Near Rapture

March 12, 2016:

Another therapeutic session with Jean brings out a startling realization for Gabriel.

X-Men HQ


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Mentions: Scott Summers, Brinley Myers, Emma Frost & Elizabeth Braddock


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Fade In…

Gabriel had been spending far more time in this institute than he'd initially thought he would have. The original expectations had been altered significantly after meeting the other leadership and it had taken a few days for Gabriel to process everything. He had kept his grudging acceptance of things under the surface but the look of hesitation crosses his face as he reaches up to the handle of the door before a soft sigh leaves his lips and he turns the handle to walk in.

It was still early enough in the morning; it takes some time for him to travel out to the Institute from within the city and most of it he does on foot which adds wear to his cowboy boots that he still has but it is what he prefers. The long walks allow him time to think and process, it also allows him to pick up the smell on his clothes of early spring mornings and dew which the man has come to enjoy. Taking stock of the day as he enters quietly to the Institute he proceeds towards the corridor that he should be going to, which based on the schedule is a therapy day rather than one of the other days.

Approaching the door of the office, he sits himself down on a small chair outside of it and removes his hat to wait patiently for the appointment to begin.

"Not here."

Jean remained by the door some time, quiet as she was, watching the back of the mans head as he waited for her to arrive. She wasn't late. Nor was she really early, there was no set time for him to be in her office, but only to arrive when the time suited him best. "I'm going to take you to a place, it shouldn't take too long to get there. Lock the door when you exit."

And she was already walking down the hall, not really sparing any room for reaction other than to do what was told.

Gabriel's expression momentarily passed into a frown before he stood up and with his hat in his hands moved towards the door, sliding the little tab over in the knob to secure it and pulling it closed behind him. As Jean begins to walk down the hallway the man falls into step at the same distance he always follows in; about 3 feet away and never straying. "This is unexpected." There isn't any emotional commentary behind the statement, not upset, not concerned, merely making an observation as he follows.

"I'm sure you're used to it." Jean wasn't attempting to be mean with her words. But she could easily guess that coming to a place like any other place with no memory, and repeatedly seeing things that were unexplained or that made no sense brings out that feeling of unexpectedness. "Besides, you'd come to see this place eventually. I think it's better that I show it to you first before anything."

A turn down the hallway leads to an elevator, one that was accessed by a slide/swipe of her card, the door beeping as she pulls it open to close behind them. Which leads to an elevator that was accessed by handprint, which leads down by that same finger print. It was all security measures, security that held something majorly important.

The elevator was quick not yet dizzying as it goes down, and out into the open where there was a slight chill that hits the tunnel. Their arrival brings about a tram, a tram that was stepped onto and put into motion as soon as the gates were closed.

"It should be about a few more minutes until we arrive. But I want you to tell me your first impressions of Elizabeth and Emma Grace. You can be honest with me. While I do request people to work especially with students or the other I keep the nature as to why and what for to myself. Private. The benefit of having a therapist or a psychiatrist to speak with is the benefit of having a shoulder to lean on. A shoulder that's legally bound to keep your secrets whether she, or he, like it or not." She smiles a little.

"We take an oath and that oath is serious to those in my profession."

Gabriel's expression remains stoic as he moves, the chill of the air in the more mechanical part of this hidden section in the mansion causing the hairs along his arms to stand up a bit and small goose pimples to arrive. The distinct difference in the warmth of the wood paneling in the house to this place has him feeling .. not concerned but a bit apprehensive initially. However, there is a trust in Jean Grey that empowers him to follow. The elevator ride is made with no comment and it is not until he is standing on the gated tram that he finally looks at the Red Head fully.

As she explains herself, the relationship of the therapist and the patient, Gabriel nods in understanding upon the end. "I am not certain if the term is correct, so if it is I apologize for the misuse. I am still learning the correct phrasing of things." His accent is rather thick this morning, it tends to be when he is at discomfort. "But since you have asked, and I am safe to speak. I believe the correct phrasing would be, they are bitches."

One brow raises aloft. Not because of the words he used but the sudden realization that he's never really cursed before. While Jean wasn't a fan of it, she wasn't going to judge him. And as much as she wanted to break out into giggles, she wasn't going to upset or embarrass him. She does smile a little to show that she wasn't upset about it at all, in truth she wasn't. She had to be in a certain mood to deal with their too similar ways, but mostly that was slowly starting to change.

