Boo Recruits a Spider

March 11, 2016:

Mockingbird is getting one of her SHIELD checkups and comes across Silk waiting to be recruited.

The Triskelion -- NYC

Somewhere in the visitor-accessible areas of the Triskelion.


NPCs: Recruiter Franco, Recruiter Debuski

Mentions: Captain America, Spider Man, Spider Woman


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Cindy Moon fidgeted, her eyes glued to her fingers as she uncomfortably shifted somewhat in her seat. This… This wasn't entirely what she expected to be absolutely honest. SHIELD had seemed to be some massively impenetrable thing, like- it was /SHIELD/, even she knew the kind of power and influence the agency commanded and she had been locked in a bunker for the last eight years! And here she was, in thier headquarters, that silly little visitor's badge clipped to the front of her suit and the poor young woman absolutely stewing in an immense amount of angst. Yep, she had taken the step, the plucky street level (super)hero had used a connection or two to get in contact with SHIELD, you know, you make (super)friends, maybe some (super)enemies, and you use the small amount of influence you have to get a foot in the door with freakin' SHIELD.

And where does that lead you? Well, sitting among a maze of cubicles in an absolutely uncomfortable little steel chair, staring at the wall across from you as agents and workers carry on without casting a glance in your direction. Yep, sitting here, it's been about twenty minutes since a secretary led Cindy to this spot, mentioning something about the agent who would handle her files, but well- still sitting… You would think SHIELD would in the very least have comfier chairs. Or maybe this was a test? A trial of patience and fortitude against gluteus pain…

That's dumb Cindy.

And there goes another minute, the young woman chewing on her lip as she hunches up a little bit. She may well be in full costume, the lower half of her face hidden and all, but she can't help but feel like she's the smallest thing in this room. She had her reasons for coming here, but that doesn't change the fact that she already feels like she's getting in over her head.

Bobbi is no longer an Agent, just a consultant, for SHIELD. However, being as they risked life and limb to save her life by injecting her with a couple of super rare serums, they still somewhat own her. Plus they're the only ones who really have the know how to make sure those serums haven't done something horrible to her, and are still working. So every few weeks, Mockingbird returns to the Triskelion, gets a visitor pass, and lets the scientists and doctors poke and prod her for a few hours. It's boring, and annoying, and the Avenger really has better things to do with her time. Stupid contracts.

Bobbi is wearing a pair of grey sweat pants, a black tank top, and a grey hoodie, with tennis shoes. It's what she usually wears to her appointments when time permits. Her long blonde hair has been pulled back into a high ponytail. She walks right past Cindy for a moment, then stops, backs up, and narrows her eyes at the girl. "Is someone helping you?" she asks, suspiciously.

Cindy Moon felt her heart stop, the poor girl looking up at Bobbi from the seat, the awkward silence washing over them for a moment before Cindy coughed and nodded sharply. "Mhm!" She replies quickly, resting her hands against her knees, she really, really- really looked absolutely silly sitting in that tiny chair with her costume. "Er, well, rather they should be helping me." Hrk-Now! Why do you have to say something like that? Sure, she had considered grabbing the attention of someone when they walked by, but she couldn't bring herself to actually pull the trigger and had just shrunk down each time someone walked by. And up until this Blonde? No one gave her even a moment of their time. And there she goes, spilling the beans. "Well, I mean…" She trails off, one hand subconciously reaching back to push her hair behind her ear.

She would simmer for a second more before her eyes caught the visitor pass, which is equal parts relieving and maddening. Well… That was typical…

"I don't work here. Well, not anymore. But I can probably find you someone to help with whatever," Bobbi notes with a wave of her hand. She presses her lips together and glances around the sea of administrative faces. She spent so many years trying to avoid these people, she doesn't really know any of their names. Paperwork gives her hives. So does Axe body spray, true facts. She beckons to Cindy to follow her.

She glances up and down at the girl's costume. "So, related to Spider-Man?" she asks as she roams the halls, looking for what she vaguely remembers the New Recruit Processing area looks like. This may take a while, all the halls look the same in the Triskelion and she's been away for 10 months.

