Metropolis Meetup

September 20, 2014:

The incipient group of strangers that Koriand'r knows is pulled together by a teleportation accident

Various Locations, Metropolis

A series of locations in Metropolis


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"Oh I missed!" K'tten says to the rest of the crew. A misfire on her teleportation? One by one several of the motley crew of newly found 'friends' begin to appear on the top of Crown and Goldman International. Those blips of unatural light indicating the arrival of each one.

This is one of the taller buildings in Metropolis and it gives a wonderful view of the cityscape itself, not as great as hovering hundreds to thousands of feet above in a starship but still, a lovely view. It's just recently rained the glass covered city is more reflective than usual and the setting sun only adds to the atmosphere. It's pretty. Loud still, because most who work nine to five are going home. A monorail screams by several stories below at a near breakneck pace, a horn somewhere else blows, a car alarm, sirens, all and all a peaceful night for the City of Tomorrow.


Diarmuid materializes with a grunt, his spear rested casually across broad shoulders as he drops to a kneeling stoop forward, as if he is just about to lose his lunch. It's more akin to that sway someone in an elevator does when they're trying to collect or not get sick. You'd think an Otherworlder would be used to portals and teleportation of the magical, technological or other variety.

"Bleh, I should not have eaten so much."


Jericho clearly had been sitting down when teleported. After the teleportation is finished there is of course no chair, so he ends up sitting… a couple feet lower. "Ow…" He looks around, blinking as his eyes light first on Kori then on Dairmuid. "Ah…"

The hacker picks himself up and stretches. "Well this is one way of getting a breath of fresh air." Jericho is used to teleportation. Thankfully. So his recovery time is a lot faster. "What's up Koriand'r?"


Skaar appears with a grunt, the com device on a hand. "Hrm, this is not the ship," he grumbles. He assumed the ship, but the truth is no one explained him what was this about yet. Surprisingly, he has changed his kilt by a black t-shirt and cargo pants, both adquired in New York's Mutant Town, made with oversized mutants in mind. He kept his boots, as Earthling shoewear is not up to surviva the impacts of mile-long jumps like those boots made with the skin of alien armored predators.


Lunair likes baths. Sometimes she likes fancy baths. Today, though, is a shower day. You always feel pretty safe in the shower. Singing, inspiration, zen moments. Showers are one of humanity's little joys. The smells of fancy soaps, soft lotions and …

Her mind turns to later plans, as she reaches for a towel. She has to buy textbooks online, maybe a nice, new jacket, look into something and then suddenly - Well, thankfully she had grabbed a towel before the teleportation went down.

Lunair feels a bit dizzied for a moment, clutching her towel to her and. "… wait, what." And Skaar's right there and. Stare. She looks like a box of googly eyed cat plushies exploded. Just goggled and mortified, really.


Starfire treats it like normal because it is. At least for her here and especially as of late. from one spot to the next she is always coming and going to gather 'friends', or visit them and it has been enjoyable, even in the ADD moves that they are becoming. So for those that were present and that she could locate willingly she simply hovered and waited, keeping just above ground as Diar began to waver and try to regain. Staying at a safe distance in case…

Pupilless gaze of emerald turns towards Jericho and the Diar, noting the others as they drop in, one by one, her tawny huen shoulder rising and falling at his inquiry. "I figured we could all go shopping, get coffee, biscotti - because it's delicious, and perhaps come to a conclusion…" Seeing Lunairs… perdicament though Starfire cannot empathise, but she does land by the woman and clears her throat… "Allow me?" At least until they can get to the shopping!

Did we ever all agree on our desires. It has been hard to get us all in one place… At once."


The spear whips around and places butt to ground as Diarmuid leans forward shoulder planted against it as everyone else becomes visual around him," Whoah, danger?" He questions before blinking at the sight of a near nude Lunair, "Woman flesh!" The man shouts out cheerfully and points. A grin worn. At least he says it with a praising exclaimation!
Really he assumed their summons meant trouble was afoot.


The hacker blinks, takes off the long coat that he was wearing to cover his traces and offers it to the towel bound lunair. Given that the woman is smaller than him, it's probably a bit comical on her but… better than being almost naked around a man named 'The Love Spot' he's quite sure. "Shopping? Biscotti?" Jericho blinks. "Um… what were we to discuss?"


Skaar looks up at Starfire and opens his mouth, then closes it. He is not sure if he should be angry at the woman or amused. Lunar plight makes him frown, and Diarmuid's comment helps nothing. "You watch your mouth," he warns.

