An Interesting Tail

March 04, 2016:

Caitlin and Cindy meet at a bistro in Metropolis. Selina wanders by. When Tigra shows up, attention comes with. (First RP for new Catwoman)

Metropolis - Metro Square


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Caitlin and Cindy have not had a lot of facetime since… well, a bit of a disastrous pizza party with Carol Danvers, in point of fact. After a stilted silence, texting had resumed normal levels, but between busy schedules and Caitlin's unflapping awkwardness, they'd slipped a bit behind in terms of socializing.

"It's kinda weird, yeah, being 'official'," Caitlin explains, continuing the conversation they've engaged upon. Sitting at a bistro with coffee in hand, it's a lovely early spring day and the sunshine is finally beating back the cool ocean breezes, to the point where only a light jacket is needed. Caitlin is hunkered in the only steel-framed chair available, holding a giant, oversized cappuccino cup in both hands and making it look more or less to scale. "I was sort of a reserve, associate member before— you know, I could use the gym and I'd help out if I was needed. But now, they're talking like, I'll be doing more full time stuff. Once I'm voted on and if they like me, the Justice League will even have me doing spokewoman stuff for 'em. I'm… kinda nervous about that," she admits, turning the cup around in her hands, "but it comes with the job, right?"

She's dressed quite casually, her flaming orange hair held back by a plain back headband, and her jeans a bit fashionably worn over the modestly heeled wedges on her feet. Her t-shirt says Armor: 0 Weight: 2 Value: 5 coppers, some kind of refernece to a video game, most likely.

Cindy Moon cannot express in words how much of a massive nerd Cait is, thankfully its more endearing than anything else at this point. Especially consdering how, well, larger than life Cait is. "So, Social media then?" Cindy questions, taking a sip of whatevery incredibly expensive whitegirl coffee she had chosen. There was that word, the one that had come to plague her waking hours as she spent more and more time involved with the instagrams and facebooks and googles of the world, things had been different before she was cut off, so it was only natural for it to all be a little bit overwhelming!

"But! The Justice league, that's great Red." Cindy finally ends with a bright smile, putting her cup down and tilting her head a bit to the right. Yeah, she's impressed. It was only just the Justice League right? Something a D-List hero like herself could appreciate, and well, may even been something for her to look forward to. You know, when she actually gets comfortable with the idea of being a hero or something as cheesy as that.

"And nervous? I didn't even know you felt emotions that complex." She shoots with a sly grin, puckering her lips. "I've seen you embarassed, awkward, but never really ever /nervous/." She continues, only to roll her eyes upward and glance off to her right. "I mean, other than around girls." She ho hums, totally covering up her own bouts of immense awkward by pushing it on to Red.

Cindy was dressed as well as ever, a nice plain red top with a gently sloping neckline, pleated black skirt, flats. It was functional and airy, and really far from something interesting.

Even though Selina Kyle is still fairly young she's feeling her age prematurely, bone weary and like she's over a hundred instead of the thirty she is. It is because she was up all night on a 'job' and then she had to stay awake for an early morning meeting which only just concluded. Yes. She is exhausted and in need of a hot bubble bath and at least twelve hours sleep.

Dressed in a snazzy business skirt suit, the brunette wanders into the place and to where a cup of something caffeinated can be ordered, her eyes drifting closed from time to time as she waits in the queue. Someone probably should poke her a time or two if only to make sure she doesn't fall asleep on her feet.

Metropolis is not a place Tigra's had too many chances to just get out and explore, but with the Hall of Justice located there…perhaps she ought to do that more. Today's the day for it. Regardless of the weather, cool or not, wet or dry, the colorful, striped woman tries something intended to gauge reactions: she simply walks along the sidewalks like a normal person.

Surely, there are some who stare, a few who reach for their phones to get proof that They Saw Her! Some even seem happy to see someone who's been associated with the JL:A lately. Somewhere close to the bistro, she stops as a few kids gather around her. Yes, actual kids.

High points of pink appear up on Caitlin's strong cheekbones, and she ducks her head away, looking a bit sheepish and biting back a titter. "Uh, well, I'm nervous around -everyone-," she counters, a bit lamely. "But, uh, yeah, particularly around cute girls," she concedes, the pink reddening a bit and clashing terribly with her orange hair as she makes a game attempt at being remotely flirty. "I'm just… I kinda was just getting used to finally blending in a bit. Now I gotta start dressing up a bit more and looking more professional. It's just unnerving, 'sall," she waves, waving off the complaint.

