Panic! At The Roller Disco

April 04, 2015:

Some thugs crash a roller rink birthday party and try to kidnap the birthday girl.

A pretty bitchin' roller disco


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This place was turned into a roller rink in the 1970s — it was a warehouse first, but the wide open spaces made it the perfect place for this kind of recreation. It's definitely seen its down times, with the attached bowling alley and arcade keeping the whole place afloat for a fair bit of its life. It only started getting really popular again when roller derby came onto the scene, and since then it's survived really quite decently despite roller skating itself coming back only slowly.

After a great deal of discussion with her parents — yes, she would be fine; yes, she would be chaperoned; no, she wouldn't kiss any boys — she was given permission to take her tours of NYU and Columbia all by herself. She is a grown woman, she argued, or more or less, and can take care of herself, and will definitely call if she's shot or stabbed and left to die.

Technically the roller rink is not an official part of the campus tour, it being off campus and all, but Kamala Khan is pretty confident that she's not going to get stabbed here. She's been rollerskating for about fifteen minutes now, even wearing a pair of retro-style purple and pink legwarmers, largely because she can.


This is the kind of place where someone with a somewhat-delayed knowledge of American culture feels absolutely at home in. Pietro is cruising around the floor like a complete natural. He's wearing the most neon-est skates they had available. He's also got some sweet, sweet disco moves. His overall look is a bit…late 80s mixed with late 90s cyberpunk, but somehow it still works. Today's band t-shirt is a gold ABBA logo, paired with his favourite pair of silver-threaded jeans, a wide belt and a wallet chain. Dude's in his element. And he's lip syncing all the Dexy's Midnight Runners lyrics.


Everything old is new again. Especially in New York, where it can be enjoyed ironically. One of Kate's old friends from school has decided that the ultimate in ironic enjoyment is to slum it by holding her twentieth birthday party at the roller rink. There's a large crowd of young men and woman from New York's richest families in the rink, then, with part of the chintzy food area roped off for the party. Predictably, some of them have snuck in alcohol and gotten obnoxious.

Which was when Kate, in dark leggings and an oversized sweater that hangs off one shoulder, bailed to take a few laps around the ring. It's Quicksilver she sees first, brows rising as she speeds up to try to catch up. "Hey," she calls ahead of herself, trying to catch his attention.


The rich jerks can go on being rich jerks over there, as far as Kamala's concerned, though there has been a little grabass and such on the rink. She's not avoiding them, per se, but she's not making any effort to join in with them, either. The guy wearing the INCREDIBLY shiny clothes, though, is hard to miss. Something about him looks… kind of familiar? But mostly he just has the awesomely insanest fashion sense of anyone out here. This means he's now a fashion icon.


Quicksilver is grooving in his own little world. It's a minor miracle that he snaps out of it enough to recognize Kate. He spins to skate backwards and smiles big. "Heeey, Captain Pierce! What's up? Isn't this place amazing? I think I'm going to live here now." He executes an impressive wheel spin and comes up to skate alongside her. "Y'know, just get myself a bunk behind the hotdog machine." This place really is sort of him. Tacky, but in a way that works.

His wheel catches someone's bit of garbage on the floor and he pinwheels to keep on his feet. He careens backwards, towards Kamala. It's only a split second before collision that he manages to right himself. He flashes a smile back at her and says, "Sorry!"

"Captain Pierce?" Kate quirks a brow with an amused grin at Quicksilver's greeting. "Long time, no see, speedy. You been taking care of yourself?" Apparently not, because he's already falling into innocent bystanders. Kate reaches out to try to help, though she's more awkward on the roller skates. "Sorry," she grins back at Kamala as well. "My bad, being distracting."


Some people's children. It's gross how they leave a mess on the floor of the rink. Kamala sees it quickly enough to skate around it, not least because it caught Quicksilver off-guard.

"Whoa!" She reaches out to help steady him, but it looks like he's going to manage it after all. No, she's pretty sure she's never actually seen him, but the lady he's skating with? Oh man. Oh MAN THAT'S HAWKEYE THAT'S THE NEW LADY HAWKEYE SHE JUST DID A PRESS CONFERENCE —

That's when her own rollerskate hits a wet patch from someone's spilled soda, which means that's when Kamala's skates swoop out from under her and she goes arse-over-teakettle. She MIGHT just be agile enough to bounce back up or catch herself first.

It just might not be obvious whether she does or not when the lights suddenly all go out. The music is still going and the laser-lights are still flashing, but the main lights that make sure everyone can actually SEE each other are out.