"It's the correct phrasing. But there are many different definitions to go along with that word. Mostly reserved for animals of the canine nature. Dogs, foxes I believe.." She trails off, just a touch. "But what made you come to that conclusion that they were bitches? Was it their mannerisms? Did they say anything to draw you to that? Were you insulted? Feelings hurt?" She pauses. "I'm asking you this so that you recognize your feelings and just how those interactions made you feel."

Gabriel ponders for a few moments, letting the concept settle in upon him as he keeps his posture tight on the tram ride. The initial chill of getting upon it has faded and with it the discomfort it brought passing away as well. "There was a harshness. Miss Moira, Brinley, yourself have all been very compassionate to my situation. Rather than compassion, they both were abrasive in it. I found myself working on breathing deeply, something a friend has taught me to do, in order to keep from falling into emotions. I was upset however." He frowns a bit.

"Angered in fact. There was a moment, very very brief, when I wanted to act on that anger but it was controlled. I was pleased with that. That I did not act or speak in the anger but took time to control it." That fact does bring a smile to his lips, pleased at something he had done for himself, not relying on an outside person to tell him good job. "I am certain they intend to help. Just their methods were unexpected compared to how everyone else has been."

Jean nods slightly. "Everyone has their methods, admittedly."

She allows the silence to take over for the moment, as the lights seemingly grow brighter surrounding the tram, it hisses to a stop that jolts them just a little, which has Jean moving as soon as the gates slide open. She doesn't stop, for up ahead was a shallow hallway that leads to a door that was soon opened with a touch upon the handle that reads her prints as well. And opens.

"Something unexpected." She smiles as she looks back towards him, stepping into the threshold of the X-Men Headquarters. It was a vast building that was underground, miles away from the school and for good reason. But it was complete with separate sleeping quarters, it's own kitchen and main room, as well as a training room that.. held it's own secrets as well.

"But I must ask you. Is your reaction rooted into what was revealed of your past? Did you feel as if you were being punished by breaking the proverbial glass? Or did you want to punish them for not swaddling you in their arms to tell you that everything is okay."

She continues to move, reaching an elevator and taking it down. There were going to the Danger Room.

Gabriel follows along behind Jean as he looks around him, taking in the elements of the X-men Headquarters and looking well, surprised at it. There was no hiding the expression of shock or the emotion that accompanied it. Once more he finds the sterile nature a bit off putting but not enough to turn him away from what he is looking at. His steps pick up to once more keep pace with Jean as she moves. "Very unexpected." He confirms as she moves.

It is then that his footfalls stop, after the last question that they stop and he shakes his head slowly, reaching up to run a hand through his hair and bite his lip. There is a hesitation to speak on the topic but he takes a deep breath. "I was attempting to be respectful, showing that I was being attentive and was corrected. They did not mean to insult me, but I felt insulted by it. Telling me, well, causing me to feel everything I was doing was wrong and then it happened." He sighs and pushes it down and once more walks to catch up to Jean. "It was a feeling I do not like, I do not want to experience but could not control. For a brief moment… for a brief moment."

Once the elevator stops, Jean moves out, holding the door open for him as she watches him with a little bit of concern.

"Does it frighten you to feel anger?" She asks, drawing her hand away so that the elevator could close, taking the hallway past the many private rows of quarters until she rounds her way towards a separate door. Nothing but doors in this place. But once she opens it, the view of it was grand. A large, white room, the only semblance of color was the little black lines that draw out squares the size of a grown mans foot.

The Danger Room was but a simulator, it could create anyone's wildest dreams and optimal battle situations as well as training scenarios that would help condition the mind as well as body. A phone is produced from her pocket, one unlike her usual, and soon a few commands were dialed in and the room itself begins to change.

The scene itself: Much like the street within Gabriel's mind, but similar, very similar to Scott's own. It was healthy. Each building had nary a crack and it was oddly cheerful. The sun shone bright within the false sky, the grass was greener than green. There was even a butterfly that passes through which actually lands atop of Jean's head. Which, she notices, but does nothing about.

Yet in the middle of this empty city was two benches nearby. Parked upon the road. Smack dab in the middle. As they were in the middle themselves it would only take a few steps for them to walk towards it and sit upon, which Jean does.

"Have a seat, in front of me." She says, taking her own seat before shoving that odd looking phone into her back pocket.

