Thankyou Butterfingers

March 05, 2016:

An unwanted visitor drops into Stark Tower

Stark Tower - New York


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As part of an ongoing investigation into something a bit… strange, Jemma has been asked to stop by Stark Industries with… a cellphone case. Which isn't hard given that she's at present living there. At some point she'll be able to return to her home but not quite yet. At any rate, there's a cellphone case that looks like it belongs to a Stark Phone. Same size and rough shape, a bit too thin perhaps. The logo on the case though says 'Stark-Fujikawa' which is… strange to say the least. It had been found on a man who was… also strange to say the least. A man presently in SHIELD custody.

Pepper was told to expect Jemma with an unusual item, and she's waiting in her office, freshly brewed pot of tea cozied and waiting. This phone case — Stark-Fujitsu? something like that — is concerning enough. She wants to get to the bottom of this.

Jes has no idea there is something strange being investigated, she just wants to see Lady Pepper. The coyote demigod's nerves are frazzled and her temper shorter than usual and Lady Pepper is a calming influence in her life so Jes has put together a new basket of herbal teas and fresh honey and arrived at Stark Industries. She doesn't hide her weapons outside this time, not after Zee's, she isn't going anywhere without her guns, daggers and holy silvermist mace again. So she's probably stuck down in security somewhere and losing patience but trying not to.

The phone case, yes. Jemma hadn't forgotten it in the excitement that she's had lately - really, she hadn't.

The brunette biochem has taken the opportunity to drop by her apartment, shower and freshen up before heading up to see Pepper. As she enters the elevator to get to Peppers floor, she chitters away happily to the AI "JARVIS, please let Miss Potts know that I'm on my way."

It's not long before the elevator opens to Peppers floor and Jemma is greeting Peppers assistant.

As fate would have it, Jesana and Jemma are arriving at much the same time. Which probably won't be as surprising to Pepper as it is to the two of them. She does, after all, have a lot of odd visitors. She even made some of them employees.

No, Pepper isn't at all surprised. She just smiles at them both. "Come in, make yourselves at home. Do you two know each other yet?" She promptly gets up to pour a cup of tea for Jemma, and looks at Jesana to see if she wants one as well.

"Yes! I have been here before. I know Lady Pepper, and no I am not giving you my weapons! I need those in case the demons show up again. Or some asshole cultists or.." Jes may not be reassuring despite trying. "Look, ask creepyJuh .. Jarvis! See he knows…" Jes fishes around her jacket and finds her fancy Stark phone and… it's turned on and starts talking while she just stares at it, holding it by one corner between her thumb and forefinger. The guards give her weapons back and send Jes with Dr. Simmons and she's so surprised by this further example of Jarvis's …Jarvisness that she barely notices anything else at the moment. When they exit the elevator Jesana is still holding her phone by the corner and just staring at it.
"Uh." Jes says stupidly and sets down the basket. "I know Dr. Simmons, Yes. I also brought you more tea. There's some mixed ones this time, calming, sleeping, energy giving, some spring mixes." After pressing the off button and watching to make sure the phone turns off Jes tucks it back into her pocket. Jarvis of course will just turn it back on but for the moment she's got actual people friends to focus on, not creepy internet stalker whatever he is.

"Hello Jesana…" Jemma smiles at the woman who joins her at Peppers door. "Yes, we've met, Pepper." in passing and at one point, at least, Jesana was naked …

Entering the office and taking a seat, accepting the tea that Pepper offers, Jemma places the phone case on the table and slides it over to the redheaded CEO … "That's the phone case I detailed in my brief. I'm sorry I couldn't keep the phone …" Pepper might wonder what happened that.

"Miss Potts there's a man at the front office claiming to be a member of the Lobotech legal team here to speak with you." JARVIS announces. "Shall I send him in?" That's unusual. Pepper doesn't really have any appointments for that and Lobotech hasn't been engaged with Stark except for the one time recently.

