March 05, 2016:

After months of pursuit, the Bushwhacker is finally apprehended.

Hell's Kitchen

Clinton NYC


NPCs: Bushwhacker



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If a prostitute can be harmless, Miggy is about as harmless as it gets. She's been working this part of the Kitchen for 6 years and has learned enough to know how to stay clear of the police and make a decent profit. That she's a mutant is only marginally noticeable. Her elf-like appearance helps get her jobs with clientele with a certain flair for something different.

And so when the tall man makes his way down the alleyway, she thinks nothing of it. Her steps echo in the alleyway, clicking and clacking towards the tall man. As she gets closer she can see he's wearing some sort of hood.

Things have been… interesting. Between the Institute and the Avengers, Peter's not sure what to make of things considering that as far as he knows, Harada and that other group are still hunting him. Interesting times indeed in the meaning of the Chinese curse. Feeling the need for some down to earth, quiet drinking time, he makes his way to that shitty hole in the wall bar where he ran into that lawyer guy.

The lawyer guy is nowhere to be found. Not tonight anyways. Because tonight he crouches upon a gargoyle, 30 stories high. Behind his crimson mask, his eyes are closed. Daredevil has tracked the scent here; the same scent he tracked when he was shot a few months ago. The same scent he's been tracking for months.

2 blocks away, in the alley, a dim light shines on the tall man's face. Miggy takes a step back, noticing interlaced scars upon this man's face. Horrific and monster looking, he snorts, and pulls an oversized arm out from a cutaway pocket.

Her scream gets the attention both of Daredevil and of Sting.

Peter Stanchek stops to look around, searching for the source of the scream. He sends his mind out, searching, and flinches as he almost immediately gets a lock on her panic filled thoughts. Getting a fix on her location, he lifts into the air to take the shortest route available, in this case over the buildings.

Just as Sting clears the buildings, he notice the hulking right hand of THE BUSHWHACKER, taking aim at Miggy. The former priest and 'beneficiary' of some genetic alterations has kept a low profile recently, especially after he was almost caught by Daredevil. But now his insatiable need to kill and his desire to rid the world of mutants one at a time has taken over. The compulsion is just too much.

Miggy is running away from him, even as he takes aim. He fires. But by the time the bullet leaves his arm, a red whoosh from above has already swept by and whisked the woman out of the way!

Peter Stanchek is getting a running account of what's happening from Miggy's thoughts as well as even less pleasant ones from the psychopath and some vigilante's as well. Yes, interesting times. He lands in the early, throwing a shield up around him. "You've got really bad timing asshole."

"Could say the same about you," says the Bushwacker as he turns around slowly to face Sting. His arm looks grotesque. Almost as if a gun was grafted somehow inside an arm. It bulges in odd spots, oozes, and smells. "Who the fuck are you?"

Peter Stanchek makes a face as he catches a whiff. "You didn't actually agree to having that done, did you? Cause that's just insane and kinda makes me feel bad about hurting you. Not a lot but just a little. Can't have you going around hurting people though."

"Shut up," he replies before leveling the arm at Peter. As if in one motion, the arm fires a large round at Sting's shielded body. Daredevil, however, didn't realize that. So even as the round hits Peter's shielding, the crimson clad Man Without Fear is arriving just a hair too late as he tackles his foe into the pavement.

Daredevil's thoughts let Peter know he was coming and what his intentions were. But there wasn't really time to let him know there wasn't any danger to him. So he's just standing there when the two collide. "Thank you, that wasn't necessary though." He reaches out to take the bullet that's floating there. Normally, he'd have let it bounce off the shield but there was just one and it could have hurt someone. "I can take care of him."

"Seems that way," Daredevil says as he gets to his feet. The distraction, however, proves to be advantageous to the downed killer as Bushwacker swings his gun in a wide arc from down below. His target tries to dodge but got moving just too late. A glancing blow hits just at the ear and sends the red-clad vigilante into the brick-side wall!

Bushwacker's arm is yanked behind his head and he's dragged by it toward the alley wall. It lifts him up against it till he's dangling off the ground, shouting and complaining the entire time. The man's thoughts have no redeeming quality so there's no hesitation. There's the sound of crunching and cracking and lots and lots of screaming as the metal parts of Bushwacker's arm get crushed into very small fragments and start filtering out his finger where the bullet came from. Peter just stares at him through it all.