"Yes." Gabriel says to Jean before they enter the Elevator, speaking softly to her. "It frightens me to feel anger because it begins my mind down a path I do not like." Anything further he was to say is abruptly interrupted and pushed aside as they emerge into the Danger Room.

The vastness of the chamber and the uncertainty of where he truly is has pushed Gabriel beyond the realms of curiosity into concern and disorientation. His first few steps into the black room with lines is interrupted. He sees Jean's movements out of the corner of his eyes still looking over the room and then it changes, into a city.

The feeling of uncertainty grows, concern, he has no idea what is going on and it is shocking him to a point that he does not like. Quickly his attention shifts to Jean a faint purple glow touching his eyes before he snaps them shut and breathes. The hairs on the back of his neck are attentive and senses seem to be firing as those eyes remain closed. The chest of Gabriel rises slowly, exhales slowly, rises slowly, exhales slowly. It does this for ten steady breaths until he opens his eyes slowly and regains his surroundings.

"I do not understand this." The words are directed towards Jean now as she moves towards the benches, his steps coming behind to bring him to the one opposite of her, where he sits down, hands now nervously folded into his lap and tension oozing from his posture and demeanor.

Now that was something she's not seen from the man. The brief glow within his eyes nearly took her back. Took her back to when there was a time when..

Why in the world was she thinking about Scott now? Possibly because of the landscape that she's chosen.. which was eerily sim.. no. This place actually brings her comfort.

"Gabriel.." She murmurs quietly as she leans forward to grasp his fingers, tugging them outward to try to console him. "…this is a place that brings me great comfort. And I realized that this was almost close to what I've seen inside your mind. And I wanted you to see a glimpse of what I had seen, but the conditions were much worse. Much.. much worse."

She continues to grasp at his fingers, keeping him still even if he tries to pull away. "Someone is hiding you from yourself. Someone is keeping you from remembering, from realizing who you really are and how much you mean to people that you may have lost. And each building that is placed here holds the keys to your past, and we're going to explore everything."

She smiles a little sadly, her natural empathy feeling the tenseness, the confusion. The nervousness. "I will not lie to you. I will not hide anything from you. I'll be honest with you as you are with me and I will hold your secrets even if it takes me to the grave. But today. The main reason as to why we are really here in this place, is that we are both afraid. But here, I am able to protect everyone from us."

Gabriel does initially try to withdraw, recoil from the touch upon his hands by Jean but after a moment he relents, his hands unfolding to be taken and comforted. His eyes slide closed however as Jean speaks before they creep open slowly and look around as she speaks of this place. "This is not my mind, but what it looks like to you?" He asks trying to uncurl the concept for himself since it is rather bizarre.

He listens more, his hands growing moist with nervous sweat, a bead even approaching his temple as Jean's words continue and his brow furrows. "So… so I haven't forgotten things? You are telling me that I haven't lost my memories but that they … they are being kept from me? By someone?" There is shock, confusion, and naturally a sense of anger both on his brow and in his emotions. He once again takes long, deep calming breaths to push it down. It is not Jean's fault.

"But Jean." He's never called her that before, just called her 'Jean'. It has always been Miss, or Miss Jean, or Miss Grey or something else that was formal. "The first memory, what if they are all like that? What if I get so angry that, that something happens? That is why we are here? To protect everyone from what may happen? To protect them from me?"

"Similar." Jean states quietly. "Eerily similar to yours but this is how I made it to fit the situation to make it easier." She frowns a little. There had to be some sort of connection there, but what was more important was the here and now. So that thought was pushed aside as she draws in a sigh. "Yes. Someone did this to you. Someone strong."

She notes the anger, it seems to travel from finger tip to finger tip and right into her heart. Which in turn nearly shows upon her face but she relents. Forcing herself into a neutral gaze that almost seems as if it were sad. "Initially, I thought to keep this news to myself and unlock each of your memories one by one but.. it is not my choice. I am not your god by any standards. And I'd like to believe that with the help from all of us, we can be that shoulder that you can lean on because we'd understand. I would understand. Everyone.. would."

She was quiet then at her last words. Her head turning a little slightly as her brows curl to mimic a frown, but she was best attempting to find a way to word what would come next. "Yes. That's why we're here. When I said us. I meant us. You and me." She smiles a little. "I'm sure that there is a file out there somewhere about me. I was once considered an 'extinction level threat'." She slowly lets go of his hands, rising her own to place over his temples. "Possibly still am. Because I'm going to make you this promise. If you go. I go. We're in this together now. Until we're not."

