Witch Among Gods

March 14, 2016:

A newcomer to New York meets a demigod and learns she now lives among others. She also makes an ally and possible new friend.


A coffee shop known for it's chocolate blends and fruit pastries.


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The world had changed plenty…at least for Alyse. A couple of centuries could do that to a place, but it wasn't an improvement. Currently as she walks into one of the small cafes, the blonde woman gives a deep inhale of one of the many things that the 'past' had gotten very right: coffee.

Dressed in her more 'street' clothing of a simple skirt, button-up shirt and jacket, the blonde Witch pushes her way into the building and makes her way towards the counter, her hands by her side. A small subtle flicking of her fingers and a blue plastic square appears in her grasp, the credit card seemingly pulled from thin air without anyone appearing to notice. Witchdoctor's gotta eat!

A young native american woman dressed in shorts and brown leather sandals with a pink tank top and black leather jacket enters behind the blonde Witch. Brown eyes watch with curiousity and amusement at the small unnoticed bit of magic. She could scent the power about this woman but seeing she's seemingly just feeding herself and not some sort of danger to the mundanes, Jes steps into line behind her and puts in an orderr for a couple dozen boxes of mixed pastries to go and two of the largest chocolatiest coffee drinks they have.
She loves those things. With all the whipped cream and frozen texture.
The woman, despite looking relatively normal, the only possibly strange thing is very lifelike and intricate brown feather tattoo partly visible on her right collarbone, probably still draws some glances. There's an unseen presence about her that humans can usually feel and ignore at their own peril. The aura of a predator. The Indian looks human but she's not and most people still have that deep primitive instinct for danger and recognize her as such even if they don't understand why. The server takes her name, Jesana and gives her a slip and sends her to table next to the Witch's to wait.

The woman swipes the card, it checks out. Eventually the funds will almost certainly 'disappear' at some point, she hadn't truely conjured real money out of thin air after all. Alyse needed the day to relax after a rather busy week and nothing was better for relaxation and rest the a sweet strawberry pastry and her own strongly chocolate-y smelling beverage. Seems some tastes are shared.

It's only as she's turning around that her senses feel the tingle of something different in all the chaos, something more then human. Those big blue eyes of hers come to rest on the woman whose presence sends goosebumps down the skin of even the Witch. It's enough of a lingering look to be seen as outright staring from the woman.
Jesana had busied herself for a moment with resettling her chair so she can keep an eye on the exits of the cafe and have her back towards the closest wall. Precautions one with experience in such things would notice and understand. She's had some kind of training though she seems a bit young to be a solider and certainly doesn't have that kind of bearing in her movements.

Once she's done, Jes sits and leans back to return the Witch's gaze. Oh she's been made. Well that's not unusual really but Jes does try to dampen that edgy animal aura somewhat and her expression turns inwards for a moment until the uncomfortble sense of danger lessens. "Hi there. I'm Jesana." The native american smiles at the Witch.

"Alyse," the Witch says slowly, flashing a polite and friendly smile. Behind that expression though there's a mind a-whirling. Only two types of people she'd seen had ever put that much effort into careful positioning and watching exits like that: people running from something, or 'professionals'. For once? She's not entirely sure which one she's looking at given the aura that's brushing against her senses. Feeling it lessening, the woman take a little sip of her beverage and smiles. "What brings you out and about Jesana?"
"Coffee and pastries. I love these frozen chocolate-coffee drink things. Then some shopping. There's a natural market nearby that sells good cloth diapers and some seeds I need and then I might drop by Stark Tower if I have time." Or if something eventful doesn't happen on the way which with her, is entirely possible and even likely.

It wouldn't do admit she'd caught the Alyse's strange scent a block or so back and followed it out of curiousity. That could be read either as creepy or as a threat and she hadn't meant it either way. There's magic and there's magic and Jes hasn't seen or scented anything that made her worried, just, interested. She's always interested in those who are different. "I live in Gotham but I love it here. So I come a lot. You here for the coffee too?" Jes grins as she eyes the woman's similar drink.
"They -are- pretty amazing here!" Alyse nods, raising her drink and sipping it lightly with a grin, her beverage still casting steam into the air as she smiles. "Probably the best I've found around the city, if not most of them." Mention of Gotham earns a nod, but the Witch's first exploration into that city hadn't exactly been friendly. Mention of the diapers actually makes her smile a little wider and nod her head. "How old?" she questions, lazy and simple smalltalk budding as she moves her way from her table towards the other unless she's going to be refused.

