Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

March 06, 2016:

Spider-Man 2099 foils a hostage attempt; Hawkgirl looks on and invites him back to the HoJ


NPCs: Marsha and random co-workers



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Fade In…

Marsha Lipscomb was but a simple man.
Wait, man you say?
Yes. For some reason he said his mother was a hippie and was into that free love stuff is how he got the name Marsha. But if you take a close look at his birth certificate, he's actually a third. Marsha Lipscomb the Third Esquire. The esquire was added on at a later date paid hand over fist seventy five dollars to the DMV.

Carrying on!

Marsha was but a simple man. Led a quiet life, worked and practically lived on the West Shore tending to one of the community gardens that seem all the rave. It was mostly fenced off with barbedwire to keep the critters off. Far away from the rats and the roaches but prey to gophers and rabbits who'd want to chew on the vines for sustenence. Every now and then Marsha would prick his fingers on the metal just to see if he'll bleed quicker than most. Cause he always figured that yeah, he had some weird hemogoblin issue that made him all too special or if he strains just enough he might get mutant powers due to trauma.

Someone has been watching too much tv.

Though Marsha was a simple man he lived in his head a lot. Which sometimes leads to absent minded bumblings that would get him picked on by the garden owners and community leaders. Treated like a personal go-for and go-getter of coffee and food and often times kicked when he was down after a bad night of boose and the denial of hookers that he'd try to pick up on his dime.

Until one day. One day he just snaps. Marsha had a plan. Load up with all of the cheap-shit weapons you could find, don't care if it backfires, all into a duffle bag. He was frumpy, he always carried that bag around but this time? He sweats. Beads of it rolling off of his bald dome, just waiting for the right chance to strike.

'Hey jackhole..'
'Marsha Marsha Marsha!'

"THAT'S IT!" He shouted out, dropping his bag to quickly rummage through it with his fat fingers. Out comes a shotgun, double barrel and not sawed off. It had that extra kick that he liked when he was a kid shooting cans off the fence.


Allan Company (one day: Alchemax), NYC

"I'm sorry Mr. O'Mara, Tiberius Stone cannot see you right now." The receptionist says sweetly.
"Still? Well, you tell that jac…
"Excuse me?"
"Mr.Stone that joyous handsome man that Mike O'Mara waited for TWO HOURS again. I am fairly certain he said I was hired."
"Well, yes, you were the most qualified but he still has others to interview… "
"Uhm. Right. Okay. HR informed me I already had the job and I have yet to meet Mr.Stone and you're telling me he is still doing interviews?"
It doesn't take superhuman hearing to hear that the extra job interviews are going quite well, so well someone is praising god. "I tell you what, if Mr.Stone doesn't get a hold of me by the end of the day I'm going to meet with Mrs. Allan. The woman who hired me."
"Of course, Mr. O'Mara." More overly sweet tone. It's like burning honey. Face punch required!
Clearing his throat Mike O'Mara steps out of the office.
"To think that dill weed is my grandfather."
"Dill weed?" Lyla chimes.
"I heard it on the television. It sounds insulting enough."
"Yes, right. What do you want to do with the rest of your day, Miggy?"
"Takeover the world."
"Very well, where should we start?"
"That was a joke, Lyla. We're going to Sling."
within minutes he is doing exactly that. Black and red Spider-Man taking to the skies mumbling incoherently to himself.
"At least he is safe."
"Yeah and a jackass like Tyler and Kron. Apples and trees… "
"Shall I scan for crimes?"
"Can you do that effectively?"
"If we find a hotspot for wi-fi."
"So archaic."

"IN THE CORNER! GET IN THE CORNER!" Marsha shakes the barrel of the gun towards one of his bullies, a tattooed man who was as big as he was bearded and looked as if he came from a biker gang or a chain-gang somewhere on Riker's. It could be both, yet, by the way he immediately ducks and tumbles as the shotgun was aimed and fired would make another person think twice about the hardness of the man.

Marsha missed. All good and well, he got the point across, right?