"Oh yeah, oh yeah. I'm doing hero stuff now, y'know." Pietro shrugs. No big deal. He didn't actually rub his knuckles on his shirt, but the gesture is implied. "You too, huh? You're kind of a big deal. And…oh…" Zzzip. Zzzip. Kamala finds herself caught an inch from the ground, flashes her a big grin and spun back to her feet. "Easy, twinkle toes." Sorry Kamala. You're going to have to lie if your parents ask you if a boy touched you. It's easy to miss how exactly he did that given the sudden lack of lights. "Dude. Dangerous." Not that he doesn't love flashing neon lights, but this is about to cause a multiple-skate pile-up.

"Yeah, tell that to the SRD," Kate snorts to Quicksilver. "I almost got tased earlier trying to prove I was me." She pauses, grinning. "It's pretty cool, th-" And then the lights go out, and she glances toward the control area, skating off to the side a bit to make room for the faster skaters. "Is this some sort of house special for one of the songs or something?"


Kamala squeaks when she gets caught, but she has just enough time to give Quicksilver a wide-eyed blink before she skids to a standstill and grips the railing around the rink. How did he DO that, though? And what is going on with the —

Suddenly, from the birthday party, there comes a scream cut off into a muffled 'MMPH' of terror. A lot of shocked and frightened cursing follows from the other partygoers, and from the occasional strobe and laser flashes, it looks like someone just got grabbed and is being carted off.

THIS sounds like a job for a hero. It's just lucky there's at least one here. From Kamala's direction comes the sound of clattering skates — she shrank her feet to get out of them without untying them, swinging herself over the railing. She's taken the precaution of wearing her costume under her usual clothes, which means it's going to be Ms. Marvel over there really, really soon. Ms. Marvel maybe with a pair of legwarmers.


"I'm pretty new to this hero business," Pietro says to Kate, "But screaming is bad, right? Yeah, screaming is bad." And then he's off like a flash, darting around the skating rink, rearranging people so that there are no collisions. There are however, a lot of shocked people who suddenly find themselves on a course towards the padded sideboards. Ever put soap in a bowl of pepper as a kid and watch all the bits flee to the sides of the bowl? Like that. "Hey, where'd trippy girl go?"

"Screaming is bad," Kate has time to agree with Quicksilver before both he and Kamala are on their way to interfere already. Sometimes not actually having superpowers is a real downer. She slips under the rail, using the speed from the skates to get back over to the party a little quicker than she might otherwise. "Jenny?" she calls ahead of herself, trying to get the birthday girl's attention. "Jenny, what's going on?"


"It's Avery!" Jenny wails. "Someone grabbed Avery! We were just talking and then — and then she screamed, and — "

But with all the flashing lights in the darkness and noise and everything, it's massively difficult to figure out where ANYONE is. However, it's not too hard to figure out where they were going. There's only so many ways out, and they're much closer to one than the rest — a side door leading to an alley. There's a faintly confusing set of sounds over there, sounds indicating that someone who expected to run through a door ran into a giant hand.

"Hey buddy," Ms. Marvel says — costumed and masked and grinning as she reaches out to pull the girl out of the thug's hands. "Going somewhere?"

It would have been a LOT more impressive if he'd been alone. If there weren't, for example, half a dozen other guys there waiting to open fire, it would have been a lot more impressive.


Guns! At a roller rink. "Not family-friendly," murmurs Pietro. Then he rubs his hands together and skates off like a shot. One, two, three guys suddenly find themselves being smacked in the face with their own guns to the point of possibly drawing blood. He stands at the ready just out of sight behind a pillar, ready to dart forward and redirect bullets if need-be. Giant hand-girl looks…well, a bit familiar, but he's not going to stop and worry about that right now.


"Dammit, Jenny, get down," Kate says sharply as she sees the men outside. Quicksilver certainly has the gunfire angle down, though - she's seen that trick in action - and this new girl seems to have the runner in hand. Which leaves taking care of the civilians to her. Herding the panicking people into the concessions area, she flips a few of the booths over, getting them in between the people and the potential attackers.

"Oh, sh — "

(For those at home, it probably wasn't going to be a cuss)


Ms. Marvel was expecting to take the full brunt of the attack, and she wasn't inclined to even let one of the gunmen get shot. It's just not cool, okay? So she hurls the nearest one of them at one of his buddies, which will probably throw off his aim severely. Avery screams, and Ms. Marvel suddenly gets quite large.

She could have shrunk to get away from the bullets. Instead, she got big enough to take them.

Except the gunshots, when they come, go wild. Those who weren't smacked in the face with their own weapons are confusedly looking for Pietro.

Jenny, meanwhile, is screaming her head off. But at least she's doing it closer to the ground, as ar the other partygoers.