Smiling, Jes pushes the second chair towards Alyse and fishes her phone from her pocket. It's one of Stark Tower's hero class phones and for some reason Jes regards it rather suspiciously for a moment before flipping into the photo album. She is incredibly proud of her children and shows them off whenever she's given the chance.

"They're about nine months old now. My people have a custom where they will choose their own names when they come of age but for now, the girl is Jerimiah and the boy is John." Two similar yet surprisingly different looking children are in the photo. They are clearly the same age, which would indicate twins only the girl is darker skinned like Jes and has the same brown eyes. The boy's skin is lighter, his eyes are blue and his hair slightly more blond. They have the same chin and nose though. There's also an older man in some of the pictures. He looks stern but always seems to be gazing rather fondly at the children. "That's Frederick. I have to be away a lot and so he takes care of them when I'm not home. I guess they call that like, a manny or something but he was a soldier and a guard and to call him a male nanny or babysitter.." Jes frowns. He's so much more than that. There doesn't seem to be any father in the pictures.

The lack of a Father in the pictures is absolutely noted by Alyse, but it certainly isn't commented on. Perhaps Jesana might notice the pang of sympathy that goes across her features when she makes the connection before she smiles up at the other woman and takes a bite of her pastry, unmeaningly talking a with her mouthful out of habit. "They're beautiful, and you're lucky to have a friend like that who can look after them for you."
Of course the phone itself gets regarded, but at least Stark technology tends to be a little closer to what she was used to back home. Swallowing the bite of food she tilts her head the other way. "You must be pretty busy to be kept away from kids like that, what sort of work do you do?"

"Well. That's.. kinda complicated actually." It's also a good opportunity to perhaps discuss some things that it can be hard to find a way to bring up without alarm. At least Alyse doesn't seem to be a homeless kid on the run from something like the last magic user she met. Fully aware of how unusual or crazy it'd sound to an ordinary person, Jes continues. It'll give Alyse the chance to cut and run if she's too alarmed and needs time to think.
"I'm part of a group that helps safeguard the world's magic. There are a lot of things and people out there who would or do try to use that power for terrible things. Sometimes they manage it and we have to fix the damage they've done too. There aren't many of us and we can't be everywhere at once. I used to also be one of the Titans but left recently to do my own thing. They're good folks but we had some um, vastly different views on certain things. Occasionly I work along side SHIELD or X-Red but not in any sort of offical capacity. So it keeps me pretty busy. I've also got a strange sort of knack for ending up in trouble and that kinda draws me away too." Which isn't the entire explantation there but it is the simplest and will do for the moment. "I was lucky in finding Frederick though, it's true. Lucky for us both I think."

The Witch does blink, blink again and then sit back before resting her hands on the table. If nothing else, she was suprised by such an outright open and straight answer from the woman. Most people she met kept their abilities and secondary activities secret from the general population. Well…aside from that Stark guy.
Giving a little laugh her hand comes to her chest in a gesture of dismay. "That uh…would keep you busy," she says slowly. She's playing a blank face, but the fact that Jesana outright stated she works with a group focused on magics has her mind wondering if there was a little less chance to the 'chance meeting'. Did she know?

Jes does usually keep this a secret. Primal Force isn't, exactly a secret it's self but obviously its better for all concerned that it isn't well known. Of course she knows Analyse is.. something. Jes is still learning to identify the way different types of magics feel and scent and whatever Analyse does she's pretty sure it isn't dark or blood magic. There almost seems something familiar about it but Jes can't place it. Nor can she tell if the woman is a Homi Magi and that is usually obvious to her.
"I'm guessing you are new to the Tri-Cities but, things are drawn here. Things happen here a lot. Mystical, magical and otherwise. It's something you'll find out if you stick around." Now Jes has to decide how much further to push. The Witch seems alright but she'll be meeting Fenris if she sticks around and Jes can help that to go easier. Too much could frighten her off and Jes won't be able to help. Too little and she won't be able to do good anyway. Hm.