"Shayera." Ms. Doney says from her desk, fingers tip-tapping away rather quickly as she stares intently towards the screen. "We have eyes on .. Spider-deux."
"Is that what we're calling him now?"
"Well, I mean. He looks like a cross between a.. Spider-Man and.. some evil guy. Like, maybe we should call him the Xenesthis and get it over with."
"There is a striking similiarity between this man's outfit and the arachnid."

Shayera turns slightly, leaning against the monitor with a slight, strong-jawed grin. "I hear a hint of disdain."
"Well, Shayera.. being frank. I mean it would be cool to have a Spider-Deux on the team but.. he ain't no shapeshift-.. nevermind."


"I'm tired of all of you! Picking on me! I can't stand it! I didn't do anything to you! I just wanted to be left alone!" *CHTCHTK!*


Lights were soon shot out and security feeds bring up the rampaging man, who stomps in place and holds out his shotgun arms akimbo. "WHADDI-AYE EVER DO TO YA HUUUHH!"


"Nine one one we have an emergency.. there's! HELP!"


Wi-Fi had been discovered and Lyla was patched in to the city. Spider-Man 2099 is latched to a tall building fighting off yawns when she sing-songs the police scanner. Actually sing-songs it. Which is disturbing but Mig is used to it.
"Lets get to it." A swing, a twist and a leap that turns in to a glide has him sailing quickly towards West Shore and the incident. Once there it's a matter of playing eye-spy.

Birds-eye view would show chaos. Marsha really didn't think this plan through. And would you believe as close as he was to the guard on the phone he managed to miss? Nope. It's believable. The console and monitors were destroyed by the buckshot blast that had the guard tumbling to the floor. The shack was small enough to house three other people so there was little room for him to manuver. But he held true, aiming the shotgun towards the man with a tilt of the gun towards the exit, which he soon follows after to kick the man back behind the knee caps to send him tumbling down to the ground.


Even though people still run to try to get out of the gardens and towards the ferry or, in general looking for a safe place, plants and vegetation were trampled and somehow.. someway, a pillar of smoke rises behind one of the outhouses.

One of the workers attempted to be smart, starting a fire in the back of the building with wood and compost, along with a cardboard box to fan and cut off the stream of rapidly building fire to form a smoke signal for the police.

'They'll see it right Charlie?!'
'Shut up and keep fanning!'


"Are you going out there Shay?"
"Sorry. Shay-Er-uh."
"By the time I get there, the chaos would be over. Which is optimal. I don't feel like fighting today, and me and this young man are going to have words."
"You're going to ask him to join aren't you."
"Because I heard you laughi—.."
"I'm done talking."

"Hostages… great." Leaping down and landing Spider-Man 2099 sticks both of his hands in the air and walks towards where Marsha is shouting orders.
"Hey! Badguy… " Little louder. "Can I come in!?" Gloved hands remain high and O'Hara tries to peer past one of the open windows or doors inside. Any attempt to get the man's attention from the civilians and on to him. "Just want to have a word."

S-Man's peering through the open windows only show a few things. The place was trashed beyond believe with people attempting to flee, dirt and potted plants overturned and a spot of blood due to someone being cut from the surprise of the gun blast. It was relatively empty, though he'd see a pair of eyes peeking from underneath the table, and a gloved hand that lifts from the darkness to usher him away. Run! Get out of here! Marsha is simply nuts!

But the assembly of hostages were outside. They were lined up, most of them somewhat at a half hunch, by then fingers laced upon their heads and crying. Marsha's stalking behind them, occasionally taunting one of the women with a barrel to the back of their heads, causing their screams to pick up as he gives them a half-hearted shove to put the woman and random people he taunted upon their hands and knees. In fact, it became like a joke.

One kick.
Two kick.

They scramble all back upright at Marsha's behest which makes him laugh with a full bellied glee.

And the smoke signals? They all but stopped. The two dudes who did all the fanning clearly got the hell out of dodge as soon as they saw the flash of black and red.


"Clearing Metropolis airspace. I suspect I'll be there in a bit. Taking a detour."
"It's Hawkgirl now."

Back to Marsha, who immediately stops in his taunting and toying with the people to stand behind big rough and tumble biker dude with the double barrel pressed to the back of his head.

