King of Kings

March 12, 2016:

While in Egypt, a new friend is made and a bold move is enacted.

Ancient Egypt


NPCs: Guards, citizens

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When the sun rises along the west bank of the Nile, it can be a blinding thing, bringing the promise of a stifling heat by the time the sun reached apex in the sky. But just outside of the Valley where routes have begun opening and trade has begun people are already bustling, voices picking up in hitch at the revelations of some more -new- arrivals as the harvest from the courts of the Temple brought fruition. An expensive commodity, but one that had the air dancing with the musky fragrance of Myrrh.

Quarter had been allowed to the group of Outsiders, as even their strange appearance was of no surprise due to the trade roads opened by their Queen and the people who passed through now, but the looks at their attire was something that had drawn silence and then the hustle to sell them 'the lands finest'.

Kori had taken to wandering the canopied stalls of assembled wood and woven canvas, and traded a red gem, plucked from her armor, for other goods to either trade out or wear - not only for herself but for her teammates.

In the night though, she flew the stretch of the Nile, having come to pause at variant temples in their building process, silent to not wake the architects and their people in their small dug-out huts her hand splayed over depictions, one commonly seen facing the way of the sunrise on the walls, a tall crown bearing a disc upon it. This disc a representation easily known in the days here and translated to Ra. Ra and the God Amun closely correlated but not yet combined wholly.

Times of peace and progress, but a time in ancient history and being from the present day (as far as they know), they know it ends and what trace beneath hands and rest whole in gaze erodes and struggles for preservation for tourism. Starfire sits along a platform, resting just beside a statue of Sehkmet, where she is upon a throned seat, majestic with lion formed head laden in a headress, topped with the disc of Ra and carrying a serpent staff of Set, casting a dusky golden glow with the rising sun off the statue and the Tamaranean beside her with her own mane of red pulled over a single bare shoulder. Around her neck is a small necklace that graces out along crest and collar bearing turqoise and lapis stones lined in gold, not only contrasting skin but an anchor for the single sided rise of white cloth that hangs from shoulder to cross over her chest and then descend down to ankles in twin strips of front and back, a belt holding them together and upon her around the curvature of slender waist.

Feet are bare and hang over the edge that comes to a bank and opens to the Nile as well as some of the papyrus farms. Small anklets wrap around, a more demure version of what clasps around her neck, but the silhouette of the monolithic statue of a feline goddess is one she sits in in reverence. It is apparent one of the few things Starfire has been doing here, aside from getting the name Seba el-Nar, as how they translated it, and she accepted as well as meeting and speaking with many people (one in particular, an oddity), along the way picking up the language.

A few weeks stranded in ancient Egypt have been a fascinating time for Nathaniel. They have also darkened some Nathaniel's fair skin, but he is still clearly not a native. At least when he is not using a holographic disguise to hide himself. He isn't now, and he has switched the appearance of his outfit from ancient-looking armor to a black and purple jumpsuit more alike to what spacefarers would use.

He would be more careful, but Starfire would draw all gazes from the natives first, no doubt. Tamaraneans are eye-catching and she doubly so. On the positive side, they are in a rather tolerant moment of the Egyptian culture.

"What they were looking for in this time era remained to be seen, but Roy had little knowledge of the time era, so he certainly wasn't about to try 'Walk like an Egyptian' here.

Getting tanned wasn't -unusual- for a boy who'd grown up on a Navajo reservation, and the mode of wear wasn't too far off. Save for a few comments on how -nicely- the Egyptian dress suited Kori, Roy kept trying to sort out just what could be bartered. Coins were relatively hard to come up with, but working on perishable items that wouldn't be terribly out of era for this time meant coming up with arrows, sticks, and other weaponry that could be used for barter, along with demonstrations of how to use said items. It, at the least, made it easier to supplement fish with fruits and little trinkets that caught their eyes. It also allowed trade of information, though what they could gather usually was handed over to K'tten to analyze.

A few weeks was all that Seikatsu needed.

