Vampires in Da Kitchen

January 01, 2016:

Jubilee and Julia (and Rachel) meet!



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Dinnertime in the safehouse. Rachel has been seated on the floor beside her mother. Both of them have their shoes off and are sitting by a coffee table with the TV on. SHIELD has 2 plainclothes agents observing the place, on the lookout for the rogue agency's operatives.

Tonight is simple, homemade pizza. Julia and Rachel worked together on it. Which is how there is a smiley face on the pizza made of black olives and pepperoni. Julia picks up a slender slice and hands it to Rachel.

Rachel simply grins and takes it while wriggling in joy at being able to eat her own creation. She thinks -she- did all the work, as Julia told her she did. Hey, she's 3, get over it. But then Julia just sits down on the floor beside her and takes a slice for herself.

So Jubilee learned from a friend of a friend that the safehouse - at least, one of the safehouses - had someone in it. And this same friend of a friend did mention it to Jubilee, because hey - no matter what else, Jubilee was going to be awake at night, and it might give her something vaguely X-Manny to do.

Even if they had to couch it as a favor.

So Jubilee was gonna check on the place, landing upon a rooftop nearish it. It had all of the best Xavier inventions looking after it, of course, so they would be fine, right? Jubilee kinda peers over the edge of the roof, narrowing her eyes. Yeah, fine.

So. Uh. Said person didn't expect her to spend the /entire/ night watching the place right? Jubilee did /try/. She lasted about a half hour before she was ready to leave, or…!


She could watch from /inside/ the safehouse too, right? Sneaking past the SHIELD agents (which was disturbingly easy to do, poor guys), Jubilee brings up her hand, giving a knock-knock-da-knock-knock on the door, and putting her best smile on as she takes a step back from the peephole.

At the last minute, she closes her lips. "Hi in there! I kinda know the X-Men!"

The knock makes Julia jump. She is tense these days. "Eat your dinner hon." she says as she pats Rachel on the head and makes sure to move things just a bit so that the sofa is between Rachel and the door. After all… just to make sure, she wants to keep Rachel out of sight if the person at the door is up to no good.

And then there's a girl's voice from behind the door and Julia browlifts. She reaches to open the door and glance your way. She's dressed in bluejeans and a simple white teeshirt. "Can I help you?" she asks as she looks past you, trying to see what's up with the guards.

Jubilee glances over her shoulder as Julia looks that way as well, sticking out her tongue and kinda pressing it against her upper teeth. She had fangs. "Well - I was hoping to help /you/, actually, so…" A beat. There were two heartbeats in there, one from the woman in front of her, and another… deeper in the apartment.

"Hi!" Jubilee sticks out a gloved hand, giving another grin. "My name is Jubilee, and I kinda… was an X-Man, but I am in a different sorta zone right now," she says.

A beat.

"So… do you guys need anything? Like… McDonalds, something from the grocery store, uh… anything?"

Inclining her head, Julia lifts both brows. "Um, thanks but no thanks. I like to cook. We were just having dinner." She shrugs and says, "You know Kawbener and Ororo then?" she asks. She deliberately mispronounces Kwabena's name just in case. See, she's trained as a spy, so she is totally running a test here. She doesn't trust easily… especially when her daughter's safety is in question.

Well, yeah. Daughters in general are important to protect, and really, if Jubilee knew a little kid was in there, she might not have bothered for fear of setting off mama bear syndrome. Or maybe she would have. In life and unlife, Jubilee was not a woman known for forethought.

Kinda leaaaaning to one side, she tries to peer around Julia a bit, before her eyes flicker back towards the woman herself. "I know 'ro. I don't know Kawbener tho," says Jubilee, chewing on her lower lip with a fang.

"But okay. I mean, if you want some company, too - I know it can get lonely and a little crazy staying locked up all day. At least, I would get all crazy. I got like fourty movies on my phone, it's amazing, we can hook it up to the TV and…"

Fangs are difficult to miss. While Julia has a connection to vermin, arachnids.. that's only a very rudimentary thing. "I've gotten out and about." she states, narrowing her eyes now. She figures though that the fangs are fake, or cosmetic. Of course…

She has no knowledge of anything like Vampyres.

But.. Ororo and Kwa didn't tell her about you. So she leans against the door, and her pulse rate increases just a bit. She looks relaxed outwardly, but you can sense the mama bear inside amping up … preparing just in case.

Vampyres are like vampires except a little more old school. Jubilee was a hip new vampire in neon.

But hey, maybe Jubilee could be a mutant as well? Either way - one could say that being a new predator (even an apex predator, huhu) Jubilee's usual bad sense of when enough was enough was a little heightened by obvious defensive postures. Eyes widen - brown with an undercurrent of red - (the red especially in the shadow), and she brings up a hand to kinda rub at the side of her neck.

