Time Really Doesn't Like Him

March 12, 2016:

Time really doesn't like Marshal Thomas Nashoba as Pepper and Jemma are about to find out… and along comes a Spider Man … but he's taller than expected.

New York


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Time does not like Thomas. It really, really, really doesn't like him and sometimes it expresses this dislike in various ways. Mostly it just does this by making people forget him. And lose evidence that he's been around. Sometimes it's a bit more direct though. Today, as Thomas happned by pure chance to be passing near the Triskelion, it decides to do so.

The tear in reality is fairly obvious. It's a jagged white glowing break in the middle of the air. The thing that climbs out of it is also white looking kind of like lightning made solid but too bright, almost painful to look at. It's all limbs and elbows and knees, too big. Seemingly too big for reality. Tall and slender and energetic.

It turns up the street, oblivious of the agents that might be watching it and stalks toward where Thomas is.

"Doctor Simmons, Miss Potts, I think you should st—" Matthews starts as Jemma slips out of the SUV that has just pulled up at that The Triskelion.

"What was that, Matthews?" the biochem asks as she reaches back into the car for her bag but turns as she feels the energy charging the air.

Eyes widening as the elemental, that's what it currently looks like, climbs through the portal, "Is that Thomas it's headed towards?" Jemma's voice rises a little as she's moved behind Jefferies who calls the disturbance in.

She doubts that Pepper will recall Thomas - the way his affliction works, people rarely do.

Pepper Potts moves to exit the SUV on the other side from Jemma, though why she's there is … initially unclear. She stops and looks through the vehicle to the biochemist. "Who?" And, of course, JARVIS picks up where Jemma fails, speaking to Pepper through the bluetooth device in her ear. "Oh. And what's… oh my." Squinting a bit at the …shocking new creature headed that way, Pepper does the only thing she can think of. "JARVIS? If there happens to be an, oh, ten foot tall person made of lightning walking down the street, what's the easiest way to tie them to an earth ground?"

What? She was Tony's assistant for YEARS before she was made CEO.

"The best way would be with an active draw system that had exposed wires." The AI responds. Basically pump it into the system. How good that would be for the system is another question.

"Miss Potts, your phone is registering high levels of unusual radiation forms. Shall I call Sir to extract you?"

Up ahead Thomas seems to have stopped. He looks over his shoulder just as the 'elemental' thing breaks into a lumbering run. Despite the fact that it doesn't look like it should be, it's shockingly fast. The Marshal barely has time to draw before he has to throw himself to the side in a tumbling roll to avoid just being run over. The thing skids to a halt ten feet from him and lets out a shriek that shatters all the glass on the street.

Pepper probably should call Sir to extract her. Anything around Jemma is likely to be problematic and dangerous but that's up to Pepper. Jemmas' security detail will protect the two women - as much as they're able and as much as the women will allow them!

"High draw system?" Jemma glances to Matthews and Jefferies "We need to overload the substation … again" What? They've done that before now, this should be routine for the three "And probably drop the electricity lines on it."

"Pepper, if Tony doesn't come to extract you, we could use some assistance. If you'd go with Matthews and overload the substation, I'll give you the details on how and I'm sure JARVIS will have better ideas than I…" Jemma glances to Jefferies "… Jefferies and I will see to the lines." Her security detail roll their eyes. They're supposed to keep her out of trouble, but what she's proposing really does make sense.

Okay, yeah, Pepper probably SHOULD have JARVIS send Tony to get her clear. But, she also knows he's in his workshop and has likely been there for over 48 hours. He'd likely be more of a hindrance than a help at this point. "No, JARVIS, likely better if you don't call Tony." She does take a few seconds to pull a draw string bag from her purse and quickly switch out her heels for a pair of ballet flats. "Okay, Matthews, let's go."

It's worth noting that it's possible that this thing only looks like lightning. Jarvis does after all sense odd radiation. It's also interesting that he doesn't say what which may mean that he doesn't know.

