Where Rodents Dare

March 08, 2016:

Love is in the air as Chip romances Rose and they da— Okay that's not what happened. (Mild Language, cause we're gonna get into trouble!)


NPCs: Doctor Corben, Chip, C.C., Timmie



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Fade In…

Inside and underneath the Red Hook Grain Elevator secured away from prying eyes and ears of anyone beyond the clandestine operations of Doctor Corben and his path towards redemption.
Corben's recruits thus far sit in a closed in room of rusted metal, old steel that is worn yet thickened in lairs acts as a holding cell for Nadia Mercer a SHOC Trooper. Doctor Corben himself has already seen to her and Rose Wilson, the Ravager to ensure they are healing properly.

The Brain Box in Nadia is currently neutralized yet not removed. Just disabled. The lighting is dim, the scent is as expected, ancient steel, decripit walls, lived in close quarters without sunlight or fresh air. Ventilation is makeshift and only kicks on at night to keep the place hidden and private.
Privacy is key. No one down here wants to be known they're down here.

Nadia is unchained but kept behind a door that has open slides that have been removed. Each slit is about 4 inches tall and two inches wide starting from waist upwards allowing for visibility in to the room beyond. A makeshift jail of sorts. Standing there is that thin male with the glasses, an elderly fellow in a stained labcoat that looks like hes had a rough night of whiskey and the white skinned mutant Ripclaw.

"She is lightly sedated but another like yourself Robert. It is unlikely the drugs will last in her system long." The senior citzen states.

"Should be long enough. What about our other guest?" Ripclaw asks.

"Shes patched up. Her insides are no longer threatening to become her outsides."

Chip is quiet through it. He's had a good night relatively. From lonely trogolodyte to now having two women sharing his living quarters.

Patched up is something that is a common thing for Rose, and when she wakes up it is in a flailing that has her rolling off the gourney and to all fours. Literally. Hands slap the cold broken floor, knees simultaneously, but done so in a manner that a sloppy fall like that was absorbed impactually upon all fours and not needing the center, the part of her put back together like a doll.

Everyone has to get used to this aspect of Rose. Her history - she hates labs, doctors offices, needles, tubes…. Doctors. White lab coats. She'll keep her own mind and would rather bleed out most of the time. Thank modern tech for sedatives. She requires them (adrenaline junky).

Somewhere behind tightly sealed lips there's a whimper. It hurts, all of it, the lacerations and the laking of all abdominals until they start to mend. Eyes waver and when she exhales it shudders but hissing in she looks up, climbing the wall with the aid of one hand while the other… Well. She felt the breeze, so she's going to try to keep assets covered and ascend to her things.

A quick scan, inventory taken and she grabs one of her swords, drragging it along the hall with her and using it where needed for non-conventional purposes. In her other a glock from the rigging. At the pace of expiring elderly she is making her way from the room and towards the next where Corben and Ripclaw watch over Nadia.

Nope. Just. Nope.

Safety off.

Makeshift jail.

Call it a makeshift hell.

While Nadia didn't have any designs on being claustrophobic but the means to move around were short. Sedated or not, it ran through her quick per usual and she was already pacing. She couldn't see or hear them speaking, she wasn't focused on any of that. What she was focusing on is healing her own wounds as if she could use the power of her mind to do so and to walk off the stretch and tinge of her muscles with a careful pace around her small cell.

Pace. Pace.

She hates this shit. With a slow walk towards the door, one hand sticks out through the slit, feeling around for the air and back out again. Then in again, curling that clawed grip around the upward rim of the opening to give a sharp tug as if the metal would give way by her will alone.

Then back again. And a punch. And a kick.


Maybe a stitch was pulled.

"You will only hurt yourself doing that." Ripclaw informs Nadia.

"We're also not your enemies here." Doctor Corben's hand lifts up and he takes a swig out of the flask he had tucked in the front of his coat. A NYC ballcap on his head, scarf around his neck, hobo fingerless gloves… Very sanitary.

"We saved you or at least I would like to think we did. Tell me, do you remember your life before you became what you are now?" The tall broad shouldered man with the long hair inquires, stepping close enough to the metal door she could if she wanted to reach out and swipe at him. He doesn't seem to be afraid nor taunting her just breaching the zone.

Chip (thin man in glasses) clears his throat, "I put an old janitors outfit in there. I found it in one of the lockers. Sorry I didn't dress you but… I didn't uhm, wanna touch you anymore than I had to while you were naked."
Chip far enough back from the others is the first to see Rose.