It was time to begin.

Before there had been hesitation from Gabriel himself to Jean's attempt to touch his mind, his time he is less resistant to it as he knows what to expect. "I will focus as best I can, to try to find something that is important to me. If we can find that, more of the puzzle is uncovered yes?" He asks it quietly while keeping his eyes open this time, gazing at Jean while his mind opens.

~The ease of being in a street view similar to the Danger Room makes the transition so much more normalized but the view is like it was before. There are no clear bright sunny days in Gabriel's mind; rather the city scape is a confusing plethra of roads that intersect at odd angles, desecrated buildings with the warning signs and of course the sun has been replaced with a blood purple vista crackling with lightning and dust. Rather than the Pleasantville of the Danger Room, this was the post apocolyptic aftermath of 'mental' destruction.

The pavement beneath her feet, broken and cracked offers the guarantee of spraining an ankle if were one to run across it and the barrier of energy around the city glows angrily at the intruder in this place. But Gabriel's focus was much better this time and a building sits there before Jean. It is not quite as dilapidated as many of the others, hinting that it is not as old a memory but the barriers around it; egads the barriers. If the first memory was a difficult lock this memory looks to be sealed up tighter than a Federal Reserve bank on full lock down; which is to say it is secure. Hinting that whatever lies beyond is either valuable, or extremely dangerous.~

"If this is to go wrong, I want to thank you for everything you have done." Gabe's words are a whisper, his eyes sliding closed to try and relax and allow Jean to uncover what she will.

"Yes." That was the only words spared from Jean as she closes her eyes to allow the two minds to connect. The feeling should be natural, what was once felt for the first time was not felt this time. Like riding a bike, they say. It all comes together with time.

~For her it starts with a flash. The bright and sunny street she created flickering and fading to reveal what was hidden underneath. The bright and terrible purple sun, a color that she most recently had taken on during her change.. drew a chill down her spine that she never knew she felt. This time there was no effigy of her, no idea no thought, it was her in all her forms, current attire with a plain white T and a pair of jeans and booted heels that were black and yet comfortable. The length of her hair within this world seemingly shortened, tiny curls that spring to a bounce which is soon whipped back and forth as she looks around, then in front.. and up.

~What was most prominent about her were the eyes, the unhealthy glow of green as she takes that step forward. The reflection of the alien wording within her gaze nearly matching the color of her blood red hair and the burn in which her hands take as soon as she presses to the door.~

"Gabriel.." She slowly murmurs quietly, she understood the danger, so much that her eyes actually open and soon burned with fire that nearly extends.. "It was an honor meeting you.."

~And as soon as those words leave her lips, she pushes! Leaning into the door of the locked building with her full psychic presence. There was nothing within his mind that held her back save for a little trickle of fear from her that manifests itself into a thunder roll of fire in the sky. But she pushes on, teeth gritting as her fingers curl into the barrier, feet tensing and pushing against the ground..~

All the while out here? The heat grows as fire begins to roll over the surface of her skin, catching and coating her hair in a protective barrier that nearly makes her look like a woman possessed.

~She leans against it, presses and presses and the door holds for quite awhile but as more psychic energy is pressed into it the door cracks with purple streaks starting to appear until finally with a last shove it breaks away and Jean tumbles into the building…

There he stands, Gabriel… looking to be around 14 years of age. The room is not familiar, it is unnatural in fact for Jean as the walls are a metallic looking color but hued in a blue that gives an unearthly glint to it.

That feel, the unearthly feel is everywhere. Not of this world. The windows around peer outwards to the stars through portals as the teenage Gabriel is upon his knees in the middle of the room, clutching his head tightly and shaking it from side to side. The woman before, the one which had tended his wounds is present looking to not have aged a day as she places a matronly hand on his shoulder. "Child. Child… you must not fight this. You must embrace what is happening…"

The words are quiet and seem to echo and reverberate through the mind of Gabriel. "If you do not embrace this, it will consume you…" consume you consume you. The echoing continues and Gabriel looks up at the woman, his eyes glowing brilliantly in bright purple energy as he has a pleading look on his features, "It hurts so badly!"

