Welcome to Xavier's... or not

March 04, 2016:

Rachel is brought into the X-Men underground base, and meets a few X-Men. But she is hardly welcomed to the mutant sanctuary.

The X-Bunker

High tech mutant base


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It is early in the evening when Nate, Laura and Rachel finally get to one of the backdoor entrances to the X-Men underground complex. It is a few miles from the school, and only slightly closer to the mansion. Likely, not the setup Rachel remembers. "So yeah, some distance. Really, don't see much the point, it is still in the grounds. I guess someone seeking to attack the X-Men won't endanger the kids at the school. In theory. If I was Villain McEvil, I would attack the school and ambush the X-Men as they show up to help them. On the other hand, if the Blackbird explodes, or the lab explodes, or the Danger Room goes crazy, the school is too far away."
As he talks, he is telepathically contacting the X-Men on grounds. Betsy first, he knows her. Where is Jean? Not at hand, but he notifies her too. Emma, of course, not that he can hide Rachel from her - besides, Emma seems to have the most common sense among the X-Folks. McCoy? Sure, why not? He will probably verify this is a different Rachel with SCIENCE! methods. And Doug, because he is visiting and he might be useful later.

Betsy pauses midway through a stroke of her charcoals on the heavy paper, eyes flickering at the message coming in from Nate. ~Nate, I didn't quite catch all that. With -whom- are you arriving?~ she inquires telepathically. She's already moving, setting her charcoals aside and going to the sink in her suite to start washing the dust from her fingers, and then reaches up to absently tug at the scunchie holding her thick purple hair back in a loose ponytail that reaches mid-back.

Rachel takes the simple fact that she's not fried by whatever active defenses the X-Men's base of operations has as a good sign. And Nate's right, it's not what she remembers, and was half expecting. But she already knew that she'd jumped across realities as well as time. She thought she was prepared for the differences, but they're still jarring. "Distance is good." She replies to Nate, not really paying that much attention to his list of complaints about the designers' strategy. She's still half of the opinion that she shouldn't be here at all.
Still hanging at the back of the trio, she gets a sudden sense that Nate's powers are active, even though he doesn't share what he's doing with her. "What are you up to, Nate?" She asks, a bit suspiciously.

A quiet shadow follows after Nate and Rachel, as X-23 allows Nate to do all the explaining. Sure, X-23 could explain what's all here (at least the portions she knows of), but it'd likely be a very short conversation. Plane. Danger Room. Monitoring Equiptment. Etc. Either way, while the trio is on 'safe' ground, as it were, that doesn't stop X-23 from keeping an alert eye upon the areas around them. She'll even go so far as to scent the air every few seconds, to see what she can smell.
It's only after Nate finally slows down in the talking department that X-23 will say, "It is safe here." Althought that's more for Ray's benefit than Nate's, it would seem.

Beast received the message and, despite being not terribly happy about the situation, he makes his way to the location he was given. He'll give Nate that,. at least — bringing her directly to the Institute could have been a huge mistake and cause even more trouble.
Seeing as the location is a hike away, it might take him a little bit to get there…

~ Pardon me, Nathaniel? You say Rachel is here? Of course. I will be a few moments, but I am on my way. ~ Emma replies when contacted. Of course, she is actually in the school right now, in her own rooms with a suite. "Pardon me, Senator. I am afraid I have another call I simply must take. The alert says it is from one of the operating managers at one of my plants. If it would be convenient, could we arrange to resume this call some time in the next week? Whatever would be convenient for you, please let my assistant know."
Once the video conference ends, Emma locks down the system in her office and steps out, walking into her bedroom and the rather substantial walk-in closet there. Five minutes or so later, changed into something a bit more X-Men-ish (but NOT quite X-Black-ish), she exits her rooms and heads for the elevator that leads to the high-speed connecting line to the base. "Ah. Good evening, Elizabeth. This will be rather interesting. I have not seen Ms. Summers in quite a while. Hopefully she is feeling better." WHAT?! No one explained multi-dimensional people theory with Emma. It's just not a thing for her. OK?

"Just checking who is around," replies the young telepath. "Scott is not on the grounds. Neither is Xavier, it seems. Jean is busy…" some are replying with laconic 'okays, see her later' or even 'who is Rachel?' Typical.
So Nate leads the ladies to the meetings room. In part because there is a coffee machine there, and also communications equipment. Besides, there is not many other places to meet people. Maybe he could have used the Danger Room to set up a tropical beach. Next time!
By the time the others arrive, coffee is ready. Some are going to need it. Particularly those not familiar with the Summers-Grey's bad time-jumping, dimensional-travelling habits.

