Raid On Lobotech

March 07, 2016:

Time to start depriving the world of Tech that otherworldly factions might want. LoboTech is the target today

New York


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You know, Jemma, when you said to me that May said you could come on these, er, missions, you didn't mention that you were going to be bringing May with you. The voice on the comms is wry and one that will be familair to May and probably the other person who's along for the ride.

The target today is LoboTech and the reason, for those who needed the short version of the briefing, is that someone with a lot of resources is targetting tech firms with research relating to high energy physics and dimensional theory. While no one knows quite why the fact is that those have a lot of weaponization applications. Those companies who can be spoken to about securing their tech have but some aren't likely to listen.

Which is why the former Hawkeye came up with the notion of stealing the tech. You know, to keep it safe. For national security.

And justice.

Anyway, the Lobotech research facility is a tower in midtown Manhattan. Actually it's two towers, side by side and connected by a bridge about three quarters of the way up on the 30th floor. The targets? Well, that's what Jemma's along for. To the extent that she's 'along'. Overwatch is a bit safer than other things the squint could be doing.

For all that Jemma does get out in the field, this type of work really isn't suited to her… she's nowhere near subtle enough, according to the archer who's wry tones she can hear in her ear.

"You were the one that called her Mother May, Ronin." the biochem is getting a little cheeky these days… "The tech we're targetting is on the second to top floor. In this case, it's a photonic crystal conductor that we're after. There's two parts to it, though. We'll need to take both."

No one said these heists … er missions… would be easy!

"The first part is the crystal focus, it's in a lab on the east side of Tower One, the second is the associated electronics. That's on the west side of Tower Two." It's probably best that the group splits up to recover the parts.

Sam Wilson has donned the older stealth Falcon outfit, its gunmetal grays and matte blacks as handy for sneaking around inside buildings as they are for reducing his airborne RADAR profile. Of the group, he's nearest the ramp that will allow them to exit their Quinjet, since he'll be leaving long before the landing skids make contact with anything.

He makes a quick adjustment on his goggles, then asks, "How's my visual feed, Simmons? I don't want us to miss something important because I assumed your photon torpedo inductor was a piece of modern art."

Just for that, May should make Falcon and Ronin to retrieve one thing and she'll get the other. In fact, that's a good idea. "Barton, Wilson, you're getting the electronics. I'll get the crystal." Her choice of mission garb is pretty much the same as her usual, though she's wearing a slightly closer-fitting jacket than the one that Jemma is likely used to seeing. That means no swords, and only a partial concealed arsenal this time.

Handing off the stealth-mode quinjet's controls to the co-pilot — who also happens to be one of Jemma's bodyguards — she moves toward the back loading hatch to open it as soon as they're within range. "We have to go in quiet, and Lobotech's buiding security is decent. Falcon, can you carry us both down to the building rooftops?" She knows that the former soldier's Exo was designed to accomodate extra weight than its pilot, but she's not sure exactly how much more.

'Ronin' is a man with a black and purple armored leather bodysuit with pistols and a bow. It's the bow that probably gives him away to Falcon since otherwise his outfit is pretty unusual. Well and his voice. His voice is familair. "Roof access is looking like our best option." His goggles are dispalying the data that Jemma is sending them. "Okay. Can you pull up the guard patrol schedules?" May will be handling her own self so he'll just worry about he and Falcon.

"Looks like our target has a nice window, though it's probably alarmed. Three floors down. There's duct work we could use, but the air conditioners would have to be disabled… I suppose a breach here is probably not something we want. I can handle the physical alarm systems Overwatch can't get but Falcon that means it's all you for the sneaky-sneaky swiping." He grins at the guy. "You going to be up for that with those big ole wings?"

The roof's coming up. Clint'll let Sam exit first, then head on after him. May's on her own from there.

"Photonic Crystal Conductor." Jemma sighs as she corrects Sam "Visual feeds good, Falcon. Probably best you don't take any fine art whilst you're there."

"Guard patrol schedules. Uh, right." Jemma scrambles a little to pull those up and send them through to the group. "Two guards patrolling each floor, each patrol seems to take fifteen minutes … and … " biting her lip nervously, she checks her screen again "The guards on the target floors have just started a round."

