Accidental Meeting

March 02, 2016:

Lwa meets Superman at the site of a car accident.

Lower Manhattan


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For the past week or two, Superman has not been on the public radar. Sure, there are sightings: but there always have been, even when he really was well and truly missing. People see hope where they want to see it. And so it is that Superman is not particularly active presently. But despite that, there are a few things that he does not ignore, regardless of whatever else is going on. One of those is an obvious cry for help. A big Semi truck has lost control, and has barreled sideways into several other cars, dragging them careening into an intersection. The screams easily pull Superman's attention, and despite an original high-altitude flyover… makes the choice to fly down and block the progress of the Semi, turning it partially and lifting it just a bit, to stop it from dragging the whole procession into danger.

The hero is very fast, and isn't in his usual red cape and blatant blue costume, so… really, it could have been most anyone. A blur of motion, a muscular human figure redirecting the truck, and once it's stopped… a blur again as he moves away, relocating quickly to the side of one of the buildings in the darkened slant of an alley's entrance. He doesn't leave: he'll stay to see if that was enough.

It was a night of site-seeing for Lynette. Not that she was really a tourist, nor did she often do such things while in transit from one place to another. The nomadic girl with snake like eyes was finally starting to 'settle'. From Times Square and onward, she walks without a rush, her scuffy boots sometimes dragging along the sidewalk. Her attire is simple; more fitted jeans, missing their knees, and a black sweater that's slightly too large, causing its collar to drape over one slender shoulder. With her floofy hair in full affect, she tours the night life while holding a boxy, yellow and black camera, its front marked with a red KODAK logo.

Turning off the sidewalk to get away from the flow of human traffic, the girl stalls as she notices the towering, somewhat imposing, figure of the long-lost Kryptonian. "Oh…" the Creole murmurs without thinking, her teeth quick to set against her lower lip, nibbling away. Her slitted pupils roll over the man's figure, from head to tow, as if sizing him up, though he easily dwarfs her in a number of areas. "S-sorry. Didn' know anyone was down dis way." Did she think he was possibly a mugger?

The 'mugger' turns to look towards her, with a rapt, assessing look in blue eyes. But the smile is immediate, and easy. He isn't hiding or ducked back, just not… in the immediate spotlight as the people get out of their cars, the truck driver calls for help, and so forth. It's loud, and a car alarm is blaring on one of the cars, others honking rudely, as if that would clear up the congestion of cars any sooner.

"There isn't," Superman answers her lightly with a quick smile, turning partially towards her. He makes no effort to mask who is he from her, if she does figure it out, or not. He turns his head back towards the accident, but seems satisfied with whatever he was trying to look for.
Lyn relaxes, visibly. Her breathing even eases from being held within her chest to sighing out through her nostrils. "Well, dat's good. I c'n usually take care a'm'self, but a big'un like you?" Giving a low whistle and a shake of her head, she knew he would be too much for her. Her brows slope in silent consideration then. Noting the man's smile, and dress, some type of recognition flickers withing her reptilian gaze, but she's silent still. When he turns toward the accident, she takes a few more, cautious, steps forward. "I t'ink I know dat symbol." She explains at last, pointing toward the 'S' on his chest, but with a distant look; something wasn't clicking. "Don' r'member fr'm where, dough."

Following his gaze, she then looks up at the towering alien, offering him an expression of concern. "Was y'in dat accident?" She pauses and looks him over. "Y'hurt any? Y'need any help?"

Superman's expression turns mildly curious, but still… positive. Kind of warm, maybe, instead of just relaxed or friendly. He doesn't try to mess with her, nor react with outrage or shock or any other way about it. In fact, there's a refreshing quality to someone that doesn't immediately react to him for being Superman. He doesn't evade the remark about the symbol, but it's the other commentary that he reacts to. "I was able to briefly help to stop the accident from becoming worse," Superman answers, thoughtfully. "I think they are only suffering minor injuries and bruises… which isn't something I can do anything about. If you're able to help there, I'm sure you'd be welcome?" Superman suggests. "I'm quite fine, but than you for offering." Heroic offers are always welcome.

"Ooooh." The girl then nods, her lips rounding out into the 'o' position, and her large hair giving a wave along with her head's movement. "So, y'helped dem? Dat's good. Guess dat means I shouldn't be 'fraid of ya." A smile later, she keeps her eyes on that 'S' for a moment longer before glancing toward the streets. "M'sorry, but I can' help dem. Not wit what I c'n do. Best I coulda done is shake up somebody's luck, but…didn' see dis one comin'." Camera still in hand, she brushes the pad of her thumb along its wheel, setting the film roll's spool to its next free space. She then puts it away, the shape instantly noticable in her pocket.

"Sorry…for starin', I mean. Y'remind me of somebody m'friends wit. N', honestly, jus' never seen som'body so…big." Chuckling, she shakes her head and offers out her hand. "M'Lyn."

Superman chews on that cryptic information about luck a little, but isn't bothered by it. Changing luck? Interesting. "Do you often see what's coming? I expect that could be something of a burden," Superman says, rubbing a few fingers along his chin and jaw, thoughtful about it. He then crosses his arms over his chest automatically: one of his usual relaxed standing poses. He's iconic without even meaning to be, a great deal of the time. That is, until she offers to shake his hand, and he'll immediately unfold them to accept it, with a warm smile. The smile actually teases into his eyes as well, since his response is honest: "Perfectly all right, it doesn't bother me, Lyn. I'm most often known as Superman; that will do fine here, I think," the man of steel says. His handshake doesn't even try to put any pressure in. He has nothing to prove in a handshake by crushing someone. "Are you new to New York?" Conversationally.
[OOC] Lyn says, "SO! So…she can't control what she sees and it can happen with touch. Do you want her to see anything?"