The creature lunges for Thomas again and he rolls out of the way and scrambles to his feet. His weapon seems to ripple, going from a service weapon to some kind of sleek, futuristic, techy looking thing that immediately shoots out a stream of greenish energy bolts. These slow the creature but not much. It lashes out with an energy wave of its own, which Thomas dodges again.

Unfortunately that wave is headed right for Jemma, Pepper and the two SHIELD guards. And it's doing… strange things. The car immediately in front of them goes from a modern chevy to a 1948 Chevy in an eyeblink.

Jemma and Jefferies make their way towards the attachment point of the power lines. Between them, they're going to have to drop the lines just at the right time to connect with the creature … when Pepper overloads the substation. Timing, much?

Dropping the line is fairly easy really, just climb up the fire escape, climb a little higher and carefully loosen the wires… ok, so not that easy.

"Stay here, Doctor Simmons." Jefferies hasn't seen that wave approaching them, he might have made a different decision before starting the climb.

Jemma turns to face the fight just in time to have the wave wash over her … and is immediately dressed as a 1920's Flapper. Jefferies ends up as a hench man…

Pepper Potts starts to follow Matthews toward the substation and notices the wave of … something just a moment too late. She gasps as it whooshes past her, then looks down at her clothing and just boggles for a moment. Her outfit would almost read as futuristic, but it's just … not. It's made from metallicky brocade that shimmers and has NO natural movement. In fact, the rather skin-revealing halter top looks like it's got to be glued in place to stay attached. Oh, and silver go-go boots with a clutch purse to match. "… JARVIS? Are you still there?" She reaches for her bluetooth earpiece. Please still be there.

Matthews and Jeffries weapons become period pieces as well. Which means only one of them has an automatic pistol and it's not SHIELD issue. Thomas would stare at what's happened to the quartet but he's a little busy at the moment. The creature lashes out and he catches the arm with his gauntlet… then he gets caught on the other side and thrown down the street by the force of the blow. He's up an instant later, kicking off a wall in a maneuver that'd make a gymnast jealous and sprinting toward the creature like an olympic athelete, maybe a bit faster. He leaps, punches, and connecets, sending the creature sliding down the street on its back to wind up near Pepper. Ooops. Sorry.

"Clear the street!" He hasn't recognized who's there with him, and who blames him in those clothes. His weapon starts chattering again as he pours ionic energy into the paradox.

I am here Miss Potts. Detecting a number of anomalies in your vecinity.

Poor Matthews. As Pepper transforms, so does he. If Peppers outfit was revealing, his is even more so. Made from the same metallicky looking brocade… he's dressed in a pair of short, tight shorts, silvery knee high length boots (not quite go-go boots) and silver bands around his wrists and his throat.

Jemma doesn't stare!

At Thomas' call, Jemma shakes her head but moves back a little into the mouth of the alley "Jefferies, drop those wires … " The agent will have to use the Tommy Gun he's now carrying.

Pepper had better be quick at overloading the substation.

It must be the beehive hairdo making Pepper unrecognizeable. She snags Matthews by one now-bare arm and rushes with him to the substation. One bonus to this outfit: the go-go boots are easy enough to move about in. She does misjudge one overhead clearance, though and snag her hair briefly. Ow. But, they're in the substation now. "Okay, JARVIS, walk me through this." And she's moving to set the substation to overload per the AI's instructions. Let's just hope it's in time.

There's a blur as Marshal Nashoba seems to move near instantly from where he is to right next to the gangly, too-white paradox. Up comes that gauntlet and the upper part of the Marshal's spine glows red through his shirt. Pepper won't see it but Jemma might. Then it comes down. Again. And again. And again. Thomas is hitting with more than human force, cracking the pavement beneath the temporal manifestation as he strikes. For a moment it seems like he has the upper hand…

… and then the thing grabs his arm and sinks its fingers into his chest. They seem to phase into the man and a second later some kind of reaction blows him back into a car. The '48 chevy, actually. At least it doesn't have an alarm.

