Psychic Frequencies and Nth Metal

March 04, 2016:

Jemma and Sue discuss the Daemonites and Reed drops in.

Baxter Building - New York


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Jemma is certainly spread thin at the moment, investigating a number of projects - Daemonites, Sigma, Psyborgs and more - it's enough to make anyone dizzy.

For various reasons, it's becoming critical that they find a way to detect the Daemonites … it seems the creatures may be infiltrating the Government, SHIELD, HYDRA and who knows where else.

On secondary consideration, is finding out what the things are actually trying to do.

"I've adapated this tech, Doctor Storm, from something Fitz made. It was powered by psi-energy … so with a lot of tweaking, I believe I've managed to make it 'detect' psi-energy and give us readings. Your assistance in refining it, would be welcome." Jemma has a 'pistol' type device on the bench infront of them … "Of course, the visitor you have held here, will be helpful for that too."

Sue reaches out to take the gun, taking a look at it. "For this, we'll want to talk to Reed," she admits, looking up with a small smile. "I might be able to help refine the readings or the parameters, but it's Reed who does the fabrication around here. I imagine rather like your Fitz, actually," she laughs, checking a trigger mechanism.

"And testing, of course. Detecting is one thing, but I doubt the city would appreciate all of us wandering around and aiming it at people."

"Honey!" Reed exclaims as he slides into the room where Jemma and Sue are conversing. "I've done it!"

What's he's done, however, seems to be secondary to his ridiculous get-up. Somewhere between the cross of Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future and Rick Moranis' character from Honey I Shrunk the Kids, he's wearing a ridiculous metal contraption over his head that looks too jagged for collander and to metallic for a helmet. Large ovals rest over his eyes, making the brown peepers look /gigantic/,

"I just reversed the polarity of the isot—" Reed stops.

"Oh. We have company. Hello."

"Well, yes…" Jemma murmurs "… what I'm hoping we can do with this device is work out /how/ they're communicating … " She reaches for another container before glancing up at that call. "Doctor Richards…" the getup earns raised eyebrows.

The 'honey' earns Sue a slightly amused look "But not quite like that …" in answer to her musings about Fitz.

Showing Sue the container "Nth Metal. I'm still working on determining it's capabilities, but it detects Daemonites naturally. It's incredibly rare … so rather than relying on the pure metal, I'm hoping we can create some more 'replicatable'."

She'll let Sue explain what they're working on and why …

Sue glances up as Reed arrives, smile quirking when she sees his get-up. Unlikely pair or not, the tenderness in that look is proof of the affection between them. "Reed, this is Dr. Jemma Simmons, from SHIELD," she introduces. "She's here about the creature we've been keeping in the containment lab. It looks like they've come up with something to help detect them when they're…camouflaged." That's one way to put 'parading around in people suits.'

At Jemma's explanation, she reaches for the container, standing up to start turning on a few of the machines. "Nth metal," she echoes. "That sounds new and interesting."

Reed flails a bit as he tries to figure out how to take off the head-gear he's been wearing. Finally, after some abrupt gyrations, he's able to get it off and sets it neatly down upon an embankment of computer consoles that whir quietly.

"Right. Nth metal. Containment lab." Pause. "/Camouflage./ Exciting. Tell me more. And, hello Dr. Simmons. If I am not mistaken, I do believe we have met." He looks to Sue. "Am I mistak—" And then turns to Jemma. "Am I mistaken?"

"You're not mistaken, we've met, Doctor Reed. When that Daemonite attacked the warehouse. Call me Jemma, please." Jemma prompts, when Johnny was nearly possessed. "Camouflaged is one way to put it. The creatures are shapeshifters and capable of possessing humans and everything that we've tested indicates they're difficult, nearly impossible, to detect." she pauses a moment "What we don't know is why they're here, or what they're doing… oh yes, they're extraterrestial."

The Nth Metal in the container that Sue's picked up is a silvery 'blob', nothing special to look at really.