Outside of his mind, Gabriel has begun to sweat rather extensively, the beads coming down his forehead to trip upon Jean's hands, whether from the stress of the memory being unlocked or the energy that emanates from her. The energy, so powerful, it draws to him. His mind in turmoil, he reaches out from within himself, to the energy that Jean has to being pulling at it, to feed upon it into himself.

~It was a slow fall, right into the middle of the floor which has her immediately rolling and scrambling back to press herself against the wall. All of the power that she possesses dies down, her back pressed against the wall as she breathes heavily, perhaps the sweat was metaphorical to display the exertion point she pushed herself to just to get into that lone, chosen building.

~And she watches, her eyes darting back and forth from one to the other.. soon placed upon the millions of stars that form the backdrop out of the window, her hands pressed against the smooth.. unfamiliar wall.. ~

And if he was still watching her, as she was him in that moment, her lip bunches up. Could she actually taste the metal that rests upon her fingertips in his mind?

~She slowly rises to her feet, avoiding even the touch of the two within the room, her eyes gone to the stars as she feels a long lost longing towards it, her eyes closing as she turns to press her back to it, bringing Gabriel's frightened face to view. While in her nature, she wishes to reach out and tell him that it was alright. But she doesn't, keeping her inner resolve to herself only to watch the scene play out. ~

But out there, she could feel it. A slight tug and pull that has her face nearly scrunching into something that was unreadable. Just what in the world was happening to him?

~The struggle before Jean continues, the pain is clear on the teenage Gabriel's face as it contorts and the glowing eyes look at the woman trying to help him. She can feel the familiarity, this woman has taken care of him as long as he's lived; and although it is not his mother. She can feel it is not his mother, the woman might as well be. Closer inspection would reveal while possessing human feature the companion is.. not human.

Where this is may be falling into place between the foreign appearance, the stars beyond the viewports and that this is not a dream or imagination, but rather a memory. Gabe's origin to a degree unveiling itself before Jean. But to the issue at hand..

The young boy shakes his head. "I cannot… I cannot control it Avilandra!" The eyes glow brighter and brighter than from them emits pure energy which envelopes the woman standing before Gabriel.

Nothing is left. The woman is completely gone, vaporized from existence.

The young boy cries out, the pain in his body growing more so with the loss, the loss he caused and more energy pours from him shooting out to rip through the wall of the room and abruptly he is sucked out into the vacuum; a vacuum of space then everything goes black, the memory ending as the loss of consciousness from the emptiness of space consumes him.

The glow of the street generated by the Danger Room has changed. Gabriel is glowing purple, streaks of energy crossing over his arms and features to pull them out and draw them significantly as the memory completes, the pain of the loss being ripped open fresh and the presence of so much power is growing with him.

~"Stop.." Jean murmurs out quietly. She could feel the growing danger.. and yet.. this woman seems so familiar. If not the woman herself but the 'look' of her. Why were they so familiar? "Stop.. don't push him!" But it was too little, too late. It all happened in slow motion as she willed it, the burst of energy that left the older woman gone from where she stood, Jean's hand reaching out to grasp at the air where she had been only to find nothing. How foolish was she to even think that it would work, that she could step inside of a memory and willingly alter it on hopes and dreams. No, she had that power but she never, ever wished it on anyone else. Nor used it. Only when she had to.

But the burst of energy from the young man shocked and startled her, and as he flew out of the airlock, so did she. Into the vastness of space, where another part of her that was not her called home. The temptous vacuum has her sucking in the air..~

Which adds to the struggle within the room. Her hands grew slack as she begins to draw in those deep breaths, her own body growing lighter and lighter, her hands clutching against her chest as she tries to calm her hyperventilation with the only way she knew how. Expending more energy that necessary. Tire herself out. Burn herself out, which possibly feeds to Gabriel's own.

Slowly, she reaches out with both hands, even though the energy that pools along his limbs, even though the purple glow that possibly would rip and tear her asunder, she grasps him. "Stop.." She murmurs, her voice near quiet. "..Gabriel.. help.. me breathe.."

It was there, just within his grasp. An energy that he craves, perhaps enough to sate his need for it and his desire, enough energy to change what he wants to rewrite … Gabriel's eyes snap open abruptly.

"No." His voice is as equally quiet as Jean's but the words are harsh. He looks at her, no presence of his own eyes left as they have been consumed with the energy but he reaches out towards her. "No. I will not go down that path, you will breathe." He commands it, within his own mind, his own connection to her he commands it.