Rachel's already learned that when Laura actually speaks it's worth listening, but despite the reassurance she offers Rachel still doesn't wait for Nate to answer her question. While she's pretty sure he's actually on her side, she knows he's been a bit economical with the truth so far. Rachel's eyes go distant as she reaches out with her own telepathic powers, to find minds already turning in her direction. Including two telepaths powerful enough to make Rachel back off without even trying a scan of her own. Blinking once, her eyes focus back on the others in the room with her. The level of tension she's displaying has ratcheted up a notch, but she's obscurely relieved by Nate's list of names who aren't coming.
She has no idea how to handle meeting people who look like her parents.
Once inside the meeting room, Rachel takes the offered coffee but doesn't sit down. The closest she gets to it is leaning on the back of a chair for a minute, before she starts pacing again.

The full length of the meeting room will be walked by X-23, as she mentally memorizes the items within the meeting room, as well as checks everything out. Eventually her quiet footfalls will take her back to Rachel's side for as long as the red-headed woman stays still. Which is to say, not that long. Still, Laura will stay where she's at, as she watches Rachel pace off some of her nervous energy.
"They will not hurt you." Comes X-23's rather flat voice again, even as she repeats her last remark for Rachel's benefit. "It is safe." And that's about as much as Laura can 'comfort' someone, as she splits her attention between Rachel and the door now, waiting to see who enters first.

The proper completion of that turn of phrase is '… if you don't [try to] hurt them.' Warm and cuddly, Emma Grace Frost is not. But coldly precise and polite she most definitely is. Once the line ends, she emerges first, glancing at Elizabeth and wondering what the other telepath is quite up to. Rather than waiting, she simply murmurs, "I'll see you inside?" and walks off towards the meeting room.
When Emma enters, she pauses at the door, glacial pale blue eyes sweeping the room and those within it. "Ms. Summers. Ms. Kinney. Mister Grey." she offers by way of introduction, and then steps inside and walks towards one of the available chairs. She apparently sees no need for an oral liquid stimulant right now, so she passes on the coffee. "Good to see you again, Ms. Summers. I hope you are feeling better?" Those words from Jean would be welcoming, warm and gentle. From Emma, they are simply coldly precise and rigidly polite. But they are offered nonetheless.

Beast arrives not long after Frost does and steps into the chosen room. Golden eyes glance between Rachel, Laura, and Nate before he offers, "Good idea not to bring her here. It's probably best that she stay here until we can figure a few things out…" such as what might happen if she shows herself in public. Maybe people forgot. Probably not.
Crossing his arms, he finally offers, "You've caused a lot of trouble, Ms. Summers, but I commend you for coming back to face consequences. It speaks up for your character. Granted, I have no idea what those consequences may be."

Betsy pauses outside the door, a few steps behind Emma. Perhaps unaware of it, she's concealed herself in a swathe of shadows, emotionally and psychically— even Xavier might be hard pressed to sense the ninja as she comports herself before entering the room.
She stares at Rachel, face without expression, and swallows once. One look is, seemingly, all it takes to confirm her fears.
And that's all the emotion she allows herself.
"She is, Hank, not the Rachel who left us so recently," Betsy says, with quiet assurance. "This is… another echo from the time stream. I fear we are quite foreign to her." Betsy's tones are clipped and controlled, to the point where it's difficult to tell if she's feeling anything, at all. "Welcome to the Institute, Rachel. I am Elizabeth Braddock," she tells the redhead. "But I do prefer Betsy, to my friends. I hope you have met some incarnation of me in the past. Is Nate helping you settle comfortably?"