It would be considered a shame that she was the only one who would truly blend in with the natives save for the curve of her eyes and the smaller stature due from her 'father', but either way she didn't gather any strange looks from the locals. Blending in is what she does, until she can't. Though with the lack of eyes to see, would she even really care? Okay, she has eyes. She just.. whatever, the point was there!

Though the first week was long, with all of the hair that she had she had to do something. Wet it so that it would bring out her natural curls. Each strand taken and braided so fine that she remained in her quarters throughout it all to braid. The dress was just easy. A simple tunic that was white and cotton pants that barely held upon thin hips as if she needed to eat. And then there was the hard part. For in the middle of the night she dared ventured out alone to promptly throw herself to the earth. Where one would consider her to be seizing or in the middle of Worship to Ra, was her rolling around to get the colors and the all too nature of how she felt just right.

A homeless beggar. Someone who possibly would have been tossed into the pits in Rome as soon as they saw the pure whites of her eyes.

The traveling was taken to on her own, a gnarled branch she had taken up that was broken off by a flattened tree of their landing. The heat strong enough to bleach her lips to near white and cracking as she follows along Starfire and all like a pet that they had taken shine to. And when she ate, it was with vigor. As she had missed one too many meals and stuffed herself to the point of completion and even more til it was damn near gluttonus. With hair frayed and her overall mannerisms quiet she fit well to the frame of the ragtag crew. There was even an old woman who handed her a piece of bread because she felt sorry, even though the old woman was a beggar herself. The maggots needed clearing for this.

Perhaps the first words out of the journey within those weeks finally drew from Seikatsu's lips. Quiet, mostly. Though she was sure that those whom she traveled with could hear. "This black is cracking and it's starting to get too goddamned hot."

Nathaniel's approach was expected, she had to introduce the other traveller to those who travelled with her, slips in time and the why not answered, but lately Starfire has not bothered to ask. Despite Reese's black cracking, she loved it. All it lacked was jungles and it would be a carbon copy of Tamaran… That and missing her family. All of them who did not survive.

Pure emerald eyes slipped towards Nathaniel and then the others as they all came into the shadows of the monolithic pylons, pillars, and line of statues, the trades having gone decent enough as food was provided as well as attire any wanted to fit in their own place here, but sorry, no aloe or sunscreen, just the covering of mud that Reese had gotten down pat, the sight having Starfire flashing ivories in a smile. A tug of the petite girl to her and she undid a falling pleat and redid it to tame the massive amount of heated frizz forming while she ate.

Roy's own trade had been watched along the Nile as they made bows , trying to use their own resources for the times to replicate, taking his arrows and in turn the bank-side fishing becoming quicker. And word of this will not stay between the banks of Thebes and Luxor.

Roy garners a smile as she shimmies closer to the Sehkmet statue and gives space, but all the while from beneath lashes the approach of Nathaniel is regarded. "Heat aside, we are not the only ones caught in this…cycle." A tilt of her head then. "Nathaniel, meet my fellow crew. Roy and Reese, our other is likely wandering all over, or still asleep as night seems to be a bit more comfortable to their climates."

A quick reading to his wrist-mounted display confirms Roy and Reese come from the same time Starfire. "Good day," he says, speaking correct if oddly accented English. "It is good to meet you. Koriand'r told me you have been pulled here against their will. Something similar happened to me, although I am from the 30th century." He offers his hand a few seconds late, but it takes a bit to remember the right cultural greetings for each age. He is still new in this time-jumping business.

With the trade momentarily paused so that Kori can do her introductions, Roy nods towards Nathaniel, before taking the proffered hand. "Only ones caught in this cycle…? … oh. Well, then great, glad to have you around. Though uh, that's a long way. Any ideas how we ended up here, anyway?"

A bartered necklace is put up and offered to Reese, as Kori seems to have been more than needed. "Here, got an extra thing. Figure out if it's tradeable for anything else we need?"