"This device," the pistol that's on the table "should read psychic 'waves' and hopefully tell us how the creatures are communicating." A glance to Sue "How do you feel about waking your guest up?" That's the way they'll know if that's working.

"After it went so well last time?" Sue smiles ruefully back at Jemma, glancing toward the containment room. "It could be done. Though I wish I'd managed to work out better shielding. Given what we discovered last time, I'm not certain it isn't communicating with the others whenever it's conscious enough to do so."

"How are they doing the camouflage? I mean, is it a cellular thing? An optical illusion? Do we know?" After Jemma goes through the littany of what we don't know, Reed raises an eyebrow. "What do we know?"

"Last time?" Reed has been knee deep in a project. As is the way with him, he rarely comes up for air.

He has no idea about last time.

Jemma glances at Sue … she didn't tell him? Well neither did Johnny it seems. "At one point when we were examining the Daemonite, it exhibited a strong psychic control mechanism. I'm afraid I was the one that it influenced the most and I let it out of containment." Jemma explains. Sue can add to that if she likes. "Doctor Storm, Mr Storm and Jericho combined to get it back into containment."

"The shapeshifting is cellular as is the possession. The possession, from what I've witnessed at the warehouse and seeing the reverse effect, appears to be done by phasing." Of course, everyone asks how a 10 foot or 15 foot tall creature ends up in a human and that has yet to be defined.

"Super tough, super strong, super fast and pyschic. The host bodies, when the creature leaves them, are very mal-nourished." There's a host of things they do know. "They came to our attention because they've been trying to build dimensional technology … and from what Mr Storm and Doctor Storm saw in the creatures mind - they're may be trying bring something to earth along with reinforcements." Which is why they're working on this.

"I've thought about that Doctor Storm, and with the readings from the last incident, there's a nerve agent that you can fill the room with if it gets out of hand and shut it down." The biochem looks sheepish "and I've been working on my mental defenses."

Sometimes it's better not to bring new things up to Reed. The man is easily distracted. Not that Sue is going to say that out loud. "I've been trying to determine just how those cells work," she adds to the explanation. "But the study has been somewhat limited by the fact that we really need to keep the creature unconscious in the interest of not drawing the attention of its compatriots to the building here. Even letting it drift up from an essentially comatose state results in an uptick in the readings that suggest it's trying to make psychic contact."

"And it sounds as though we're not sure of how to prevent those as of yet," Reed nods towards the gun. "It's just to gauge if something is making contact, right? Perhaps if I got information about how it was made, I could try and begin working on some sort of inhibitor?" he asks, trying to be helpful.

"Yes…" Jemma offers Sue a a small smile "Well, to detect 'the frequency' on which it's transmitting … anyway." Handing the device over to Reed, she also provides the specs on how it's built.

Reverse engineered from the psi-energy powersupply for the 'Portal Buster', Jemma's turned it into a detector. "An inhibitor would be wonderful… in fact …" Another set of specs and an image of three 1.5 foot tall pylons appear on her tablet "… this is a psychic dampening net that we created. Problem is, we have to deploy and activate the pylons for the net to go in place." Maybe Reed can use that information to help. Jemma isn't sure.

"Now the Nth metal, Doctor Storm. That we can use to detect them. I was hoping you could help there. I know that it's resistant to magic" the WAND people keep giving Jemma funny looks when she brings it out "it reacts when any biologically Daemonite is near and it holds it shape. Try to 'cut' that sphere and see what it is."

"I'd like to see how it reacts," Sue muses, though she does set the jar down, putting on a pair of gloves before she sets it on a lab table to take a closer look. With a scalpel, she starts to make an incision, only to find that the material morphs back into its original shape.

"Now that's interesting," she muses, brows rising slightly. "I wonder how they set the expected form to begin with."

Reed begins to inspect the gun, "Do you mind, Jemma, if I take this into my lab for a bit? I have some tools down there I might be able to use to maybe crack the code on an omni inhibitor, but I'm not sure."

