Of Course, You Know This Means Warners

March 04, 2016:

This is what happens when you smash two DBZ dolls together in a puddle of blood!

Mutant Town


NPCs: C.C., Chip, Timmie



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Fade In…

Mutant Town: Where it all started for Rose for real with a kids death and the introduction of the entity Mother May I.

Also a place she can wander as is, and not get much more then a second glance, if that. So it is nothing to wander the streets in that get up, a suit of reinforced leather, black with the tron-run of red lining that skirts around the scale maille, a plating of draconic metal scales that run along outer thighs and along sides, over shoulders and arms. Coveting vitals while accenting everything else. At her back is the sword holster, criss crossing the large enhanced blades sheathed, flaring arond her legs is the four slit base of of leather trench coat, sweeping just around heavily soled custom boots, the toe of them outwardly steel'd.

Though while looking all business, that single eye flaring a blue glow from beneath the fall of pale hair the other natural one skims over bodies on this strip as one seedy club is left and another is entered. One shot followed by another and a hunt turns into a party, a lone excursion with the exuding aura of 'Fuck Off' omnipresent.

If one were to describe Mutant Town it would be a place where anyone could let down their hair and let their freak flag fly.

If Nadia could describe the place she would call it commission.

Despite the chill of the New York weather Nadia was dressed as best she knew how. The only thing that fit within her wardrobe was a tight black shirt that form fit and melded against her skin, a leather vest with tribal decore that hung down in tiny little tassels, a pair of leather moto pants with ribs along the knees for flexibility and high boots that support her ankles which were strapped to the death yet held throwing daggers within. Her belt was decorated with spikes and a loop fashioned on haphazardly where her dual-blade (and her most favorite weapon) katana rests, the string of pearl-like metals hanging down from it which bounces against her thighs as she walks. Her gloves were made of leather, fingerless of course, with the palm open to show the projection of what was behind her since she lacked the need to hear.

Animal instincts, one susposes. Doesn't hurt to look now and then either.

Marley twisted hair set into a high ponytail as diamonds decorate the septum piercing the rests upon her upper lip, her makeup done by one of the Cyberdata employees who takes Punk too seriously but gained a punch for poking an eye. Nadia was on the prowl, nevermind the black cat that trails right behind, for a sharp turn and a hiss scatters him away in due order. But they still flock. (Probably on the side of the building, marveling at the big walking human cat and pissing themselves from that loud, animalistic hiss.)

But the target was made and she approaches with a hand outstretched to press upon the young child's shoulder.

"You.. should.. not be.. out so late." The terrible drawl caused the kid's eyes to widen in fear. Nevermind that preditorial feeling. Someones about to be eaten if they don't comply.

Bouncing to the bass, bodies rise and fall, the floor beneath's integrity being tested and the motions adding to the bass all the while Rose is moving between bodies in a weave that requires a fluidity attributed to smoke. One hand is risen above the masses, hands in the air barely grazing it as they all jump sloppily to the beat and the call of the hoarse voice of the DJ. Join them?


The risen hand had a plastic cup full of vodka with a drop of cherry juice a la jellow within, looking like congealed blood in a sunset before she gets outside, in the clear and downs it. Who said you can'y enjoy yourself while on the hunt? If the powder beneath a single nostril doesn't say as much…

Thumb sweep *snniiifff*. Evidence removed.

The plastic cup is tossed in the garbage can in passing before she heads down an alley to cut to the other side, that is where the opening of a new part of her night began. The luminescent eyes of blue comes bak to light and flickers like a low pulsed strobe, going over data Timmie had shared with her while watching cartoons and some National Geographic.

"Timmie? I found one." And from retrieving data, Ravager streams him what she is seeing. Nadia and the child.

"Okay, you saw her file, you know to approach with.."

A whistle pierces the air and with it is the splitting of air and hairs as a kunai slices between the space of Nadia and the child, imbedding into old wood of the business beside them.


"But.. my mommy is over there! She's in the store! But.."

Nadia leans down, her lips parting to show a razor row of teeth that one could only guess was inhuman. And then she laughs, a laugh that nearly sounds like a broken record as she shakes her head, the marley twists flying back and forth which actually pelt the young little boy upon the nose which makes him sneeze.


Nadia jerks back with a sniff, her hand reaching up to wipe away at her face using the back of her hand. Big mistake.