Well. That, and Julia's heart rate was increasing. That was obvious too.

"I uhm… hum," she says. "I… kinnnnnnndaaaaa get the feeling you wanna be left alone right now, you and your friend," she says then. A beat, and Jubilee kinda leans forward, lowering her voice to a whisper, "If it's a smooch friend, I totally get it, but I kinda thought you'd be alone," she says, before straightening and otherwise. "And totally in need of some distractotime, and if there's anyone that's good at distractotime, it's Jubilation Lee," she says.

In truth, it's not that she wants to be left alone. It's that she doesn't know you from Adam -or- Eve, and she is in a heightened mode of… on guard. Especially after the black bag group threatened to take her daughter and -then- tried to abduct the girl to make sure Julia cooperated.

She folds her arms over her abdomen because… well, she's a bit too busty for over the chest, and lifts her brows once more. "Distractions. That sounds rather… ominous." she states.

"Jubilation? That's your name?" she asks, relaxing just a little bit because… honesty. She has a feeling that was the truth, and the name puts her a bit at ease. Anyone who would name a girl Jubilation… "My -daughter- and I were just having pizza for dinner." she states. "Are you hungry?" She wants to teach Rachel to be a good hostess after all.

In truth, that makes sense. Jubilation kinda found herself in situations /all the time/ where people didn't know her from Adam, and well… she rarely let that stop her. And all that black bag stuff and secret goverment mumbo-jumbo, well.

Jubilee rarely let that bother her either.

"Well. Uh… not like evil distractions. I know I probably look a little evil, but I'm not evil evil, I promise," she says, bringing up her phone and kinda waggling it back and forth. There was an action movie on it, apparently. At least it had Keanu Reeves looking dour.

"I mean, everyone's a little evil, but I'm not bad guy evil, but… uh… yes. That's what my mom and dad were like. You know - new daughter! Jubilation!" she says, lifting her hands up and kinda wiggling them back and forth with mild yay vibes.

"I uh… just ate coming over here, to tell you the truth." Which was true. She just drank, actually. "And oh, your daughter? Is she a mutant or something?" There had to be /some/ reason this woman was in the safehouse. And it couldn't be her. She didn't look mutanty, Julia didn't.

"Mutant?" asks Julia. "Well, not that I know of. But she's only 3. From what I understand… that's not something that would be obvious for a few more years."

She calls back, "Honey! Friend of Ororo's here.." and.. an adorable head of blonde hair a bit lighter colored than her mother's pops up… at least just the eyes and the top of the head. She lifts a hand and waves as she speaks, "RoRo?" she asks. Yeah, that's her way of saying Ororo.

One thing Jubilee always loved, one thing she always wanted one day, were children.



All you need to know right now is that Jubilee's eyes light up (not red, like I'm talking about they get all big and excited, but not in the hungry way god), and she kinda leans forward and taps her hands against her thighs as she kinda bends forward a bit. "Oh my gosh, yes, RoRo!" says Jubilee. "~My~ name is," she says, talking with a little more music to her tone, "Jubilee."

A beat.

But she tries not to dwell too much on why they were there then. Although Jubilee kinda pinches her face up, and looks to momma Julia briefly. "…so are you a mutant?" she asks. Right before she puts smiles back on and looks back towards Rachel. "I heard you were making pizza all by yourself. Is that true?" she asks, putting her hands on her hips, and looking sorta questioning.

Shaking her head, Julia answers. "Nope. Sorry." she remarks, "I understand there's something to that whole.. X-thing and mutants. But it's more likely that.." and Julia lowers her voice, "That they felt a bit guilty because their actions kinda chased me out of my house, put Rachel in the line of fire, and made me a wanted woman to a degree." She shrugs.
Rachel however, when you confirm you know Ororo, vaults over the back of the sofa with the sort of clumsy agility that only a child can perform or get away with. She thumps to the floor and springs back to her feet to charge over.
"Where RoRo?!" she calls out as she gets to the door and almost beats Julia's grasp in getting out of the door. Mom takes hold of Rachel smoothly and holds her hand there as Rachel casts her eyes to and fro, trying to find Auntie RoRo. But then when you ask about the pizza, she gives a proud beaming smile and says, "I made it! Come see!" before she reaches for your hand with her free hand and turns to try to drag you inside. You may have Vampyre strength, but she has 3 year old tug!

"…oh," says Jubilee, a little frown dancing down on her lips as Julia shares that little quiet secret. Bringing up a hand - she kinda scratches at the tip of her nose. She kinda hid it well with her gloves, but she had clawz on the ends of her fingers.

It was terrible.

"Wanted by who?"

