Taming of The Screwy

March 13, 2016:

Zakura is released from holding after having the brainbox removed by Corben. X-Man and Ripclaw track her down.

District X, NYC


NPCs: M-Town residents



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"Should we follow in the van?" Chip asks of Ripclaw over the comms.

"No. We don't need to frighten her further than she already is. She is a feral like me, let me handle this."

For the past three days Nadia has been captive underneath the Elevator in East Brooklyn. The hidden and very private location of what in another reality would be Cyberforce. The brainbox implanted by Cyberdata has been surgically removed from her body by Doctor Corben a renegade scientist who held the position of head cyberneticist at the company in question.

The trail left behind isn't hard to follow, not for a tracker like Ripclaw, his enhanced senses coupled with skill and psychometric powers makes this almost easy.

"I suppose I moved too quickly on the removal. The memory flood probably just overwhelmed her." Doctor Corben's voice over the comms this time.

"Yes, fortunately for us she is headed to familiar territory, Mutant Town."

Meanwhile, Nate has been in Mutant Town all the day. He has friends here, but mostly it is that Rose's new hideout is here. But now it is getting late and he is considering getting back to Xavier's and try to… what? Pester Rachel some more? He probably needs to give the girl some space and more time. He sucks at being an older brother.

So instead of flying away, he is stalling, and also looking around for a place with good coffee.

Not many in Mutant Town.

'What in the world is she doing?'

'Is she a mental patient?'

'I don't know, someone needs to call the police.'

Barefoot is one thing, but shivering cold is another. Cat slitted eyes dance all around her as she tries to focus through the flashing images that melt through her brain. It all starts with a drop of water, one that drops down from the clouds that lands right atop of her head, the right eye twitching as she draws herself in closer. The blaring of the horn as she walks in the middle of the street is something that goes amiss, yet the motion of the large vehicle speeding by her, honking angrily causes her to hiss loudly, her arms flailing out to try to catch the thundering bestial car as it whizzes right by her. Anger, frustration, and confusion was the name of the game this day. Whether it was broad daylight or in the thick of night was no concern to her. Even as a man approaches with his arms up to try to help, a nice backhand to the man which sends him flying was his reward for trying to be a good Samaritan. And he was too.

A prominent mutant who had webbed fingers. Didn't do a lot of good for him, though.

Tracking is no longer necessary with the sounds coming from Nadia's direction. Car horns, tires screeching and yelling. Yeah that's a definite sign. Leaping a divider and rushing in to the street to try and catch up to her Ripclaw closes the gap as quickly as he can, he stands out usually but here he isn't so concerned.
Above the scene are two flying mutants one with Draconian wings and the other no wings at all. The both of them playing spectator for what is transpiring with Nadia, no indication of joining or interfering. Gawkers.

Weird happenings are so frequent in Mutant Town that are normal. Not so normal that someone wants to call the police, though. But Nate is curious about the commotion, and arrives just in time to catch webbed-fingers guy before he slams against a wall. "Got you. What is going on? Oh…" wandering under dressed woman. That is not normal even for Mutant Town. "No police," he notes, anyway. "Hey, lady? Do you need help?" He addresses Nadia loudly enough to draw her attention. Or at least that is the plan.

The man was thrown was immediately a forgotten memory at the second droplet of rain that hits her right upon her head.

Then came the vision of people scrambling to get to their cars, children crying in the streets as they wait for their mothers and fathers to exit from their homes as the streets begin to pour. Then there was a start, the loud cracking of cement that drew everyone's attention to the point where everything was abandoned and people grabbed their children and began to run.

Nadia.. in the middle of the street as she was screams out, her hand outstretched to try to grab someone who knocks her down into the rushing water, wading away quickly to save their own hides instead of help.

Which she performs just as it was real. No no no no no no no..

She leaps upon the car, landing hard enough to cave the hood inside, her claws lashing out to attach herself to the roof to find a safe place. All the while most people either stood by and watched, or ran away from the general area just because they did not want to deal. Even the cats that would usually follow cleared the area as a vicious scream towards the people who linger causes them to jump and scatter.

Fuck the police. They were going home. They got kids too.

Ripclaw pushes and shoves past fleeing people but isn't as close as Nate is now. He hasn't even seen him yet nor is he aware of his presence, his focus is on the girl. Unfortunately this is also a busy time of day so the amount of people on the streets is a tad more than usual.
It is then that someone shouts, "She is running from that guy!"