Her back straightens, her hand draws upright, claws slowly sinking from the bed of her nails, which nearly draw down in an arch of a swipe until she notices motion to her left. She stops mid-swing, her gaze falling upon the kunai, her opposite hand letting the boy go who promptly runs away screaming much to Nadia's dismay. The projection was clear. Someone was behind her. Someone threw that kunai. Someone must want a beating in a way that they did not know could exist. And Nadia was all the more happy to give it to them.

The cybernetics were clear with this one, it coated the very tips of her fingers and lined her hand, up bare arms and the back of her neck. There were even little flashes of light that connected to her temple which made those cat-like eyes glow in the night. As she turns, her lip turns upright as her hand reaches out to snatch the kunai from the tree with ease.

And she promptly throws it back at full strength. Betch.

It was not that long ago these streets were warzones, now somewhat cleaned up (meaning normalcy with an edge) the denizens still knew what to look for and as the child heralds the streets in his screaming eyes draw down on the white haired pale woman and the yin to her yang. But only in looks. Down deep? They're both about to unleash pools of *red*.

"Sending you the /reminder/ feed." Timmie states as his hands fly over the console.

Ravager did not forget the woman's file, nor the weapon she is in being a S.H.O.C. She just doesn't care. Already wreckless, throw a kid in and there is no twice.

Ravager isalready headed for Nadia and the return of the kunai has her moving from a fast walk to that of a run, one that has her dodging the returned blade with a jump to the side, scaling the side of a car to thud along its top, but with every pounding tred on metal her hands reach back and swords are drawn.

Nothing but a flash of metal off attire and weapons when she leaps from the hood of the car now sounding in alarm of abuse (not theft), and descends down near Nadia.

File Warning: *flash* Keep distance, close range not recommended. Cybernetic enhancements adding to danger in CQB.*

Short hair don't care.

It seems as if they both had the same idea in mind. She sees Rose stalking towards her and in turn she takes her steps forward. Her hand crossing over her front to grip and grasp the handle of her katana, a tilt to draw the butt of it upright as her knees slightly bend as she stalks. Her teeth were bared then, that slow stride soon breaking off into a well timed run, both women looking as if they were about to face off in an anime style fight. Though this was no anime..

4th Wall Breaker: It wasn't real life either but hey, we all play pretend!

Rose leaps right when Nadia gets into close proximity, her body twisting right, the flash of her katana was the only thing that was seen during the blur of the movement.


The blade reaches high above her head to make a connection of blades which would possibly dent their sharp edges. The impact of it was hard, cracking the ground beneath them, but there was an obvious stop in motion and a reveal of a second set of eyes due to the perching of a calico upon her shoulder. Which, has Nadia puzzled.

The blade slides along Rose's (4th wall breaker: I don't know why I'm stuck on anime but goddamn it, this fits), as Nadia drops back with a little leap, her finger held up to give Rose a moment to collect herself and Nadia to collect the kitty. Which was soon gripped by the scruff and tossed away like yesterdays garbage and a panthers cry to clear the area which would ring the drums within the inner ear.

Game on!

She charges then, blunt end of the blade held against her side as she swipes left and right with the aim to Rose's middle.

I challenge you… to a dance off!

Ravager had been forced into way too much DBZ with Timmie, perhaps that is why they can mentally be on the same wavelength (4th wall wise) and it could even be the same in appearance for those gathering in the slight distance to watch. No sweat drops or constipation here though.

No, just the impact of enforced titanium swords, sliding along the blade of the katana as Ravagers own body descends with the weight behind it. Mutual /shoves/ giving them that distance and moment allowed, her own duo of swords swung on either side but she was already coming back at Nadia while the calico is hwling and pinwheeling to the sidelines.

Nadia's upward sweep along her middle ha the charge shift, one foot planting while spine bows and twists, giving Nadia her side that has blade zinging across the metal scales.

Ravager's swords swing high, spin in her grip to aim downward and cut forward then back with the arching downward thrust towards her while her own body is forced to finish the dodge and spin from Nadia.

Giving distance? No. This was how Ravager was raised, swords in hand, and the spinning dodge turns to bring her low, aiming to sweep a leg out at Nadia's own feet.

Meanwhile at base Timmie is staring as his cartoon dreams coming to life. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style.

Timmie was going to enjoy this. Enjoy the rough and tumbling view of two women nearly doing a blade dance that almost would seem choreographed. Nadia continued the move, from the swipe to the middle, the adjustment of a wrist and a slash upright that collides with one thrust down.

Sparks fly across the metal, Nadia's eye immediately slamming shut as she rises to draw herself backwards but finds herself slammed right upon her ass with a bop and a slide that has her feet kicking up in the air in a half-way roll that crunches her shoulder just a -touch-.