"I know. That's not what I'm worried about." Rachel's reply to Laura is swift and quiet. Exactly what she is worried about she probably couldn't easily explain, and in any case, she's out of time. One of those telepaths is right outside the door, which makes it time to get a grip on herself. She stops behind another one of the conference room chairs and takes hold of the headrest to keep herself in place. The act of needing to do that is what makes the difference. It annoys the hell out of her. Her temper sparks, but it's all directed inward. In another time and place, this was her home. She's not going to hide from the people in it.
"I'm fine, Ms Frost." Rachel knows who the blonde woman is, all right, and her tone is just as even as she replies. Henry, though… that's a little more difficult. He's someone whose disappointment she cares about. "Nor do I." She replies, holding her position and meeting his eyes, although her fingers tighten a bit on the headrest of her chair. "But then I don't really know how much trouble I caused either." She's not trying to pass herself off as the Rachel they know, but she's not sure how she can even begin to explain.
Fortunately, she doesn't need to. The arrival of Betsy is a shock. She didn't sense her mind until she was actually inside the room, and her eyes widen a bit, betraying her. She takes a couple of seconds before she replies. "I know your name." She says, a half-smile finally appearing on her lips. "And I knew someone like you." She glances between the others. "All of you, at least a little." She returns her gaze to Betsy, and although her control's not as total, she's keeping herself guarded too. "Nate's helped me a lot." Her eyes slide over to him, and she offers a silent look of apology before she looks back at the others. "There's a lot he hasn't told me, though, isn't there?" She's looking right at Beast for that last bit.

It's easy enough for X-23 to hear the approaching Emma Frost. It's a combination of scent, the sound of the other woman's heart beat and also her foot falls. From this, X-23's oddly bright green eyes will move to the door a heartbeat before Emma makes her entrance into the meeting room. When the other woman offers greetings, Laura will only offer a singular nod to the other woman.
Again, X-23's sensitive hearing will easily pick up the sounds of another coming towards the door and X-23's gaze will transfer back to the door in time for Beast's arrival. And then Betsy's arrival, as well.
While a very slight frown was starting to form upon Laura's lips, at Beast's words, Betsy thankfully steps in to tell the tale of this particular Rachel. And she told it far more eloquently than Laura could herself. Either way, Betsy's explanation earns a nod from Laura. "Betsy is correct. She is not the same as the other." Once that's said, Laura's eyes will shift over to Rachel now. To see how the other woman is handling all this attention.
When Rachel seems to pick her spot to hold her last stand, Laura will likewise move to stand next to her, showing solidarity in that movement of hers.

Emma sits. Quietly. There are microexpressions, the tiniest tells, which would reveal to one adept enough to read them that Emma is confused, shocked, and lost. But Emma is a firm and long-holding proponent of the belief that it is a far better thing to keep ones' mouth shut, and be thought a fool, than to open it and be proven one without doubt. It was difficult enough for Emma to make some degree of peace with the idea of telepathic contact back across time from a future self to her own dreams. She just can't make any sense of what Betsy and the others are taking as a given. So, she stays silent. She clearly has nothing useful to add, here, so she adds nothing at all.

Beast hmmms at Betsy's revelation. Looking back to Rachel, he manages a sad sort of smile, "Well, that's just going to make things all the more difficult for you, I'm afraid." A hand lifts to press at the bridge of his nose…how many of these multi-dimensional adult kids are going to show up and how many did Jean and Scott actually have?!
Pulling away from that line of thought, he adds, glancing again to Nate and Laura before he looks back to Rachel, "The previous you was basically incarcerated and interrogated for treason. Scott was also incarcerated as he felt responsible. It sparked off quite a bit of anti-mutant sentiment and…well…it didn't help mutant rights. In fact, her actions basically showed what mutants could be capable of on the more, ah, harmful and controlling side of things."

"The other Rachel was incarcerated for bulshit reasons," corrects Nate, grumbling. "It was a government conspiracy, and it looks it ended with a suicide or two, but we never knew what was really going on," he looks Emma. Did we? He knows Emma tried, but Washington politicians and bureaucrats seem able to confuse even telepaths with their double-talking, backroom deals and voluble alliances. "The other Rachel was released free of charges. What made her leave for Muir was what happened later, with a rogue Sentinel factory. I can't give you the details, 'cause I made a promise. But she was… hmm, involved in a trans-temporal mutant group. Askani-something."
He looks at the redhead and grins. "This one is new. Hell, I think I am the older brother now."