It does have a steel frame though. Ow.

He'll be a minute before he gets up. Jeffries and Matthews might want to use those weapons to buy him time. This is getting noisy enough that it might easily be noticed by anyone nearby. Or not so nearby. Or who is attuned to temporal disturbances…

Miss Potts, I really do not advise standing nearby when the cascade sequences causes the sub station to overload. Sir would be most upset if you were injured, though he would probably approve of your new apparel.

"Temporal Anamoly Detected." Lyla chimes from the black and red clad Spider-Man.
"Huh?" A muffled reply is fired at the A.I. from behind snug mask.
"I said… "
"I heard you Lyla, I was just day dreaming I think or spacing out, I dunno. Temporal? We got a source?"
"A moment and I will locate it."

Repeated loud noises and then an even louder crash of impact has S-Man cutting his digital companion off, "Nevermind. I think we have a direction. Remember to be quiet this time.
"Very well, master O'Hara. You are so very sweet to me."
"Shut up with the sarcasm or I swear I will reprogram you."


Spider-Man 2099 incoming.

Jemma's already given Pepper the sequence - the same sequence that she used so effectively the last time. All she has to do is follow the steps that appear on her phone.

Matthews looks worried as he glances at Pepper "I'll get her out of here. Just do it, please, Miss Potts." It's not really a request and his tone is tight. But he will grab the red-headed CEO and get her out - just like he did Jemma the last time.

As Thomas is blown back into the car, Jefferies winces and raises a rather futuristic rifle, pulling the trigger and sending energy blasts at the 'elemental' or paradox … they hit in the chest.

Jefferies though is up near the wires and opens fire on the couplings that hold the wires, watching as they begin to fall towards the paradox - they look they will connect.

As the 1948 chevy is hit and pushed closer to Jemma, she tumbles rather expertly, rolling to her feet out of the way… Where on earth did she learn to do that?

Hastily setting the sequence as given, Pepper gets back out of the substation as quickly as she can — this time NOT snagging her hair — and lets Matthews pull her clear. You know, it's almost like he has practice doing stuff like that.

"Okay, now what?" She really, really doesn't want to have to go back to SI in this getup. She'd never live it down.

The creature shrieks again. The sound is ear splitting. As Spider Man (2099 edition) arrives over the scene he can see a gangly, too-tall glowing white vaguely humanoid creature tear the door off an escalade and hurl it at Matthews to get him to stop shooting. If Miguel ever studied time travel he'll know what it is: It's a paradox.

Thomas pulls himself off the hood of the car by sheer force of and darts off to one side. He raises his gauntletted hand and lightining shoots from it, sith style. The thing seems to absorb the energy and swell bigger. "Oh shi-" The car that strikes him breaks his spine in three places. There's a burst of light from him and an instant later he's back on the hood of the car as he was a few seconds ago. The marshal peels himself off it, hand on his back. Clearly, that hurts. But clearly, he's also not dead. Which he should be.

//Miss Potts, Miss Simmons, there appears to be a problem in the building's power system. You'll need to manually reset the circuit breakers for the station to overload and then throw the override switch on the side of the sub station box. This will require both of you." The location of the breaker box is sent to Jemma's phone.

Jefferies swears as he starts down the fire escape, drawing a reproving look from Jemma. She's never heard her security detail swear … that's interesting.

Jefferies pauses as that message is received from JARVIS and sighs deeply. Never, never, never, again will the detail let Pepper and Jemma together again! Drawing Pepper along with him "Doctor Simmons, where do we need to be…"

Jemma startles as JARVIS speaks and sends the coordinates to Jefferies phone as she starts running, nearly twisting an ankle as she forgets the heels that she's wearing.

"Doctor Simmons!" Jefferies is still a few steps behind her. The biochemist, as far as he's concerned, is a disaster magnet and she's not making his job any easier.