One knee planted and a slap and push upon her hand and she's right upon her feet again with a leap and a hop back to shake the braids with a whip-snap of her neck. It's on. Her hand smacks against the hilt of the katana, drawing it up into the air to catch in a reverse that puts the blunt edge against the forearm of her right. Her hand draws out, two fingers pointed upwards towards the sky, thumb curled against the middle of her palm. One foot inches back…



The speed at which she approaches Rose was dizzying, only one of her caliber could keep track of. For she was but a flurry of steel, cybernetics and limbs, attempting to beat the white haired woman into submission or at the very least, death.

Coreographed is one way to put it. But fitting enough only for that of a Tarentino movie. Things started slower, and when blows were finally being exchanged bodily it only grew in output and rapidity.

Thankfully Timmie is a cyborg, or there are some things that are PTSD inciting.

Nadia's quick rebound from the fall is of no shock to Ravager, the sweep motion having her spin in the crouch with the single leg still pressed outward, hands planted between the split of braced and balancing pose.

Nadia's dizzying approach is met with the rocking forwrad of Ravager's body, flipping up onto hands, legs snapping up and over to attempt to grab Nadia in her charge, twining thighs around her shoulders and neck, locking at calves to rebound back and swing her towards the ground in an arching bow of spine towards the sidewalk.

Feline, Ravager knows it from her files. Baseline gentics brought forth by enhancements and amplified, so she should have expected the acrobatic feline twist of Nadia's that has her landing upon her feet and Ravager's grip with thighs around her neck sliding down and around to be an awkward piggy back - one she kicks from and slides supine across the sidewalk until feet kick upward and spin her back to a stand.

Let's try that gain shall we?

And much akin to that anime Ravager meets Nadia's charge of rapidity with sparks sliding from steel, even that of the reinforced plating at her sides in hits that are barricaded.

But somewhere in that flurry that has them rebounding off walls, sounding alarms off parked vehicles - blood is leaving a trail in spatters across the broken sidewalk, darkening the shadows.

Blood spatter smacks against the window of an old volvo. One that has seen better days, rust peeling along the doorhandle with a pit of paint hanging off. The window down at an awkward angle which allows some of the red fluid to seep inside to paint both sides of the glass a bit of red. With the way these two women battle; it's uncertain of who was bleeding.

The wrap of legs has her momentarily pausing, her hand reaching to smack upon a thigh, grip hard and fast through the breakneck turn and dig in with a show of claws. She was aiming to take a chunk, catch and release of flesh that would have the red dripping from the thick of her nails with just a touch of flesh into.

That slam down upon the ground was met with a twist and roll back upon her shoulders, blade within that flurry of limb as a breakdance-like spin is produced, a leap up and a fluid land upon her feet brings her upon the tip of her toes and dashing forward, blade still pressed again to her forearm to slam rapid hits that clash upon metal to try to force Rose's weaponry to break before hers even gets a chance.

And then a kick which strikes out towards an idled car during their fight which causes it to rock so heavily that two wheels remain upon the ground for half a second until it slams back down with a bounce.

I want to take this moment to thank you people for the cocaine…

Because that being close to adrenaline on top of her own natural had nadia's movements timed, a thing that has her eyes vibrating and will result in a headache (plus hangover), but every hit is met, even if its force is pushng her back, pushing her down, and guiding her step-by-step. But those swords? Titanium. They're not breaking any time soon, and every hard landed blow from Nadia is met with a guided whirl of her own blade and a final one is done with a force that pushes -back-.

Right when the wheels o the car go round-and-round.

Ravager kicks off the frame of the vehicle in its hoisted lift, one sword swings out to the side, severing a gas line, sending the liquid in a spray towards them, then following up with a scrape along the metal framework as it falls back into place, igniting sparks….

The other blade is fending off the kitana in flourishing motions that reflect flikering lamp light like strobes, all the while Timmie's silnce reigns supreme and is finally broken.

"You need backup. I'm calling you some backup."

"I thought you were the one wanting a nanny? I got this."


The car had a full tank of gas before it was abandoned, the liquid (which oddly smells good), pouring into a clear puddle upon the ground. Nadia steps into it during the foray, skidding just a little as the push back throws her out of sync, almost a half ass two step given to hip-pop her way out of the pooling puddle which soon ignites spark to fumes.