"What do you do, Analyse?" Jes asks with interest. She'll try this first and see how much the woman is willing to say.
"I'm…between jobs." The blonde says slowly, taking another sip of her drink. Her aura of magic would seem very…chaotic at best. She'd dabbled and trained in a great deal after all, but there was still -something- concrete beneath that was surely the source of her power even if she doesn't quite know what it is herself. "I recently had to relocate from somewhere very far away and I'm sort of finding my way."

Alyse's pastry comes down, pushed aside in favor of a sip of her drink while she reaches out a hand towards the other woman wordlessly. It's an innocent, if not a little oddly intimate gesture in some eyes, but she tries to take the woman's hand as her magic gives it's own little spike of her psychometry. She's searching for something, intention or memory maybe. Paranoia had been a centerpoint of her life for a very long time after all.
Jes raises a brow. Very far away hm? She has a much better understanding of what that could possibly mean than most would. Jesana is among other things, an expert in reading human body language and scent. It is as natural to her as breathing. She puts the little she's been able to gather or suspect about this woman together with the uncertainty and paranoia and allows the touch. She'll let her read whatever she can and then she'll explain what she is. It's Jes's nature to decide things quickly and sometimes it's good, sometimes it isn't. It's a part of what she is too.

The native american woman would give off a sense of being human in part, aside from currently visually appearing that way but magically she reads something else entirely. Not Fae, not mutant or meta or Homo Magi. There's still power about her, old power, ancient beyond the abilities of most to imagine. There's also a great potential for earth magic that is of yet barely tapped. While there isn't really an aura of evil about her, Jesana is also clearly touched by darkness, at the same time she's seems nearly as connected to the light side of things.
She waits for a few moments to let Alyse see what she can. "I am not sure just how far away you mean but among the native american's here there were once many Gods. These Gods all for the most part still live, just not here on this Earth. I am Jesana and I am also Coyote. The Old Man's Daughter. I do not know who my mother was, only that she was a human woman. My tribe called my Father Napi. Other tribes had other names for him."

Alyse had found plenty with that touch, but perhaps she'd found something more jsut from the words of the woman as she draws her hand back and places her drink aside. "Coyote?" she repeats softly and turns a hand over her brow. "The trickster…at least when I encountered them." A new world hadn't just ment new buildings and people, even the deities and forces she'd encountered or even channeled and invoked had seemed vastly different. She'd ran into a Norse god even she hadn't seen before in an alleyway just nights ago after all…

The cat is pretty clearly out of the bag, but the Witch had no doubt that Jes must be able to feel her own magic or she likely wouldn't have been sharing so much so freely. "But the Coyote I knew was very different…they wouldn't have shared a coffee with me if there wasn't something in it for them."
She grins a little. "Yes. The Trickster. Perhaps in hsi case the original Trickster. Some hold that my Father was there at the creation of this world or the dawn of the Universe or both. I don't know myself, he's never answered other than a laugh. He is old though, old beyond knowing. I am his daughter in many ways but I am also myself and I do as I will. It's true I can be very selfish at times but I have friends and children and people I care about and I like to meet others and make more. I belief that when you have power like I do it's your responsibility to look after those who are weaker, or unable to protect themselves. At least, the human part of me believes so."

She pauses for a moment then decideds to explain a bit more. "The darkness you might sense in me, I am meant to be both good or bad, or both or even neither. It is the trickster nature. You might sense I lean more into the darkness at the moment and that is true but a long a story and not a happy one. It is my battle and will be for many years to right the balance in myself. When I caught your scent a block back I followed you out of curiousity. I don't always reveal myself, even to people I know. In your case it seemed like a good idea. You look a bit lost and I may be able to help with that." "I worried about saying too much and scaring you off but you're still here, so.." Jes smiles.

"I'm still here," Witchdoctor agrees with a nod, but her smile is perhaps a little fainter for the knowledge she'd been followed. Was she really getting that rusty? Closing her eyes for a moment she exhales and then takes another sip of that warm and reassuring chocolate taste before she continues. "Your darkness…I've seen enough magic to know that noone can use it to defend themself and others without having to get a little dirty."
She looks at the woman once more, tilting her head to the side and tenting her fingers, the pasty is long forgotten as she continues. "Lost, I must truely be so if the daughter of the trickster comes to offer me a path." Even so, the blonde doesn't exactly look like she was going to be running away either. Chewing her bottom lip in thought she looks up into Jesana's eyes. "How would you help me, if you could?"
That also causes Jes to grin. Alyse does have a point there but she has an answer for that too. "I've had some assasin training and I'm coyote. Still, with your power I'm sure you'd have noticed me soon enough. As to how I might help, I know other people who know magic that could probably help you out more. Or at least give you some company with like minded people."