"WHAT?!" Right when he was about to speak, his eyes wince, hands immediately start to shake which compresses just a little bit on the trigger. Thankfully it doesn't fire.

"Holy.. Sp.. SPi.. woah its Spider-Man! Spider-Man wants to talk to me?!" Yeah, dummy. You're about to excute an island full of people, especially at that close of a range.


The woman at the end of the line? She rolls her eyes and groans.

LOG NOTE: Forget pose before hand.

"HELLoooo!" Spider-Man 2099 all but yells trying to get Marsha's attention. "Yeah this isn't working." Oh nope. He got him. "Uhm, yeah, Spider-Man. How you doing pal? I see you're kinda not being so nice with your neighbors." Stepping closer he keeps his hands up where everyone can see them. "Why don't you let these people all wander off and you and I have a chat. You can even keep your gun."

It's not every day that someone decides to wake up and shoot and kill your co-workers and possible boss. But once that psychosis teeters towards the edge, all was just pure and fair game. And, its also not every day that a crime spree, or attempted for lack of better word, would get you face to face with one of the many heroes that this century has to offer!

Even if his suit looks creepy.

"Maaaan I don't know. Cause you really don't like.. look like a real Spider-Man. I mean.. your suit. Where's the blue? You know, red, blue.. spider-man.. Spider-man.. does whatever a spider can!"

The woman at the end of the row snorts loudly, enough for Marsha to direct his attention towards her.

"Oh fuck you Paula you know the words too!"

Shayera finally meets her mark, bag hung upon her elbows as she remains high in the sky. It looked busy. And it looked dire. But she was watching. Waiting. Assessing. Only when a shot is fired precariously towads a victim is when she'd react.

Granted, not the best way to handle things but you got to study a prospective member.. or detainee.

Back to Marsha, who presses the barrel harder into rough-and-stuff's head, his eyes squinting again as he lets out a sneeze. The sneeze jerks the shotgun upright which fires the last row of buckshots into the air, which has Marsha's eyes gone wide, and quickly shifting the gun back towards Tumble. Rough and stuff. The big guy.

"You ain't no Spider-Man, you look more like Xenesthis-Man.."

Above, Shayera's head begins to shake. At least these people kind of sort of know their arachnids. You kinda have to, working in places like these. Breeds all sorts of nasties.

"Yeah, well, that suit is in the dry cleaners." A shrug and as the buckshot goes off with the sneeze Spider-Man 2099 is dropping one hand to fire off a glob of webbing at the tip of it. A thin line running back to his hand.
"Gesundheit!" If he was Petey he'd probably be more talkative through all of this but he isn't. He graduated as Spider most likely to flip shit and kill something… since Kaine is probably a drop out.

"What? People actually let you do that?"

Yeah, Marsha was still in awe and a little bit irritated that Paula embarrassed him in front of Spider-Man actually came all the way out here for him. This was something new! Something that.. he could actually get behind.

Marsha. The worlds greatest villain, bested by Spider-Man repeatedly.

Tons of villains would endorse and actually use him and take him seriously. Cause he was just the one and single man that decidedly irritated the living shit out of Spider-Man into giving him a black eye. In which…

"LAWSUITS!" He shouts out, barrel of the gun lifted towards spider man and yet.. he just now realizes the steam that was coming from the barrel was not just spit or the tears from the enemies but a glob that has the double barrel locked from metal to person!

"I HATE YOU!" He screams, voice high pitched, finger immediately squeezing upon the trigger and..




Rough and tumble immediately gets up and scrambles away, the only thing seen was the stain upon the back of his pants as he ducks through the bushes in another dive.. the others soon scattering and possibly blocking the view of the gunman and S-Man, though he clearly points out his position as he actually HURLS the shotgun towards the masked hero and breaks out into a..

Embarrassing slow run, full of wheezing.. and flailing..

A snap forward and Spider-Man grabs the shotgun by one hand and plants a fist in Marsha's face with the other. Not enough to break the guys neck but he'll likely need a new nose.
"And thats enough of that." Spider-Man 2099 says as the meaty fellow races off. "Yep, run away citizens and you're welcome." Haste was required so dumby didn't keep trying to discharge his weapon while webbing was on it. That coulda ended badly for him and then he'd have to tell the world why he only has on arm.