Betsy glances at Emma. Her thoughts are difficult to read, but there's a moment, a flickering one, where the distress the kunoichi is feeling can be seen.
And then it's gone.
"As surreal as this is for you, Rachel," Betsy says, her careful diction soothing by virtue of being in perfect control, "I assure you I'm feeling a bit peculiar myself. I had this precise conversation with a woman with your name, face, and manners, not but a few years ago. Deja vu, springs eternal," she remarks in a dry tone. "Whether this is much alike or not compared to how you remember the Institute, we consider you a member of our extended family. Our home here is your home, and you are welcome here unequivocably," she assures the telepath. "I want to make that quite clear, and up front, and this sentiment is shared by all the teachers present, including Charles."
She clears her throat and looks around, fingers interlacing just below her navel. "I want to make a gentle emphasis here that this is -a- Rachel Summers. There was another woman who looked like her, who lived among us, and who did… regrettable things. Things perhaps reserved for conversation at a later time," she suggests, looking to Nate.
"But she was her own person, just as Rachel here, now, is. The association for a previous 'you'," she says, glancing to Hank and flickering her eyes apologetically for singling him out, "is very natural, but won't help Rachel adjust to this timeline any faster. I don't want her to feel any burden for the actions of someone who was very sick, because that person, was not her."
"I do not mean to single you out, Hank, I apologize for being so blunt," she murmurs to the good doctor, in as conciliatory a manner as she can.
"Rachel, you must have many questions for Jean and Scott. I… they want to see you, and meet you," she assures the redhead time-traveller. "I volunteered to talk with you first and see if I could pave the way somewhat— help you prepare your expectations for them accordingly."
A wry smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. "As I mentioned, we've had this conversation previously."
"Like it or not, Nathaniel, whether or not you idealistically choose to view her as a seperate entity, not at all responsible for the actions of the Rachel we previously knew, you can rest assured no one else will do so. Ms. Summers deserves to know the circumstances surrounding the previously encountered version of herself, if only so that she may be aware of the problems she will face as a result." Emma offers. After all, she will - quite humanly - treat this Rachel as if she were an extension of the young woman she had known. It may be wrong to do so. But it is the only thing she can do. As for the rest of conspiracies and fallacies? She says nothing. There's nothing useful she can say.

Beast's eyes narrow some at Nate's explanation, "She behaved in a way that put us all in danger. Whether the charges were trumped up or not, she should not have barged into that room and demanded what she did. That's not how we do things. It's been made crystal clear that behavior like that will only resonate negatively for our entire population. Do you want to keep having to fight this or finally come to some sort of peaceful resolution that allows us to live openly?"
He then turns his attention to Betsy, "You're not sorry at all so why pretend to be?" He shakes his head and turns as if to leave, "Fine. Let her go out and be mobbed and attacked and not know why. Then clean up the mess yourselves. Sometimes hearing the truth isn't all gumdrops and roses. Shielding her from what the last Rachel did isn't going to help anything when she looks the same…has the same name. Good luck in getting the Government to believe that she's a different person from a different dimension. Even SHIELD would probably hold her as a lab rat if they found out."

Rachel glances to her side, quickly, as she senses Laura approach. Her brows go up a little in surprise, as she realises the younger woman's lining up beside her to face whatever's coming. That's… unexpected, and she's grateful, but Rachel doesn't say anything. Beast is speaking, and she's finally getting the truth that she's wanted ever since she arrived here.
Well, ever since someone tried to shoot her for something she hadn't done yet, at least.
Rachel just nods, when he says it'll be difficult for her, but she'd figured that much out already. When he explains why… Rachel closes her eyes and winces. She'd hoped the truth would be closer to Nate's view than what she'd read online, but if anything the truth is worse than she'd feared. It takes a moment to process, and that moment's hesitation lets Nate jump in before she can speak. Rachel grits her teeth as her temper flares a bit, and she ruthlessly stamps it back down. "Nate." She says, half-turning so she can face him. "It doesn't matter what… suicides?" Jesus. Rachel winces again. Definitely worse than she'd feared. "Nate. Please. It doesn't matter what the reasons were on either side. It happened. I have to fix it, or live with it, OK?" She keeps her eyes on him, then shakes her head. "You might be the older brother but it's you against the world on this one. You can't protect me from what happened, and I don't want you to, OK?" She appreciates that he wants to, but she needs to know the truth.
And it seems like Beast and Emma, at least, are prepared to give it to her. And Nate, for that matter. Emma gets a hurried nod, because that's all Rachel has time for before she needs to get between Beast and Nate. "Henry. Please. I need to know. I don't really know how I got here and I'm damn sure I can't go home, even if I wanted to, but I don't want ANYONE here to suffer because of me." Finally, the anger she's been holding inside is shining through, not at anyone here, but at herself, and the other her who made such a mess of this, comparatively perfect, world.
Rachel's eyes sweep the room, pausing on Betsy, who'd tried to help her, but all she can do is reach out with a telepathic message. « Thank you. I mean it. »

