Outside Consulting

March 14, 2016:

Jemma reaches out to someone she knows she can trust

Grindhouse Coffee Shop - New York


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Things are moving apace for Doctor Jemma Simmons and the young woman is faced with a just a little more than she can bite off. Not knowing who she can really trust within SHIELD with information, the circle of whom she can trust is rather small, she's reached out to Agent Carter, the one not named Sharon, and requested a quiet meeting.

Well, as quiet as it gets for Jemma with two Agents following her around. Today it's Samuels and Michaels and as usual, they've taken a table near the biochem - a table that affords them a good view of the Grindhouse (a coffee shop not far from the The Triskelion) and their disaster magnet scientist.

Jemma herself is waiting at a table, a pot of tea and english scones in the middle, allowing herself a few home comforts for a change.

One of the good things about meeting up with Doctor Simmons is the good, old fashioned, British comforts. Sometimes it goes too long before she has them again. The Agent Peggy Carter tends to be guard enough for herself and those around her. She also tends to be alert about her surroundings. Knowing Simmons to have her own pair of guards, she can't help but attempt to pick them out of a crowd. Her eyes glance over at Samuels and Michaels and she smiles. It doesn't hurt that it's easier for her to recognize SHIELD agents.

Carter is prompt, moving to Jemma's table with a smile as she pulls out a chair for herself and sits down. "Agent Simmons," she greets with a warm smile. "It's always a pleasure to see you again. Thank you for the invite. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Agent Carter… please call me Jemma or Simmons…" the brunette at the table pours a mug of tea for Peggy.

Samuels and Michaels give Peggy an upnod, they've recognised her and know that she can well look after herself. Peggy might have heard that Jemma has a security detail, but the reasons for it might not be well known.

"I need some help, Agent Carter." Jemma speaks quietly, but still loud enough to be heard by Peggy "I've been authorised to speak with you… off the books. I've reason to believe that SHIELD has been compromised and we're at risk but I still have a number of projects that need progressing."

"Whichever you prefer," Peggy replies politely, though she defaults to the honorifics. It's just the way she was raised. For now, Simmons seems the safer bet, as it's closer to how she addresses agents in the field. Last names made it easier to identify everyone.

As Jemma leans forward, the Agent in question moves just slightly in order to hear her better. She's well versed in making it look like she's having a normal conversation while still keeping confidences. "Compromised?" Her eyebrows lift quite substantially at that. "How so?" That is something she is quite surprised to hear, a brief possessive bout of worry there for the agency she helped build. It seems there's certainly something first on her mind.

"Simmons, then. May calls me Simmons." She's taken to asking for Jemma lately, but with Agents like Peggy it's more appropriate to use her last name.

Peggy, like Sharon and Clint, is exceptionally good at this covert business … Jemma is not, sadly.

Taking a deep breath, the biochem shakes her head "My information indicates Agents going rogue, missing evidence particularly 084's and intiatives failing. At first blush, there's nothing definitive but the more we dig, the more … structured it seems." Pausing to sip her tea, she continues "We're still looking into it, and I'm sure you can imagine how difficult that is. The problem is, I have plethora of suspects to go through. Oh! And HYDRA appears to be as compromised. That's why I wanted to speak to Agent Carter, I've a number of projects that need some investigating, but they require finesse… and I believe that I can trust you."

The more that Jemma discusses the infiltration of SHIELD, the more Peggy's eyes narrow. She thinks very little of Agents who turn rogue and sell of information. They're traitors in her eyes, lower than scum. People who betray those they have fought alongside in that manner make her stomping angry. While she doesn't always follow orders and has fought against upper management, she has also never sold secrets or evidence. That's the lowest of the low.

However, the mention of a compromise of HYDRA is met with a surprised look. "Is that so? All we know is that it is compromised?" That's certainly interesting. "I had attempted to put a stop to HYDRA in the forties. To not continue that work now would certainly seem counterintuitive," she gives the scientist in front of her a bit of a smile. "I would be glad to assist."

Jemma thinks the compromise is one of the reasons she needs a detail. Someone gave out details on where she lived which got her apartment shot up. Someone too gave Deathstroke information that ended up with the young scientist abducted, stripped down to her chivvy's and interrogated. Yeah, Jemma doesn't think much of sell outs, either.

"Yes…" the scientist looks at Peggy "If I'm reading that expression correctly you thought the same as my information source, that it was HYDRA infiltrating SHIELD so they checked." Which brings Jemma to the next thing "As I said, we've a plethora of suspects and most of them are my projects. Have you heard of Daemonites, Agent Carter?" Jemmas lodged a number of reports on the creatures, maybe Peggy has access to them.