The hand behnd her back is clutching that gown closed when she stands at the open doorway to the room. But the shift in stance has her driving the tip of the sword down into a crack in the concrete. When the warm wash of some sort of painkillers tries to compensate for the pain comes ver her, her pale skin goes flush…

Posture rights and the hand behind her back sweeps around to aim forward and then, /tilt/. Bitch is high and enough like an animal on her own that the pain is rage enducing still. And her OE IS FUCKING ALIVE STILL.

Not allowed. Right?

Even her head is slightly tilted but eyes squint and the blur refocuses enough she can clearly see Chip. "Hi. Rose. Need the big indian to move a smidge and the hobo to gimme some." A snapping motion of wrist and gun as if that would simply get the movements she rquired to make the shot that would end this all.


Fingers eject, pry and pull as she continues to tug out of the slot within the door. It was probably by a stroke of luck that she actually bends just a touch to look out and see the tail end of Ripclaw's lips moving. 'Doing that'. Was he talking about her? Was it her fingers? Her eyes immediately shift to the man next to him, especially since he lifts his hands and takes a step forward.

"But you keep me locked up." She says, her voice a far cry from normal, scratched and pained, mostly due to being ripped up herself. Did anyone see that gash upon her leg? Stapled shut, thankfully there was no puss to go with the glory.

Her eyes remain upon his lips as her head slowly tilts to the side, the only vision of her were fingers and a slitted gaze, a soft rumbling drawing from her lips as she draws away to only allow the flesh of her stomach to be seen, then down again to give a shake of her head. She doesn't remember shit. Maybe a glimpse or two of water. But after that everything was such a blur.

Not that she'd verbally tell them that, the shake of her head was all they needed.

Chip's movement causes her eyes to dash towards him, her gaze looking away to stare back towards the clothes that were left there and then to the three. Dart. Dart. Dart.

Her eyes were all over the place, watching. Studying. In fact, she saw a pair of feet that had her brows curling into a frown. Another doctor?

"I assumed as much. It takes time to regain your memories… some of them will never come back." Ripclaw replies to Nadia, "The only reason you remain locked up is for your own safety and it is temporary I assure you, we want you to heal and we wish to help you. Your spirit, mind and body have all suffered greatly at the hands of our enemies." Emphasis on that word is heavy. Emotion lies within.
"No hostility here, Ravager. It is unneeded." Crimson eyes settle upon the mercenary. "She isn't an adversary, she is a victim."

"Don't get ahead of yourself Robert. Not all of CyberData's recruits are harmless innocents."

"I'm aware."

A cheesy smile appears across Chip's features, "Hello Rose, Chip, it's Chip. I helped you in to the van and then… just welcome, you can help yourself to anything you like here… Mi casa es su casa… sorry if it's a little messy. No one around here really cleans… "

Rose watches, her chin tipped down and eyes staring over pale and stitched brow. The hand holding the gun wavering. She metabolizes fast, but nowhere near as fast as them. Enough to slow death down, or speed painkillers up and out'em. Making life a bitch. Her own eyes of mismatched hue dart from one to the next in hopping motions that give pause upon Ripclaw when he speaks.

"Victims." Snort. "Aren't we all." Name that movie.

But from Ripclaw Corben gets a look as well, thenn so does is flask… And between them - Nadia.

Weapon laden hand shakes and it lowers. "We'll see when you open that door. Then we finish this."

But Chip. Chip gets an incredulous look, a slow up down and then a small smile and barely audible laugh. "Thank you. Not worried about the cleanliness. Least of any of our worries." Snap-glare back towards Nadia.


The Crow.

The big white man was stared at, her eyes nearly unblinking until she finally does. A watch of his mouth and then towards the other due to the slight movements, back and forth.. back and forth. She was tired of this shit. She blinks and draws herself upright, a turn and stride away from the doors gives a clear flash of her bare bottom which was soon replaced with the shock of color that does not resemble her skin. She was getting dressed.

And then she was pacing, creating damn near an invisible groove upon the floor, only stopping to look at the slat and tug it again, one hand punched upon the wall and back around. She was becoming restless. There was no sense in talking to these people if she had nothing to reply to. Hell, half the time her deaf ass was in her own world all because she didn't watch.

But she could smell them lingering. The smell of bactine, lead filled water and sweat. Someone chose some good deoderant and someone smelled like rotted death on sunday. The smells were enough to give a FEELING that her wounds were stitching and reknitting. In other words?

Rose. Yo azz stank.

"Hey guys… I think shes not hearing us." Chip says distracted by watching Nadia's jittery actions.