Frowning slightly at JARVIS' announcement, Pepper hands off the tea mugs then heads back to her desk. "Run facial recognition and give me a visual please." She waits for the image of the individual to appear, then gestures for Jesana and Jemma to come look as well. "Do either of you know this person?"

Brown eyes roll up towards the ceiling after Jes jumps. Oh right, he's in the building and not just her phone. She frowns. How is that even.. best not to go there. Technology and all it's wonders are a bit above Jes's understanding. She can turn her tablet and phone on and off and use a search engine but that's about it. She doesn't even have a television, though she's thinking of getting one for Frederick.
"What person?" Jes moves over to take a look at the screen. She also tries to bask in Pepper's scent without being obvious and creepy about it since creepy is clearly on her mind at the moment. So while looking at the screen Jes just kinda, leans close and quietly sniffs. Just being here in the office for a few minutes has calmed her considerably.

Jemma raises an eyebrow at JARVIS' words and moves to look at the visual. "They're not familiar to me, Pepper." She takes back the phone case for the moment.

"If this is a bad time, we can do this later …" she murmurs. Peppers a busy woman, she knows this and the phone case is likely to wait a little longer.

Pepper Potts shakes her head no at Jemma. "No, you asked to meet with me. This gentleman," And the emphasis she uses makes THAT word sound sarcastic, "didn't."

"Facial recognition yeilds no results. They are not in any public criminal databases nor have they been in the building before." Jarvis informs her. "Shall I send him up?" On the cameras Pepper can see a man in nice-casual clothing with a badge around his neck and a gauntlet on his arm walk in the front doors in no particular hurry.

Jesana eyes the gauntlet with interest but can't recall seeing the guy before and shrugs. "I don't think I've met him. I'm usually pretty good at remembering." Then again she hasn't scented him yet either and that always helps. She thinks though she'd remember that gauntlet in this case. "I wonder what he wants. Maybe it has something to do with your thing? I thought I was bringing tea and seeing Lady Pepper but I think a lot of things that end up turning out to be something else entirely." Oh the joys of being the child of a Trickster.

Pepper Potts narrows her eyes as the gauntleted man just saunters on in, but doesn't immediately comment. "Yes, please have Becca escort him to my office." No, he doesn't get the privilege of walking unescorted like the two brown-haired women were allowed to do. And, in picking Becca to do the escorting, she's told JARVIS that she doesn't entirely trust the man and wants someone competent on hand in case things turn violent.

"I do recognise that next man though, Pepper." Jemma murmurs, "Would you mind having him sent up as well? He's a Federal Marshal and was there when the phone was found." Whether Jesana or Pepper will remember him past this encounter, who knows.

As Becca moves to the elevator the man identified as the Federal Marshal walks up to talk to the replacement receptionist. He seems surprised when he already has clearance to head up, well, that's just how these things go when there's a JARVIS around.

It'll take a minute or two for the Lobotech Lawyer to get up there though. The Marshal seems like he'll only be about thirty second behind.

Jesana doesn't know what Pepper asking for Becca means but she can read the mistrust in her body language easy enough when it comes to the lawyer guy and so she takes up a defensive stance a few feet to the side and in front of the other two women. Despite the warmer temperature inside, Jes hasn't taken off her jacket or the sweater beneath. It's better not to show the still healing acid scars all over her chest, but boy is she ever glad they are healing. Having her money makers scarred would have been… well, not on her list of desires that's for sure.
"A federal Marshal? Really?" Jes seems curious. She hasn't met one before but she also hasn't done anything anyone knows about to get into to trouble lately so she's not really worried. Just wondering what he wants with Pepper. Or maybe Jemma.

Pepper Potts manages to not sigh. "Jesana, maybe it would be better if you sat down?" She gestures for Jemma to sit also, so they at least look like they've been here for more than just a few moments. She doesn't have time to school the coyote in proper business etiquette, and she hopes like hell that the biochemist can help her keep Jes from doing something … inappropriate.

