a tool of discipline against him. It's like reading over Jack's shoulder in the Shining: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY. Only in this case, it's more like the Happy Happy, Joy Joy song from Ren and Stimpy. Sung to the Addams Family theme. In a cursed amusement park. Full of broken mirrors. The laughter is the only constant, the constant, never-ending, numbing, soulless laughter that echoes off the inside of his skull.

He catches Ravager's swords with his knives, flicking them to either side and then slashing low, then medium, then high, intending to leave slashes along her thighs, ribs and arms before he flickers by her and stops a few feet away.

"Hello, new friend. Mind waiting here for a second? There's a place down the street where I can get some lemon juice and salt for your friend's cuts."

Nate's landing beside her is brief lived, she had no time to pause in her already moving position. Once set into motion the adrenaline mixed with amphetamine bolstered her to just beyond peak, pushing her beyond normally seen means.

Ravager had redemption on the line, and wanted to prove to even her new group as well as old (Moreso herself)… She got this. It's suicidal, but Andy is taking a knife to steeled veins.

When Nate inquires his response is the sparks that fly in the engagement of weapons that comes in a speedy mate that can blur if one so much as blinks, the movement of her body going from offensive to immediately defensive as the precognition begins to take its own edge. But she is not backing off of Andy either despite the fact that a couple of those speed-enforced sweeps part the suit open and set a black backdrop with a neat groove of red filled pits.

Arms move with the large swords against his smaller blades, swooping in circles to catch, pivot, spin and /shove/, repeating with the other. Luck at least on her side in regards to both of these SHOC's preferring bladed weapons of some fashion.

Engagement separated when Andy steps back and makes his proclamation, her chest rising and falling with exertion, strands of white having fallen just over one eye that narrows as gaze flicks from Nate back to Andy. "Not so fast." An answer to them both before she flicks her swords back and draws the two large blades from the holster at the small of her back, going back at Andy in a burst of a run towards him, seeking to lock blades again… Push, keep pushing.

The clang and scrape sounds of parrying and entangled blades is quick indication of Rose's direction. It isn't exactly a secluded place but for whatever reason maybe economy or maybe just proximity to M-Town this 'borderlands'district is rather vacant beyond strips of dive bars and closed shops. It allows for more sound carriage and some level of anonymity.

Once upon them he can see Nate, not completely surprised at his presence and Rose fighting what to his mind without focus is a blurring dervish of steel.
"What model is he Chip?"

"Uhm, no clue. He's only mentioned in the database we stole. A partial."

"Cool." Deciding to hang back and observe a moment Ripclaw slowly allows his bladed fingers to elongate outwards in anticipation.

"Ah… speed freaks," Nate winces at the crazyland sight that is Andy's mind. He has seen all kinds of screwed up brains before, though. The Age of Apocalypse produced some of the nastiest, but he had the dubious pleasure of seen the heads of other SHOC troops before, too. The speedster might rank up there in Nate's top of most messed, but he hardly has the time to take a good look. Taking a good look could lead to having his throat slit.

Instead he covers himself in a telekinetic shield to prevent throat-slicing and hovers a few yards up and to the right, throwing a mild (for him) force blast at Andy's position about the same time Rose would reach him. If he stands his ground and parries, chances are good he is getting hit.

Andy Hart grins when Ravager comes at him again, "Ooooooooo, somebody's got tricksies! Ooooooooo yay! God, I was afraid you'd bleed out early, but you might be a keeper, you little darling you. I just wanna hug you and squeeze you and wrap you in a bow and shove needles through your eyelids till you scream!" he snickers, genuinely a little giddy.

With his speed, he can fend off more of her attacks, keeping them relatively on an even keel - it's possible he could overpower her, if he pushes his speed bursts, but he's having so damn much fun, he plays with his food. When the TK blast comes his way, he takes it hard, the hit snapping his head back and sending him flying, even as his blurred hand lashes out to grab a hold of her hair, trying to take her down with him.