"Eh, I only see t'ings sometimes. Don' control it, least not yet. Workin' on it, dough!" She explains, almost promising that, yes, she was trying to work on what she saw and when. "F'now, it comes n'goes. Sometime at de worst a'times." As if on cue, once their hands touch, her grip tightens ever so slightly. Not that it would be much more than a light pinch to the Man of Steel, but it was obvious none the less.

With a sharp gasp, her eyes roll back and her head focuses up at nothing. It's quick, heavy hitting, and once it's all over, she leans forward and rubs at her head. "Jus'-jus' like dat…" Glancing back up to to the Kryptonian, her head cants, face shifting to ask a million questions without a single word. "Superman, y'say? T'ink I heard a'dat name b'fore. Seen somet'ing, when touchin' y'. Pretty, livin' place. Wit lakes, n'mountains. Beautiful, smooth cities. Ain't never seen buildin's like dat b'fore." She then winces and looks away. There was something else, too, apparently. Something she's not willing to speak of just yet.

He automatically started to move forwards with the intent to catch her, other hand coming up to snare the elbow of the hand that he was shaking, meaning to steady her. His reflexes are among the fastest - being inhuman— but she seems to recover before he needs to actually do anything. But now he's on high alert that she MIGHT collapse at any point. "A pretty place with smooth cities and strange buildings?" Superman repeats. He lets go of her hand carefully, but not like she has a plague. Just… very very curious. And the darkness that comes just after that, and her looking away…. "It doesn't end well, does it, the vision," Superman guesses, with a similar empathetic sadness. "…I can't always do enough: working on it, though," he finishes. A rare bit of sadness slides across into his gaze, but it's very subtle: he's quite good at remaining outwardly strong, charismatic, and in-control. A smile follows, mostly for her benefit: to hopefully encourage her not to worry about the vision.
"No, don' end well." She repeats, agreeing with what he guesses. "Dese other bein's jus' destroyed it. All of it." She keeps her frown, and looks up to the dark haired man with piercing azure eyes. Reaching out, her knees still a bit shakey, she rests a hand against his massive arm and gives it a tender squeeze. "Hey, dat's all we c'n do; try. We keep learnin', doin' de best we can. Sometimes, jus' ain't 'nough. But, tryin' is better dan doin' not'ing at all." She tries to smile at him now, offering the same soft and slow assurance of a friendly face; even if it is that of a stranger with strange eyes in a strange place.

Superman chuckles quietly, tilting his head a little bit at her. Interesting wisdom from a really very unexpected place. He hardly expected to have this conversation when he dropped out of his flight to help with the accident — which has police on the scene now, and it's being resolved. They don't need their help, it appears: which is for the best.

"Maybe; it's quite nice to be effective, though, more often than not," Superman says with a quiet seriousness that's only lightened because he's forcing the smile to the surface. "Are your visions of the future, the past, or the present?" Superman asks, with a kind of reserved sigh. If it's future… well. Perhaps he can use the information to be prepared. But hearing about planets being destroyed… that really slams close to home.
"True, but we only as effective as we c'n be. Ain't no changin' who n'what we are. All we change is what we do wit it." Removing her touch from his arm, the girl starts to stand with a bit more support and self stability. Glancing toward the street, the snake eyed girl moves and then leans against a building wall, resting her back and seeming rather at home in the dark, dank places the city has to offer.

She frowns at his question, her lips bunching up to one side as she instantly appears apologetic. "M'not sure. Can' controld dat part, neither. Maybe someday I can, but f'now?" Her shoulders hike up in a shrug and her expression remains the same. "M'sorry, Superman."

Superman is immediately apologetic for asking. "I'm sorry to have had to push about it. If there was something that I could do to prevent it… it was important to know." He lifts and spreads his hands some, and then rests them on his hips. Perhaps she saw the past. But he can't count on that. He's worried, but is also fairly adept at masking that fact. "Well, I need to get back to what I was doing. Unless there's any help I can offer you before I go?" he asks, genuinely. She offered a gift of knowledge, and if he can repay it in some way, he is willing to do so. "I know of groups of others that may be able to assist with your abilities, should that be useful to you." He isn't trying to pry or push at all, but… often the young and talented can use friends.

"Nah, don' need nothin' f'myself. A smile'll do me." She gives one of her own, eyeing Superman expectantly. "N'y'gotta mean it, too. I c'n tell when y'don'." Winking, playfully, she presse off the alley wall and glances down the road. "M'gettin' help. Got a few willin' t'teach me as it is. But, I ain' goin' say no t'more." Facing the last son of Krypton, Lyn casually crosses her arms under her petite chest. "How m'suppose t'contact'em? Or…"

"Well, you don't have to shine a bat signal into the sky," Superman shares conspiratorially, but only in a mild way. He also does give her a real smile, as he says, "The Titans come immediately to mind, they are a good group of young people. I can send you that way, if you like: a simple stop by their building can give you full information, and they'd get to meet you in person. But you can also come by the Justice League building in Metropolis, should you need direction — it's in the very center of everything, hard to miss if you get lost." He'll give her the address to either (or both), should she have some way to note it or even just profess to remember. And then… he'll move up off the ground, about a foot, in a smooth, easy drift. The man can fly. "It was nice to meet you; I hope your visions are pleasant ones," he says, with a quiet, serious smile.

Lyn nods and grins. She takes the information to heart, even if she doesn't write it down. She offers a promise that she will, in fact, remember. When the man starts to float, she seems all the more in awe. "Well den, guess I c'n b'lieve a man c'n fly, no? Shoulda asked f' a lift home." Another smirk, she offers the man a blow kiss and wiggle of her fingers. "Have a good night, Superman. Hope t'see y'round sometime."

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