Sliding to stop … well hitting the wall where the override switch is a stop, right?, Jemma waits for Pepper to meet her.

Studied time travel? Miguel is living it.
"What the shock is going on!?" That was to no one but his own A.I. who he told to be quiet and she will irritatingly oblige him.

Latching himself by his feet upside down S-Man as he calls himself extends both wrists and fires forth several sticky globules from the spinnerettes located there. Unlike the present day Spider-Man these are not artificial super-spider silk - these are the real deal.

"Hey, you there, I'm guessing you're the badguy. Quit it with the… whatever it is you're doing." Something about this scenario is nagging at him and not just mentally. There is a reverb of sorts that is chilling. If he had Spider-Senses they would be going wild right now. This thing isn't supposed to be here, nor is part of Thomas (or whatever he is becoming) and most important of all, at least to Miguel, neither is he!

Pepper Potts runs to catch up with Jemma, looking like a 60s Star Trek romantic interest of the week. "I'll get the breakers," she tells Jemma breathlessly then ducks back INTO the substation, exactly where JARVIS told her she really should NOT be when this overload happens. Well, so much for that idea. "Okay, JARVIS, which breakers? And why do I suddenly feel like I should be watching out for velociraptors or disembodied arms?"

"Thematically you should be watching out for men who are prone to lose their shirts, for which reason I would not return to Stark Tower until you have changed." Is Jarvis needling Pepper? He might just be.

S-Man's globs impact on the paradox, slowing it and more importantly drawing its attention. The thing lashes out at the friendly neighborhood not quite webslinger, too long arms reaching and grasping. Waves of temporal energy buffet the time traveller but nothing like what the two women and their escort experienced. It's not going to try to erase Miguel, just grab him and rend him limb from limb.

Which does give Nashoba an opening to move again. He's circling, happy for a moments reprieve and getting ready for… something. Hopefully Jemma and Pepper can get the breaker overloading and quick. Jarvis relays additional instructions for them to be able to do just that.

"Hey, Tights! It seems to absorb energy! Wonder if we can make it pop like a ballon?"

Nope. Nope. Nope.
Leap, spring, activate those spidey-reflexes and avoid the flesh ripping attack from the Temporal Boogeyman. A rather acrobatic twist in the air and turn of the body has Spider-Man of the Future bending away from the attack but not in any position to retaliate. At least not physically.
"Tights? These are a complex molecular compound consisting of charged atomic nuclei and electrons. Not tights." A webshot shoots out towards the ground and S-Man uses the momentum to swing himself around in a wide arc away from Mr. Grabbypants. Reposition and figure out how this guy wants to combust the time stalker.

"Also very expensive."

"In case you haven't noticed, JARVIS." Jemma pants as she pulls herself off the wall, rolling the shoulder that is definitely going to show a bruise later "Matthews has already lost his shirt."

Matthews glowers at Jemma. She'll pay for that later, for sure.

Following Pepper into the substation, the biochem takes a deep breath and heads to the other end of the bank, manipulating the breakers as JARVIS directs. She'll worry about Thomas and that broken back (she's sure that's what she saw!) later.

Matthews and Jefferies exchange glances … ready to pull the women free and to safety when the work is done.

Turns the other direction from where Jemma turns, following JARVIS' directions. "On your go, JARVIS." Yes, she's ignoring his snark for now. Doesn't mean she won't take the AI to task later for displaying one of Tony's LESS endearing traits in the middle of a dangerous situation.

"Fine. Expensive tights, then." Thomas extends his gauntleted hand again and goes all Palpatine on the Paradox. As before it seems to swell with the absorbed energy, but it's not enough to disable it. Not by a long shot. He simply doesn't have enough juice.

Then the power box explodes and pours energy from the grid into the creature as well, it grows and grows and grows, eight feet. Nine feet. Ten feet. Twelve. It's shreiking now possibly in pain. Still not enough, but much closer if they can just get a little push. A power line. A car battery, anything to jolt it over the edge and into oblivion.