The knife to knife combat is leaving them both locked in a fast flurry of motion. His superspeed pushing Ravager back from offensive charge to defensive once again, but she does not relent, one opening foreseen and she is sweeping at him, taking it, stepping inward to try and seize the moment.

Move, bitch, get out tha way..

That' a little on how Ravager's precog sounds when Nate sets his TK blast in path to Andy while she is engaged. Both feet plant and knees bend to spring her back into a flip that wuld have gotten her out of the way, if it was not for the grab that jerks her back in suddenly.

Searing pain that was about to become more then just the feel of hair tearing from scalp so in a flicker of blade her large knife sweeps between is fist and her head while she kicks off of him.

Leaving him with a fistful of white, and her skidding back with residual blast, and a very close shave.
It's high speed and hard to follow amazingly Ravager is keeping up but shes not exactly without her own special quirks. Instinct and timing. Waiting for it Ripclaw feels it out and then in that instant an opening presents itself and a shadow rises up with both bladed hands extended out like wings - a tiger's pounce is aimed directly upon Breakneck. A snarl releases from Ripclaw, "Enough talk. We're here to help you."
This helping hand apparently involves shoving them through someones adomen and torso; that someone being Andy. He'll rely on his knowledge of what SHOCs are capable of, assumptions of the speedsters metabolism and Doctor Corben's more than adequate medical expertise.

Nate smirks, "not so fast," he notes. Or not, when Andy grabs Rose his eyes widen in alarm and he flies down to help her, catching up just as she breaks free. Eyes back to Andy, then… he sees Ripclaw charging (where did he came from?) and tries to figure out where the speedster would try to move to avoid him, to put a telekinetic wall there. "You okay?" He asks Rose, mostly to make conversation and maybe distract Andy. "Got a plan to take him out? Just think about it."

Andy Hart gets bounced off the concrete and then bottled in by Nate's TK, right into Ripclaw's waiting claws. The blades sink through his belly, plunging into intestine and bowel with a wet, thick sound, like someone popping a spoon out of a jar of melty peanut butter. The smell is acrid and bitter as it bursts from his belly, his head falling forward to lay against Ripclaw's shoulder, bent over the claws plowing through his digestive tract.

"Oh, baby," he murmurs. He takes a quick sniff of the hank of white hair in his hand and rubs it on Ripclaw's cheek, "You really are some kinky fuckers. When I get out of the hospital, we just -have- to dance again," he says, giving a shiver as a wave of cold hits him, "Oh, hold on, let me…ungh, seal some of those…arteries…so I don't bleed out. Don't wanna deprive you…of any torture you might have in mind…"

"Just tell me you aren't…good guys. I…would hate to lose to…good guys…the claws are a nice touch…very…Freddy…my first…celebrity crush," he says. "Oh, one more thing," he says.

And he sinks a dagger hard into Ripclaw's back, jabbing into the meat of that rippled, thick chunk of shoulder meat, gouging and digging in as his eyes roll back in his head, consciousness drifting away, "haaaaa…haaaaaaaa…taggggggg…you're…ittttttttttttttturkkkk…" he mutters, his body shutting down and curling up as it engages in emergency procedures to stitch him back together, falling off of Ripclaw's blades into a puddle of blood and guts.

The shadow of Ripclaw's charging form over Ravager does get surprise, but fleeting. She hung up on Chip, not wanting him to see what came next, same as she had done to Timmie. They were both /young/, /new/ to her. So they called it in.

Picking herself up off the ground, several of the slashes opened by Andy seeped, one upon top of thigh, the other a light laceration on her side, the scale maille of metal having saved her ass this time and turned an almost nasty wound into one that will just serve as a reminder, and one across forearm. Though this SHOC, isn't one she will forget soon. None of them have proven forgettable.

"Not good. Chaotic Neutral?" A hitch in brow as she looks between Nate and Ripclaw and then down to Andy.