Automatically now, Laura will scent the room, her nostrils flaring slightly as she does so. There's a riot of emotions going on and while she can't quite pinpoint all of them, she can identify some. Sadness. Confusion. Frustration even. Her gaze will roam the room once, before settling upon Beast's form. His words bring her back to the present and that faint frown that almost formed earlier, now does so. It's enough to tug the corners of Laura's mouth ever so slightly downward. "It is better to know the truth." She adds in agreement with Beast, her voice as flat as ever. "To know what threats you will have to face."
And when Beast turns as if to leave, Laura will take a step away from Rachel and towards the blue furred mutant, though the slender dark-haired assassin says nothing to actually stop him.
Perhaps Rachel's words will stop him before he leaves, as Laura turns her attention back to Rachel. While others might pipe up to add their own thoughts to what Rachel just said, Laura simply stays quiet, as she places herself next to Ray again.

Betsy's eyes flash with some emotion— anger. And she stares at Hank levelly. "I would not have said it, if I did not mean it," he tone frigid and clipped.
Betsy's voice takes on a more rigid timbre, and she addresses the entirety of the room one at a time. "I want to remind you all of something you seem to be overlooking. Rachel is a stranger in a foreign land, here. She is displaced from anything that was remotely familiar, and she has gone from the proverbial frying pan into the fire here. We are strangers in familiar faces to her. My first and only concern is that Rachel know she is among friends, that she is among family, and that she knows she will be taken care of. We can address any other issues once Rachel's had time to gather her wits and, dare I suggest it, talk to Jean and Scott."
"Rachel, for the moment," she says, addressing the redhead, "please take some time to rest and acclimate yourself gently. There is no rush to hurry out and fix things you had no hand in breaking. Jean and Scott want to see you as much as you want to see them," she urges the girl. Her eyes land on Laura, flashing approval at the petite killer's protective instincts.
"Nate, I'm asking you to please make sure Rachel's settled in with whatever she needs- clothing, a comfortable room, wherever she's comfortable. Give her the tour and ease her into things. I'll talk to Jean and Scott," she tells him, offering some help to ease the family stress that is a hallmark of the Summers clan. "I shan't stop you from telling Rachel whatever you think is appropriate— I just ask that you focus on helping her acclimate first, and we can discuss the… issues at hand, later."
"I need to go speak to Jean. I'll be in my rooms if you need to talk to me, Rachel, about anything." She smiles, then, and it's a small expression, but very sincere. "I've always regarded Rachel Summers as a dear friend. I hope you come to feel that way about me again, here, as well." She glances at Emma and Laura, nodding, and gives Nate a look full of compassion for his burden. Hank gets another hard look, and then Betsy excuses herself.

Yeah? Nate is not accepting any blame for anything Cable does. He grumbles and goes to get a cup of coffee. "Okay. Deal with it, maybe. Though she has already investigated what happened in the nets and telepathically, I am sure. Get blamed, or hindered, by other people that should know better. Hell, no. Honestly, Ray, you can do around just altering telepathically what people see," after all, she already does it to hide her scars. He nods at Betsy words, basically that is it. "Or if you want, just dye your hair or something. As for the rest? I am not going to let her take any flak from the X-Men. We have former terrorists already in the grounds, former assassins, former criminals of almost any variety, illegal aliens, and worse. The other Rachel made a famous mistake? Okay. This one hasn't. So lets help her get a better life. Not scare her away because it is 'dangerous' to have her around. Hell, being a mutant nowadays is dangerous enough."

Beast's hands clench at his side as Betsy and then Nate speak, "Seriously? You're going to tell her to alter reality around her? Then what will you do when we all have to deal with those consequences? Look, I'll give you the benefit of not thinking straight for this moment, but you had better reflect on what you

Beast's hands clench at his side as Betsy and then Nate speak, "Seriously? You're going to tell her to alter reality around her? Then what will you do when we all have to deal with those consequences? Look, I'll give you the benefit of not thinking straight for this moment, but you had better reflect on what you're saying right now because I'm not looking forward to continuing this fight to prove that we aren't trying to dominate the world." He just shakes his head, "I understand that she needs time to settle and figure things out…she seems to know us, or versions of us, but we don't know this version of her. I -get- it. I'm not as stupid as many of you," he looks off after Betsy, "seem to think I am. But I'm not as naively optimistic either. I've seen the dirty side of this fight and I've seen my friends hurt by it. So shield her all you want, but eventually she's going to have to deal with it."