Matthews and Jeffries grab their respective squishies and haul ass, diving out the door just in time to not get electrocuted to death. God damn these squints and their heroics. Pepper in particular, if one were to, say, snap a cell phone photo of her, looks with Matthews on top of her like she's in some kind of kischy James Bond parody in the penultimate action scene.

"Cute. Expensive tights he says… " Spider-Man's voice is clipped, "Okay. Lets try this your way, Glitterfist."
A snapline of webbing is shot out towards the Paradox and another at the powerlines; this substance or variant from the spinnerettes is not so much like the globules, this ampullate consists of the webbing spider's use to "cling" and is rather electrostatic in nature and attracted to… well the obvious, no physics required there. Miguel's spider-glue is easily charged and works as a wonderful conduit. How wonderful they're just about to test.
Several more shots are attached for precautionary measures.
"Lets make a light show." S-Man shouts. Man he hates electricity being zapped is the worst.

As opposed to Flapper Jemma and Henchman Jefferies… who looks like a bodyguard protecting some broad, except somehow that broad has ended atop him!

Hearing the screams, Jemma peels herself off her bodyguard and turns to look around. "It wasn't enough…" the biochem breathes, urging Jeffries up "Shoot that power line, drop it … now… " Nope, just nope, she's not going trying. Jefferies is the one trained for that - even with a Tommy Gun.

Groaning, Jefferies rolls to his feet, aims his weapon at the couplings for the powerline … just as S-Man does his thing "I don't think so, Doctor Simmons…."

"Cute. Expensive tights he says… " Spider-Man's voice is clipped, "Okay. Lets try this your way, Glitterfist."
A snapline of webbing is shot out towards the Paradox and another at the powerlines; this substance or variant from the spinnerettes is not so much like the globules, this ampullate consists of the webbing spider's use to "cling" and is rather electrostatic in nature and attracted to… well the obvious, no physics required there but not without help super conductive. However, Miguel's spider-glue when wet is a different story. One they're about to tell.
Several more shots are attached for precautionary measures and Miguel hops down landing ontop of a fire hydrant, like the only one on this block, the knob on it kicked loose and water sprays out in a geyser; S-Man then finds himself bearhugging the hydrant to take aim.
"Lets make a light show." He shouts. Man he hates electricity, being zapped is just the worst.

As opposed to Flapper Jemma and Henchman Jefferies… who looks like a bodyguard protecting some broad, except somehow that broad has ended atop him!

Hearing the screams, Jemma peels herself off her bodyguard and turns to look around. "It wasn't enough…" the biochem breathes, urging Jeffries up "Shoot that power line, drop it … now… " Nope, just nope, she's not going trying. Jefferies is the one trained for that - even with a Tommy Gun.

Groaning, Jefferies rolls to his feet, aims his weapon at the couplings for the powerline … just as S-Man does his thing "I got this, Doctor Simmons…." and he lets loose with the Tommy Gun, targetting the couplings for the electric wires.

Pepper gets pulled clear of the substation by Matthews only to end up with the SHIELD agent trying to squish her. "If you don't mind, Agent?" Her voice has gone VERY proper and clipped. At least Matthews seems to catch on quickly, because he moves clear as if she's just burned him. BUT, to his credit he doesn't apologize. Pepper scrambles to her feet to get further from this whole mess. Well, if Mr. 60s Speedo here lets her.

One electric line drops as the others surge. Matthews pours on the power. Spider Man pours on all the power. There's sparks from the transformers as the surge burns them out. The creature swells in half a second to twenty feet and then bursts. It's a concussion, the force of a thunderclap but with no thunder. Just a silent wave of force that knocks over everything still standing. Thomas goes tumbling… though at least not into anything this time.

