No Promises

March 13, 2016:

Ravager and Ripclaw spar, discuss and just in general hang out.

Croton-on-Hudson, NY


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Mentions: Jean Grey, Nate Grey, X-Men, Cyberdata, Zodiac


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Fade In…

Croton-on-Hudson the secluded abandoned dojo a place that has gotten a lot more traffic recently. Ripclaw is aware of this he knows Rose has found it as peaceful as he does despite it's previous inhabitants violent orientation and mission. A step and a sniff towards the air around the structure has the cyber-mutant sweeping a claw out as though it was a feeler, which, to some extent. Some extent.
"Figured I'd catch you here again."

Rose decided it was best she not be present when Nadia got released. It would be another bloodbath. Or did she decide? Not really, she went hunting mutant kidnappers and ran across an odd cult of the Zodiac that put her on another plane with Nate until he regained his ability to get them back through what he called the spiral.

She had to restitch herself some there, Corben got mad at her shit job done with her weave. She made do! No matter, to give the old aggro man his space Rose had decided between here and an abandoned loft in Mutant Town she got peace. But more so here save one visit by Nate to which had her leaving until he did as well, then she returned nd continued her workout routine.

Using care she began her warm-up again, but now it was more rage filled and the restraint showed in every strain of muscle along exposed shoulders, back and arms as they beat upon the Muk ren zhuang, only pausing for a fisted grip upon taped wooden arms when Ripclaw speaks. "It's peaceful. I can't zen out like you, but I can appreciate solace and silence." No instead she likes the sound of chaotic blows all her own and flesh splitting in the effort as shown by taped hands already.

"To what shall I compare this life of ours?" Ripclaw replies quietly while looking Rose over once in his usual fashion before setting down a leather bag. "Even before I can say it is like a lightning flash or a dewdrop… it is no more." A brow quirks as he drops and sits to watch her battle the wooden dummy. That bag is opene and he pushes aside the books inside to unwrap a sandwich, slowly biting in to it.
"You have nice form, very efficient but kind of angry right now. That due to the visitor you had here recently?" Yeah, he can sense and smell the presence of another.

"Then you compared well." Rose responds as hands leave the wooden dummy's arms she gripped, a few slower strikes splitting in between and around to slow the pace. "Fleeting and brief."

Final words are said between clenched teeth as the pace rapidly rises back to the same crescendo of cracking blows landing, drawing back and repeating in different forms until she just… Stops.

Arms drop to her sides, hands rolling from loose to fisted to keep blood flowing through the stiffness, chest rising and falling lightly with breathes, but trained to keep from busting yet another stitch. Corben would shun her. SHUN. And he had good rum.

"Maybe." Breath. "Yes." Inhale. "Something wrong with my angry form?" A brow rises and she stares at Ripclaw, more-so his sandwich.
"No. It's just not as tight and fluid as your not so angry form." Ripclaw shrugs and chews down more tuna fish sandwich. "Plus it radiates off of you, the seething irritation and tense rage." Following her hungry stare he opens up the bag to reveal another sandwhich, "Have at. So, I will trust in your judgement on who you bring around here but please, this is a sanctuary. I'd rather not have too many unexpected guests. The more traffic it gets the more likely it is to be found out that I am technically squatting here." A grin.
"Plus, whoever they are or whatever it was about doesn't appear to help you find any sort of calm, Zen or not."

From the sandwich to him her eyes slowly rise, the mismatched stare one that is pensive, especially as he speaks on. Rose's head lowers a bit in a nod upon her approach and in acknowledgement of what he is saying, but remains watchful of him, one wary predator to another, especially when he is chiding her for offense of his safe place. She understands, she does - so she also knows she would be throwing blades at said trespassers.

"Nate. He wanted to speak to you and he tracks me through," A tap to her head and she bends to get the sandwich, turning to sit beside Ripclaw. "I have been blocking it lately, but it takes a lot of will to keep it shut 24/7. I'm working on it."

Unwrapping the sandwich she takes a bite and draws knees up to rest her arms upon with feet braced upon the flooring. "So, you have not bought this? Upgrade from squatter to owner."
"There are reasons I have aversions to telepaths of any sort." Robert folds up his sandwich wrapper and stuffs it back in to his bag. If anything Ravager has learned the mutant is very eco friendly and mindful. "The owners are not exactly the easiest to reach but I think if I push on it like I have been it may just default to me, I'm working on some things through the township nearby. It's a lot of confusing nonsense that comes down to them not knowing what to do since, yes, previous owners not exactly easy to reach." He repeats while realizing. "Not overly concerned for the moment. It is isolated and we are not exactly noisy."
"Why would your Nate wish to speak to me?" Curious now.

"Yeah, well you spend most of your life conditioned to keep anyone out, its hard to go back after you let one in." Rose states as she sets the sandwich back on the wrapper and stares at it.

Listening to Ripclaw speak she nods slowly. "If you need money let me know, I can help, at least consider it rent or a lenders fee. It's pretty here, and unless you kick me out I intend to return and try to get myself back again."

