Getting Reacquainted

March 13, 2016:

Lara heads to Matt's to let him know she's back in town.


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Matt Murdock is on the mend and is taking the weekend off from work, hoping to recuperate a bit.

A sai to the stomach will do that to a guy.

But it's his pride that's hurt as well. Matt should have had those three men easily, but they were well trained. Attempts to contact Stick, his reclusive former master, have unsurprisingly been unsuccessful thus far. Stick is talked to when Stick wishes. That's always been their sort of relationship.

Carefully, Matt pours some boiling water through his tea-kettle. After going through the procedures he reaches for his drink and brings it to the solemn coffee table. Wincing as he sits down, he adjusts himself, and reaches for his small laptop. The earpiece goes in and he gives a sigh, wondering what the day might bring.

Lady Croft has been gallivanting around the world on adventures for the last year and a half. Being a Tomb Raider tends to get the somewhat obsessive Brit wrapped up in all kinds of faraway troubles which are in places there is no cell or satellite service. As such, Matt has only had a vague notion of her whereabouts and situations via the occasional postcard dropped off at villages with service.

Africa, Siberia, the Bermuda Triangle? Who knows with that one. But the current winning answer to 'Where in the World is Lara Croft?' is 'Outside Matt's door'.

There is a rapping her knuckles, knowing she won't have to say who it is, he'll know. He always knows.

"It's open," he calls out genially, taking a moment to sip at his hot tea before placing it neatly upon the coaster. With an eye-twitch that folds into a bit of a wince, he gets out of his chair and turns towards the door as she enters.

"Lara," he says with a smile coming across his mouth. "It's been a while. I'm happy you're alright." He tilts his head towards the kitchen. "Get you some tea?"

Lara strides through the door at the invitation. She is dressed down, in jeans, a grey hoodie, and a black leather jacket with boots. It's her incognito uniform of choice, designed to keep paparazzi off of her. The UK tabloids would have a field day with 'British heiress visiting her blind lawyer in his home! Scandalous affair with a commoner! Read more inside'.

"Matthew! You really should lock your door you know. This isn't the best neighborhood." She heads towards him then pauses at his stiffness. "Either you're cross with me or you're injured." Sniff sniff. Medicinal scents on the air? "Injured. Good. I hate to make you cross," she chirps with a grin. She moves to sit, gently, beside him.

"I can serve myself the tea. How bad is it?" she asks, doing the former while looking him over to answer the latter for herself.

Matt sits back with a sigh, "Yeah, I'm trying to do something about that neighborhood thing. Tougher than I thought."

As they relax on the sofa he throws an arm around her. "Got hit with a sai. Lucky it wasn't worse to be honest. I'm out for a few days, but it'll heal."

"Back in town for long?"

"I have some herbal field remedies for that, but I suspect modern medicine is preferred when you're not somewhere isolated from civilization," Lara notes with a grin. She only ever seems to relax when she's alone with Matt. There is a level of trust there, in his intentions, in his abilities, and in his view of her when she's with him.

"Quite a while this time. I have some exhibits to organize here in the States, and I'm taking a bit of a break. Time for research instead of adventuring," she replies. "A sai? Were you tussling with ninjas, Matthew? Dreadful things, ninjas."

"Yeah," Matt says with a stretch and a twist. "Funny thing about ninjas: They're not long for conversation. And I'm all for herbal remedies in certain circumstances, but I'm not sure they've loosened up the Rockerfeller drug laws enough to allow me to keep my law license." Probably different herbal remedies, Matt.

"Research sounds interesting. Glad to hear you'll be taking a break—hopefully that means you'll have some free time."

Lara sips her tea and settles back into the curve of Matt's arm. " Free time is definitely on my schedule. Would you like some help with the ninjas? I've tussled with a few in my time (all 26 years of it). Among other terrible things. Some day I'll have to tell you all about the How are things on this side of the Pond? How are the firm and Foggy doing?" she asks. She digs into the pocket of her coat and withdraws a leather thong with a metal charm hanging from it.

"I brought this back for you. It's an ancient coin. It was mean to protect the wearer. A little good luck from me to you," she quips, offering it up for him to hand inspect. It has a feeling of something very old, with most of the carvings faded by time.

"I think I'd like that very much," Matt says regarding the help. Half the problem is that he doesn't even know who he's dealing with. That's what makes finding Stick all the more important. "Any help I could get is help well appreciated."

"Things around here, aside from stab wounds, are not bad. The firm is going well, though Foggy is doing the lionshare of the work. We've been pretty successful in the past year and a half and have gotten some clients in. It's been hard, given our pickiness, but things are going better than expected.

Matt holds the coin in his hands and rubs his fingers over it. Then, oddly, he flicks it, with his finger, as if to get a better 'look' at it. "I love it. Thank you very much. I'd have gotten something for you but I didn't know if you would be coming back."

