Own Worst Enemy

March 06, 2016:

Wolfsbane witnesses some mutant on mutant violence (emits by Wolf Cub)

A back alley in M-Town. Dank, dirty and at the moment, bloody.


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New York is a nice place in general but not everywhere. That's the thing with large cities isn't it? Especially around M-Town. The police have a generally difficult time in that area anyway and it's no surprise that the criminal element is out in force. Especially away from the lights and clubs on the main drag, an area which tends to not be so nice after dark anyway.

The panicked shouts of alarm echo through the empty Chinatown streets but there's no one to hear them. The meaty thunks of a crowbar on flesh suggest that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Wolfsbane's activity with X-Red has kept her mostly busy lately, nothing very noteworthy but still good things. Helping the needy, stopping small crimes, generally being visible around Mutant Town. She's patrolling late one night, a few blocks away from the more populated areas.

Oddly enough, there's no costume this time around. Something's being mended, and the wolfen mutant grabbed the first thing she saw in her closet, a shirt and leggings. "Remember no' tae shift," she tells herself as she watches from a fire escape.

The yells catch her attention, head snapping in that direction just as the sickening sound of the crowbar hits. "Och.." The race is on to get down there and deal with it.

If it sounds like someone's being horribly beaten it's because someone is. It's already an ugly sight as a pair of large green mutants kick, punch and strike a smaller man with three eyes who is presently curled up on the ground alternating between incoherant babbling and cries for help that are slowly getting weaker. Something gone wrong or just random violence? The two green thugs aren't stopping. They may not until the other man is dead.

The fact it seems to be mutant on mutant violence likely makes this worse for Rahne to deal with, because in a way it's more personal. "Stop tha'!" she calls out, soon as she's spotted the scene after rounding a corner. "Whit are ye doing?!" immediately follows. They'll have just a moment or two to respond, for better or worse.

"Fuck off, X-er." Apparently the fact that Rahne has been seen with X-Red has made the rounds here and they recognize her. Which would think would mean they know that she's not to be trifled with but as the thugs continue the increasingly likely to be lethal beating it's clear that they don't think that she's either able or willing to intercede.

The answer to that is a low growl. "Watch yuir mouth." Since Wolfsbane's arrival has not led to them laying off the guy, whatever he may or may not have done to warrant this beating (and what could he have done to deserve it?), she's moving to act. With two of them there, she leaps forward to use her momentum in hope of pushing one into the other, meaning to knock them off balance and give the three-eyed guy a chance just to cover up better.

The impact elicits an 'oooof' and the first green thug stumbles into his partner. "Aw'right you're asking for it." He turns to swing a big meaty fist at the smaller wolf while his partner brandishes that crowbar. All he's looking for is an opening and he'll apply it vigorously to her ribs.

Plus: their victim has an opening to scramble if he can, or at least get a little respite from the attack. Minus: as far as Rahne's concerned, there may not be one. These two don't look like anything special. The attacks are physical, no use of powers she's seen. Might this be a Morlock thing? "Ye're th' ones asking for it, an' I'm th' one who'll give it tae ye," she boasts, and as the fist is telegraphed she sinks under it to sweep a leg around in order to trip him up. Crowbar guy can just wait a second.

They're tough but they're not special nor particularly skilled fighters. Most mutants aren't, really. They're just people who look different and maybe have an ability like the power to abruptly spoil milk, or turn white paint spotted pink. Nothing earth shaking. Mutants on the X-Men's level are rare indeed.

They're still dangerous though. As the first one goes down and their victim scrambles up and away the second comes in with an overhand swing that has his weight and that of the crowbar crashing down toward a spot right between Rahne's ears.

The glint of a light off the crowbar ends up being the only warning Rahne has. He's moved in a bit faster than expected as she follows through with her tripping move, and only her reflexes prevent her from catching it where the mutant's aiming for. As she ducks, it still glances off a shoulder enough that she grimaces and can be heard to yelp, but as she gets her balance beneath her again she surges forward, wrapping her arms around his midsection, then driving him back toward one of the alley's walls. Just right, and hopefully it'll knock the wind out of him, maybe even cause him to drop the weapon.

"Ooof. Bitch!" Both his green hands come up and ball into one meaty wrecking device, then come down. Clearly he's hoping his size and weight will carry the day. That's really his only go to. His best move. He's not a fighter otherwise. He's just a thug.

The good thing is the crowbar clatters to the ground. Wolfsbane can take a punch or two, but better if she doesn't have to. He'll find her strength and quickness to be every bit his equal, if not more, and as she swings an arm out to knock his blow off-center, her other hand darts out to slam his head against the wall in hope of leaving him woozy. "I said watch yuir mouth."

The blow sends the second big green one stumbling to the ground but by this point her first victim has gotten up and is bull rushing her. Head down, screaming, a mountain of green rage. He's never met anyone he couldn't just bully into submission or beat because he was bigger.

He's about to.

Yelling is a very good way to spoil the attack. Rahne is left between the two, but she turns to catch sight of the charge forward. What does she do? Sidestep, making the other guy his target instead of her. If need be, she'll 'help' him along with a little push.

Aaaaaaaand right into the wall he goes which sends him out like a light and into a heap atop his partner in crime. The impact also knocks him out so that's two problems Rahne no longer has.

Criminals are idiots.

Which Wolfsbane as much as says. "Idiots." She reaches into a pocket to summon someone to round the two up, but the main thing she does - after ensuring the range of motion in her shoulder is normal - is to go check on the one that was attacked. "Are ye all right?" she asks, a hint of urgency in her words. "Do ye need a doctor?"

"Ow… no, I think they cracked my ribs…" So yes he needs a doctor. He looks in a pretty bad way. His face is puffy. He's bleeding. "I didn't want them selling drugs on the corner near our apartment." So they'd objected violently. That'd have gone poorly if she hadn't turned up.

Wolfsbane frowns at this news. "Ye should have called somebody," she says. It's not scolding, not chiding, just something that's easy to say in the aftermath of the whole thing. "I think they would ha' killed ye. I'll do whit I can tae make sure they dinna come back around here, but I'll help ye tae a clinic I know if ye're uncomfortable with a normal hospital." She's seen the extra eye. That could be awkward for some.

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