Reese was an easy thing to move. She remained seated upon whatever surface she was put upon but did not dare to feel the materia. Either way, it felt hot as hell and smooth as marble but it was enough to warm a cold witches heart with the tasty food that she has. It was something resembling chick peas. Possibly ground up bean. Flat bread made upon the earth and cooked in the sun was used to dip and a bite taken, yet a tilt of her head has her pausing mid chew to actually listen to the words that were spoken. "Hello. Nathaniel." She chews a little, then stops, instinctually drawing her hand out to lightly touch at the air but it seems the opportunity to shake a hand was missed.

But she was gifted with something else, a bartered necklace which was soon favored instead of the bowl of chickpea and beans, her fingers touching along the surface with a slight purse of her lips. "I think we can save this one for something else important." The necklace was soon curled up in rivulets around her wrist, tucked back and hidden within her tattered tunic to rest upon her bicep. What.. little biceps she had.

"Like Mycenaean oil." Hint hint.

It seems they all have found their fit here, and though Kori will be missing the gem from her belt the worth is something debatable. The necklace Roy holds up gets a look, as Kori has taken to here like a magpie in a nest of shiny things. Every bauble gets an excited once over and a flex of fingers. But here also, her energy is easily at its peak due to the amount of easily absorbed solar rays. Everything here was built for alignment and capture or deterrment at specific times. The couple of weeks have had her finding them.

Though when Reese took the necklace she watched it disappear and slowly her attention wandered back to the trio. "Seikatsu, you are not going to crack to dust." A smile with a light laugh and she glances upward, the priests now passing with their woven mats rolled in hand after their morning worship and rituals. The elders did not so much as glance their way, their days of purpose routine and known to the very end, though at the end of the line a couple of the younger ones spared glances and slowed paces, their heads bald all except a single braid down their backs from an unshaved space at the back of crown.

"Have any of you heard further at all about maybe /why/?" Kori still could not shake the fcat that there had to be a purpose to it all. A reason they have travelled and skipped so far back, and lost a crew member along the way, still a thing that shadows her gaze here and there with the absence.

Nathaniels greeting is watched, but now mainly she waits for his answer to Roy as well.

"Yes, of course I know why I am here," replies Nathaniel, "I was dragged here by another time-traveller, a man with a history of messing up with Egypt history. A criminal you might have heard about in your time that calls himself Kang the Conqueror. I escaped him as we got here, but I suspect he had already an identity, or several, in the current government structure, so I was laying low."

"What, you mena a time-traveller -here-?" Roy replies, eyes shifting towards Kori, then Reese, before he considers the implications. "So, you think he's already in the government, as several people. Well, at least that gives us something to look at. People who arrived in the government and… what do you know about Kang that could tell us where he might be?"

Reese knew that she wouldn't crack. But she damn felt like she would. While they could feel the heat, she feels it a notch higher, the trouble of having sensitive skin. Though she listens to the story, the bowl picked up once more, yet.. she doesn't eat. Something kept her attention especially with the name and the way that the person could infultrate everything so easily.

"That explains it." Reese murmurs quietly to herself, then slowly slips from the stone she had set herself upon. She does carefully reach out, placing the bowl upon the ground as she feels around for the stick which was soon taken up, the freshly braided strand of hair hanging in front of her face which was tucked back into place with the others just so. If he's in the government, there was really only one place they needed to go.

"I think he told us enough, Roy. If he's taken up a space in the government then there's only one place we need to head towards." She didn't have the eyes for a good direction sense, but the milling of the feet in a certain direction from where they stood marks due north. Possibly east.

"We should probably see if we could meet the Pharoah. I'm sure word has traveled fast enough of our arrival, as all strange folk would."

Starfire finally had picked up a bowl, even some honeyed dates, one held out to Roy as she chewed, the smile not faltering save to keep lips closed as she worked over the sweet morsel. Though as it remains extended what Roy and Nathaniel's words bring to light makes her just stare. Swallow.

"So wait, would he bring us here? Or would someone else who opposes him and wants help?" Either way they were in designs and the stars paint a lot of meaning here, them and their Serpent.