The man who arrives in a grey suit isn't at all familair and there's something about him. The Lobotech legal time tends to be sharks. Smartly dressed with something vaguely predatory about them. Exactly why is a good question but this man isn't. And his suit is just… not quite as well fitted as the others Pepper has seen. It's the little things.

The elevator ding behind him signals Thomas' arrival on the floor but he's still about thirty feet away when the man reaches into his briefcase. "Miss Potts? Ah good. I need to serve you…" The thing that he pulls out looks like a little lump of silvery matter but quickly unfolds in wildly improbable ways into a small pistol with a glowing purple aperature at the business end.

"… some death!" ZOT

At Pepper's tone Jes falters and remembers she's very much out of her league her. This is Pepper's world and she's a guest. If there is danger then Lady Pepper probably already has it handled so she does just what Pepper asked and sits down, Jes even sits on the end of the sofa though she does turn so her back is against the wall and corner. Still, she's not on the floor like she usually chooses and even picks up a magazine to leaf through though it's doubtful she's actually reading it.
Clearly, she wasn't because she's looking up when the man pulls the pistol out and her resolve to let Pepper handle her own affairs mostly flies right out the window because the second that gun appears Jesana is leaping from her seat to throw herself right in front of Pepper. Mostly, because she goes to intercept the shot rather than try to tear the fellow's throat out with her still human teeth which is kinda her first instinct. Danger, kill it.

The moment the object the man has pulled from his briefcase proves to be anything other than business documents, tiny little Becca — the security guard that makes Jemma seem substantial — slams into him like a linebacker taking down a quarterback.

For her part, Pepper startles but instantly drops to the floor in a clearly long-trained response. Whether or not she's fast enough to avoid the ZOT though…

Jemma is just settling into her chair as the legal team representative enters the room. Taking her tea mug in hand she manages to spill it in front of her as she fumbles and reaches for her …. ICER … which she's not wearing, because she's in Stark Tower.

Thank goodness for Becca.

There's a mechanical 'rrrrrrt' sound that Pepper is familair with since it sounds like the servos of an Iron Man suit activating and Becca goes flying into the opposite wall and leaves a dent in the gypsum board. "HEY!" Sounds from down the hall and there's a blue-green blur that accompanies the very abrupt appearance of the gauntleted man who delivers a punch of his own and sends the other to the ground. Not that he'll stay. He's back up in an instant but at least his back is to the room now.

As for Pepper she's unharmed. Jesana, however, is not. That shot hit her square in the chest and dropped her to the floor. And it burns

Jes makes an inhuman whining sound of pain. Her ability to ignore such things isn't automatic and she just finally reached the "it doesn't hurt like a sonofbitch" phase after her last burn. She's so very glad whatever this crap is hit her instead of Pepper but if and when she can move the things she's gonna do that lying lawyer bastard in retaliation don't bear thinking about.
The coyote demigod rolls around on the floor keening for a long moment before shrugging out of her jacket and sweater to get the nasty stuff off of her if she can and see how bad the damage is this time. It's then that Jes realizes she still has her gun and that guy's back is towards her while he fights the Marshal. "C'n I shoot'em? Please?" Jes mumbles in Pepper's direction. She's really working on that self control. …Sometimes anyway.

"JARVIS! Full security protocol! Jemma, get back here," Pepper says while still essentially hiding behind her desk. Well, until she ducks out to try and pull Jesana into the relative shelter as well. Her words to the building's AI make her office a COMPLETELY different place. While the turrent that Tony had once tried to build in the middle of her office from pieces of her sofa never really saw the light of day, the smaller and much more efficient looking turret that pops down from the ceiling is by no means some silly timewaster gadget. Considering the servo-like sounds when the man threw Becca into the wall, the little turret under JARVIS' control doesn't hesitate to fire on the supposed Lobotech man. Amazingly enough, it doesn't try to fire on Thomas.

Jemma wasn't going anywhere, she was just trying to get her ICER and at Peppers call, she ducks under the table, crawling to look around the edge and see what Thomas is doing.