"Corben has his work cut out for him… In more ways then one." Though as Rose watches the wind catch her white strands and tumble-weave them off down the sidewalk stained in the red of Andy's evisceration she sighs.

"My hair's never growing out at this rate." Can she kick him? Just once?

The forward drive will pin Breakneck's body to the ground where it lies in a forming pool and one by one those shortsword length finger-blades will begin to retract with squelching sounds. Ripclaw's lips curl in disgust at the brush of hair and Andy's words. The dagger isn't ignored, no, kind of impossible to ignore that as the sharp weapon is embedded deep and the handle is standing upright from Ripclaw's broad shoulders.
Withdrawing from close quarters with the pierced speedster the feral mutant straightens up and taps a crimson coated clawtip to his mic, "Chip get the van here immediately and have Corben ready the lab. Tell him to double up on the blood bags and restraints."R
"Chaotic Neutral? You mean a psychopath. He reminds me too much of someone else." Killjoy, that is who comes to mind and Ripclaw is very uneasy with this connection. The similiarities are close enough to make him glare at his fellow SHOC before looking at Rose and Nate, "We should talk about your recruitment methods, Ravager."

Nate shakes his head at Rose. Probably about the hair comment, or maybe because she is thinking about kicking a guy when he was eviscerated already. "Is he still alive? Well, alright." He moves closer to Ripclaw, to see his injury, "damn, don't move. We have to pull that out without causing more damage. Are your friends close? I could try to take you away but I doubt the maniac here would survive. We have a lot of cops coming," starting a fight in the middle of Manhattan is not exactly subtle!

"I was talking about us." Ravager mutters in response to Ripclaws admonishment, her gaze somewhat lowering but then flicking away and back, posture straightening. "I do not think handing him a pamphlet and talking about my lord and savior was going to bring him over willingly. You heard him…" A lot.

Though the knife in Ripclaws back gets a glance and Rose gestures to her own back at the placement. "You have, umm.. Want me to get that for you?" Should she pull it out?? Or leave it in?? The words coming along side Nate's.

At the admission cops were coming Rose looks around at the dilapidated surrundings, and supposes the old woman that had scuttled away from Andy on (very good) instinct had called them after nosiness got the best of her.

Old people.

"We're leaving as soon as the van arrives." A look over his shoulder then a double take and Ripclaw reaches up to peel the knife out of his shoulder tossing it aside, "He should be fine, I think, I doubt this is a first time experience for him. What was his SHOC designated name? Breakneck?" Ripclaw tries to sift through his memories while the familiar pop-sputter of Chip's van can be heard. "Bag and tag #2 for you at least, Ravager. I think you enjoy this. How do you X-Men recruit?" That second question fired at Nate. Some small talk before the ride pulls up and they can get Andy in and back to Corben. It'll pass some of the time.

"Do you have some kind of healing ability?" Asks Nate when Ripclaw just pulls out the knife like that. Not that he is jealous or anything. Okay, he is. "X-Men recruit… uh… yeah, about the same. Sometimes. Bah, I wish I could tell you. Maybe in a few weeks." He is not supposed to talk about the school, sorry!

"Leaving in a Van," he sighs. "Fine, I will run some psychic interference to prevent people taking pictures. In fact, if you want, I'll go with you and your doctor can see about the device in my head."

Ravager offers a gallic shrug in regards to X-Men business, hands up, steps towards the van taken as Chip pulls up. "They helped me, without question. Welcomed me. Took blows with me and for me." But she is a danger to them, bottom line, and their methods are not her own. Hence her and X-Black, but even now… Her thoughts and reasons have begun to fall away. Their methods, now that is akin.

When Nate speaks up Rose offers him a light smile that quickly fades when he speaks of the techno-organic presence in his head. A look to Ripclaw and then back. "Corben can do that, right?" No, no -real- doubts, but there is concern there.

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