Oookay. That's enough with the gun business. It could turn too ugly, too fast. Quicksilver kicks it into high gear (he might have to wear skates more often) and moves along the line of the gunmen. He works at removing their clips and any spares. Then he makes them fire the remaining rounds harmlessly at the ceiling. He skids to a stop, leaving a line of rubber along the floor. He looks up, up, waaay up at Ms. Marvel. "Uh. Hi. That's a neat trick."


"Stop screaming," Kate rolls her eyes at her friends, tugging one more into the shelter of the tables before leaping over them herself. She doesn't have her bow (of course), but that doesn't mean she's out of the fight. Except…Well, except that the fight seems to be over already. "So…good game, guys?" she says, smile quirking as she looks around.

Given how handily they seem to have taken care of this — between Quicksilver and Ms. Marvel, the gunmen have lost the ammo for their guns (or been biffed in the face by them, which is pretty demoralizing) and their chosen quarry is safe and out of their reach (and screaming), it's possibly not surprising that they're deciding that running their asses away is the better part of valor.

Avery, up in Ms. Marvel's hand, has started screaming. Possibly screaming to be let down, but really just generally screaming. She gets set down among her friends, who cluster around her. The lights are still out, though, as Kamala looks back down at Quicksilver. At least, as best as she can.

"You're not too shabby yourself!" She shrinks back down again, muttering the word under her breath: "Ensmallen, ensmallen…"


Oh yeah, the gun face-smacking thing is demoralizing, which is why it's one of Pietro's favourite moves. "Hey Kate!" he yells. "Wanna try and find the lights or something?" He grabs the roll of duct tape he always keeps with him (for emergencies such as this) and he pulls out a length. He disappears in a blur. There's nothing but the sound of zipping that sounds a bit like bees. Unless the kidnappers are particularly sneaky or harbouring secret superpowers, they'll find arms and feet constrained with tight, silver tape.

"I'm not exactly the electronics expert," Kate points out, turning in a circle as she looks around the roller rink, hoping to see something that looks like an electrical panel. "I'm more of the shooting people from a distance expert, you know? Or the keeping people from panicking. Speaking of." She turns back to the others behind the tables, leaning over them. "It's gonna be okay, guys. Things are all under control here. It is now safe to tweet."


Various exclamations along the lines of "oh my GOD" come from Kate's friends as they start standing up, and Ms. Marvel is looking around and… well, marveling at the people who've been bound and gagged.

"So you're clearly a lot more experienced than I am," she begins. "I mean, I never thought of carrying duct tape around with me." Looking back up (and apparently not thinking anything odd about what she just said), Ms. Marvel smiles brightly.

It's not BECAUSE she smiles brightly that the lights come up, but it's a good coincidence. She looks up and around — masked, yes, and costumed, but it's not hard to see that she at least looks familiar.


Quicksilver has neither mask, nor costume. And he's supposed to be on the secret X-Team, which means he really shouldn't hang around here when the cops come. That doesn't stop him from snapping a picture of the thugs all wrapped up in silver, though. Then he nudges Kamala, turns the camera around and to take a selfie with her while making a ridiculous face. "Oh man, and I thought the skating part was fun. All good, Kate?" He calls over.

"Yeah, I got the whole talk to the cops thing," Kate calls back to Quicksilver. "You guys should book it, though." This really is becoming a pattern for her. Give it another six months and she'll know the names, families, and marital status of all the crime scene techs and first responders in the tri-cities area. "And good work," she adds, flashing a grin at both of them. "Quick thinking, good defensive work."


For once, Kamala and someone else are of the same mind. She takes out her own phone, taking a quick snapshot of the scene before leaning in to Quicksilver and laughing. He's making a face, and she clearly couldn't be more pleased.

When she hears Kate, though, she waves in delight: "Thank you! Thanks! You're right, though; thanks! We, uh. When the police aren't on their way, we should hang!"

Oh heaven, that sounded stupid. Regretfully, to Quicksilver: "You and me, we should probably book it."

"Booking it is what Pietros do best," says the silver-haired one. He then reaches out to grab Kamala's phone. Fingers fly over the input too fast to see (and almost too fast for her phone to keep up.) "Right. Good job big-small girl." He winks, then darts towards Kate. At some point in all that, he ditched the skates and got his neon chucks back. "Thanks, Captain Pierce." He offers a hand up for a high-five, and then he's gone in a silver blur.

When Kamala looks at her phone, she'll see a new contact entered, complete with a picture of him making a very SRS FACE with one eyebrow lifted. The contact name? Professor Hotness Von Silverpants.

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