Cindy Moon exhaled, pushing herself up out of the seat in a spring like motion and striding after the other woman. Jeez, she was tall. Normally, Cindy would feel a little offput wandering around after someone else, beause feeling like a lost puppy wasn't exatly her gig, but she was also pretty happy to get away from the corner of shame and tacking keyboards. "Thanks, by the way." She adds quickly, running her tongue along the inside of her cheek. You know, she expected something a little more… Well, not an office. She had had visions of avengers walking around, gun ranges, high tech security body scanners, little robots that delivered your coffee for you and like- holograms and stuff. At the very least, she expected a /holodeck/. But, reality? Significantly lamer. It looked just like the fact channel offices, except there were more handguns here, to say nothing of the fact that they even had dead eyed interns running around. And she hadn't even seen a single Avenger!

As far as she knew.

"Huh?" She starts, only to frown a small bit, her shoulders slumping some. "You could say that." She mumbles, her dissastifaction hidden under her scarf. "Sorry, I just get that a lot." She adds to save herself, yeah, ok- maybe her and Pete were bit by the same spider (she doesn't believe it either!) but that doesn't mean they're that similar! They only just did similar things in similar fashions while wearing somewhat similar looking skin tight suits. She barely even sees the relation!

"I'm Silk." She finally remarks with a nod, her voice somewhat higher as if she were trying to put a little bit of pride in it. It still felt odd to say, but /someone/ told her that she had to own up to it at some point.

Of course it looks lame. This is the level they allow visitors and new recruits to roam around. All the fun stuff is on the levels that require clearance. If she passes her exams and is a good little spider, she might get to see them some day. "I've met Spidey a couple of times. Good guy. Bad jokes, but a good guy." Bobbi flits a crooked smirk at that. "Mockingbird," she says, by way of introduction. Like Cap, she doesn't really have a "disguise" per se, and is all publicly known. At least as Bobbi Morse. "You're the second female Spider-themed hero I've met in the last month," she explains.

She pauses at a hallway intersection and gives the signage a glance before choosing a direction. "So, joining SHIELD?" she asks.

Cindy Moon is the best little spider! She's been great at climbing up water spouts and has only been washed out, like twice! She's scared little miss muffet away at least ten times, you'd be hard pressed to find a better spider than her. "Hah, you're telling me." She replies, rolling her wrist a little bit. "He's pretty much a side-kick of mine, sorry if he's gotten on your nerves." Cindy can only hope her new compatriot realizes that's a joke. Or… Not. "Huh, sounds familiar." Cindy replies, raking her mind for the name, she's probably seen it fly by the desk a few times, but honestly? 'Sensible' heroes tend to lose the limelight to the spandex freaks, so Cindy can't draw any accomplishments to the name.

"Nice to meet you bird." She quickly adds with a bright smile and the slightest bow of the head, even if Bobbi hasn't turned about. That third statement really piques her curiousity though! "Wait, really?" She asks, tilting her head and causing her bangs to cascade before her eyes. "What's they name?" She chirps, now /very/ interested. Was someone getting in on her turf?!

But, then /that/ question. /That/ Question. Honestly, Cindy herself didn't even know the answer. "Hrm… Well, honestly?" She starts, eyes rolling upwards as she figures out how to word this. Not really the time nor company to spill your whole story Cindy. "I… Need information about something, so, well- I thought getting inolved with something like SHIELD may be the best way to start. And lo and behold, I end up sitting outside a cubicle staring at a wall for twenty minutes."

Admittedly, she is a self described D-lister, so there is that.

"Spider-Woman I think? Spider-Girl? Spidey with Boobs? I was kind of in the middle of a training scenario so it got a little lost in the shuffle," Bobbi admits. "She had blonde hair though." So definitely not Silk. She strides down a hallway that looks a bit more friendly to newbies, with helpful signs encouraging people to join up and be a protector of the world and such.

"Well if it's information you need, SHIELD is a good place to go. But they don't give it away for free. Read the paperwork carefully, and be sure you're ready for the commitment that comes with it." She turns her head to smile at the costumed girl.

"They're good people, trying to do the right thing, but it is like being in the military in a lot of ways. You'll have to go through training and exams and all sorts of processing, and it's not a cake walk. If you want a cake walk, it'd be better to work in administration. Not sure you're dressed for a desk job though." Bobbi grins.