She spots Selina drifting in and out of somnambulence, and watches as a piece of paper flitters out of the woman's pocket and hits the ground. "'scuse me, miss?" she calls at Selina. She wiggles her fingers to get her attention, then pooints at the paper on the concrete floor, flashing a reassuring smile anda dimple appearing on one cheek.

"Oh hey! There's Tigra! I wish I looked half that good," she mutters at Cindy, "then I wouldn't mind standing out. Her Instagram is like… huge," she confesses with a mutter.

"Tigra! Hey!" She lifts her hand and waves with an overabundance of enthusiasm at the feline woman, smiling happily at the sight of her friend. "Hi! C'mon join me!"

Cindy Moon blinks, zoning out for a moment as a queer expression comes across her face, only for Cindy to cough and quickly shake her head. H-Hrm. It was that familiar tingle down her spine, quietly rousing her as she tears her eyes off of Cait and glances this way and that. Well, nothing seemed out of order- but she's quite quickly pulled back towards Cait. She can't help but get some small amount of horrible, terrible enjoyment out of the blush. "Riiiiiight." She replies, most tease, half dismissively. "Though, you're missing a great chance to hit on someone with that." She adds quickly, eyes dragging over towards the paper.

Cait is the /truest/ her- Is… Is that a cat? W-Wwhat…

Cindy Moon is staring at Tigra wideyed, this… This is very new.

Cindy Moon really… Really… Really… Wants to pet it.

The woman with the wild red-orange hair succeeds in rousing the tired philanthropist, causing Selina to startle a bit and then turn a bleary eye towards the direction in which the voice came from. "Oh. Sorry. Just… dead on my feet this morn…" Pausing, she looks at her fancy Rolex watch, glancing quickly at the time. "… afternoon, it seems. Been up since yesterday morning and I am beat!" Grinning sheepishly, she shrugs, giving Caitlin and her friend a what can you do kind of shrug, not noticing that something fell out of her pocket.

Tigra's noticed once she's done apologizing to the other two, the feline-esque nature of the lady not gaining so much as a second blink from her. She's from Gotham, after all. Selina's used to seeing people of all kinds, up to and including such unusual ones as giant crocodiles and men made of oozing mud. "Hello." Tigra's given a polite smile once she's looking Sel's way.

Once the others have spotted Tigra, they might notice the way her tail seems to instinctively keep close by a leg or arm when a kid's grabby hand gets too close. Once or twice, she's distracted enough that one of them actually gets a good grip of it, but she's quick to scold the child - gently, of course - and slip it free.

When it comes to dressing up more and looking professional, that may be a concern of Fairchild's but it's apparently not one of Tigra's. It's the usual top and shorts for her, meaning most of her natural look is left for others to see.

Hearing her name called out, whether through a door, window, or not, she looks up and away from the kids, a hand palming the top of one boy's head to keep him at bay. It could be funny. "Hmm?" Eyes shoot past Selina at first, spotting Fairchild with someone else, and her free hand goes up in a wave. Then her gaze settles on the tired-looking woman for a hint of a nod, she glances down and appears to say something to the handful of children, and she dislodges herself from them to approach the bistro. As might be expected, she moves with a natural grace that fits what she is.

Caitlin smiles happily when Tigra starts heading her way, and spots the way Cindy's eyes start widening in surprise. Caitlin blinks quickly, for once getting ahead of a situation instead of inserting her foot into her mouth after the fact.

"Cindy, she's a friend, and a very nice person," she murmurs, bumping Cindy's shin under the table gently. "Just treat her like you would any other person. Please," she adds, making it a plea.

She smiles at Selina. "It's okay, I know the feeling," she says, sympathetically. As Tigra approaches, Caitlin eases carefully out of her seat and offers the tigress a hug. "Hi Tigra! Wanna sit me me a lil'? This is my friend Cindy," she says, waving a hand at the petite woman. "Cindy, this is Tigra, she's another League member, and -very- cool person all around."