"I won't disable alarms until you're ready to enter. That way any chance of tipping the systems off will be minimal."

"Better my wings than that Robin Hood relic you insist on carrying around," Sam answers Clint with a smirk. Glancing at May, he nods once, the businesslike gesture tempered with a friendly smile. "The two of you should be well within my tolerances," he answers. "The Exo was designed for grabbing soldiers in full field kit, if needed, and God only knows how many improvements Tony and Mike have made since then."

He uses his gauntlet controls to activate an infrared overlay on his HUD, just in case there are guards posted on the LoboTech roof, and then extends one hand toward each of the others. "All aboard."

Once both have firm grips — there's actually a recessed bar built into the gauntlet for such things, to prevent overly dramatic close-ups of clasped hands slipping apart — he'll walk backward down the ramp and then hop off into the cold wind, relying on the Quinjet's momentum to give him an initial burst of lift.

His first stop is May's rooftop landing zone, and he'll drop her off at a brisk jogging speed. After that, he'll jet up and away with Ronin, then drop him off among the rooftop ventilation and security equipment like a fox airlifted into a henhouse.

May has to admit it, that was a pretty impressively tidy way to touch down on the rooftop here. Using that jogging speed to place herself out of likely camera range, and waits for Jemma's go-ahead to enter the building. Her avenue of travel between floors of choice: the wet walls. The open spaces where the building's plumbing has been routed. Everyone else always thinks elevator shafts and air ducts. She's seen Die Hard. She refuses to fall for that cliche.

Clint not only falls for the cliche, he owns it. Good luck you three. Simmons I'm headed for the alarm room to get the ones you can't hack. And off he goes, like a snake on a plane. Fury hates that movie, he understands. The archer has to squirm a little to make sure he doesn't knock the bow on anything. Not that he'd ever admit it but there are times being an archer is a bit inconvenient.

There are security guards in the building she can warn the others about. More than that there seem to be some execs working late. At least, they have nice tailored suits and a couple of them are carrying brief cases. Lawyers? Two of them are talking to a large, broad shouldered man near Falcon's target. That one Jemma can pull up easily. That's Maximus Lobo, the company CEO himself.

Things are no less odd near May's target. Security guards yes, but one of the researchers is talking, cowering really, near someone who might be some VP or other…

"Alarms down, May." Jemma's still chewing her lip. "Watch for the researcher in the room next to your target. They seem to be … being bullied." she thinks…

For Sam and Ronin, they get a similar message with an added "Do becareful please, Ronin." She's had his … LMD in the medbay a lot this last year or so. "Falcon, Maximus Lobo is near your target with a handful of execs milling around. Locations being transmitted now… "

After dropping off his passengers, Falcon touches down above his own target. He collapses his wings, then heads to the edge of the roof nearest his target, clamps on to the parapet with the talon grapple, and lowers himself over the side. Rappelling down to the right level, he pans his goggles' lenses slowly over the view of the interior, giving Simmons plenty of time to see Lobo and the people he's with. Sam is positioned just outside a wall, so he's hard to see from inside, but if he tries to get in through the window of the target room, he'll be seen through the window immediately.

"Bah," he mutters to himself, looking in the other direction. The neighboring room seems to be empty and unobserved, if his IR scan is to be trusted. With a deft manipulation of the electromagnets in his free talon grapple, he should be able to get the window open. Let's just hope Jemma and Clint really have those alarms down…

Ducking into the plumbing access on the roof and then climbing down the wet walls is quick enough work for May — there ARE times when it pays to be smaller than the average American female — and she ends up in the men's restroom closest to where the researcher and intimidating executive are. Is there anyone else in here? Possibly with a badge she can swipe?

It's late, so you wouldn't think there'd be anyone May can, er accost. However… there's a security guard in here. Heeding nature's call. Reading a magazine. He probably has a badage. And it won't be far to the other room. Where, yes, the researcher is still being browbeaten.