"Ow. Right…" The Marshal picks himself up, flexing his gauntleted hand. "Nice work there Ti- er… thanks." At least he's stopping. "Don't think we have you on fil- wait. Spider Man?" Doesn't really look like him. Or does it? Hell Thomas doesn't know he's never seen Spider Man in the flesh. Just knows the name and the general ish sort of asthetic. He'd probably ID the real deal if he actually saw him but only because his costume isn't subtle.

"Are you two ladies ok- Pepper Potts? Doctor Simmons?" Beat. "Were you out clubbing or something?"

A hot pop of sudden pain as the surge goes in all directions and Spider-Man 2099 lets go with that mute thunderclap. A hiss of pain and he clenches fists until it subsides, his eyes having been closed the whole time they open again and he squints past the spots in them to look at the source of the talking without discerning much beyond shape. Photosensitivity in overdrive.
"S-Man or Spider-Man works, whichever." Slightly taller than the normal, different colors (no blue) and deeper more mature sounding voice.
A couple taps of a fingertip on his hidden Spidey wristwatch to make sure Lyla was alright and follows Thomas' query towards those it is directed at.
"I'm okay." The A.I. quietly chimes.
"Yeah, right, headcount we make sure everyones okay and then someone can fill me in on what just happened in their own words?"

Matthews does let Pepper up and actually flushes when he realises the image he and the redhead must portray. Please, oh please, don't let there be anyone who snapped this … he really doesn't want to explain to his bosses.

Jemma peers at the new comer, who does look like Spiderman, "You're taller than I thought …" is all the biochem who is currently dressed like a Flapper can say before blushing "Doctor Jemma Simmons, SHIELD R&D and … I'm not sure"

Thomas gets a rather flat look from Jemma "No, I don't go clubbing. How's your back and what the heck was that?"

Pepper actually isn't worried about photos like that, JARVIS will likely find and squash them before anyone even sees them. She looks from Jemma to the man that was fighting the lightning-thing — he looks familiar. Where from? And then she looks at the Spider-esque man. "JARVIS, could you please send Dmitri with the car and two changes of clothes?" She's already reaching up to try to get her hair out of this horribly ungainly beehive hairdo. "Pepper Potts, Stark Industries. And our clothes changed to these … strange outfits."

"That was a paradox." Thomas sighs. "It just appeared and decided it didn't like me. I wish I could say that was the first time it had happened but…" It's not.

The upside is that most people won't remember it. Time's odd that way. So are paradoxes. Thomas even figures Spider Man won't remember it later, not realizing that this Spider Man has a temporal hitch himself.

"Sorry about your clothes. They're not gonna change back." Beat. "At least they look okay on you?" He offers to the two now very strangely dressed women.

"Anyway, yeah. Big nasty monster. Sometimes pops out. Wish I could tell you exactly why but…" He shrugs. "Good thing you all were along, that might have gone badly."

At Jemma's question Thomas just shrugs. "It hurts. I'll probably need it looked at." It should do a lot more than just hurt.

"And you are absolutely nobody I am familiar with." Miguel replies to Jemma.
"Stark- er Fuji Industries Pepper Pots? Shock. Just a person I wanted to meet.. well I suppose you're on my bucketlist" For a moment there Jemma and Thomas along with entourage ceases to exist and the black and red Spidey is extending a gloved and talon tipped hand to the redhead in offering of a shake.
Then of course Paradox is mentioned, Miguel's masked head slightly cranes and he studies Thomas, hand still out there. "Not the first time, huh? Yeah, don't mention it. I have a knack for showing up at odd places and at strange times." Stare and e quiet about it. Take note for later. Mentally he is telling Lyla to take notes and hopefully she is. HE really should have allowed the neural connect when it was offered voice only is a pain at times.

"I would hope not." There's Jemma, prim and proper to Miguel until he mentions Fuji … and her eyes narrow slightly. "Fuji Industries?" she asks as she casts a look to Pepper - Stark-Fujikawa was the name on the phone and the phonecase … Jemma doesn't believe in coincidence.