If Peggy knew about those incursions on Jemma's space and abductions, she would have quite a few things to say about it and even more actions to do. For now, though, she focuses on the task at hand, as she is used to doing as a wartime agent and a woman used to dealing with information under pressure.

"And you'd like me to start to investigate a few of these suspects?" It's something she's used to doing. As for the Deamonites: "I have not," she tells the scientist with a bit of an apologetic smile. It's possible that the reports were accessible to Peggy, but her focus has been on other things - also outside of SHIELD - and her attentions have been taken up by strange life decoys and energy that eats people from the inside out.

"Yes, I would." Jemma answers as she sips from her tea "For some time, I've been investigating these creatures, Daemonites. They are extra-terrestial, powerful telepaths who can shapeshift and inhabit human bodies." That might tell Peggy why Jemma is concerned about them. "I don't know long they've been here, but it could date back to the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, they only came to my attention when they tried to create and open portals, unsuccessfully."

There's a heap of information Jemma can give to Peggy, and she will if the Agent would like to follow this through "From my investigations to date, they've been targetting companies that specialise in Dimensional tech. Infiltrating them. I need to get someone to follow that up." May can do some, and is helping, but there's a few and the circle of trust is small.

"I've also a personal project, that I'm working on outside SHIELD for a … friend." the biochem flushes slightly at that "… that might be of interest to you too. It's temporal in nature."

"I'm sure I could manage." As she's traveled to the present, Peggy has become quite more attuned to the strange and extra-terrestrial. Not that she didn't deal with the 084s and other dimensions in the 40s, just that it seemed to happen far less frequently. She certainly wasn't around for the Vietnam War, so she simply nods. Anything that can shapeshift and has the power of telepathy who wants to bring harm to Earth is exactly the sort of thing use is used to investigating. "And you think that they may also be attempting to infiltrate SHIELD?"

However, the mention of a temporal nature is something that perks her ears. Peggy Carter is, after all, also of a temporal nature. "What is this temporal interest?"

"Excellent." Jemma breathes a sigh of relief. "It's one of three groups that I suspect but good Science dictates that I don't make assumptions. I'll pass information through to you shortly. Everything I know about these Daemonites and where I think they are targetting."

She had assumed that Peggy would be interested in time paradoxes and she hadn't been wrong. "An aquaintance of mine is experiencing temporal disturbances. Apparently, when they occur things change around them - but it seems that the changes also affect and I don't 'see' them." Ah, the irony. "But my acquaintance can and we've apprehended a couple of people who have some … rather futuristic technology on them."

"Excellent," Peggy nods at the news that information will be passed to her about how to follow up on the Daemonites. It's certainly something to look in to.

Time paradoxes are a bit of a personal thing for Peggy Carter. The only reason she's in this time period is because of them. If there are people messing with the temporal fabric, it's possible her very existence is in question. "I doubt I will be able to see them either." Despite her being here, there is not much else changed about her. "However, if you wouldn't mind getting me in contact with your friend," she puts a bit of a smile there, indicating that she did indeed catch the blush and catch in descriptor from before, " I would be glad to see what I may find."

"I most certainly will. In fact I'll have to introduce you. He's a bit of a paradox himself. Most people don't remember him after meeting him, and notes have a habit of disappearing." Jemma sighs "It's why he can see the changes and the rest of can't. Even so, Agent Carter, one of things we need to look at, is the tech these people are carrying." Pulling her tablet up, the biochem shows images of men wearing exosuits that greatly enhance strength

"I've seen prototypes of these suits…" more images appear, of the prototypes, crude things in comparison to the other images she's just seen "… but nothing like this." beat "And I'm not calling any other SHIELD resources in on this."

At that, Peggy raises an eyebrow. Interesting unexplained things are a bit of her forte. "That does sound a challenge," she tells Jemma with a smile. She leans forward to take a look at the suits and the prototypes, nodding and committing them to memory. "So, it seems as if there will be little to no back up on these missions," she assumes. "What if I need resources or things analyzed? Also, I should assume that if I need to question someone I should do so under cover of another organization?"

Jemma considers that question. "I've some facility to house the detainees if we need it. Which means some limited amount of questioning can be done there. As to analysing things, I can do that and I'm working out alternate resources as well." Shrugging at the rest "Agent Pezzini is aware of the issue, she seemed not to be affected either. Perhaps she will assist and maybe Marshal Nashoba will be able too. "I know it's not much to go on, Agent Carter."

Taking the tablet, Jemma sits back, intent on finishing her tea and scones as they talk.

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