"And I didn't know how you felt about soft pretzels."

"I positively adore soft pretzels," Lara notes with a chuckle. "American food is lovely. The UK seems to specialize in bland, and shades of yellow." Yep, truthiness. No wonder she adventures, to escape British food. "I'll have plenty of work for the firm. Liability contracts and other boring things that aren't nearly as interesting as defending people in court, but it should be simple and worth your while."

She leans in to kiss his cheek. "I didn't expect anything, Matthew. I didn't even know if I'd still be welcome when I got back. I imagine my traipsing off around the world doesn't give me much of a leg to stand on relationship-wise. I understand if you've found someone else in my absence."

"No one that I'm serious with," Matt says with a shrug of his shoulders. "You and I always had an understanding about what we were and so I never had any false illusions. I know how married you are to your work, and I don't have a problem with that." Matt leans into the kiss and squeezes her shoulder.

"I'll either have Foggy or myself contact your representatives to get information on the contracts. We should get that squared away pretty quickly. I'm just glad you're back for however long I get to spend with you."

"I'm glad to be back. And who knows? If there's enough interesting adventures right here in the States, you may have me for a while this time," Lara notes with a chuckle. "Either way, I plan to enjoy the time we have, and I'm glad you still have room for me in your life." These two, relationship goals. Well, the non-committed type.

"Now, I want to hear all about what I've missed while I've been gone. I'm dreadfully behind on The Walking Dead."

"Well, I can't tell you too much about the Walking Dead, but," Matt smiles at her and picks at the end of the string from her hoodie idly. "There was a rogue religious leader called Bushwacker who I followed for months. Called by the heavens or by the devil to kill mutants. The city just put their Smooth problem behind them, and Fisk got out of jail."

"Rogue religious leader? Is that wrapped up? Any idea what possessed him to do all this? Could there be an actual artifact out there influencing him?" Lara posits. That sort of thing is right up her alley. She shrugs out of her coat and jacket, with her usual tank tops beneath. "With modern transportation and shipping, a lot of dangerous things can end up thousands of miles from where they were buried."

"As far as I understand, he was sort of a lone wolf. I don't know how, but he had some sort of weapon grafted onto his arm and inside it. That's why I had so much trouble tracking him. I guess I should say that I don't believe he was affiliated with any congregation or church. I'm still doing the background, but I think he was once a pretty normal pastor who went crazy. Not a lot of details and I'm not sure when it goes to trial."

"I guess it's not beyond the realm of possibility, but I don't know about any artifacts. It could just end up being that a hateful person took out his hateful thoughts on people, but I'm not sure. I'm just glad we caught him."

Matt rests his hand on her shoulder after she removes her coat and jacket. "I'm not saying that wasn't the reason, though. Just so I'm clear."

"I can do a little digging in the antiquities community; see if anything suspicious has entered the area. But it's very likely just one crazy bigot being hateful. Not everything can have a mythical connection," Lara admits with a soft laugh. "I'm just my father's daughter. I look for it everywhere. Maybe I'm as batty as this pastor in my own way." She covers his hand with her own, giving it a squeeze. "I've missed you Matthew."

"We're all a little batty, Lara," Matthew says. At the squeeze of her hand, he follows suit. "I've missed you, too." He pulls her slightly towards him and kisses her on the side of the head. "Where are you staying this time around? Same old penthouse or did you get rid of that? I can't remember if you owned it or were just renting it out during your stay."

Lara leans into the kiss, sighing happily. "While I was away, I closed on one of those old mansions in Gotham. It's gaudy and not to my taste, but it's big enough to store my collections and my research."

"Gotham's only a train ride away. I passed the bar in New Jersey so I'm actually down there quite a bit, so count me as happy," Matt responds. "What sort of research are you doing?"

"How much do you know about the Lost Colony of Roanoake?" Lara asks. So she does have something to investigate here in the States. "I'm just in the early stages of my research of course. But I'm looking into it. I think it may be related to an artifact."

"I was obsessed with that story as a child. Was it Croatan that was written into the tree? I cannot recall. I'd love to hear your evidence thus far if your're willing to share."

Lara Croft says, "Croatan was nearby tribe of natives the colony had alleged troubles with, but Croatoan was written on a tree when John White upon his return to the colony three years after leaving. Was it an early version of a typo? Or was it something else?" Lara asks mysteriously. "My research is very preliminary but as soon as the rest of my materials arrive from England I can dig in deeper. For now though," she grins, "I'd rather get reaquainted with you.""

"Well, what a coincidence. I have the rest of Sunday off, and I'm too injured to go out tonight. Seems as though we'll have plenty of time to get reacquainted tonight," Matt replies as he picks up his feet and puts them on his coffee table. "Appears as though tonight is a delivery night."

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