Bushwacker screams as his arm, for all intents and purposes, or at least what's left of that arm anyways, is crushed. He falls toward the ground, whimpering and trying to crawl away. Daredevil, meanwhile, pushes up from against the wall and gets back to his feet with a frustrated exhale. "That one is going to hurt in the morning."

"Oh, he'll have medical attention." Peter assures Daredevil as he releases the villain to let him fall. Because he's not finished. He's taking his time for this, getting deep in the man's mind to erase all memories of himself. As far as Bushwacker knows, he tried to kill the girl, Daredevil intervened, and somehow his arm got crushed. It wasn't Daredevil, he doesn't know who it was. That done, he starts implanting commands. Strong willed people tend to resist them. That probably goes for murderous sociopaths too but the command doesn't have to last long. Once he's got a solid foothold, he says "Get up. Go to the nearest police station. Confess to every crime you've committed that's a felony. Answer truthfully anything they ask." He could have just implanted them but this way Daredevil can hear.

"I was talking about me," Daredevil says dryly. Amazingly, Bushwacker quits his crying, gets up, and walks away after Sting lets loose of the verbal commands. After waiting for him to leave, Daredevil turns to the young mutant with a tilted head. "Magic? Meta? Mutant?"

Oh. Well, there's nothing Peter can do about Daredevil's aches and pains. He doesn't bother watching Bushwacker walk off, quite sure he'll be doing what he's told. The command only needs to last a few hours though it should do so longer than that given the complete lack of mental training. "Psiot." he answers then amends "Mutant." It's still not natural to think of himself that way. "Daredevil right? I read about you."

"Don't believe everything you read," Daredevil says with a bit of a chuckle. "Thank you for the help, by the way. I've been following that guy for a long time. There are quite a few people in this part of the city who will rest easier now."

"Yeah, I pretty much figured that. His mind wasn't fun to wade around in. But if he's convicted on only a quarter of the crimes he's guilty of, he'll be locked up for life." Peter states. Shame the state doesn't have a death penalty.

"Do you do this sort of thing a lot? Step in and protect those who need protecting? The girl, Miggy, she's not innocent, but she didn't deserve what he'd have done to her either. I know I said it before, but thanks."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." Peter says, responding to the worry in Daredevil's thoughts before he shrugs. "Not really." Though joining Captain America's team kind of puts the lie to that. "But I heard her and felt her panic. I couldn't just not do something."

"I wont either," Daredevil replies as his lip turns over in a snide grin. "I'm sure she's grateful. She's not a bad person, once you get past her night job." He looks down the alleyway and reaches for his billy club. "You know, Father John at St. Patricks…" His words trail as he's offered the same sort of help before. Never hurts to go again, he imagines.

"Nothing wrong with prostitutes." Peter says. "It's more honest than an expensive dinner." He glances down at the bullet he's still holding them tosses it to Daredevil. "Here, in case more evidence is needed you can take it to the cops." They can't exactly get a ballistics match now. Father John? "What about him?"

Daredevil catches it out of the air and slides it into a hidden pocket of his red outfit. "I'll pass it along." Daredevil nods, "Warm beds, food, and help for people that are hooked."

Oh. "I've got a warm bed, plenty of food and I"m not hooked on anything." Peter assures him. "Though I am about to go get a drink. You're welcome to get changed and come join me. I'm buying."

"I'll have to take a raincheck. On the job, so to speak," Daredevil says. To the comment about all of things Peter has, Hornhead just nods and lets it go at that."

"You punch a clock?" Peter asks thought it's not a serious question. No, just bad guys. "Okay, suit yourself. He why don't you give this to the girl." he suggest and reaches into a pocket to pull out a fistful of bills. He gathers a few hundred in twenties and offers them. "She needs to go calm down somewhere safe and this way she doesn't have to work tonight."

"Well, I do a lot of punching, I suppose," Daredevil says as he half turns. But then, as Peter offers him a wad of cash to deliver, Daredevil doesn't reach for it. "She won't be far," he replies. "I'm sure that if you hurry you can catch her." With that, he fires his billy club up towards the fire escapes and bounds upward.

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