"Sure she is. I disabled her brainbox temporarily she hears us just fine." Doctor Corben scoffs as if his talents could be doubted.

"No no doc, like, I think she actually can't hear. Like shes deaf." The techno-wiz-kid insists.

"That would explain a couple things." Ripclaw states, "I do not know much sign language. Not enough to hold a conversation." A wary look is given to Rose, shes volatile but not mindless. He can recognize a kindred spirit, she may lack the mystic side he has but she is very much of a familiar type. "Save your fight for when you're both healthy again and prepared. Right now, we're determining if we are true foes or not."

"I bet we can rig something up, Doc. You and me, we get the right stuff."

"Not important right now, Chip." Corben sighs and looks at Nadia, "Like my simple friends around me, you stay put and get better. Then you decide if you want to leave here or if you want our help in getting that thing." He taps his head, " Out of your body or both, whatever, I need a drink. I'm sobering up and this is empty." Flask tip, no drip.

Ripclaw only grunts and folds his arms over his chest. "Catch and release hotel now?"

"We promised we'd help anyone CyberData wronged this is how we does, right?" A sidelong sheepish sidelong grin at Rose. Man he knows nothing about her but its obvious hes already smitten like some teenage dork who just met the cute next door neighbor.

"AH HAH! EAT MY ASS, LITTLE DICKBAG!" A yell from outside the open door Corben is on his way out of. That was C.C. and what sounds like very loud video games.
"CHIP!! C.C. is cussing again!"

Chip, Corben and Ripclaw all sigh at the same time.

"She's either deaf, or doesn't speak english." Rose's voice is low but the glock is handed, one more to Chip and the sword is left impaled into the ground, taking one step in front of it, but not too far from her stabby cane.

"I am guessing the first or the stupid bitch would already be offended and coming at me? Right pussy?" But as Rose speaks her lips peel into a smile. "Because -most- who claim they sprechen leetle engleesh, sprechen quite a damn lot. Or enough that some of the insults I said have slipped through. If deaf, because of my smile belying every syllable, then…"

A glance to Ripclaw and a frown to Corben. "Share." Rapidly blinking back to stare at the door and slide down to a sit just before it she stares right at Nadia and this time talks deliberately.

"Let her out? Test it." But the gaming cursing on top of the impact of cold floor on bare ass makes her spine go straight and a smile reform.

"I wonder what he'd call me if I smeared him in PVP?"

Nadia spoke perfect english! Perfect in the way that it didn't have the proper phonetics and had her sounding like a damn near auto-tuned death rat with an attitude. Whatever! But conversations were largely ignored due to her ailment, where as insults that were tossed her way were met with silence and a back. She was still tugging on those ugly clothes and drawing her claws back so buttons could be fitted into their slots and her shirt popped as if it were fresh from the racks.

But it wasn't. She could smell the hint of laundered detergent and old man sweat from the dude who wore it last. Curse those noses.

There was a blind-spot, one in which they wouldn't see her at all. Save for the hand that pops out from that slot and a middle finger was given to them all.

Time for a Nadi-nap.

"Another… " Ripclaw remarks at the middle finger.

"Share, hah, get your own. You even old enough to be drinking?" Corben snorts at Rose.

"No, deaf, you can tell by how she kind of uses her eyes to take in more than just what she sees. Same concept as my robots and sensors… " Chip pauses, "I suppose I should program a language filter in to C.C., he is getting a little bad and probably going to pick up worse habits from… "

"That goes against your vision, Chip." A quiet comment from the larger man as he moves after Corben leaving Nadia to sleep. "Just teach them otherwise. Teach them it's inappropriate. Come, she still needs her rest and I am not sure any of this helped. We'll let her out tomorrow night."

"We should have what we need by then for the Box removal." One by one they file out of the room.

"Just because I don't smell like baby powder and moth balls does not mean I am underage." So, no letting Nadia out. Fine. Tomorrow it is. Sitting on the floor though is a bitch to get up from so when she goes to grab her glock back from Chip she grabs him too, her other hand grabbing the top of the sword and aiding in lifting her up without using her middle.

"Get my own? Okay." Well, guess people in pieces don't get delivery, and she needed to walk anway.

filing out of the room she heads back to the small clinic room, gets her stuff then heads for her own little room Ripclaw gave her.

Arms full, she gave up on trying to hold the gown closed and just sauntered on back to try and play 'rope the feet' with real clothes. All else fails she'll go teach C.C. more colorful words in different languages.

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