Time again. Jemma notices the emphasises and turns her attention the newcomer. She didn't get to where she is in SHIELD by missing cues like that. Most times, she just chooses to ignore them.

"Drop by the medbay when we're done here and I'll take a look." At least Thomas can be assured that Jemma will remember. Besides, she wants to get her hand on that … tech…. again.

Peppers request for a change of clothing is met with a grateful look. A change of clothing would be appreciated.

Jefferies bends a look on Matthews … seems Jefferies went with the right woman today… at least he's in a suit!

Pepper's eyes narrow slightly at the costumed man's slip regarding the name of Stark Industries. She reaches to shake that oddly clawed hand, and as her hand starts to clasp his, she actually tries to snag his thumb and bend it backwards. On a normal person not expecting it, she'd expect at least surprise and pain. Let's see what happens.

Thomas has no idea that Pepper is about to try to start a thumb war with Spider Man. It's unorthodox to say the least. Instead he's just stepping back. He noticed the look but honestly he gets a lot of those. Strange things around him happen it's just kind of how it goes.

"Sure, will do." That's in response to Jemma. "Sounds like you've got a car and clothes coming." At least Jemma ended up looking like something she probably won't be embarrassed about later.

Oh look. There's a bystander with a cell phone. Snapping a picture.

Spider-Man blinks at the thumb pressure, "Careful for the barb. They're sharp." He offers up but his digit is surprisingly unbending considering he can benchpress over 7 tons. "I uhm, hi." Confusion onsetting. "You moisturize often don't you?" Yeah, no movement or pain.
"Right, Fuji-don't worry about it." Mig says to Jemma as if brushing it off. Not important, absolutely not. Loose lips sink time-traveling ships and break reality after all.
"Just glad to help." Maybe he is repeating himself now he isn't sure, slowly he pries his hand free of Pepper's grasp. "I'lltakethatbackthankyou." BUT NOT BEFORE he waves at the bystander with the cell phone. Eat it Parker.

Not gonna be that easy, Mig. Jemma has the bit between her teeth. "What do you know of Stark-Fujikawa, S-Man…" Jemma is so far from subtle, it's not funny. Just ask Clint. She'll worry about the slip, and is unlikely to let it go…

Jemma might just keep the dress and headdress. Who knows, maybe one day she'll go out and have the need for a cos-play like this. And yes… she is rather grateful she's not showing as much skin as Pepper.

"Sounds like we do have a car on the way." Looking with surprise at the bystander with the cell phone. Matthews or Jefferies - probably Jefferies - can go and retrieve that.

Too late. Cell phone man is off! Good luck finding him when you look like you should be going to a speakeasy. Thomas just watches Pepper and then looks at Jemma. "Uh, he did just help us deal with a rampaging monster. And he didn't say Fujikawa." And you know, there are companies named Fuji-something out there. Beacuse Japan is a thing.

"I'm… gonna leave you guys to sort this out yourselves though. S-Man if you ever find yourself in Metropolis though, I owe you lunch at least. Stop on by and tell them you want to see Marshal Nashoba." If the guy can remember that later, Thomas will absolutely buy him lunch.

"Mean time I should be going…" Aaaaand he's off. He'll stop by Tri medical later.

Again, Pepper isn't worried. But when Jefferies starts off after Mr. Phone-camera, she mentions it to JARVIS. He'll take care of it, either directly or by getting Legal involved. "We should be going also, but I think we need to speak again at some point. Soon." She's speaking to Spider-Man, and doing so rather seriously.

"Enough to make me wonder what the shock you think you know about it." Spider-Man squints at Jemma. "In Doom we trust? Anyone? Nobody. Good just making sure." A step backwards and he gives each a considerate glance while slinging out a webline to haul himself away, "I agree. A chat is probably a great idea. Nashoba, Jemma, Potts, we'll be seeing eachother." A snap and like a slingshot the arachnid theme superhero is airborne and gone.

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