It's the sound of the servo's that gets her attention and she focusses on the 'lawyer', digging deep into a pocket and pulling out 'shocker disks' - if the turrets don't work, that's going to get thrown.

It's a good thing JARVIS is accurate, given that Thomas is essentially boxing with the be-servoed assassin. Who wants to bet that he's not actually from LoboTech? The turret blast knocks him off balance and Jemma's shock disk gets a yelp and the servos whine in protest.

"Oh you don't like electricity do you?" The Marshal snarls. "WELL HAVE SOME MORE!" He extends his non-gauntleted hand and lightning flies from it. Seriously. Lightning. Like he's a sith.

The effect is shall we say… electric. It doesn't take but a moment before the assailent is a smoking, unmoving pile on the floor.

Jesana crawls up under the desk and curls against Pepper while trying to make sure she doesn't get whatever hit her on the woman. She can't see the fight but that Marshal (marhsal her ass! who the hell is that guy??) and the Holy Fenris! Turret gun coming from nowhere probably have him handled. Then there's lightning and Jes shudders. She doesn't wanna get hit by that stuff a third time, nooo thank you. "Lady Pepper. This is not calming." She tries to keep the pain out of her voice. Really she's almost afraid to see what kind of damage was done. It hurts. So bad. "…it's quieter now. Think they got"

Pepper Potts says, "Jemma," Pepper says quickly and quietly, "there's a first aid kit in the drawer behind you. Stay still, Jesana. It'll be okay." It better be.

The little turret is now aimed at Thomas, and the British voice in the walls says distinctly, "Sir, please set all weapons on the table to your right and then step away." And, there are mosre security guards thundering down the hall toward Pepper's office as Becca is finally starting to stir."

"He can't …" Jemma says from her position under the table. "Is it enough, that I vouch for him?" That's asked of JARVIS and Pepper as she crawls out slowly and goes to position herself beside the Federal Marshal.

Some might question why Jemma has such confidence in the man, given the amount of time she's supposedly known him. Also, why on earth does she have shocker disks in her pocket and when did her aim get so damned good?

"I am a U.S. Marshal and this is now a crime scene." Thomas says to the… cieling. Clearly he doesn't know if he's talking to someone behind a camera or what. "I will most certainly not surrender my weapon. Stand down your turret and I'll pretend you didn't just point it at a badged officer of the Law and that it doesn't violate like eighty sections of the building code." Clearly he's not liking the posh British voice. JARIVS does tend to elicit love and/or hate reactions.

Jesana is staying still like Pepper told her. It hurts for one and the fight is over for another. He can't? what does that mean? At least it sounds like Jemma's been getting some self defence lessons. Jes is glad about that. She never trusted teh agents to keep up with the woman well enough.
Uh huh sure. Cause Federdal Marshals all go around shooting lightning. Jes keeps her mouth shut though. If he really is one then she doesn't want to draw undue attention to her…half naked self. "aw dammit." If that asshole wasn't already dead… These people had best hope she never gains the ability to ressurect their sorry asses.

Pepper Potts watches Jemma move to defend the gauntleted man and actually sighs this time while reaching to get that first aid kit herself. "JARVIS, stand down, please." The moment the 'please' is uttered, the turrent disappears back into the ceiling, though that British voise can't just leave well enough alone. "I do so under protest, Miss Potts." Upon hearing the foot steps approaching her office she straightens up enough to see the guards over her desk. "Rob, get Wilson here, now, and open up the medical suite. Dmitri, check on Becca and get her to medical." That leaves the remaining two guards to skirt around Thomas and Jemma warily to get to whatever's left of the attacker. Pepper will get Jesana to medical herself. Somehow. How bad is her injury?

"Thomas." Jemma nearly hisses at the man "That's not helping." She still remembers his ire from when SHIELD had tried to detained him and her associated embarassment at the follow up.

As the turrets stand down she turns her attention to the downed man considering whether to touch him or not.