"Uh, no." Reed knows this is SHIELD tech and knows to be carefully. "Any assistance is welcomed."

"You want to see how it reacts, Doctor Storm?" Jemma smiles and takes up another container "This … is what's left of a Daemonite that Jericho dismembered." As she brings the sample close to the Nth Metal, the silvery sphere distorts as it stretches towards the sample.

One of the monitors in the lab, shows the 'energy' reading spiking … seems the metal reacts in two ways.

Sue watches Reed head for the lab, a small smile curving. It isn't until he's gone that she looks back to Simmons, apologetic. "I haven't told him much," she admits. "If I go into detail, then I'll have to explain what you and Mister Trent brought last time, and I don't want him to worry. He has enough on his mind. This, though, is fascinating," she muses, glancing up to the energy reading. "I wonder if…" Trailing off, she goes to pull up the recordings from the psychic incidents. "I wonder if this is a jamming frequency for the psychic transmissions."

"Ah." Jemma smiles to Sue. "I'm sorry if I've added any burden there." she understands not wanting people to worry. "Has everything been ok, on that side of things?"

"The Nth metal is amazing." Jemma's eyebrows rise at that thought and watches as Sue reviews the frequencies.

There's certainly a match between what the Nth metal is emitting and the psychic incidents … that looks the frequency for sure. It can certainly be used for jamming.

"I haven't been attacked, if that's what you're asking," Sue smiles swiftly, a glimmer of humor in her eyes. "And I'd like to keep it that way. I don't think the insurance rates on the building can go any higher than they already are. Who does SHIELD use, by the way? Or are they covered under something from the government?" Because that's what you discuss when you're looking into inter dimensional invasions.

Sue might note that the objects that surround the Nth metal sample are levitating off the table. "I'm glad you've not been attacked… " the biochem understands the humour in Sue's eyes. "Uh, I'm not sure about insurance, actually." Jemma answers. It's not something she's really thought about.

Looking back to the Nth Metal and then to Sue, Jemma considers… "According to a source of mine, Nth Metal can be made into an alloy. Which might be useful for a detector… What do you think?"

Bringing her tablet up, she starts to sketch … "Use the alloy, send out a detecting beam of some sort and test the results …" beat "Question is, how much we need in an alloy for it to work…"

"What would you want an alloy detector to do?" Sue asks, making notes of the reactions in progress. "The value of making it into an alloy would be relative to just how well it functions in what amounts. If you just wanted something that could register a reaction, then theoretically, you could put a…granule of this into a detector, which could give a reading of some sort when it sensed activity. Like mercury in a thermometer."

Jemma nods. "All it would need to do is give us an indication it's reacting. Of course, we'd want it to be a good indication … with as few false positives as possible." Looking to Sue, Jemma considers "A bit like a 'ping' on a sonar … send out a signal and see what comes back."

It's simple in theory … but getting the right mix in the alloy, with the limited supply of Nth Metal, that's going to be the trick.

"With an appropriately sensitive sensor, I don't see why we'd need to make an alloy at all," Sue points out. "Unless there's some other property you need added to the Nth metal." She places the specimen back in its jar, screwing the lid back into place.

"To make it go further." Jemma looks to Sue "Nth metal is rare, very rare. So far, I believe it only comes from Thangar and it's sacred to them." Which says an awful lot… given that Katar Hol gave some to Jemma.

"Although, maybe we could just use a tiny quantity…" she's thinking again… "We're going to have to test this … see how it reacts."

"Want to get started?"

"Well, that's what I'm saying," Sue clarifies. "If it only takes a drop the size of the head of a pin to activate a sensor somewhere, then there's nothing to be gained from diluting it. I'm thinking of something similar to the mercury switches you might find on a bomb, actually. Suspend it in an appropriately viscous liquid so that a small motion can be transferred…"

And she's off, starting to run calculations.

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