Cindy Moon is a New Yorker through and through and this is still /so far beyond anything she would have expected to see in person/. Sure, she knew… More eccentric people like Tigra existed of course! She'd seen the pictures, she's been on the internet! But… Well, this is new. And she cannot help but stare, her breath caught in her throat. Oh god. Oh god. She's so /cute/. Something is telling Cindy she should be caught in the whole sex appeal thing? Like, that little adult voice in the back of her head? But nope, she's descending into the teenager at heart in the moment, she's so /ADORABLE/. Hell, Cindy even has a lovely dopey grin going now.

Poor Selena gets ignored by Cindy, because, well, Cindy isn't aware that the brunette is /also/ a cat in certain perspectives.

"A-Ahh?" She mumbles, after getting bumped, quickly snapping out of her little trance. "I-I can do that!" She huffs back in response, who are you talking to Red?! If there's anyone who can be normal here its he- And then Red is up and Cindy is left sitting in her chair, staring wide eyed up at Tigra. "… Wuh. 'm… Cindy." She mumbles out finally, yep, totally keeping it cool.

Cindy Moon … cannot help but track Tigra's tail with her eyes.

The paper still goes unnoticed by Sel but that's okay. It'll prove to be nothing more than a reciept from some shop or maybe a cafe she visited earlier. Nothing important like a back account number or the tracking number for an important shipment. Newp! Just proof that she had spent $4.73 at some point in her day.

The line shuffles forward and Sel puts in her order for a cup of something to go, probably something very rich and calorie-laiden, meaning she'll have to do some extra time in the gym tomorrow.

Tigra is accepting of the embrace from Caitlin, returning it politely and briefly enough. "Oof. Good to see you again. You seem more yourself today." A large portion of her attention, however, has shifted over to Cindy and the way the woman is looking at her, staring, eyeing, and so on. There's a little flick of the end of her tail from the hug she's received, but once that's done with she comes to remain a few feet away, the tail moving closer to her in a subconscious way, curling around one of her calves.

"You okay over there?" she wonders, a brow going up at how infatuated Cindy appears to be. "Remember to breathe. It's good for you," the cat-woman suggests, gently enough while carrying a touch of something more..stern in it. Something about Selina causes her to glance over that way again as well, considering the woman with a hint of curiosity.

Caitlin starts to reply to Tigra, and then her phone starts beeping loudly. She blinks and fishes it out of her pocket, and then blanches. "Oh shnikes!" she curses, inasmuch as she ever really curses. "Sorry, I gotta go— there's a fire at the lab," she explains, chugging her coffee down as fast as she can. "I mean, there's always a fire, but this time it's not where it's supposed to be. Oh dear. I mean, Johnny— I mean. Okay. I gotta go— serial. Sorry." She stoops and gives Cindy a quick, bone-crushing hug, and then starts moving to the exit as fast as she dares, trying not to trample anyone.

Cindy Moon snaps back to reality as she's reminded that breathing is a good thing, which brings a familiar tinge of pink to her cheeks as she quickly averts her eyes. Look, look, she's innocent in this. It's just the smallest bit of culture shock and she's fine now, honest, even as she puts her hands in her lap and bites her lip. "Fine. Thanks." Mumble grumble mumble. Now she's all wonderfully self concious as she gives Cait an almost pained look! And really, things aren't helped as she's plucked up and squeezed, a stuffed-animal-esque squeak escaping her lips before she's let down, flopping back into the chair with a wide eyed look. She's… Still not used to those.

Cindy Moon glances tiredly between Tigra and Selena, yeah, this is normal for her.

Caitlin's sudden message and departure leaves Tigra looking somewhat flustered. "I'd probably better go make sure she's got everything under control," she remarks. After all, that's what teammates do for each other, don't they? "So, hi, bye, nice to meet you and all that, don't go chasing after tails, yeah, I saw you staring." This is mainly for Cindy.

However, on her way past Selina, Tigra's tail uncurls enough to brush briefly along one of the woman's arms. Is that a low, throaty purr that surfaces as well? Whatever the case, it leaves her to pause and blink a couple times at the woman, a note of confusion busting through an even more curious expression before she squints at Selina and shakes her head to clear her thoughts. "Strange. Uh, see you around, I guess." Zoom!

Cindy Moon dies on the inside.

Cindy Moon also, seemingly dies on the outside.

The cat-woman (not to be confused with Catwoman, kthnx) has Selina smirking in an amused way, both at the tail that bumps against her as well as the purr she happens to catch. Chuckling, she offers both Tigra and Cindy a little wave once her drink is brought to her and paid for, her way of saying goodbye before she's out the door.

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