Gone (Cutscene)

March 08, 2016:

Just when things couldn't get any worse… Melody has gone fishing! <3


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Fade In…

"Melody, talk to me. Tell me where you are."
"Dad, I'm fine. I got the message."
"You don't sound good. Are you eating? Is everything okay? Did something happen? Talk to me."

It was finally nice outside for once. Though that could be something regarding the weather in Wisconsin. Eagle River is where her family owned a small cabin set back away from the tourist spots that required a trail to get to. Where cars and electronics were abandoned even though there was a local wifi that was free to all who visited. But usually, most people would come out there to decompress from the lives they lead and the hassle that comes with it. The Kenway's were no different.

"There's really nothing to say Dad. Thank you for looking out for me, though."
"Look. It's a fathers job to worry about his daughter. Especially if she's all alone in the world out there."

Before it would have taken a lot for Melody to hoist her up upon the railing of the bridge. She's tried before. She lacked the will and the strength to stand at the ledge, even if looking down was a temptation. But she did it this time. Maybe it was because of the training with Deathstroke or her own force of will. Either way, she stood at the ledge, the tip of her toes dangling off as she stares into the black abyss that would lead her down.

"I know Dad. Just know that I'm alright. Leave my friends alone, okay? They're really good people and are only trying to look out for me."
"Did you call your mother?"
"I don't have the heart to."

Her hand clutches ahold of the metal railing that lines the bridge, a deep breath taken in as the wind hits her, blowing her curled hair every which direction. It almost sounded like a flag was in her ear, the harsh wind drawing a hand up to plug her ear until it passes. She was up high. So high. It felt like reaching the bottom would never come.

"Just know that we're here for you, Jelly Bean."
"I know Dad.."

It was now or never. Never seemed like an afterthought for someone unlike her would have.

She lets go of the railing, allowing the wind to take her. Her eyes immediately closing as she feels a sense of calm, peace. Relief. It was all over. There was nothing left.

"Be good."


The water thundered in her ears as the current snaps her back up from the water, her hands reaching for her face to wipe the bits of water out of her eyes. A thunderous roar is heard behind her, along with screeching of those gathered within the boat.

"You're fucking crazy Mellie!"
"C'mon! Get up here!"

Melody laughs as she's hoisted from the chill of the water, her swimsuit damp and her skin pickling from the cold. "Jesus tits! Fishing is gonna have to wait for another day.."

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