He pauses in the doorway, his eyes going to Nate again, "And if you think that we're going to just overlook or try to hide illegal actions of anyone among us…anyone who speaks for us or fights for us, you are sorely mistaken. If they screw up while they're here and working with us, it's not going to be swept under the carpet."
A nod is given to Rachel, "Good luck. You're going to need it."

It's all turning a bit surreal for Rachel. People are arguing about what she did or didn't do, and whether she should bear the consequences, when she's standing RIGHT THERE. If Betsy wasn't looking right at her and addressing her directly, the whole situation would seem unreal. Horrible, but unreal. And even though Betsy is looking right at her? She's talking about a place to stay, clothes to wear, mundane things like that, while the others are arguing about what hell Rachel might bring down on all of them by her very presence. It's not that Rachel's not grateful, but she's shellshocked by the whole situation.
"I think there really is." Rachel says, quietly, and in a grim tone, when Betsy suggests she not rush back out. "I'm tearing this place apart just by being here. Coming here was a mistake, but someone had to know." There's a firm shake of her head when Scott and Jean are mentioned. She can't even think about that right now. Rachel backs off a bit, toward the edge of the room, as Betsy tries to address Nate, but Betsy's final words draw her out of her dark thoughts. "Thank you." She says, an undercurrent of surprise in her words.
With Betsy gone - and the argument still raging - Rachel squares her shoulders. "You two do know that I'm standing right here, don't you? Is there any chance either of you want MY opinion on what's to be done about me? Have either of you heard me say I want to be protected and kept in the dark?" Rachel's back at the table now, and her green eyes are flashing with fire… but it's temper, not the distinctive signature of her powers. But it's too little, too late. The others are too firmly entrenched in their positions, and this time, when Henry turns to leave? Rachel doesn't try to stop him, though it hurts a little inside. All she can do is meet his eyes and return his nod. "I know." She replies, and sounds like she means it.
Folding her arms, she leans against the table and looks at Nate. "You still think bringing me here was a good idea?"

"What? Now we care about what others think more than about doing the right thing?" Nate glares at the retreating Beast. He then looks at Rachel, "he is not talking for Xavier. I am sure. If he is, I am out of here. I didn't join the X-Men to protect the appearances and look good." Was a good idea? Hell if he knows. "It was unavoidable." Of that he is sure.

Beast pauses at the doorway at Rachel's words, "You're right. We didn't listen to what you might have to say about it. I'm sorry," and he does truly mean that. However, Nate's words cause him to frown once again, "Do you honestly think the Right Thing is ignoring what happened?" He directs his gaze to Rachel, "What do you think the Right Thing is? Would you have preferred to have been kept completely oblivious to what happened and then randomly attacked or worse, taken into custody for something you knew nothing about? Or would you prefer to know the truth?"

Rachel's temper is still simmering close to the surface, as she faces Beast, but she's got it on a tight leash. Mostly. "What the hell was I like before, that you feel you have to ask that question?" Mostly. Mostly on a tight leash. Rachel grits her teeth and starts again. "Of course I don't want to ignore what happened. Of course I don't want to be kept in the dark, and I don't need to be protected. I'm here because I want to know the truth, an I wasn't getting to it. Someone tried to shoot me for something I don't remember doing within an hour of arriving… here." Rachel waves a hand, in a choppy, angry movement, indicating the world around her. "I'm stuck here. I'm stuck here, and someone wearing my face has hurt you. All of you. That's not going to happen again. I'm not going to let it. I have to fix this, or I have to run."
Rachel draws in a deep, shuddering breath. "I was selfish. I thought I could fix this. But I can't. The only way you're going to be safe from me is if I run." She pauses, something dark flickering in her eyes. "I won't let them use me against you." She says the words as a quiet promise, then looks at Nate. "Don't try to stop me." She tells him, finality in her words, and then she's out of the room, long strides taking her back to the door she entered through, and out into the night.

"Who said anything about hiding her what the other Rachel has done?" Nate is half angry and half completely confused from McCoy's words. That makes no sense. And then Rachel decides to leave! "What? That is not how the X-Men work?" And of course, she asks him not to stop her.
"I won't. I am going with you," he decides, following the redhead out.

"Maybe you can," Hank starts, "Just not in five minutes…" but then Rachel is off. "Dammit…" once again, two different camps with two different views of the world. Sadly, neither are accurate.

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