Clint drops into the security room right on top of the guard therein. It's not even a struggle. A quick rear necked hold and the guy's out. Ronin here. I'm in. Disabling the upper floor manual alarms… now. Overwatch you'll still need to play with the camera feeds. If there's another station watching we don't want Falcon and The Cavalry spotted. He's done his part. He'll stay here till they're gone and then reset the alarms. So they have a harder time figuring out what happened.

Sam's in. That's step one. Jemma can see Lobo moving off with his people but one remains behind, dipping into his coat to, of all things, light up a smoke in here. Oddly, no alarm sounds for that. Do they not have fire alarms here? Or is he just in a smoking zone… in the hallway? And what business lets people smoke in the hallways, even after hours? Either way, Sam seems to have wound up right in some junior exec's office. Well a shared office. Two desks in here. His target is just a wall away… and he's got complete freedom about how he's going to get there…

Simmons will thank Sam later, the images have all been captured. Whether they prove useful or not, is another matter. But information is power.

"One exec just outside the room, Falcon. Smoking, no alarms … " either that's because of something she and Ronin has done or … she checks the programming of the building system again.

"Feeds acquired, Ronin." She started that algorithm when the mission started "Setting up a loop track … and it's … done. Clear to move Calvary and Falcon."

Dropping into the unlit office, Falcon crouches with just one wall between him and his target. Unfortunately, while the walls between the labs are solid, the ones leading into the hallway are half windowed, presumably so that execs like Lobo can look at their busy underlings and feel important. This means that the smoking man, standing right outside the Photographic Crystal Erector lab, has a clear view of its interior. To get in without being seen, Sam is going to have to distract the guy or get rid of him somehow.

He looks around the office for anything he can use, then looks back at the guy smoking. His expression is focused for a moment, then he glances up at the ceiling and his face relaxes into a grin. Yeah, that'll work.

A few busy seconds later, the sprinkler system goes off. The smoker's cigarette is ruined, but judging by his face, that's the least of his problems. There are labs full of priceless equipment in here and his damned nicfit just ended with them all being dunked in water.

Never mind that most sprinkler systems work based on heat, not smoke. Technically, there's a little piece of plastic that melts and unseals the system. Or, in some cases, gets removed by an inconsiderate intruder looking to clear a hallway.

The point is: even if the smoker has all of this technical info about sprinkler systems lying around in some dusty corner of his brain, Sam's betting that his flat panic at how Lobo will react to the situation will drive the recollection from his brain. Not to mention his body from the scene of the crime.

Melinda May wrinkles her nose, but then to get the guard moving knocks on the restroom door before stepping quickly and silently to where she's out of immediate eyeshot. The moment the guard is similarly choked out and she has both a badge and a talkie for the building security. She puts it on silent (for now) and says quietly, "Ready to try for the crystal. How many people between me and the lab?"

The sprikler system certainly sends people for cover, along with Sam's odd little smoker. His way is clear. And the door flies open as a couple of late working researchers rush into the hall to see exactly what the hell is going on. Falcon can deal with those, right? The Lab is just behind them and there's no one else in sight. Easy for an ex special forces soldier like Sam.

As for May? Her answer is one. Because the researcher just fled. Presumably released by his tormentor the woman-exec-type in the Lab is, oddly, still in it. She's pacing. She seems agitated. But if she knows about May she doesn't give any indication. Her path has her moving from one room to another. There's a window… if she move quickly enough.

Jemma jumps as the fire alarm and sprinklers go off in Sams building, dislodging her headset and nearly knocking her laptop over. "Uh, that wasn't me … and that system wasn't enabled." she speaks hurriedly as she settles her headset. Poor woman, doesn't realise it was Sam.

"Just one, Cavalry." Jemmas scrambling a little, recovering from that little shock. "Female exec, alone in the room. Pacing … move on my mark and you'll slip in behind her."

No choke holds necessary. Sam just runs past the researchers, a handful of papers held over his head to keep it dry… and a lab coat flapping behind him. Yes, the handy lab coat! It doesn't just work for actors in toothpaste commercials; you, too, can enjoy unthinking respect from total strangers. Lab coats: like a degree in advanced science, but cheaper!

