An Unexpected Visit

March 10, 2016:

Rain receives an unexpected visit from May and Hax.

Moontree Manor

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style,
complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done
in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little
wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair
despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble
that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost




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Fade In…

It's a chilly winter-almost-spring night. The weather is misty, but the night is cool. Few people are out and about this time of night in this part of New York. Rain is one of the few who have the luxury of having a yard in New York City.

But outside is irrelevant right now. In Rain's basement, where the expensive booze is kept, there is an abnormality. It is a dimensional conduit, which seems to pull people and things from across time, space and worlds. Sadly, the backlash from closing it would be unfathomably BAD. While some might celebrating the leveling of a good chunk of New York, it would be bad for the supernal climate. Like a nuke, effectively. And so Rain has simply learned to Deal With It(TM).

She and Captain are chilling in the living room, Rain playing Street Fighter V. She furrows her brows. "Oh, come on!" Captain snerks, "You are SO BAD at fighting games." Siiiiiigh. Rain sips a soda. The household's staff are taking it easy, enjoying an evening. Rain is a gentle householder.

Unfortunately, the conduit is acting up, and our people are going to end up in her basement…

Hax has been sensing the strange rift for some time now but has had trouble locating the its whereabouts. It's almost as if the place in which the rift resides is warded.

However, through back-breaking effort Hax has found what he is looking for and arrives at the door step to Rain's place.

Speaking of people, May has just finished meeting with an informant who might possibly have some information that will prove useful to Jemma's and her ongoing ongoing Daemonites investigation. She pushes open the cafe door to leave, steps out and …

… stumbles as the floor isn't at the level she had been expecting. And, it's dark. And it smells like old wood and … May sighs and pulls a phone to use as a flashlight. Sure enough. Rain's wine cellar.

Rain blinks, sensing - oh boy. Siiiiigh. She pauses her game. "Steve, could you - yeah, we've got guests." She grunts, and gets off the couch. Captain hops down off the couch, and speaks in a rich, baritone voice that has a Gothamite accent, "Maybe these guys brought some fish?" He hopes.

The two amble to the door while hot water and such are set on. The basement door is open and Captain stands to greet May at the top of the stairs. "Be with you a moment!" Rain calls down. "Someone seems to have - gotten past the gate and wards," An eyebrow lifts. She sighs. Normally, intruders are just set back onto the sidewalk, no matter how hard they try to get through the gate. It's like only allowing certain MAC addresses, but for magic. She peers out the peep hole, and opens the door. "Hi! May I help you?"

Hax is staring at a magic screen which is showing different statistics. He might have been scanning the surrounding magic?

Upon seeing a lovely woman in front of him Hax looks up and at first doesn't say anything.

He looks down at her shirt "Heh. L-less than one oh-ohm." Looking back up "I'm, um, well, I-I was in the area and, um, found a magic rift-"

Hax struggling to speak in front of Rain realizes he's sounding stupid and ramblesome. Shaking his head a bit "Hi. I'

"Hi. I'm Normand."

Pepper Potts looks up as the cellar door opens and Captain is standing there. Shutting her phone off again, she climbs the stairs out of the cellar. "Captain. I was not expecting to drop in." She does appreciate the hospitality, though. It's got to be annoying having people just appear randomly like this.

Blink. The violet eyed witch is definitely an escapee from the box of nerds. She regards the man curiously, rubbing the back of her head. She smiles. "Yeah, terrible joke," Rain concedes wryly. "But we loved it in the engineering department." She pauses. Rain is shy, but she seems friendly enough. "Hi, Normand. I'm Rain. Nice to meet you," She lowers her head. For better or worse, Rain had to get used to meeting random people.

"What brings you - here? I- am surprised you made it to my porch," She admits, a bit cautious.

Captain lifts a paw. "Hey, boss," He greets, somewhat wryly. "Come on in. Can we get you a drink or anything?" He asks, leading May out. He'll stand on two legs and tug the door closed behind her. Cats.

Hax shows her the screen he had been looking at. From a magical perspective Hax's interface is interesting. It's like a hologram-like projection from that one video that is popular (Most Effect or Mast Affect?). But on the screen is a series of charts and data all of which display magical information from the rift in Rain's basement. "A-any idea where this an-ano-anomaly is?"

May follows Captain, then reaches to help him pull the door closed, because she can. Then, with the feline leading the way she heads for the living room, but seeing Rain talking to someone through her door, she approaches from an angle where the person outside can't see her, pulling her ICER as she does. She then puts one hand on Rain's shoulder lightly (out of the outside person's line of sight) to let the witch know she's there.

Rain looks at it. Her eyes widen. She is in awe. "That is AWESOME!" Respect for Hax: +5. Rain pauses. "You can detect the dimensional conduit in my basement? That's - impressive. Um. Well. You don't seem evil, so - you can come in. You're welcome to take a look, and I'll give you my notes. Just - Just - don't try to shut it down. The backlash would be an effective supernatural nuke for at least a mile around," She notes.