The vacuum of his memory dissipates, the streets appear, the world starts to unravel and Gabriel glows. "Breathe Jean Grey." He whispers it again to the red headed woman. "You will not perish. You will live. Look at me, live." His hand reaches up, takes one of hers and the other to her cheek.



That simple word brought alarm to her features. Her posture slowly declines, that lean forth as her breath nearly quickens, her heart feeling as if it were to explode from her chest. And feeling drained. Drained of all that she was, and all that she would ever be. She had felt that feeling before. Maybe it was a call to it, a throw back of it that made her panic. Absense of it all. Instead of intense heat and something.. different than this world. Something..

..And it all just stops. Her harsh and ragged breath, the fast paced beating of her heart. Her eyes close in that moment, seemingly lost to the world until the hand touches her cheek which brings her out of it. It was as if that command alone caused everything to calm. A moment of serenity. To refuse the panic. To bite back the hyperventilation. The need to breathe. It was free, clear. As if nothing happened and the only remenants that was left behind with the rosy blush upon her cheeks that nearly turned a shade of purple and blue, and the sweat that came from him upon the palms of her hand. There wasn't even a tremor within her hand as it usually would be, for as she reaches up to grasp upon his wrist she had that feeling that Scott was there and he was it.

But he was not. The look of surprise at herself and the show of weakness was written all over her face which causes her to right herself almost immediately. But she doesn't let go nor move his hand. Only because it was familiar.

"Did you see?" She finally manages to get out.

Gabriel feels it just there within his grasp. Jean's desperation was drawing to the energy that he also was craving, had he left her, let her suffer perhaps he could have gotten that power and then…

His eyes still glow but his features are gentle, compassionate as he nods towards Jean. "I saw." His voice is quiet but carries a reverberation of energy behind it as he takes a long deep breath, trying to force down the energy and the rush. It was so close… "I saw. And you saw, you see." His glowing, the power around him being what he refers to. "We know why I was in that box Jean. Why … why I must be put back." Even he has that realization. He decimated a person with uncontrollable power, his insatiable desire for it consuming, the destruction of the space..ship? The last part of the thought crosses Gabriel's mind and his brow furrows.

"What did we see?" He whispers quietly.

"I did.." Jean was quiet now, although still tired. There was just enough within her left. That connection was still there, held and coveted, protected. She had made a promise not only moments earlier that she would never lie to him. But the thought had crossed her mind right then and there. He was so young. So, so very young. And everything about him was dangerous. Uncontrolled. There was almost a moment there to reach out and do what needs to be done about that situation, but everything wasn't in his control. He was just a kid. Just a kid in a very, very terrible place.

Her own hand reaches out to lightly touch his cheek, no hesitation in those moments. Her own expression softening from their once panicked gaze, a slight frown curling upon her lips as she shakes her head. "We know why, but this is not how it's going to be. I promised you.."

He could possibly feel it. She was still there within his head, but he could also possibly feel that pressure. That need to sleep. Slow, creeping..

"We saw the truth. We saw what happened to you. And.. I'm sorry Gabriel. I am so sorry. It's over now. Sleep.."

The power within Gabriel is so near to critical mass, well what should be critical mass but the ability to hold more was there constantly expanding. But he doesn't, in fact it begins to dissipate away slowly at first and then more quickly. The drowsiness starts to come over him, weariness and it takes some time before he realizes what is happening. That the presence in his mind is easing him to sleep. The realization hits him and his head cants to the side to look at Jean.

Confused, shocked and hurt.. "Jean?" He asks quietly, uncertain as to why and then his eyes slide shut and he slumps over.

And it was enough. Enough for her arms to draw around him into a hug. Cheek pressed to cheek, her eyes closing as his words.. hurt as they were, broke her heart. But this was nothing to be talked down. To be breathed out. To count down. It needed to stop and it needed to end before…


..thing found it's way back to her in a moments of desperation. But she remembered that feeling. The millions of stars.. the endless power.. the heat.. the fire..

The entire Grey line waiting for her at the gates as she leads them into..

"It'll be better in the morning. I promise.."

She cradles him then, slowly leaning forward, her hand cupping the back of his neck as she leads him to rest upon the bench of the Danger Room's creation. She falls back onto her own, her head slowly leaning back, eyes closing.. and she too was soon gone.

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