He just nabbed one from a hook in the office he landed in, and in the general confusion, he figures it'll be enough of a disguise to get him from room to room without too many questions asked.

Once he's in the lab itself, he starts narrating over the comms: "Okay, good news, bad news. I'm in the lab, so Jemma, you can start tagging the stuff I need to grab. More good news is that I made a bit of a distraction that should draw heat away from the rest of you. Bad news is that every guard in the building is going to be heading here really soon, so Jemma? Tag fast."

"Acknowledged." She gets as close as she can without being seen and the moment she gets the mark from Jemma she moves quickly to slip in behind the exec. Then, she's looking about the lab for the crystal Please be sitting out in the open. Please be sitting out in the open. Please be sitting out in the open.

It is. There's just one problem. The moment she comes in a long, drawn out voice from the other room says 'I can smell you……" The woman exec comes back into the room looking pissed and May can see her fingernails lengthening and thickening into claws. Uh oh…

Sam runs into the lab and the door swings shut behind him. No worries, it won't lock from this end. Jemma should be able to tell him what to grab, but she can also see the formerly smoking exec making a beeline for the lab. He's soaked. He still has a cigarette in his mouth. And when he hits the door it dents.

If Sams ploy hadn't been so damned ingenious, Jemma might have stern words for him! "I know, Falcon … " Jemma swallows and focusses again on her screen and the feed from Sams camera's. "The cylinder on the left, circuit board next to it." She lists four or five other items as he lets her see and then winces as that thud against the door and turns her eyes to the video feed. "Company Falcon. You've got all the tech. I'm opening the window behind you." beat "Ronin, Falcon's got company, what's your status?"

As for May, Jemma finally gets her attention back to the woman "Uh, Ronin? So does The Cavalry." Still… "Cavalry, you want the crystal in the cabinet behind that woman." Totally helping… right?

Sam glances over as the door buckles inward, then holds up one finger as he starts scooping up the stuff Jemma is tagging on his HUD in the other hand. "Be with you in a minute!" he calls out, as though he's being admonished to stop hogging the bathroom. "Don't worry about me, Ronin, I doubt this guy flies," he adds in an undertone. "Cav, you need a hand?"

Once he has the needed equipment gathered, which doesn't take too long, he's going to take a running leap out through that window, extend his wings, and swoop away to see if the rest of the team needs his help.

Great. Thanks, Jemma. May doesn't say that aloud, though. She doesn't say anything. Not giving this clearly not entirely human woman any intel to work with. She just maintains her Vulcan mask and pulls the taser batons from her sleeves. Let's see what you've got, sister. She also waits and lets the now-clawed woman make the first move, so she can get an idea of her fighting prowess.

"I'm fairly certain you're not supposed to have that. Put it down and this'll only hurt a little bit." The woman picks a fire extinguisher off the wall, one of those big, heavy powder types. "No? Fine." She flings it one handed like it's a baseball and she's a major league pitcher. Think fast May!

The one behind Falcon can't fly. Which is a good thing because that is most definitely an angry snarl that he hears behind him.

"I'm too far away Overwatch. Cleaning out the system and bugging out. Falcon, May might need extraction. Overwatch make sure they can't call out for cops. If they even try." Shutting off phone service shouldn't be too hard, right?

Oh no. Shutting down a phone system isn't hard … at all. That's just a matter of hacking the VOIP service and making a few minor adjustments. There… no phones.

The problem is the cell phones … damn things are prolific nowadays. Good thing SHIELD has cell dampners. With a few deft keystrokes, Jemma brings the cell dampening net down on the buildings. It probably affects some of the passerbys, but they'll just assume the local tower is down.

"Assist The Cavalry, Falcon. Window behind you is open." Jemma's fixated on what's playing out between May and this clearly not human woman. "Transmitting her coordinates now."

Looking to her co-pilot bodyguard, Jemma makes a decision "Get us closer enough to The Cavalry's location." looking to the other man, Jefferies, she speaks "Prepare for an extraction." May can have words about this later.