The flicker and glitter of cybernetics at play draws an almost vacant look in a once struggled gaze, everything soon automatic, even the stalk forward and the double upswing of the katana which was soon twirled halfway upon her hand right side up to bring up and down with both clawed hands upon the handle.

There was another leap forward, blade drawn to the side, claws attempting to swipe straight down the middle. From head to navel was her aim, and soon a slam home to the katana within it's sheath as she leaps and attempts to pounce like a cat would to latch hold of and cling.

To get to Ravager nadia would have to go back into the fire, through it, and neither of them had the patiece to wait for the danger in the burning wall to die down. So from her perch atop the car in its rocked crash-landing, Ravager slides down, off the hood to touch down and grind gravel over gasoline before she lunges forward with the cyber-glowing signs of Nadia's own.

Just bove them in the duality of leap they come to the gridlock, one that has zipper and reinforced leather tearing downward with claws, opening not only her suit in a eadly provocative manner, a sword slamming up to stop the descent at her fingertips just above lower abdomen, the other spinning to come around the back of Nadia and stab inward.


And a little bit of dice!

Nadia's fingers were nearly snapped off with the block of the blade, her free arm soon wrapping around Rose's shoulder in a mock hug, the other latching onto as her back arches into the stabs that nearly and narrowly impact her spine. But it goes through, no matter how she tries to dodge, there was no missing this close quarters stabbing and if she was going to go down she was taking the white haired devil right along with her.

Her head snaps back at an odd angle, the sound of bones crackling and nearly mincing together as razor sharp teeth sink forward.. aiming to snap her head forward with mouth wide open to chop down on the precious parts of her neck and shoulder.

You know, that sweet spot. Right where it stretches and joins at the curve that's made right for a bite like this. Nadia was practically bleeding adrenaline, which could be both parts good and bad, and the bad for Rose?

She wasn't quite done yet.

Cause this wasn't even her final form! (Thaaaaaaaaaaanks Timmie!)

Yes, thank you Timmie. You warned. And right now the only thing keeping insides, in… Is her sword hairlinging Nadia's fingers and her suit.

But adrenaline is a thing that makes both of them tick. That and mortality rates climbing. So keep close and hug the bitch to death? Or live to fight another day… After a long recovering sleep. One of those impcting stabs to Nadia's back rips to the side, a jerking motion meant to jar the woman off of her or give Ravager a small gap needed to reel her own head back and slam her forehead into Nadia's face.

An opening hopefully made because she is about to take it, the blades popping from soles of boots, anchoring her enough to cause more sparks and ignite more flames among the gasoline as she springs back and away.

It was a disgusting sound and feeling, the rip and snap of flesh sounded nearly hollow in her chest. Her grip was almost slackening until the slam of the forehead sends it all home in a gush that nearly makes someones head burst. But yet, back onto the ground she fell, her face split down the middle, one eye slowly lopping out and rolling onto the ground as the hollow reveals a nearly digitized glow of a slit surrounded by the darkness. There was really no way to put that scream, the half howl half hollar of a death cry, one that has her flopping onto her belly to crawl through the sick that was left upon the street during their battle.

That same darkness that surrounded the loss of an eye soon draws upon the small of her back, where the clothes were torn and the hollow begins to form of skin slowly splitting and pulling. Moucus spills out in spades as bones snap and retract, the visible cybernetics shifting with snaps and crackles as teeth were soon pushed out and the final eye rolls to be squished underfoot of a car that was stalled out and now begins to roll.

The wet slap of skin hits the concrete as the large, not obscenely large by many standards (much to the chagrin of those who overdo it), but the jungle black cat springs forth with a half hollow (cause really, no regeneration here, only dissolvable stitches, a lot of tears, and maybe a fifty bags of morphine) upon her side where more mucus and blood slaps wetly upon the ground which.. inevitably pisses her off. Pain x's 10. This is not your normal shifter.

There was already fire around, the job was half way done. Now the only thing left was to get meat for the beast. Or lick the wounds after running away. She'll choose in a second.

Instructions from Timmie are like asking a kid where they last put their shoes. You make sense of it as best as you can. Ripclaw made it to M-Town on motorcycle before ditching it to rely on sense of smell, hearing and vague direction of last known location.
"Timmie, dark on the coms again. No more chit chat." Which was a blanket shut off. They don't use them much not when facing Cyberdata due to the superior technology the company hosts. Even Chip's advanced talents don't make up for resource power. It's the sounds once he is close enough that draw him and the scent of blood? Now racing he makes his way towards the two combatants normal guy in boots, jeans, sweater top and hair drawn up in to a topknot. Well, normal bleach white skinned man with feral red eyes and almost foot long swords for fingers.
"Ravager!" He shouts when near enough to spy the much deadlier version of a WB style cartoon dustcloud roll.