In saying that she takes another bite, a closure to her own resolve and words before she answers his question. "I told him some about what you told me, and after our little issue in Mutant Town I think he wants a group I was in, am in, in X-Men and you to join up."
"Always a window open somewhere." Ripclaw says politely, "I'll consider the money offer. It's appreciated." Probably his way of yessing her off. The man isn't one for accepting a lot of help even when it is just monetary. Not that he couldn't use the assistance in those regards he doesn't exactly live at the top of the hill.
"Join forces or join us? I spoke with Jean a little about how your teams operate and I don't think it would work out. I approve of yo.. their path but ours is not one of justice nor peace it is vengeance and redemption. I can't foresee that meshing well. Even if I can find that ideal the reality of it just isn't there."

The sandwich is getting glared at and finally instead of picking at it and poking it until it is a massacred waste she hands it to Ripclaw to finish. "Consider?" A blink and she is looking sidelong at him, tilting her head. Yeah she knows he is yessing her off. "I have money, I can earn more. I owe you and your friends. It's been burning a hole in my pocket lately," Literally… "So, ask a hospital what they'd charge for a weeks stay and staples as well as TLC and that amount is yours."

When Ripclaw goes on about Jean and the teams Rose shakes her head. "Perhaps she forgot to tell you about the team I proposed and Scott helped me gather together. It's supposed to be about taking care of our own, by any means necessary… I stand where you do in belief, but saw the same thing. Unless something changed along the way, that was supposed to be the…" A pause and she exhales. "SHIELD. I don't know." An exasperated sigh has one taped hand running over her face and pulling shorn strands of white from her face to hold atop her head.

"If he comes back, hearing him out may help us all. I'm not deciding for anyone. I'm here. That's that."

"I admit she didn't tell me much just eluded to and I connected some of the dots. By any means necessary has a lot of connotation to it." A thoughtful sound, "I suppose we'll let Nate speak to me about it and see where we stand. Corben, Chip and I are in need of numbers not desperate and we won't change how we operate, it works for us, we remain hidden and should things turn ugly we can scatter and disperse with little lost. CyberData is also our focus, they hurt each of us and they will hurt others. I don't care what is going on beyond that, not fully at least, it is my priority and I refuse to deviate from my path until CyberData is put low." Ripclaw sounds like he is telling himself this as much as Ravager. He knows his obligations to the world, living and spirit lie beyond CyberData but he also must maintain focus.
"I'll listen to him and consider your offer for the cash. I doubt Corben will say no."

Rose turns to face Ripclaw and rolls to a careful and slow stand. "By any means necessary means what I said. I'd do it for them, I'd do it for those kids under your Mother May I, and I'd do it for your lot. If our teams can come together, I think it would be great, but if not…" A shrug. "Nothing is /mine/ to control, just my hands and my weapons." The markings of her meaning razed angry lines of claws down her front and held closed by metal barbs.

"Just let me know." A pause and she moves from him in a walk at first and then the pace starts to flow almost like a kata, a spin and from her back facing him to her front, her stance lowers by a bend at the knees, a spread of arms in balance and then a curl of fingers upon one hand with a wink. "So. You going to finish questioning everything, that sandwich, and spar me?"

I get it." Ripclaw says then pushes himself to a rolling stand. "Questions are how we learn." He states before following her towards the open floor. "I'll be gentle, your body is about as worn out as your spirit right now." A mocking smirk is given to Rose. His own position shifts in to a Karate style front stance or Zenkutsu Dachi. "It has been a while since I had a decent sparring partner, anyone I've fought recently… lets just say it always ends up very messy and I've learned not to grow attached to my clothes."

"I prefer experience until I can't move any more. Then I'll ask how much longer until it's over or it starts again." When he stands and joins her the smile ticks at one corner of her lips, the one just beneath the milky white eye.

Watching his stance settle, she balances her own now, adapting ever so slightly into Nekoashi dachi, but when the toe of front foot sweeps around it is suddenly shifted to pivot the weight behind to rotate her hips and snap a kick towards Ripclaw. A motion only in the hips and legs, her middle rigid, keenly avoided in moving.

"Don't be gentle, I won't learn if I do not question your ability by pushing you." Instead she will mirror his stances and keep to ones that defend, only taking blows when they were open enough to move on without causing too much harm. Otherwise, for once in a while now, she is smiling.

"I doubt there is much I can teach you in the way of combat that you don't already know." Ripclaw manages while his shin lifts up to block the kick and he plants only to twist at the hips and launch a side kick of his own at her midsection. Testing snaps and quick hits nothing over extending.
"Maye we can teach each other a few things though, I believe there is some medicine I can offer you. If you're open minded and willing… might ease a lot of your tension and anger you exhibit."
Stepping in Ripclaw launches a high right hook then an uppercut from the left. Quick and precise much like a boxer. "Are you a spiritual person?" His attacks are not meant to dismantle or harm, this is just sparring after all, she can easily with practice effort block or parry them. The sparring will end up something more akin to a dance at the pace he is setting. It has been a while since he didn't have to go full tilt in a physical confrontation.