"Someone help her."

"Stop that asshole!"

"Hey he knocked over my hotdog."

"I'm not getting involved."

"Someone call the cops."

"No, someone call the Brotherhood."

Ripclaw snarls and shoves a heavy set man covered in skin flaps back. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Anger unleashed blades ripple forth from the cyber-mutants hands. Long, deadly sharp, gleaming sword like talons.

"Holy shit." Someone exclaims.

"He is a mutant too!"

No kidding. Mutant Town is full of mutants. And some non-mutant weirdos. And the clawed woman is ignoring him? No, something odd with her reactions. He frowns and instead of trying to talk to her again, reaches with the telepathy to see what is going on in her head.

It is quiet in there, and he realizes the young woman is deaf. Uh, okay. «Hey, lady. Do calm down and stop for a minute, willya?» He projects into her head, trying to 'sound' calm and probably coming up as too loud. Then he spots Ripclaw, running into the situation. "Friend of yours?" He asks the other man.

Commotion, commotion, it all adds to the mess of the crap that occasionally hits her head. Her claws latch into the metal roof of the car, kneading and pulling, feet digging in with the need to leap as she bears teeth that allows fangs to draw forth into a vicious hiss as a bicyclist rushes past. A piece of the metal was ripped up and thrown towards the wheel, which hitches within the spokes and sends a person flying.. skidding.. rolling and up upon his feet and getting the hell out of dodge.

The little tuss-up ahead nearly gains her attention until the voice rings out in her head and.. what? Was that her thinking that? But she wouldn't call herself a lady nor would she sound like a man. Weird.. weird..

Whoisthatwhatisthiswhoisthatwhatisthis is repeatedly thought.

Cause really, no where in the history of ever telling someone to calm down actually produces that same result.

"I said back off!" Ripclaw's foot lashes out and he sends another man who got too close in a flannel shirt sprawling across the cement. Ignoring them now he responds to Nate, "Ah, Rose's Nate. Yes, she is one of our… refugees." The nicest way he can phrase it right now. "She is suffering a memory return as we just removed Cyberdata's brainbox. Her animal nature may be trying to override reason and logical thought as a defensive measure." A guess, not exactly an educated one but a guess. Corben is the expert in these things not Berresford.

"Communication with her is a serious issue."

"'Cause she is deaf, right," replies Nate, smirking at that 'Rose's Nate' bit. "Well, I tried to reach her telepathically, but I think it is the first time for her, so it probably made her even more disoriented."

He looks at the woman again, trying to draw her attention waving with his arms, and projects again. «It is me. I am talking into your mind. Now slow down a minute, you are not going to figure out anything running around without a goal, right?»

Oh look! Someones flying! Mixed emotions on that front. One part of her wanted to laugh and the other part wanted to scream. But the bestial half wanted to continue to knead and sharpen nails in the metal of the car in preparation for a meal. Her shoulders were starting to hunch forward, tensing and shaking, her eyes resting upon Ripclaw with a curl of her lips that made her sneer look almost terrible.


He was preparing to attack, her eyes blink towards the man who's waving his arms, her head snapping back as that voice draws into her again which has her looking all around and back to the odd.. flailing armed man. Without a goal. Without a goal. You need goals to run around now. Her goal was to .. grab people? No. Grab children. No. Kill. No.

That.. truly stumped her. But she knew what she had to do.. at least in that moment. Doesn't really help that the primal pain in her stomach was nearly, nearly starting to make everyone look like a prime rib or a snick-snack. That's it, wreck the world for a quiet place with no people and water and a snack. QuitquietquietIwillEATYOU. See? She's learning!

"Yes, the being deaf is a major part of that." Surprisingly the X-Man picked that tidbit up about her fast, it took Chip figuring that one out for them on their encounter with her. "I'm sure you can sort that while I play crowd control."

The look on Nate's face in regards to his Rose reference goes overlooked as Ripclaw faces the bystanders. The majority of them are staying clea and watching with the show of force none of them seem prepared to try and help, plus Nadia isn't winning herself any points with the way she is behaving.

Who is the real badguy here? Maybe they're thinking that now.

"If she doesn't calm she is going to draw more attention and that isn't what we want." That is obvious right there.

"Nah, it is a Tuesday in Mutant Town," points out Nate. Of course there are some idiots taking pictures with the cells, but those are tourists. "But she is pretty much out of her mind. Maybe I should just knock her out and get out of here," he suggests.