Jericho manages to save the situation somewhat, and he earns a nod of approval. Then he folds his arms and looks around. Unsurprisingly they are drawing a lot of attention. Starfire even more than him, since she is flying. They are going to be all over Youtube in minutes. "This doesn't seem a good place to talk in peace," he points out.


He'd just gotten back from Seattle when he's aboard. There was a slight hiccup with the teleporter, but then Roy Harper arrives, in a beam of light, followed by a muttered curse. "Damn! I swear, the teleportation beam just -freezes- every atom before it finally settles down…!"

Flashing a look at Starfire, followed by a glance at everyone else, Roy's lips quirk in a half-smirk. "I see you didn't give much advance notice either. Maybe, call first, Kori m'dear?"

The others he nods at, pausing to whip off his jacket and offer it to Lunair. It'll have to do for a bit.


Poor Lunair. She really wasn't expecting that. Thank goodness for towels. She looks to Starfire, "Hm? Sure, sorry," She looks apologetic. The towel is held onto quite like it's made of gold and chocolate and kittens all at once. She is bright red from blushing, even with the blush reaching to her ears. And then Diar makes his comment and she kind of shies back. "E- er- uhm. Yup…" She just manages a weak smile. That's her alright. Cough. Awkward. And then a look to Jericho. "I'll have it cleaned and give it back," She promises.

At least she's now in a long coat. And a towel underneath. She still has no idea what a love spot is. And then Skaar speaks up. Aww. It's hard not to melt a little. Internally. If Lunair melted literally, it would be a real horror show. But thankfully, she just sort of looks shy and abashed. "It's um, good to see you all. Thank you. Biscotti? That sounds nice." And shopping with Starfire could be interesting. She goes quiet to listen.

… well, maybe she has TWO jackets now?


Jericho might save the situation with the offer of his trenchcoat, but it was not one that she would look 'poorly fashionable' in. A low glow of those starbolts comes at her hands just as she reaches for Lunair, the towel made /less in quick order, even a small spin of Lunair's form as Stafire -rips- the middle of the towel out, quickly catching the two separated falling bits of towel to bind and tuck them upon her. So a towel turned into a mini-skirt and a bandeau bra of sorts, the rest burnt away and ripped aside, now overlain by…coats.

"Guys, it is summer time still, nothing wrong with a show of enjoyment in it." Glancing at Diar Kori smirk, then slowly settles them towards Skaar. "Why hide? If these are the people we seek to help, to step forward for… They need to see us and know us. I can't hide, nor can you… Why bother?"


When Roy requests a warning Kori just smiles at him. "I am spontaneous. You should know this by now, and I think we all should get used to eachothers quirks. Punch eachother for them… Whatever. So, shall we go to the ground and do our reveal???"

(Of shopping, eating, drinking, and possibly basking? Oh goodie! Metro is doomed.)


"Shut your troll mouth or I'll shut it for you. It's all in good jest, I am no threat to the Knight-Maiden in any manner." Diarmuid snarls and those gleaming yellow eyes flash.
Drawing himself upright the Warrior maintains his lean on that spear only removing his irritated gaze from Skaar once Roy arrives. "All are gathered but the one. Is this the beginning of a quest… what is a reveal?" Impatient seeming as ever the man looks from one face to the next then below. "Surely this gathering has enemies we can strike out against. I grow weary of chatter."


Jericho folds his arms, his traces now quite visible since his tee is short sleeved. He doesn't bother to point out that he hides because people want him dead. He's going to be scrubbing the internet for hours tonight. Oy. Hopefully no one has to learn first hand tonight why he's as reclusive as he is.

"So… shopping then? Or discussion?" He's not sure which is more intimidating.


"The answer," Roy says after simplifying matters by lowering his jacket and offering it to Lunair as a makeshift skirt, "is simple. Whatever the Alien Princess With the Spaceship that can teleport us into space wants."


"I don't like getting stared at," replies Skaar, staring back to the crowd. LOOK: STARING BACK PUNY HUMANS. "Or crowds." Well, or most people. Skaar is not a social animal, okay? "But whatever." He looks back at Starfire and ignores Diarmuid, "I am willing to listen."


And then suddenly, starbolts! Her eyes widen as her towel suddenly becomes a miniskirt and a bandeau bra. "… that is really cool. Thanks!" Her eyes are wide as dinner plates. "Did you want your coat back? I can probably wear the shorter one. Thank you both," Lunair is grateful for the jackets, at least. "And it is summer time," She agrees with a faint smile. "Ehm." Although, Lunair seems less keen on showing. She looks apologetic towards Diarmuid and Skaar.