"One step ahead of you, Simmons." Falcon flies in a grand arc around the dual building, tatters of the lab coat he extended his wings through fluttering behind him. One hand goes to his earpiece and he says, "Cavalry, I'm ready to evac. Just get to an exterior wall as soon as you can and we can get out of this mess." He pauses, then adds, "Or let me know if you need backup more than a back door." He doubts May is in over her head, but he figures he should put the offer on the table, regardless.

Melinda May ducks down and toward the woman, like she's used to people throwing things at her. She's also aiming to nab the woman with at least one of her batons. Extraction would be nice, but not until she's got that crystal. Also, NOT letting Lobotech know that it's SHIELD that's infiltrated would be even better, thanks. So, yes, there very likely will be words later.

The woman's already moving toward her and much faster than it looks like she should be able to manage. A clawed hand swiped out toward her, jabbing quick, the motion ment to arrest any forward progress. She's clearly expecting May to try to go through her. The baton catches her and causes her to stumble, but only for a moment. It would have put a regular person her size down for the count. Still, the opening might be enough for May to slip by and get to an exterior wall for Falcon to evac. Falcon himself can see the fight with his IR goggles. This woman is running a lot hotter than normal. A lot hotter.

Ronin is back topside meanwhile. He waits for Simmons to swing by and then climbs on quickly. That's one aboard. Two to go.

"No, Doctor Simmons." That's Matthews this time. He sounds rather stern as Ronin alights "We will not go near that building…" he angles the plane to intercept the path they believe that Falcon will take… no, they won't blow their cover.

Jemma will pout. Later.

Falcon tightens his curve to a collision course with the building, then pulls up to brake at the last second. He hits solidly but doesn't shatter through the window, instead using one magnetic grapple to hold himself in place and the other to repeat the window latch trick. If May's on her way, he'll be waiting. If not, he'll come in after her.

Melinda May does actually move to slip around the woman, but she's still trying to angle toward the crystal at the same time. BUT, if she gets the woman to turn her back to the window where Falcon is, he can maybe take a shot at her with an ICER or something. It's a gamble, and it means trusting Wilson to make the right call on the situation without her saying anything aloud. She's not usually very good at trusting like that.

And now there's an opening. There's a window and… well May's back is to Falcon. Which means he can probably grab her. Which he'll have to because the next thing the angry clawed woman picks up is an entire centrifuge machine and undoubtely a very heavy one. She hurls that at May liek a baseball too. If it hits Falcon may have to play catch the falling May. Hell even if it doesn't he may want to just grab her.

"May, Falcon, get out of there." That's Ronin on the comm and apparently worried.

Finally giving up on the crystal, especially as the woman is throwing a rather large piece of equipment at her, May turns and with three quick steps throws herself out the window like trying to emulate the Greatest American Hero. You had BETTER be there to catch her, Falcon, or there will be words for you as well.

As May takes her dive, Falcon jumps off of the wall alongside her. He doesn't extend his wings just yet — some of the control surfaces on those things are sharp. First, he maneuvers in freefall, getting close enough to wrap his arms around her, then opens the wings and swoops away from the building.

That would be the end of it, but the man is trained in evasion and stealth. He dives through the nearest cluster of buildings, executing a series of sharp turns between them to confound any observers. Only then does he feel confident enough to rendezvous with the Quinjet.

"You okay?" he asks May. "That lady looked nasty."

The Quinjet manoeuvres, Matthews isn't quite the pilot that May is but he's not bad, and positions itself to intercept Falcon and The Cavalry.

Once the pair are aboard, the jet throttles away … never once letting on that it was SHIELD that had conducted that raid.

"Agent May!" Jemma nearly knocks her laptop over, snagging the headset cord on the arm of her chair as she tries to reach the pair that just joined them. Headset torn from her head, she observes the trio "Any injuries?" she asks before adding "Did we get all the tech?"

The Quinjet, in the meantime, wings its way back to The Triskelion.

There's a thwip behind Jemma and something latches on to the crystel. Something attached to a cable. As the jet pulls away the crystel comes with… with an arrow embedded in it. It's abrumpt departure trips the clawed woman and knocks her on her behind. Clint just grins. That one's for May. Okay we got what we came for. Let's get out of here.

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