With the gunman down Black Spidey starts to roll him up in a snug little cocoon. "Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days, when our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out.. " Miguel begins to hum. "Shockit! Stop playing that song Lyla. It's stuck in my head all the time now."
"Don't blame me. Blame the radio."
"Right, blame the radio. You're doing it on purpose. There is no reason they would play something that much thats stupid. It's like psychological sound torture."
"But it's so catchy."
Miguel sighs, "It is. I really need to stop talking to you on missions too. People are going to start calling me the crazy one. I'd rather not that be a thing."

Yeah, Marsha wasn't going to get a new nose. He really wasn't insured. In fact, he owes back taxes for the year of 2015-2016 for not signing up for health care and was currently being fined for it. Added to the long list of downers in Marsha's life. Though this one was the only upper.

Because as he lays back upon the cold, wet ground, sprawled out, disarmed and disabled, vision spinning and turning while the blood from his nose curls into his ears and into the ground to feed the burrows beneath the dirt..

He's found a purpose.

Villain-y! Here he comes!

Though, he was mildly mad. Maybe in jail he could get a little bit of cardio. Though, he is going to miss his junkyard chi-.. wait.. is he being wrapped up?

"DISAPPOINTED!" He shrieks out..

Which gives cue to Shayera's laughter. All of it, the entire scene was watched, analytics from her visor reading the feedback and display back towards the Watchtower and Halls of Justice, but as she heckles and cackles a clawed grip reaches into the back to take out a heavily… really, really messy burrito fit for the gods and kings that walk the realm which was chucked towards Spider-Man 2099 whether he as looking or not.

The row of sirens as they finally reach the isle was heard but that doesn't stop her from touching down next to the newly webbed man who looks up towards Shayera with a shriek and a quick pitter of feet that leaves him going nowhere.

"You're good." She says to S-Man. "Come home with me."

Somewhere in the Halls of Justice, there was a shriek of laughter from Ms. Doney.

"Oh man, you again?" S-Man says while casually catching the burrito, "Buying my affections with Mexican food? What if I was in the mood for Spaghetti today?" The Slinger launches himself skyward towards Shayera but doesn't make for following her, not yet. "Go with you where? I'm exactly ready to volunteer myself for interrogation."
The burrito does smell good.

"Oh man." S-Man says while casually catching the burrito, "Buying my affections with Mexican food? What if I was in the mood for Spaghetti today?" The Slinger launches himself skyward towards Shayera but doesn't make for following her, not yet. "Go with you where? I'm exactly ready to volunteer myself for interrogation."
The burrito does smell good.

"Oh man, you again?"^

"Isn't that how this is supposed to work with you earth people?" One brow lifts behind the mask but the gesture was gone unmissed, her own burrito taken up as she climbs higher into the air to rest upon the tree as she watches the scenes below. Her wrapper was peeled back and a bite was taken.. quietly smacked and a gesture. "If you want spaghetti you can have spaghetti." She gets right to the point.

"To the Halls of Justice." She states plainly. "Perhaps my way of asking you to return with me for the first time was a bit.. off spoken. However, remembering what you did that night for strangers and what you've done here and now gives me pause enough to ask you to join me. Us."

Chomp. Smacksmack.

"Besides, what the hell else are you doing with your life?"

"Earth people? You an alien? Who says I am not an alien?" Miguel counters. "Why to the Hall? Why can't we just talk here?" It's a void spot in his informational databanks. The Hall of Justice just doesn't exist where he is from. "What the hell am I doing with my life? Saving people, watching Family Guy, eating a lot of burritos lately. What sort of question is that? You hardly know me." He is following Hawkgirl though being lazy about it and sort of hanging back in his swinging and gliding.

Shayera was flying and eating. Helmet was soon pulled off to give breathing room as she remains nonchalant and practically non threatening. How could anyone look like a terror while holding a big ass burrito without the napkins.

"Because it's warm there."
"Because my wings will get tired."