She is a hesitant, polite hostess. And through the power of nerditry, Hax has earned his way in. She steps aside, though she smiles at May. "Hi. it got you too, huh? I'm very sorry. May I get you anything?"

Hax steps into the house. "Tha-thank you."

Hax sees May "AH! Oh. Don't scare me like that!"

May narrows her eyes at Normand and studies him for a moment to make sure he's not losing his mind again some more, then rather blatantly puts her ICER back in its holster. "I'm fine for now, Rain. Thank you."

Rain smiles to Hax. "She just arrived. The anomaly," Rain explains. "Um. May we get you - anything to eat or drink?" She asks. Fidget. Captain peers at Normand. Then, in a deep voice, "Neeeeeeeeeeerd." He giggles. "Sorry, couldn't help it. Welcome to the manor, bro." He's a smart alec. But he's a cat, so. There it is.

"Please, um, come on in. Let me close this." She will close the door if no one else appears.

She nods at May. "I am sorry about that. Should I call a taxi or open a portal for you?"

Hax stares at that. "A talking cat."

Hax looks at Rain "A-am I in Narnia??" He looks at the cat again "A takling cat."

May manages to refrain from rolling her eyes. "Rain is a magic wielder. Captain is her familiar. Keep up, Normand." She then gestures for him to follow Rain toward the living room, as she doesn't want to stand in the foyer all evening. What does it say that the Muggle of the group is the one taking everything in stride?

"I'm a witch," Rain explains. "And she's right," She nods. Rain will lead them in to the living room. Rain has accepted the strangeness. "While the conduit does display many unusual quantum properties- though, admittedly, quantum physics is quirky, at best-" She explains, "It is pan dimensional, reaching across time, space and distance to pull people and beings. I've been recording what comes through and when." Deep breath. "Lemme find my notebook."

And yes, Rain is genuinely scientific, too. An odd hybrid. "I wasn't magical until a couple of years ago. The shock gets to you, but then MechaHitler tries to step on you and life goes on." A beat.

"Oh my GAWD, a talking ape." Captain quips back. "Quick, get me to BBC News, we need a story for this." Smart ass. "Captain!"
Rain chides. "Sorry. May I - Um, get you anything to eat or drink?"

Hax stares at the cat "Touche, Luna (referring to Sailor Moon). I would love a tea, please."

Hax finishes with Captain and turns his head to Rain "S-so. Where on Earth did you get a rift like that?"

May just shakes her head at the banter, then looks at Hax narrowly again when he asks about the rift. She doesn't answer him, though. She's got guesses, but that's all they are. Guesses. Instead, she moves to take a seat, fully expecting that Captain is promptly going to claim her lap for Spain. And attention.

Captain stares evenly at Hax. One can almost HEAR the Good, the Bad and the Ugly's standoff music playing. "Yeah, yeah, what kind?" He asks. Rain pauses, "Sure. We've earl grey and-" She lists some greesn and blacks. "The honest truth?" Rain replies.

"This house originally fell from the sky awhile back. The conduit either came with it or was created as a result of the spell being released suddenly and forcibly." A beat. "… it landed on my aunt," She adds more quietly. Oh boy.

Captain grumps a bit and walks over to hop on May's lap. Spain indeed. "And that's my current theory, anyway. From my aunt's notes, it was originally weaker and smaller. Currently, it is not growing."

Hax can't help but chuckle at the whole Wizard of Oz setup. But the idea of the rift existing for such a long time and growing over said time does have him worried. "Just because it's not growing doesn't mean it's not dangerous. You said closing it would detonate it? How about moving it?"

May puts one hand on Captain's back, mostly to keep him from trying to stick his tail in her face. "How about we just leave it alone?" Because anything that nuke-level potential, she would really rather it be left alone.

But the tail wags and flicks are best! Okay, he will keep from sticking his tail in her face and assumes a loaf formation. CATLOAF. ACTIVATED.

Rain tries not to wince at the chuckle. That WAS her aunt, after all. She just smiles weakly. "It IS dangerous. And moving it - I do not know, but given its ties across time, space and dimensions, it is not an ordeal to be undertaken lightly." Then she pauses. "Plus, I lack the raw magical oomph of my aunt. She was a tremendously powerful witch, and well over 800 years old. Iiiiiiii… kinda got shafted pretty hard in that department," Sigh.

"And another plus, here, it is safely contained within the manor and wards so I don't get some occultist yahoo wandering in and getting sucked in or eaten by something. Guests are also dropped by expensive booze, so they can take a bottle with them. They usually need it," She considers.

Hax takes in the information. "But what IS it? You say it can take in people and drop them in your basement. Why?"