"Well. Wherever you go, I'll probably follow," She offers quietly. She looks to Skaar, and tilts her head. It probably is tougher when you're tall and green as he is. For her part, she listens for now.


No warning, no words from K'ttn, from the roof to the ground they are right beside a vendor and plopped amonst the shopping and milling Metropolians(?), Starfire casting a beaming smile to Lunair at the joy she gets from her ripped and modified towel. She did do fashion for a bit afterall, though you could not tell by her own armor that served as nothing fashionable nor seemingly reinforcing, but it is her way.

"You're always hungry, try an Italian Beef with those hot peppers!" Star states to Diar and then leans closer to the street vendor. "Lots of peppers!"

Skaars looks to the people get Starfire looping her arm in his, that sunset colored skin, fiery red hair a contrast against the green. "Let them stare. Ignore it.. I've needed my own reminders sometimes." She states, glancing to Roy with a small smile.

Jericho gets a small laugh and a bat of lashes. "Can only women do /both/ at once? If we stay a group… I know of others, they name themselves… Ideas?"

The vendor hands the pepper loaded sandwich to Diar now.. "That'll be 5.50 bud.

"My own foes are not easily tracked. They are from worlds beyond or nameless feebs I care not to remember."


Diarmuid lets out a thoughtful noise, "What of you? I ask again do we have enemies? This sundry lot of jesters should have amassed a mighty horde to wage war against by now. It would only be worthy."
A pause. "Or we can go find some beer." Then he has a sandwhich thrust at him, "This smells of awesome and I am not yet poisoned from other food you've bestowed upon me… "
The man goes quiet and complacent for the moment as he begins to devour the offering. Possible incoming ADHD warrior mongrel crisis averted. "It's whatevs. We go where we go but once I finish this, perhaps we should seek out some adversaries. Our band should not go unchallenged."


Jericho would pray that perhaps someone would make Dairmuid get it, but he suspects he's rather got too much demonic in him for it to do any good. As Diarmuid ignores the vendor, the hacker hands him 5.50. Fortunately he had a pair of quarters in his wallet. "Names for a group, mmm?"

Its an odd question. It hadn't been decided in Jeri's mind that there would indeed be a group though it was starting to look more and more like that. They're a fairly, eh… motley group of people though. Two aliens, a man out of time, a socially awkward mutant, an archer-spy, Nancy and himself. Not exactly the cast of the A-Team here. On top of that they all came with… issues.

"A name… I'm not sure to be honest. We're a fairly mixed bag."


Spy wasn't the word for what Roy was, exactly. Intelligence agent. Looking back towards Starfire, then Skaar, Roy smirks. "That's easy. Just take it as your due for being stunning specimens of… whatever you are."

The sandwich sub is met with a curious look, followed by a "I'll take an italian sausage sub," as Roy reaches for his own wallet. "As for names, it doesn't really matter. Could be hot stuff, for all I care."


Skaar tries not to appear too amused at Lunair and Kory's attitude, because really, in his experience something horrible must be happening somewhere. It probably has very large teeth. Being upbeat and positive does not work for him. But then again, he would be happier with something to smash.

"Yeah, we are a bunch of outsiders, uh?" He agrees with Jericho. "Do we have any common cause to become warbound?"


Huh. Lunair smiles back at Starfire. She has to work on emoting properly. But she tries. And she seems a little amused by her nickname of Knight-Maiden. And watching Diar and the sandwich guy. She listens. "What kind of foes? Like, magic ones?" She asks to Diar. "That sounds pretty intense," She considers. Then he's distracted by sandwich. Well, she'll have to remember that.

Lunair is totally A-Team! If A means Awkward or something. She's a formidable foe. When she's not playing catlike and tormenting her foes for her amusement or being non-lethal. Wait. Her wallet. Oh geez. A weird look crosses her face. Her pants. Her wallet. is in her pants. Oii. Nevertheless, she smiles at Skaar. "I dunno. Sometimes white vans try to cart me off. Tranq darts really are annoying," Handwavehandwave. "Or something." Oh dear. Still, Lunair seems much cheerier. "But I'm bad at names. We're a plethora of people…"


One by one Starfire is learning what gets each person to calm down, or the 'shiny' that distracts the war-forged magpies. Diar is food, Roy is women, she can only guess Lunair's would likely be a large new gun that has even newer effects and big bangs, Jericho is new technical advancements… Skaar… Whackamole but unbreakable?