Cindy Moon frowns a little, her eyes downcasting as she glances at her own chest. Hah! Body image issues be damned, she had so many other crises to tackle before that reared its ugly head. "Never heard of her." Cindy replies back with a short nod, and damn right she hasn't, because Silk is the best spider this side of the spider without the breasts. "Glad we couldn't be confused." She throws out there real quick, her eyes dragging along the signs as she feels that tinge in her stomach. She still felt like she was being pulled into something far larger than herself, and that sick inkling wasn't exactly reassuring.

"Yeah, I get that." She answers, her voice immensely non-commital as Mockingbird mentions the commitment. "But, sometimes you have to do what you have to do, right?" She asks, meeting the smile with a forced cheerful expresion. Alright, the other woman was making her feel at least a little bit better.

Though, there is certainly a pause when the training and the exams and the military comes into play. How would she put this? She… Was a little bit closer to petulant than disciplined… And she could already feel somewhat stiffled just where she was standing, so yeah- maybe that's where the anxiety WAS stemming from. "Ah, I don't know about you but these suits are super comfy." She remarks, pinching the material between thumb and forefinger and tugging at it gently. Not even the smallest bit of slack was evident. "And really, its a fashion statement at this point, I'm sure I could whip up a business casual version too for mondays."

"Well, I'm sure you'll do fine," Bobbi notes, as she comes to a halt in front of a glass paned office with "Recruitment" stenciled on the door. She pulls the latter open and bellows, "HEY! FRANCO! DEBUSKI! GET YOUR ASSES OUT HERE! RECRUIT'S BEEN WAITING 20 MINUTES!"

People scatter like leaves before a blower at Agent 19's hollering. A pair of recruiters skitter to the front and begin arguing between them. Clearly each one thought the other one was going to meet with Silk and bring her back here.

Morse rolls her eyes, crosses her arms over her chest, and sighs. "Really, people, get it together or I'll call Hill." Dun Dun Dunnnnn!

Cindy Moon absolutely shrinks at the yelling, the poor girl cringing a bit before she coughs and glances left towards Morse. "… Alright, what are you?" She asks, because that was impressive to the point that Cindy can't exactly pull herself away that easily. Also, Hill? Yeah, maybe Cindy should have looked a little bit more into SHIELD before showing up, coming to the interview with no research is always a fun little thing.

Cindy also kind of awkwardly peers towards the recruiters, that wonderful moment when someone is talking about /you/ in front of /you/ but isn't talking to /you/.

Yeah… She likes Bobbi better.

Mockingbird sticks two fingers in her mouth and whistles, silencing Franco and Debuski immediately. She looks over at Cindy and shrugs. "I used to be an Agent. Now I'm an Avenger." She realizes that's pretty vague and adds in a mutter, "I'm basically Captain America with boobs." Pretty accurate.

The two recruiters have sorted things out finally and one offers a clipboard loaded with a half a ream of paper worth of forms to Silk, with a pen. "Please have a seat and fill these out. Agent 19, good to see you again," Franco stammers.

"I think that's my cue, Silk. Good luck. When you get enough clearance, drop me a message and let me know how you're doing," Bobbi notes with a small smile. She then points her index and middle finger at her eyes, then back at the two recruitment officers, then back at her eyes, before turning to depart.

Cindy Moon cringes again, alright, very impressed with how loud Mockingbird can be, will note that one. "W-Wait, you're an Avenger?" HAH! She did see an Avenger! Wait- Shit, she was talking to an avenger this whole time /and/ making an idiot of herself. "A-He-I mean. Yeah, of course." Play it off smooth, play it off smooth it's going to be fine Cindy. And then there's a blank stare as Cindy registers the chesty comment once more. "… That's so cool." She mumbles, barely above a whisper as she pushes a spare lock of hair once more back behind an ear. "U-Uhm, thank you again!" She adds quickly, see, now she just wants to follow Bobbi instead of dealing with these two, but- that would be presumptive of her wouldn't? Also probably weird. Don't be weird around avengers.

"Will do! Thanks again Boo Radley!" She chirps as Mockingbird turns around, get it? Boo, like Boo Radley? To Kill A Mockingbird! Because her name is Mockingbird oh god, oh god please get it.

Cindy Moon lets the awkward wash over her, stupid big fat mouth.

There might be a snort of laughter at Cindy's joke fading on the air.

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