The badge around the gauntleted man's neck says that he is a Federal Marshal, not the Jesana can see it. As for the asshole, he's not dead. He probably wishes he were, or would if he were conscious, but the sith lord act most definitely didn't kill him.

Immediately when the turret folds up Thomas kneels to brush the man's suit coat to the side. There's a harness underneath, of the kind the military is presently researching but most certainly does not have deployable. And a phone. One that Thomas turns around and looks at carefully. It says 'Stark-Fujikawa.'

"How did I know…" He mutters to himself. "Hello Jemma. Miss Potts are you hurt?"

Jesana crawls out from beneath the desk, very carefully but then flops over on her side. She's got a wicked laser burn across an already massive scar across her chest and she's bleeding and reeking of burned flesh. "owww." The demigod squints at the man on the floor and glowers. "Why.. ohfenris. why is he still alive?" If she has a few moments to push it aside then.. "I can walk in a.. in a.." Okay she could totally do without this lightheadedness. What was she doing? "Walking? somewhere?"

Pepper Potts follows Jesana out from behind her desk, first aid kit in hand. That laser burn looks WAY worse than the little kit was meant to handle, but luckily where her body might be starting to react to the shock of everything, JARVIS doesn't have that problem. As the two guards wait to see if Thomas is going to let them move the would-be assassin out of Pepper's office and Dmitri is already carefully picking Becca up to get her to medical, there's the sound of a different set of mechanical servos, accompanied by an almost questioning whine sound.

There's now a robotic arm almost bashfully reaching around the doorframe with a proper burn kit in its three-clawed hand.

Peering over Thomas' shoulder the biochem shakes her head "Hello Thomas…" she answers in her ever so britishly mild tone. Her annoyance is quickly replaced by curiousity. "Pepper, please, come and look at this." Jemma's distracted and will hope that the medics can see to Jes. "Look at the phone, that's what I came to see you about. And this harness… right now, that's in protype testing." Nowhere near as advanced as what Pepper will see.

The man seems to be a walking mystery. He's got a phone with a logo that doesn't exist, wearing high tech military armor that doesn't exist in its present form with a weapon that definitely doesn't exist. So advanced that even JARVIS missed it. And he was… here to kill Pepper?

"Do I need to call an ambulan- what's that arm?" It's got a burn kit. Why does it have a burn kit?

Jesana stares at the robotic arm blearily, during the times her eyes are open. "This. "This is what I get for telling Arrow to learn how to.. how.. to duck." Most people would be passed out by now or screaming bloody murder but Jes does things the way she was trained at least when it comes to injury. "Whatthehellisthatarm???" And what is Jemma looking at? Jes can't see over there and even she isn't dumb enough to try to go over at the moment. Seriously, she is *so* glad for her bodies ability to heal now. Eventually there won't even be a scar. If she can, you know, stop getting hit in the chest by burning things. Curiously the new and very intricately detailed tattoo of a brown feather on her right collarbone is undamaged though there's fading scars all around it.

Pepper Potts looks past everyone else and stands to step delicately around toward the arm holding the burn kit. "Thank you Butterfingers. Get back to the workshop now, before someone scolds you." The arm… chirps? back at Pepper and the robot can be seen trundling back down the hallway after Dmitri, clearly headed for the elevators as well.

Stepping back over to Jesana, Pepper opens the burn kit with the efficiency of practice. "Jemma, let me do what I can for Jesana first, okay?" First thing, painkillers. "Here, Jes, swallow these. Hopefully they'll help." Then she's pulling a palm-sized sheet of a gel-like material from a sealed package and setting directly on the burn on Jesana's chest. Yeah, gonna need more of those. Good thing this kit has like a dozen of them packed in it.

"I'm going to go call…" He sighs. Well at least he can get this one on attempted murder. Right. They'll go with that. "I'm going to call this in. And get an ambulance if you think you need one." And with that the Marshal steps outside, digging for his phone.

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