A flick of tongue over her lips and she is now watching Reese in retreat, dipping fingetips in the bowl of water to rinse them before just saying 'eff it' and drying them on her dress as she hastily seeks to follow but speaks to her and Nathaniel, as well as Roy. "We are simple travellers like any others here for trade. Getting to the Pharoah is no simple task and even if they consider us how long do we wait. How long do we have?"

The questions stirring the meaning. They either have to stay hidden and just move with the inundation or they risk an effect that ripples through history, an effect they are already creating in meager manners daily.

But this seems to have its own answer, because once they reach the bank of the Nile and barely touch on the city's edge fishermen are already pointing their way, directing a few of the Pharoahnic soldiers who head to meet them mid way and out of earshot, their words clipped and from the throat as native tongue is spoken in a harsh manner that carries easy affirmation of business, and yet their spears remain heavenward. For now.

"I do not know if Kang has anything to do with you," replies Nathaniel, "nor do I advise you to seek him out, he is a dangerous, ruthless man. But Koriand'r told me you have been pulled here by an external agency and against your will, and Kang certainly has the means to send you back to your time or at least identify who or what brought you here. However, if he sees me…"

Nathaniel shakes his head, and then again when they mention talking to the Pharaoh. "It is just not possible for most people to see the royalty. They are considered demi-gods and so only the nobility and priesthood are worth their time."

"He can't -have- been royalty if he joined the government. For him to be royalty, he'd have to be born into it," Roy protests. "We might stand a better chance if he -was- an advisor."

Nathaniel's answer is met with a nod, followed by a "I don't think we could do it easily unless you're proposing we just hijack him."

The gnarled branch scrapes against the ground as she walks now with an upright purpose, despite the wretched way her hair looks. Perhaps it was something that would soon happen in another hundred years but she carries herself with the purpose of a woman who was seeking to free her people.. which she was.

Let them people go. Or was it my people. Seikatsu has managed over the later years to see stage plays of the fabled moses, and a fancy rendition of Adam Lambert from American Idol sing with his tongue hanging out. She could tell by the octaves. That man had the voice of an angel. (Though he was probably a mutant.)

"I'm acting on the assumption that we do not have long in this world. Lest we be swallowed up by the time space continuum, we need to act now." And Nathaniel said it. No one would get close to the Pharoah and their ilk without considering themselves a demi-god or goddess. And Reese was just the one to fit the bill.

"We're not going to hijack him.." Reese murmurs back towards them now as she comes to a stop, the cane slammed to the ground in front of the guard. Their own harsh language returned as her small hand strikes out.

I am the avatar of Khonsu. Bear witness to my power.

Editors Note: I can't find a translator, so sorry for the wait!

Within the palm of her hand a small blue light glows, which slowly begins to increase in size. It was radiated, and held within her fingertips as she grasps it from the air.

Lognote: Change Khonsu to Ptah. Wrong god. -.-

"The people have told me, and seeking her attention will…" Her? But the pause comes at the arrival of the soldiers. Word did travel in trade, and when an arrow was presented with speared fish, and that arrow was none of their possible making, eyes were drawn, especially when the blueprint of a crude composite bow is drawn by a scribe and architect upon papyrus. The peope were excited, the people were already geared for trade and innovation that their Goddess the Pharoah Hatshepsut, had lead them to possibly, this bounty.

These people… They believed in the peace she brought and all of this was a blessing of the Gods due to Her. Neith having brought Roy and it showed in the drawing of him and this bow as well as the direction the assigned soldiers came. But they did not expect what they were shown.

You are called to the sacred hall of the Pharoah. You will follow— Their words of officiality cut off by Reese's own words and the show, one Starfire followed, as well as that with a sidelong glance to Roy and Nathaniel. /Show them./ Mouthed. Just before Starfire's own form instead of rising took to bow, hands coming above her head in the form of Akhet, where they cusped the perse light disc…

Servant of Ra, I only bring by blessings. Not to interfere, but to reinforce their evolving beliefs.