In the midst of flmes ravager stands up. But over her abdomen her hand weilding one of those large swords braces. Feet held wide to keep balance but her mismatched gaze of falsity and truth in heavens are focused towards Nadia in her reeling screech that has her transforming and crawling away.

Her vision is red, either the adrenaline or the blood from split fore, making the screen that much more harer for focus.

But as Nadia takes to change Ravager swallows, a hiccup of action as even Timmie can see the bionic relay through Ravager's eye goes red when the blood cascades down her eyes then goes black in smultneous command with Ripclaw's herald of her name. It sounded distant.

But so did the ringing in her ears.

The blood? was that the blotted fall around Nadia's new form? Or is that… Real? A narrowing of gaze and the hand not held across her front straightens in Nadia's direction. The harness triggered and releasing the pistol into her grip to fire at the feline on the other side of the wall of flames.

The feline's neck twists and turns, hunkering down in a pawed stretch with a shake of her head back and forth, slapping about blood in the interim as her teeth were pulled back and a loud roar was heard through the smoke and fire. It looks almost nightmarish. The fire. The glowing, nearly digitized eyes the only thing seen in the darkness as black fur remained sleek with the shedding of her skin. She stalks forward, tail hung low, the soft *click**click* upon the wet pavement. She was going to jump through the fire, until the name was called which has her turning and issuing a warning gro-..

No. That howling hollar was not a warning. It was a promise to wait your goddamned turn.

Forward again, smelling the hint of blood, the need to feed the beast almost predominate until it was the cracking of the sound of the gun. That was enough to cause her hackles to raise, ducking back and down, bottom in the air with a wriggle that has her jetting off to the left. Not passing through the flames, but.. escaping along the wall. There was even a hitch in those steps, a wounded animal is fierce, but one knows when to back up and run to fight for another day.

A cyborg cat? No another metamorph like him. A curl of his nose and Ripclaw lets out a snarl before he lunges forward clings to a wall much like the feline and springs off of it launching himself through the air in a pounce as Nadia tries to escape.
"Wait! Stop!"
Ravager he can worry about when the threat is gone or dealt with. Slowing and trying to mother her wounds for her wouldn't do anyone any good, well, maybe Rose if she is bleeding out.

Ravager watches the shadow of the feline disappear between dancing shadows of flame, but then the pursuit of Ripclaw after her.

If she wanted a mommy shed have stayed where she was, instead she grabs her suit, closes the opening with a fist to keep everything inside, and in one hand her pistol is hed, the sword swept back, while the other bears just a sword.

Slowly sideways steps give her a vantage of Ripclaws back down the path of (wise) retreat.

Fuck this cat-woman. The files at HQ need detailed. Looks like she's their woman.

Maybe it was a good thing for Ripclaw that she couldn't hear. Nadia was already in flight mode, angling to get away. A squeeze past two closely parked cars at a hunkered down pace, skittering until there was a hint of heat that makes her stop and turn her head just so..



She was tackled, paws scratching at the concrete, clicking and skittering, her head turning to try to bite and latch on, get a good hold and snatch right off. It was almost worse than being grabbed at the scruff. And this scent was foreign and nearly bestial compared to her own. But then there was also the scent of entrails that call to her in the need of a meal. With hazed senses she couldn't tell what was what.

Claws stretch and lengthen to fine tips meant to pierce and pin. Ripclaw's metamorphic qualities are internalized his strength rivals that of a Grizzly Bear. He is displaying it in the grapple with Nadia, "Calm yourself beast or die."
Confusion is evident in Ripclaw as he doesn't full know if he is dealing with an actual predatorial cat or a mutant shapeshifter. He does recognize the Godtech. It's CyberData Technologies tramp stamp for all of them.
Sharp teeth peel back and show in a savage display of his own and those hellfire crimson eyes gleam in promise of returned pain yet his voice promises peace. "We do not have to fight."

A rough van spitting out black smoke and Macklemore pull up to a screeching halt and the sliding door opens. TED? No, a stuffed cat about the size of that famous talking bear hops out and aims a large bulky device towards Rose then towards Ripclaw and Nadia, "I'm here! Whats the sitch?"
"C.C.! Back in the van someone might see you!"

