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March 12, 2016:

News Post


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Mentions: John Ryker, Glenn Talbot, Tony Stark, Percy Hazard, Henry Gyrich


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In it's promise to keep activities public the D.E.O. has just released information about a new armored task force that will be joining their ranks in defense of the United States dubbed as the Knightwatch.

What exactly is the Knightwatch? Very little has been released so far but according to details this elite mechanized rapid response unit is the Department of Extranormal Operations immediate answer to the metahuman, hi-tech and "other" threat category.
This will in their words; "Level the playing field".

What we know so far?
The inception of Knightwatch is a joint venture overseen by the combined efforts and involvement of (USA) General Sam Lane, (USA) General John Ryker, (USAAF) Major Glen Talbot and recently appointed Secretary of Metahuman Affairs Henry Gyrich.

Leading the Knightwatch on behalf of the D.E.O. is Colonel Perseus Hazard formerly of the US Army and once mobile commander of the defunct S.R.D.'s own Squad K stationed out of Metropolis.
Hazard is noted as being a "decorated veteran of extraterrestrial and superhuman campaigns".

Major contributors to Knightwatch is a rather impressive list of some of the world's most influential, technologically advanced, powerful individuals and companies.
Leading this charge is Times Magazine dubbed "Da Vinci of our Time" Tony Stark. Stark Industries reportedly signed a contract to manufacture powered exoskeletons called Mandroids to D.E.O.'s Knightwatch.
Following Stark is an impressive line-up including (perhaps not limited to) LexCorp, WayneTech, Cadmus Labs and of course Trask Industries. The extent of these organizations involvement has yet to be determined or released to the public and likely to be updated at a later point.

This is a supposed Phase 1 step in the projected plans for the D.E.O. and part of a redoubled effort by the US itself to be more self-reliant in it's defenses against the ever growing unknown. Rumor circulates they are even working on their own team of metahumans or possibly mutants as well but that at this point in time is all just speculation and hear-say.

The big question is does Knightwatch make you feel safer? Is the D.E.O. good for America? I guess we'll just have to wait and see - stay tuned!

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