The 'eat you' bit makes it. She is crazy or borderline feral. «How about instead you -SLEEP-?» Replies in her head. Putting a lot of telepathic coercion into the suggestion.

Huh? The big guy is turning around? Who was he anyways? But we know him right? No.. wait yes we do. He was there, in that one place where she's gotten these..

Clothes. She was in her school uniform when the floods hit. She missed the call when they said to go home, most of the children did. They were outside playing and she opted to hide in the nurses office for a nap. With a yawn she slowly rises from the fake leather couch to stretch and stand as she looks out the windows to see rows upon rows of buses parked in the school lot with no one tending them. Or no other kids. That was strange.

Her claws finally lift from the tops of the car to lightly peel and tug at the janitors uniform. It was a one-sie. Bright orange. One would think she escaped from prison if they weren't able to see the words.. JANITOR in cracked white printed upon the. Hah. That was nice. Those three men gave her clothes. But why?

You know why, they were going to eat you and your linen. No. That doesn't make since..

With a slow yet hunkered raise from the car, her sights were set upon Nate.. one foot inching out forward as her claws remain extended, her head slowly tilted as she begins to weigh and measure how fast she could ta—..



"And she is down… " Ripclaw smoothly closes the distance between himself and the slumping Nadia to hook an arm under her and throw her over one broad shoulder. Limp and unconscious as she is it's no mean feat.

"Lets go. You're far too cavalier here for my liking, Nate." Yes, Ripclaw likes his anonymity even in mutant town. Obscurity has kept him alive and floating just below Cyberdata and even the government's radar for as long as he can recall; or so he believes.

"Your telepathy is useful. Fortunate for us you happened by when you did. That coincidence or… ?"

Tipping his head to the side Ripclaw touches the small key on his earpiece, "Bring the van around now, Chip. We're awaiting pickup." They have time to chat. It will take Chip some time to get across town. For now Ripclaw will lead them off the streets and to a small off the main strip park with a couple benches and a swing set that is unused. Graffiti is everywhere.

Nadia will be laid out on a bench and the big unnaturally pale skinned warrior will fold his arms across his chest and study Nate in a quiet evaluation. It is apparently the X-Man's turn to talk.

"I guess coincidence, but I wanted to talk with you," he glances around carefully. Cavalier he might be, but he was also trained to survive in a war zone and Cyberdata might have agents in the area, as Ripclaw just remind him. "Careful, she is not going to sleep for long," he notes. Those flying guys being curious and not helpful get a frown. "I can also blur perceptions around so they can't remember well what we look like," he offers, "chances are high some of the mutants in the area won't be affected, though. Due to enhanced senses, natural resistance or other mutations." Well, he will try anyway.

There had to be somewhere inside Nadia where she was grateful enough to process all of this. Still, the knock out was enough to calm and take her to places that she had never really been in. A quiet and restful sleep. Perhaps it was something that was needed all along. That sleep. So the mind could heal and process quietly after the trauma to her brain and waking up.. pissed. Free! But pissed. Maybe the fresh air helped.

Travel and moving and now on a bench, she snoozes along until her hand slowly flops down to touch.. was that grass? And then her eyes open, but she doesn't move. It.. actually feels somewhat.. alright. And not so busy.

"We have a few minutes to talk. If she awakes she awakes, there is not much else to be done but show her we mean no harm. Eventually she comes around or we let her go on her way, we've already liberated her now the rest is on her."

"Just leave it. Tampering with minds is what got us in this predicament. They'll either forget and carry on like typical New Yorkers or report us, by the time anyone can respond we'll be gone." Ripclaw doesn't attention doesn't drift from Nate to pay mind to Nadia's awakening. The park is isolated, safe enough and away from a lot of the noise beyond. The loudest thing near by is some project style apartments that overlook it. It's cold enough out the windows on most of the homes inside are sealed shut. No one will pay them any attention down here.

"Fair enough," agrees Nate, picking up a seat from when he can watch Nadia. "You know, I fought Cyberdata in another world, Rose's world, and ended up with a chunk of technorganic metal inside my skull that is still trying to eat my brain. They were scum, and they seem the same here. So I want to help you deal with them. And in fact, fighting things like Cyberdate is what the X-Men are supposed to do. Only… most X-Men are not well suited to fight an international organization that operates in part within the law. The X-Men founder is a bit… ah, Twenty Century thinking."