Rose catches the block of his, her motion coming to a halt in one flow but moves into another when he aims a kick for her middle, both hands snapping down in a motion that hopes to force his foot back own to the floor. Returning the snapping motions while protecting major damage, the smaller ones were of no crucial concern.

"Spiritual? I believe in…" Me? Sometimes. The question throws her for a moment, but not enough to lose focus, but enough she felt the wind as one of his strikes whispers past her cheek, a pivot out and away from him does not take her far, just enough to face her back to his side, reach back and attempt to grab him, using him as her anchor. What could have lead to her trying to launch him up and over just has her spinning in and around, trying to use the momentum to land her own blow upon his jaw in the full circle of stance.

It did move like a dance, violence threatened but instead it is something more akin to a flow that has them falling into a pace that brings blows close enough for follow through and repeat.

Just as her knee rises to try for his middle with position coming back to face to face, her own body tilting back with the attempted blow, but both hands come up and fist before her sternum in wait.

"No. I don't need anything else to blame. I am enough."

"Spirituality isn't about blame." Ripclaw counters the backfist by locking up her wrist and throwing her over his shoulder which she'll no doubt meet with a countered break fall or even land and twist. She is agile and quick enough. Strength-wise he probably has her but momentum is an easy change of tide.
"It's awareness and connection. If anything I can offer you a different perspective, something else to distract your mind with." A sweep kick followed by a lunging knee. Breath huffs out of him and Ripclaw disengages from close quarters to watch her footwork for a moment, "Or you know, if you just need someone to talk to thats also fairly helpful. I understand sometimes we just need someone to listen to us speak."

"No? That is all I see people do who have it. Blame their gods who failed them when it was them who fucked up. No one deserves /my/ blame. Not even your spirits, Ripclaw." Sometimes not even herself, but she is stubborn, and it shows. She refuses to stay down.

His throw would normally have been met with an agile twist, instead she goes up and over and hits the mat with an arm snapping out to absorb the blow of the landing, a motion that comes with feet kicking back up, shoulders firm on the mat rolling as hands push up. A rubber banded rebound that has her in a hand stand, a snap kick in the pivot of splayed palms to bring her back to her feet and facing him.

Snapping her chin to the side the wisps of white hair leave their fall over blue eye that focuses on him while feet sweep over the mat in near silence, circling him only to dance inward swiftly, fisted hands covered in tape where blood lies beneath snap towards his jaw in distraction to the single foremost leg seeks to take his own out and land him likewise on his ass if successful.

"I'm not good at words." Brows furrow then as she watches him, finally pushing back with a few sweeping draws of hindmost planted heel. Coming to a full stand while panting breaths are measured in her pausing stance, normally ending in a bow to bring it to closure. But not yet. Her head tilts at him with a curiosity. "Ri-Robert, I appreciate the offer. I'd be better at awareness then connection and talking. Let's start there, because I don't have /faith/ in the last two. Maybe then I'll have something to say worth listening to."

"I'll spar with you and exchange methods at no cost. Until we move to blades, you can keep your clothes, too."

"Then sparring it is." Robert's response to her comment on words. He understands that oral tradition doesn't mean one is good at it. "Work in progress, Rose." He assures her while brushing himself off. "So far you've had plenty to say, I think you give yourself too little credit."
Flexing his arm he rubs along the bicep, "You're good. Possibly better than me and you're on for blades. I think we'll even out a bit if I can actually use these." The mutant's claws elongate then retract. "Clothes? Oh… hah, yeah." Did he say something about clothes and forget?

"Maybe." Rose responds to the too little credit part. Finally softly patting hands to her outer thighs, bowing and stepping back to get a towel and a drink. Wiping her face down she snaps the towel back to wind and rest around the nape of her neck, looking back over her shoulder as he moves on to talk about blades. She did not say -no- to being spiritual, she'd try, but it is hard to believe in much..

The smile returns at his claws and she takes a long drink of water, tipping the bottle towards him in offering. "Don't try and flatter me. My guard is not coming down." Though when he seems lost at her comment and return quip about his clothing a brow rises. "Yeah, you said, anyone you fought recently has ended messy and a lack of attachment to your clothing?" A wave of hand and she is taking a ginger seat upon a rickety looking bench she had kept her stuff on, eyes widening as the wood groans, a silent show of prayer…

Oh jesus going down! …Wait…Okay, we're good, don't breathe. Maybe there is a spirit…

"Once Corben gets these tacks out it's on like Donkey Kong." Thanks TIMMIE.
"You're on. Just when you get back no fighting the new girl. We need people with all limbs attached if we plan on taking on CyberData. It's going to be a lot of work for every one of us." A half smile and Ripclaw walks over to the bag of books, shuffling through it. "Enjoy yourself some peace and quiet, Rose. I'm going to go read and then we can head back to the Elevator. Hopefully C.C. and Timmie haven't chased her off just yet."

"No promises." As for peace and quiet, Rose fell asleep on that bench with her duffel as a pillow. Screw moving, it hurt, but she didn't try until after he left.

More like hopefully C.C. still has all his stuffing, and if she hurt Timmie… no promises.

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