Wincing as the kid hits the ground, Jubilee pauses a moment. "Well, RoRo isn't here, it's someone different! Auntie JuJu?" she offers, kinda sounding lame. In fact, she kinda gives Julia the 'i know that was lame' look, with kinda a strained smile, and looking out of the tops of her eyes.

Tugged off balance by the three year old's tug, Jubilee resists absolutely none at all to her tuggings, going towards the kitchen properly. "Oh, /wow/," Jubilee says, even if the pizza was a burnt char. "You did this /all by yourself?!/" she says, with a sly wink towards Julia. "You must be a big help to your momma!"

Well, the pizza is actually done and sitting on the coffee table between the sofa and the TV screen. "JuJu?" asks Julia as you give her that look. She just shakes her head, closes the front door after waving away the guard who seems to have finally caught on that someone got past them.
Then she saunters after you and Rachel. Rachel is usually good at knowing who is good to have around, and so she uses her as a Coal Mine Canary for people quite often. But she just stands and smiles while watching as Rachel gives a longwinded child's explanation, going through exactly how they got the sauce on, the cheese.. and what kind of special cheese, then the meat and olives and more cheese and well.. you know.

Jubilee had an intense interest in everything that Rachel was saying. Even kinda squatting down. She asked questions - getting lotsa things wrong, even, so that Rachel could correct her and be a boss and everything. In the end, though, Jubilee straightens up, and kinda brushes off the front of her trenchcoat, glancing to Julia and giving a thumbsup, and a fangy grin.

Julia hadn't answered the wanted by who question, so.

She suspected it was ~secret~.

Or she didn't wanna freak Rachel out.

Secret was OK.

Rachel is happy to explain or answer and all that. She repeats herself many times, and pauses here and there. Julia is just glad that there is someone for her to interact with who is not herself. She loves hanging out with her little girl, but people need -other- people a lot of the time.
So finally, she steps around you and reaches for a slice. But Rachel says, "Not that one Mommy! That's an eye!"
And Julia pulls back her hand and lifts her brows as Rachel picks up that slide and offers it to you, her newest friend.

Food was a thing now that she was a member of the undead. She /could/ eat - and often forced herself to eat human food, but snacks and meals that were once ultra-fine dining: see this piece of pizza for example, felt revolting at worst, and tasteless at worst.

"I so want that one - I love eats," says Jubilee, biting into the pizza - she had to kinda fight to keep it down - no doubt Rachel could see the tension at the edges of her eyes. "Om nom nom nom!"

And yes, Julia picks up on small details. Such as the tension in your eyes. Rachel is just happy as a lark that you are eating her chosen slice of pizza. She picks up another one and says, "You can have this one mommy!" as she hands it over, and Julia takes the pizza slice… but watches you more than she does Rachel. "Rachel honey, why don't you run and grab us some waters from the fridge, okay?" she asks.
Rachel nodnods, literally.. and dashes off to do that as Julia turns your way and says, "Okay. Disclosure time. We're both holding something back. I'll go first. I'm not a mutant, but I do have powers. Used to use'em for this black bag group until I knew they were black bagging. You are.. well I'm guessing there's more to you than just… mutant."

Black bagging, that sounded ominious.

Jubilee brings up a hand, brushing it through her short, always-perfectly mussy hair. She draws in a deep breath through her nose, and kinda releases it through her mouth, kinda glancing in the way that Rachel went.

"I so knew you were a powers type, I could like smell it," says Jubilee.

She pauses a moment too, kinda poking at her slice of pizza.

"I was a mutant, I'm not really anymore. I'm a… well… I'm a vampire," she says, glancing towards Rachel. "Kinda crazy, huh?"

Blinking a bit at that word, Vampire.. Julia lifts both brows. "You are…" she pauses and studies you, "Serious." she adds. But she steps over between you and Rachel because.. Vampires get a bad rap. "I don't wish to be a bad hostess, or to insult you but.. for now, could you go? I need some time to process this, and I need to not have a vampire around my daughter as I do that." she states.

Jubilee pauses a few moments, as understanding kinda slides onto her face.

There was no anger there, only just a bit of… well.. Jubilee nods her head. Just once, just enough, those brown-red eyes watching Julia's face. "Well. It was nice to meet you, and Rachel too," she says, her boot kinda scuffing the floor as she sets her piece of pizza on the counter.

Stepping back towards the door of the apartment, Jubilee brings her hand up to kinda wave over her shoulder. "See you next time, ya?" she calls, casting a wink over her shoulder, before stepping outside. And outside, mild conversation.

"No, I /didn't/ sneak past you, and no everything is fine, just… oh my god, look!"

Yeah, the SHIELD guys fell for it. Jubilee makes her escape into the night.

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