"I got this. Back up has arrived! Whos my bitch?"
"I did not program you for that language!" The drivers door opens and a man with large glasses, a very thin stereotypical 'geek' look races around to join the automated stuffed animal.

Backup? So Timmie did send help. And as she backs up towards the sound of safety she looks towards C.C. and double takes.

Looks away and pukes.

Through being stubborn she is awake through her own head-butt equalling concussion. And then sees a walking an talking stuffed… cat?

Chip's appearance is in two. Two of him.

"At the rate this is going… *hurk* Hold my gun." And Chip finds himself holding a H&K pistol while the shorn platinum haired woman vomits, while holding hr guts inside and losing them.

Skillz betch!

Nadia can't hear him. She couldn't even hear the internal -thrumthrum- of her quickened heartbeat. There is only what is.

With a big body keeping her grappled there was nothing that could allow her to see what had her senses gone nuts. The smell of blood and sick, beasts and.. things that were probably not right practically overloading her to the point she tires herself out. Nevermind wounded, bleeding, probably near death as she was with no hopes of healing from the wounds that she constantly aggravates while being in the grip of Ripclaw.


Want to see some skills? This one is good at laying down and playing dead. No really. She actually gives up the fight right then and there, in the from of laying slack with her tongue lolled from her mouth, hissed and whimpered breathing and the slow waning of muscles that want to fight but just can't. She was done. Everything hurts and she felt like she crawled belly down through the fire.

There wasn't even a cry, a warning growl, nor a hiss. Just the quiet hums of an aggrivated cat going through the most pain she's ever felt in a lifetime, especially with the big hulking bear grappling her tight.

"Uh, do you want me to hold your hair?" Gulp. Chip's been a cave-dweller for some time now living under the Elevator with Dr.Corben and his two robot companions. Rose is a whole new world. "Or… this, your gun." A blink behind large goggles and he awkwardly clutches the H&K.
"Target acquired!" C.C. yells like hes playing Battlefield or Black Ops and aims that bulky object. Then struggles trying to adjust it on his shoulder while he takes aim, wobble, aim, one hand? nope, both hands and all fingers to pull the trigger. Aim? Now wild.
"Tenno Heika Banzai!!!"
"Long live the emperor? What C.C.? Oh man, no more Japanime for you and Timmie." Chip half whine/chides.

One splayed out large hand of Ripclaw (abnormally so as it is part morphic) the blades one by one retract. "Good… good.. lets ease up here. I see you are like me. A victim and we can hel-"
"I got your back, bro! Shots fired!" C.C. Yells.
Burnt ozone and a lightshow like the Sith from Star Wars brightens up this enclosed space as surges of electricty arc off in lightning bolts showering Ripclaw and Nadia in a dazzling display of SCIENCE. The flicker flash dance of voltage bounces around for several seconds only to cease and display a slumped former SHOC mutant and the predator-feline-cyborg that Rose had just tangled with.
"Smells like victory." C.C. says in awe.

"I saw a movie with a hot guy in it and his stuffed bear…" Ravager wipes her lips with the back of her hand as she comes u to look at Chip and C.C. as he DBZ's the scenario on levels that…


"Please tell me you don't…" A single hand rises, then one finger and she is crawling into the van and tucking in on herself. "I don't give a shit. Put my stuffings back. I'm not as ready as I thought."

Yep, sizzling, burnt fur.. which falls off prematurely as the skin she was once in and shed returns in a crackle of.. it was just a mess. A mess because she was nude. No clothes, nothing.. save for the fan of crinkled hair to practically cover all of the good parts that weren't meant to be shown.

Anamaniacs ain't really got much on them at this point. It was a total shitshow all around. That and Nadia's pretty goddamned fried.

"Yeah, uh, just climb in. We'll get you back to the Doctor he's waiting." Chip sets the H&K in beside Rose. "C.C., do you know how mad Ripclaw is going to be at you, at us?"
"War is hell, Chip. I did what must be done."
"Holy shit… I… just. Get in with the hot girl and make sure she doesn't bleed out. I'll go get those two… man he is so heavy."
The two unconscious SHOC mutants will be drug in to the vehicle one by one in a labored clumsy effort but eventually the van is moving and they're on their way back to the Elevator. While driving Chip remains awkwardly silent, the new Macklemore CD on too loud anyways to hear much for talking while C.C. even wearing a Rambo style headband remains vigilant in the back, that shocker weapon aimed at Rose the whole time. He even makes a few throat slicy motions at her with thumb. Very serious about his role playing.
"Extraction successful." He whispers.

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