At first the statuesque poise of the soldiers stiffens, spears pointed and then they shake and words exchange rapidly between them, people watching backing away to their huts and voices rising in a crascendo.

No matter what now, this group is coming and that is made clear by (even though unsure) stances of the small militia that encircles them and directs them forward and into the heart of Thebes.

Starfire spares a glance beneath arms to Roy and Nathaniel then. "Apparently we already got their eyes, now not to get their anger and find this Kang."

"Why? Born in it? Not at all," notes Nathaniel. "There are many ways for a time-traveller to ingratiate in local power structures. The simplest would be bribing a nobleman to say he is his son, something he could have done or prepared decades ago by travelling into the past. He could also pass himself as the priestly envoy of a god, displaying 'supernatural powers' through the use of advanced technology."

Reese display makes him blink slowly. "That… might require a certain planning and consideration…" or not, as Starfire does the same. He keeps a poker face watching the soldiers carefully. But it looks like they are not going to be immediately attacked.

"This is a dangerous gamble, ladies," he mutters. "Not only could you meet very real empowered priests of Ptah or Ra in the Pharaoh court. You could also make a fatal religious blunder if you don't know very well what you are doing. Heresy is no trifling matter in a land where the gods sometimes come down to walk among mortals and the rulers often have very real supernatural power."

As Reese grasps the glowing light, Roy's expression shifts, more in fascination and surprise than anything, before his attention is drawn to the soldiers. "What are you…" Roy begins, before being shown the drawing by the soldier. "… Me? What… wait, the Pharaoh want to see us…?"

Running his hand through his hair, Roy grimaces. "So not only do the Pharaoh want to see -us- over… uh, I'm guessing archery, but now we're bringing gods to him. If we're lucky, he might see you as his new brides. If we're not…"

Roy adds a slash across his throat.

There was a little smile that curls her lips as the soldiers seemingly bow back to their display. She could not see what Starfire was doing but she could hear the effects she has upon them. With her fingers clasping the glowing blue ball, it disappates in a shatter of blue light that falls upon the ground to make small little leaflets sprout from the ground. She does not stop the life that it breeds, only leaving it where it was and using her sense to step around it as they were ushered.

She was quiet however. It was not the first time that she's meddled with history. But they had seen her back in the West. How she was. What she turned into. Before. But her words were quiet enough and near vile that it even shocked her. And full of confidence that she'd usually keeps in until.. well, it was something that was never seen.

"For all intents and purposes I am the true embodiment of Ptah. I was born again from the spirit of this planet and she walks with me, endlessly. We all know that this era will end and key points of this Pharoah will be a forgotten memory."

And there was a smile. The drop off of Roy's words had Reese grinning almost salaciously.

"Better be happy we're a pretty bunch, eh?"

The soldiers had to wear stoicism like pros, despite any adverse actions, and this, these four and the fifth they have yet to find… Sweat dots across bare brows and words they understand and do not are pitched betwen them. That only earns some ire and a warning angling of spear, even as Reese makes life spring through the sand.

Move. The Pharoah, King of Kings will see your truth or lies and weight your worth amongst the Gods and their designs. What Nathaniel states is very true, as well as that of Roy, but not the wives part… If this fails and the Pharoah calls a fallacy among them and the deeds of oppositional dieties, they will face Ancient Death rites that open no gates to their souls. Their empowered and true Priests of the gods will assure that, as well as confirm.

When Starfire rises beside Reese, her hands fold in and the glow ceases, but as they walk along she speaks to them quietly and with no rhythm to note emotion. "We get in, we do what we have to, to find a source for all of this, and we leave." Starfire knows the damage she may do, but wants to do as little as possible, a pleading glance directed to Nathaniel before she looks at Roy. "I can't take you anywhere." The jest seen in a light curl of deep purple lips before a spear threatens to prod them each at the small of their backs, obvious irritation upon the soldiers' faces. Irritation, fear, and apprehension.

Stepping back closer to Reese Starfire murmurs. "Less pizzazz, I don't want to be one of 20." Wives she means.

Well, little do they know….

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