"We have enemies, every planet and every person does, but we also have time to ourselves. Geeze guys, pocket the maleness a tad." Star wanted to smash up some people just as bad, not gonna lie, but she has learned to kill time and wait for the perfect moment, or use eachother.

"If you can /chill/ and make it through this with us Diarmuid, I will challenge you to a duel if a -foe- has not presented themselves yet…" One by one she will fight with each as well eventually so they truly get to learn eachother.

Stopping at a window she looks at the outfits on the headless mannquins and wrinkles her nose.

"This is where your kinds clothes get me. How old should you be to wear…" A polo shirt, sweater over the shoulders, and khaki shorts to the tops of knees, but the necklace was about the only nice part, though a string of tacky pearls. "Stuffy." A slow stride though as some stare and others move as if this is normal, a mom and child in a stroller stop, the kid reaching out to point with one hand, the other bearing a Superman toy, smiling. Either way people glance and or stare…

"Outsiders… I like that."


"Oh yes, coin." Diarmuid says as Jericho pays for him, "Many thanks, … dude." Not sure if he remembers Jericho's name and not wanting to insult by calling him one of the first things that comes to mind. It's just the Spearman's way and him not spouting any of that nonsense out is his way of showing some measure of respect or gratitude.

Then Jer calls him a bag! "Careful your words, friend. We are not yet so close." This is said around a mouthful of sandwhich while on emphasis he taps the pommel of the short sword (worn light a fighting knife across his lower back more than like an actual sword) THEN he pats Aspect on the shoulder. He'll learn to chill out eventually, clearly he's making strides.

"Hot Stuff? I am not unfond of this. If it means as I think it does." He asks Roy and tries to not show any of his interest that perks at the word 'warbound' that actually had some meaning. It's the language he speaks but it's from Skaar's mouth. He's shunning Skaar right now. Perhaps later he will find a way to approach the troll in dialogue without going for one another's throats.


"I will not be called Plethora of People. It sounds offensive." Lunair is informed as the last bite of the sandwhich disappears past the tall man's white teeth. Hard to tell if he is joking or not. Since it's a very odd grin that shows off sharpness. Yeah, He's weird.

"Accepted. I will not pull a punch on a princess like you, Starfire. That would be insulting as being called a Plethora."


Jericho rolls his eyes. Someone needs to put Dairmuid in a bag. The bag of cats, which currently contains none because someone has let them all out. "You're welcome. Enjoy." Good food is good. At least Dairmuid remembered that paying is a thing. That could havae been awkward later on.

"Hrm… Outsiders… The Outsiders…" The hacker muses. "I could get behind that yes. Tell me a condition of joining isn't letting K'tten dissect me." Though, provided it's not too pokey, he might be persuaded to let her prod his cybernetics.

"If you two are gonna fight you're going to need more room." The dynamic Jericho is really interested in watching here is the one between Lunair and Skaar. Of note: There is one.


"The Outsiders isn't horrible," Roy notes as he gets his italian sausage. That it smells like grease, onion, peppers, and spices is all the better, because it meant -crisp- delicious sausage, enwrapped in a delicious, delicious hoagie roll. Pausing to savor the first bite, Roy happens (yeah, right, happens) to wander over to Kori so that she can get a good, healthy whiff of what a genuine, from-the-stall sausage sub should really be like.

"Also, there will be no fighting. If you're going to fight, I'm gonna teach you thumb wrestling -or- arm wrestling, and you can decide who's faster or stronger, depending on which you pick. No cheating," Roy notes, as he regards the two warriors. "Or we can just throw you out in the middle of a desert somewhere if you prefer. But no fighting in cities."


"We…" Skaar sighs. "Yes, it will have to wait." But not for long. Just the human cities are too flimsy. Instead he looks at Lunair, "if you are uncomfortable without clothes, cant you just summon your armor?" It is not as if she is going to draw more attention than Starfire.

Wait. Outsiders? That was an observation, not a suggestion! Damnit. He is going to get blamed for that idea eventually, he is sure.


Lunair looks to Diar. She pouts faintly. "I… it's a group, I think." She then looks amused. "I suspect you're in trouble if you're a whole group," She remarks. Lunair is a bit hard to pin down, or maybe she isn't. Her own urge to fight is likely neatly suppressed for now. She seems to be pretty well mannered for what she is, after all. Who knows, really? Maybe she's just a bag full of cats in a teenage girl suit.