Hax ponders the magical principles behind such a phenomenom. "Does it work both ways? If it can take people can it be given people?" That would make for a great get-a-way in an emergency. Hax's frown returns as he starts thinking about another subject. (It's on to me. I may to run soon.)

Catloaf is entirely acceptable. Though, when Hax talks about making use of that portal, she looks mildly disapproving. "I would not want to put Rain's residence at risk like that." Even if it /did/ send people places, which she isn't at all sure it does.

Catloaf! Captain sighs, "Humans. Always meddling with forces beyond comprehension. If we COULD move it safely, we likely would have," He notes. "Sometimes in life, a wound does not heal. We cope with it and keep it from being infected."

Rain looks to Hax. "It is a conduit. Think of it like teleportation, or a flexible wormhole without the event horizon," She explains. "Why? I do not know. I'm working on that, but it is far older than I am. I haven't tried throwing things in. I'd rather not nail someone in another dimension or strand something. The truth is, if someone arrives here and needs transport, I can open a portal for them, give them a ride or hire a taxi." Steven, with his human illusion on, brings out a hot tea kettle, a few bags of tea and cups. "Your tea, young master."

Hax studies the anomaly. While studying the rift Hax speaks to Captain "Wounds tend to heal but they leave scars and scars are less likely to heal. Ever. I'm wondering if your rift falls into that category."

Hax approaches the rift and begins sizing it up. Certainly bigger than a bread box. "AI, take some readings and save them for later analysis."

Hax's luminous servitor/companion materializes "Of course, Creator.". An expanding ray of light emits from AI's focusing iris and begins to sweep up and down the rift.

May frowns faintly when Hax wanders off, then gently sets Captain off of her lap and moves to follow. Mostly to protect Hax from himself. She gets there in time to watch the AI start scanning the rift. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" For those who know her well enough, she looks ready to pull a weapon at the slightest provocation.

Rain did give him rights to study it. "Well. I did cast a few observation spells. I'll go with you, to keep an eye on things," She promises. "But it really is a giant unknown."

Captain peers to Hax. "Well. Chicks dig scars. But I bet you wouldn't know that." ICE BURN!

"CAPTAIN!" Rain sighs. She rubs her temple. It is a very unstable anomaly. There will be plenty to analyze, and enough to send physics phds into fits. "It should be okay to observe. Just - no throwing things in the basement."

And the two are following May and Hax easily enough

Hax lazily replies to Captain "Chicks also dig puppies and dogs. I think it's because of 'Twilight'. Shame you're a cat."

AI chimes "Almost done, Creator."

May just watches sliently, alert and ready to jump in and defend both magic users and the cat if necessary. She really hopes it won't be necessary.

Rain laughs. Captain snorts. "Yes, because pedophiles with abs are hot." Their relationship is going to be full of zingers, isn't it?

"Don't sweat it. You two are great," She looks amused by Hax and Captain. "It's been awesome t-to meet you." She turns red. "And I am happy you're interested in this anomaly. You are welcome to come by and look at it after this, as well."

Hax looks at Rain. Wait someone who also has a hard time with people? "I like you." Hax stops and begins to turn red. That was embarrassing to say out loud and totally not what he was trying to imply "I-I m-mean, um, i-it's nice to meet someone w-who shares my, um, well, aversion to people."

Rain looks back to Hax, violet eyes reflecting a curiousity. She goes pale. Then turns BRIGHT RED from ear to ear at his words. Thankfully, this is not an anime, so there's no nosebleeds. She swallows hard. "A-ah, it's okay. I'm - really a stereotype. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. Most of us - erm. Uh. Yes. I'm shy, but with this happening, I learned to greet and look after people. S-ometimes people are very scared when they come through." She is still bright red. "I - I understand what you mean." Fidget.

He should ask May about the shy, toe scuffing Siberian Godbear incident. Captain hums 'Can you feel the love tonight'. Smart. ASS.

Hax gives Captain the ultimate of 'I'm going to throw your ass through that portal if you don't stop' glare

"I-it's okay. I didn't mean to, um, yeah. Um, I-I think i have wha-what I need for now." Hax turns and begins to leave "Um, see you later gator?"

Rain tries not to laugh at the two. She hides a smile. "S-sure. Come back for the notes and logs if you like, too. And be well. Stay safe. Would you like a portal or ride out?" She offers. She is very hospitable.

Captain just SMIRKS at Hax, as much as a cat cat. Actually, being a cat, he's got the smug bastard look right down.

Hax nods and agrees to the portal.

Pepper Potts can only shake her head and follow the others back out of the wine cellar. Awkwardness abounds. It can't have been ANY worse than this when Fitz first met Ms. Smoak. And she is so glad she wasn't there to see it.

Rain will lead them back upstairs. "Where would you like to go?" She asks Hax. Captain follows along, tail in a ? of contentment as he strides along.

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