"Then there is my own God, my chosen God. i meant it when I said I do as I will. I have chosen a God not of my people or any of the tribes as my own. He is called Fenris-Wolf and the Tri-Cities are his territory. Sooner or later he'll seek you out if you choose to stay here and make sure you aren't out to cause trouble. When I come across people I think are okay before he does I like to be there to help out. He can be um.. well, honestly, most find him terrorfying."
"I could help you find a place to stay if you need that too, maybe put you into contact with some of the hero teams if you were interested. I can also tell you about what kind of dangers and threats to look out for. I make it my business to protect people like us. Metas and magic users and mutants. It's a dangerous time for such people."

The blonde almost spits her drink, lowering the drink again and this time not picking it up. "A god walking the Tri-cities?!" The blonde shakes her head. "Another one?" She looks at the other woman, then up around them to see if the outburst had drawn a little more attention then she'd expected. Of course, she might also be the only person in New York at this point that isn't used to see Asgardians walking the streets.

"I've been jumping hotel to hotel…" she says slowly, gesturing to her food. "Simple magics, it gets me through day to day." Crossing her arms however she frowns a little at the hinted comment about the Fenris-Wolf. Never mind her suprise at a child of one god worshiping another who was apparently living in the city. "So he'd seek me out then? A threat that if he doesn't like me he'll try and end me?"

"Well, that isn't likely. Unless you do something like, try to destroy one of the cities or the world. He would make you leave if you got up to anything bad but it's more a warning thing and a just wanting to know who is in his territory thing. He's likely to forget about you after that as long as you don't mean trouble. He largely doesn't care about things outside of major threats. It's just, he's all that is wolf and this is his place now. Wolves are territorial." Jes is the one he'll end if she fails and falls to the darkness because the kind of monster she'd become would leave him no choice. That's not a thing she normally tells people. Besides, she'd made him swear to her he would do it if that happens.

"Hotel to hotel isn't the best way to live, I know. I did that or the streets at first when I got here. There is a refuge here in New York on High Street and they'll put you up for awhile until we can figure out something permanent. You won't have to worry about not having money there. It's just a room but it's clean and safe and they won't care you have magic." Jes thinks for another moment. "There's also a place in the Bronx run by a nymph that'll do the same."

Wolves are territorial, but the Witchdoctor isn't one to be scared off by some simple barking and growling. Still, the thought of meeting a figure tied to one possible apocolypse is one hell of a thing to have in your future. Whatever it is on Jes' mind, she doesn't have the means to peer into it. Instead she gives a little chuckle and reaches down to smooth her skirt, looking at the native woman with a sheepish smile. "A refuge? Not the first thing that comes to mind when you want 'clean and safe'…but I'll check it out none the less, both of them, if you'll put me in touch."
Jes pulls a pencil stub from her jacket pocket and scribbles the names and addresses of the places on a napkin and slides it across the table to Alyse. She can't read thoughts either and so doesn't know the Witch is thinking about Fenris's ties to an apocolypse. If she did, Jes would not mention that she knows Fenris actually brought about Ragnarok many times. More times than even he remembers. He broke free of that cycle now and has forged his own path. It's part of why she chose him.

"Well, they aren't much it's true but they're meant to be temporary. The first is sort of a safe house kinda thing and the second with Nymph more of an inn but she'll take you in for a bit. I'll call ahead and mention your dropping by." Seeing the uneasyness Jes also doesn't mention the Nymph does this sort of thing as a favor to Fenris. It's not like he visits there or anything. Just sends people in need. "I've got some people to talk to but think I won't say who or where you are, I swear it to you. I'll leave it up to you who you want to meet or when. I'm sure you'd like to figure out what you actually want to do. Hang on." She snags the napkin back and adds her own number. "You can call me here. It's my main number and I'll get the message unless I'm.. elsewhere. Then I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

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