For once, Shayera is showing the patience of a saint, even as brows wrinkle and her head tilts towards the 2099's version of Spider Man. "Of course, I hardly know you. But you seem -worth- knowing." Beat. "And this Family Guy." She was truly frowning now. "What is so interesting about watching a family man? Does it include violence?" She nearly trembles visibly at the thought. "Pulp Fiction contained a healthy amount of violence and gore and yet those at the Hall refuse to allow me easy viewing of their creations to further my education.."

"Probably because you keep calling people names Sharyera. Like the bendy guy. Pretty sure you called that guy a cunt like fifteen hundred times." - Ms. Doney.

"I dunno. It's funny and educational?" S-Man states while he's taken to just gliding beside her. No swinging or wings required he has future-tech hidden inside of his outfit. "Whats the deal anyways? I've looked you up. If you're an alien why are you playing superhero for this world?"

"I don't want to see it then." Shayera was done with that.

His question draws her to finally wrap the burrito into its foil, dumping it into her other palm to keep safe as she flies. Arm lifts to wipe a bit at her face, her fingers drawing lines upon either side of her lips. "It's a long and complicated story."

"To sum up. I was betrayed by my own people and left here to rot. And these humans were kind enough to allow me to remain here and call me their family. It's part and parcel to most of those who find themselves marooned here. We find that these people, no matter how squishy.." She smirks. "..sometimes need it."

"Your loss. The baby cracks me up." S-Man replies, "So you're superhuman foster care? Nifty. I don't really have any designs on being part of some big happy Super Freaky family or am I ready to be part of a Boy Band if that's the next pitch… although from what I seen on the news about your roster you guys are more like Destiny's Child." Spider-Man 2099 mid-glide uplifts both hands like he is raising the roof and sings a little, "All the ladies… "
"Yeah I do my research."

"There is a baby in the show." She says with finality that sealed the deal from her ever watching the show or even considering it. For all she knows is that those little meatsacks sit there and cry yet there was nothing funny or hilarious about the banshee wailing they create.

"Foster care?" Her frown was obvious. Though it wasn't sad. But it was a not'so'bad way of describing the operation. Her head even bobs, agreeable to that term. "Who is Destiny's Child?"

"Too much Django Unchained, Shayera."

Mentally, someones going to get punched once she gets back into the HoJ.

They were clearing the bridge that connects New York to Metropolis, the high peak of the Halls of Justice in the horizon, and the war torn Hells Gate not too far off which seemingly has a cloud of darkness surrounding it. Even still, looking at that invokes a hint of PTSD within her, and her wings ruffles and she drops altitude just for a moment. And then it hits her.

No poles were in sight and he was actually flying.

"Then don't. Or do. From here on out it is your choice but you will be watched. Not just by us. But by all the eyes that this world encompasses." She gestures towards the HoJ, veering in that direction. Speed casual, as well as pace. "But for the night. Rest. Shower. Relax. Meet Hans who will prepare you a feast of your choosing." Under.. as she said.. watch.

"I can do all of that in the comfort of my own home where I can sit around in my boxers without judgement. You keep insisting on a shower, do I smell?" S-Man taunts her but follows then drops to a stop in front of the Hall of Justice. "This place looks like a museum. Your clubhouse is kinda boring, Birdy."

"You haven't even really told me whats up. Is this a date? Because if you wanted a date I can think of better places to go." A look around and Miguel releases a low noise. "Pretty just… out here isn't it? Aren't you guys afraid of badguys just knocking on the door?"

"And you can do all of that here. Rent free." Incentive! "And yes. You smell like outdoors and man sweat." Beat. With a land upon the ground, her wings fold but do not disappear within themselves, the burrito unwrapped again with the need to take another bite, her eyes looking up to the tall doors as she places a hand upon the surface to give a push and open.

"In a way I just did. Or in fact, you told what was up yourself. But you're not looking to join Destiny's Child any time soon and I'm giving you the opportunity to look and see."

Beyond those doors is a hub of activity. Surely the halls are grand and borderline museumish, but if his eyes were as fine as they were he could hear that there were deeper secrets that lay beyond the walls.

"And we're not afraid. Never will be. Besides. There is one hell of a view that I have to show you."

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