"I hadn't realized Ravager was from another world. Doesn't strike me as an alien." Ripclaw's red eyes remain fixed on Nate as he speaks only adding once the man leaves an opening, "If what you say is true you need to get that removed. I have an ally who specializes in Cyberdata's technology." A noise down the alley draws his attention until he a stray cat meanders by a large dead rat in it's teeth. He'll eat happy for a day or two. "I already accepted your offer for help and when the time comes I'll make sure to reach out to you. The X-Men though, I seen them on the television, did a little research in to them and they're far too public for my liking." He is talking about X-Red as the rest of the teams seem to act more on the side of hidden.

"I'll take aid where it can be manageable but I honestly don't want to be affiliated with your team too much. This isn't an open war, if we're caught we will end up in prison for life if not worse. Cyberdata will make us vanish and we'll end up diced in to little pieces after they've made sure every part of us is experimented on. Too much of what we're about relies on secrecy… No one can be trusted. I'm risking a lot even involving myself with you, Ravager, Jean or the rest of your X-Men."

"No, they are not public. X-Men Red is public, but that is only one of the four teams," explains Nate. "Red is an experiment, to show mutants can be public heroes and play within Superman's rules of heroism. But you are not going to see Jean in Red's roster; she is Blue, which is a conventional but clandestine mutant super-hero team. There are other team, though, which are the guys that get called to deal with enemies that can't go to jail for being too well connected or too dangerous. Those are the ones you want to go against Cyberdata."

They seem to be rather still. Even though Nadia was as still as she was then, she doesn't see any soldiers. Anyone else nearing the area to fight and not moving around was starting to become a little chilled. It was slow to start, the draw upright from the bench, the languid way in which she moves has bones cracking and snapping to readjust in the way that she fell, shoulders rolling as a sideways glance is cast to the two and a slow.. careful ease upright from the bench has her staggering.

And then promptly ignoring them.

Her eyes were set upon the swing as she approaches with a sit, her bare feet pushing against the ground and raking against the floor as it drags her at an odd angle due to it being uneven.
"Sounds confusing." Ripclaw states bluntly." It also sounds like there is a lot of you. Amazing you all haven't been revealed yet or exterminated by SRD, DEO, SHIELD, whoever." A pop clang sound and an older van pulls up to the curb just outside the park entrance. "There is our ride." Annoyance is expressed in Ripclaw's features with a scowl at the noisy vehicle. He's gone head to head with Chip and CC over the obnoxious ride.

"I want to meet anyone you plan on bringing along before we plan anything. I don't trust easy. I don't have reason to. Your help and Ravager are all I accept of your team so far. The rest… well… guess we'll just find out."
An exhale and he watches Nadia stir and begin to move.
"You want that piece of metal out of your head let me know, I can pencil you in with the Doc." Clearing his throat he considers the other metamorph, "I somehow need to tell her that is our ride."

"Yeah, about twenty or thirty combat-able alphas working together," explains Nate. A lot of power, which helped. Although Nate suspects the X-Men survival had much to do with Xavier's telepathics and maybe his allies. Not that Ripclaw needs to know it yet. Also, Nadia is listening. "Actually, SHIELD has been mostly at our side. And now they want my team working closer with them. That could be interesting. Maybe."

He turns to Nadia, tilting his head. "Feeling better?" He talks, and at the same time projects his voice in her mind. "As for the metal in my head. Your doc can take a look, but no pulling it out for now. Due to the way my powers work, I kinda need it there."

The creak and angle of the swing and it's possible rot was clearly making Nadia's ass itch. No matter, a twist and a shimmy upon the rubber and soon she wrangles herself to the ground in time enough for her to notice that the van was there and ready. A glance back towards Nate, and then towards Ripclaw had her making a choice. Was she going to go with them or.. run free?

Not without her sword.

Her jaw tenses and steels as Nate speaks, brows lowering with slumped shoulders as she slowly turns away. She heard him, read his lips as well. It was interesting how he could do that.

"No." She finally says aloud, but she doesn't look towards Nate for a follow up. She only draws her arms around herself in a hug, head hung low as she limps off towards the van, just in time for the double doors to open and for her to crawl inside.

"All mutants? That is damn near an army." Ripclaw seems amazed but then just nods as he watches Nadia's actions, "Choice is yours. Looking at it before we go against Cyberdata is likely best." As she says no the cybernetic mutant chuckles, "I guess that answers that one. We'll be in touch, Nate. I have questions but right now isn't the time." A nod of his head and he follows Zakura to the van where Chip awaits.

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