She looks to Roy, then hms. "Outsiders works," She nods. "And ah, I'd have to see that. You guys are super strong."

Then she looks to Skaar. "People might freak out if they see me in armor. Also I might've been kinda flustered," She admits. Lunair looks sheepish. "I mean, I would probably at the least, get pulled over by a cop in armor. Still, I guess you're right." She smiles up to Skaar. She doesn't seem ruffled. "Although, Princess Kori went to the trouble of shaping the towel. I'l stick for now." She has trouble keeping up socially sometimes. But she does her best. She looks to Jericho. "I don't think anyone is getting dissected…" Someone has a phobia.


As Starfire comments on their clothes, Lunair pauses. "I get cold. That's why I like them. or to express myself."


Starfire releases Skaar from that arm locked grip, ignoring the ugly clothing in the window now to leeeaannnn on over and steal an onion off Roy's hoagie wrapped goodness. Both brows raise as Diar speaks, chewing first before she even responds to him. "If you did hold back I'd call you a Plethora, amongst many other things. Jericho did not.."

Glancing to Jericho then she grins and then exchanges a look between Lunair and Skaar. "Did you poke him with your Big Ass Gun and spur him into a fight already?" Her question does not seem surprised at all.. "Did anyone capture it on film like those guys that fly above and filmed us?" She points up and rotates her arm a bit in emphasis just before she stops outside the coffee shop door and tugs it open for them. Hopefully they have a giant booth to fit their…/larger/ company.

"Outsiders coming inside, we'll need a lot of biscotti…"


No sound from Diarmuid this time even at Kori's words. Having dropped in to no talking mode means he is probably just taking things in and trying to figure out his surroundings. Also drowning these people out a little with his own mental noise (or lack of). He's said as much as he as he generally does in those few bursts until something else comes along and inspires him towards chatter.

Boring. Kill stuff. Booze. Fight. Boobs. Hunt. Watch Cartoons. Repeat.

Hazel is definitely the brains of the operation, wherever she is right now.


"Well… instead of doing armor," Roy interjects, eyeing Lunair. "You ever consider just doing like, kelvar weave, only in lace? I mean, it's not impossible, right? Or you can get a load of Kori's armor, and do -that- instead."

Eyeing the onion Kori steals, Roy lifts his sausage hoagie. "Well here, Kori. Have a bite of my sausage."


Getting out of the sight of the puny people in the streets works for Skaar. Almost as good as punching Diarmuid (soon!). He is not sure about this whole… group thing. Why do the others think it is a good idea? Must be a human thing that Starfire has learned by hanging out with too many humans!


Lunair blinks. "… Uhm. It's possible, in theory. I'd have to play with it. And I think I'd do so in a place where losing clothes wouldn't get me arrested," She points out to Roy. She looks to Starfire, quietly amused. Then her eyes widen. "A-ah! No, I haven't hit him at all… I'd probably get whomped if I tried to fight him," She admits. But she will cheerfully linger with the present company for a bit.


It's all Jericho can do to just fold his arms and say nothing. He's not the only one who sees all the innuendo right? With Lunair and Starfire about this should be a very interesting, very, very short experiment. Before either Skar, Kori or Dairmuid kills someone. Hey! At least no one is (accidentally) picking up on him.


Diarmuid reaches out and snares the sausage biting it in half and handing it back to Roy. "Many thanks." He says rather coolly unconcerned in their walk and his own actions. "Simply had to taste test for the Princess. It is save and will not harm you." Also he's a glutton and this is some new era of food for him.


"Oh, by the way Jericho, K'ttn will only dissect your tech, Depalo is the geneticist. You're fine!" She swears! Starfire even makes the 'cross her heart' gesture awkwardly and pauses just before she slides into a seat, looking at Roy's sausage before it vanishes and is tested by Diar… Staring at it and…


"My hero.." She states as her head hangs and the fiery red locks veil her face. no it is not defeat… her shoulders shake with the silent laughter as she just sits herself down and says nothing more then, "Cafe Mocha, whip cream, sprinkles, cherry." To the now very confused looking waitress who never announced herself just stood there and stared.


"K'tten I might let do something. Deplot… uh… no." Jericho shakes his head with a laugh. "So… this is it then mmmm? I'm on a team with you folks?" The hacker is silent for a long, long while, observing his erstwhile companions. "I've worked with much worse. Count me in, then. As it happens I could use some help with something."

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