Hack Interrupted

May 27, 2014:

Whilst investigating some questionable wire transfers that may or may not involve Hydra, Jericho gets introduced to the wonderful world of being chased by SHIELD.

Palfrey Hotel, Gotham City


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Aspect is having lunch. Well, okay, it's a working lunch. The lunch part consists of a delicious BLT and potato salad that he obtained from a cafe across the street. The work part? That's what has him holed up in this slightly run-down apartment at the top of a five story block in Gotham City. Just across the way - he pauses to check the inexpensive spotting scope he has set up on a tripod near the window - is a bank whose wire transfer codes have been showing up an awful lot on the transactions he's been investigating. And given that he's been investigating how and from whom Hydra got two tons of deadly gas in weapon form, that's made him more than a little suspicious. So here he is, conducting a combination stakeout and virtual larceny session.

"Suspicious activity." That was the reason the police got the call, not from an FBI agent, or some super spy, but a nerd in thick rimmed glasses and a bad case of acne. A wannabe system's administrator who by pure luck picked up on just a bit of Aspect's traffic. Sure, every precaution was taken, but it was a dumb find by this know-it-all who probably isn't even correct. He calls a few times a month. Never anything big.

This time it's wrong. A small investigation of the nearby POP server actually resulted in some suspicious traffic, encryption. Could be some idiot downloading the latest Michael Bay movie, but maybe not. Unfortunately, Gotham police have better things to do than to come out to this part of Gotham. More unfortunately, Evelyn is conveniently stationed in the area. Her profile is minimalized, she has the CIA to avoid and SHIELD work to do all the same. The call reaches her after being bounced from the sysadmin to the police. "Hey, Wolstenholm. Check this out."

It's brushed off, nothing big. Escalating the call, SHIELD bounces back to Evelyn to _really_ check it out. All the resources they have, they definitely see something suspicious is up. All of this from just one nerdy sysadmin.

The past few days notwithstanding - Aspect is still metaphorically shaking a bit from his brush with a certain Amazonian diplomat who shall not be named - Aspect isn't an idiot. Most of the time. Police radio traffic is easy to monitor with the right gear. And now that police departments are increasingly networked their internet traffic, patrol locations, dispatch information and so on are all out there. Now that's *not* easy to monitor… but Aspect does it anyway. Municipal grids like this one don't usually notice he's there.

The call goes out. Suspicious activity, his general location. Time to close up shop. He takes the SD card out of the camera he was using to monitor the bank and deftly disconnects himself from its systems. He's moving with a purpose but not hurrying. This part of town? It'll be ten minutes before the Gotham PD shows up. He's got time.

Evelyn is already in the alley by the time Aspect is packing up shop. She was already in area. The alleyway is dingy, trash bins overturned and garbage strewn about. A rusty fire-escape looks like a possible method of ascension, but on second thought, seems a bit dodgy. Why take things the hard way?

Stepping round the corner, the android enters the lobby of the hotel. She's pretty much in her civvies, not really intending to see much action today given her attire. A white denim jacket over a deep red shirt with a stylized ink-pattern of a black heart. A pair of denim jeans, casual stuff. Instead of taking the elevators, she hops to the stairway and begins climbing to the 5th story.

Two minutes, twenty seconds in and Jericho has wiped his trace, dumped the gear he used and put his coat on. He almost has time to finish his lunch… buuuut he's not that arrogant. He just has to finish compressing the last bit of stolen CCTV footage into his systems and he's good to go. Should take another minute. Tops. Maybe he will have a bite of that sandwich…

Fifth floor. Jeez, what a jog. Who would have thought stairs to be a great form of exercise. Maybe she should have taken the elevator. Panting softly, Evelyn makes it to the fifth floor. Stepping up onto the carpet, she looks around. Hallways. Lots of doors. "Shit. Which room is it?" Thankfully it's pretty empty. Who knows if the perp was even in this building? This was a dumb idea.

"Figures…” Evelyn says, stalking down the hallway. She pulls out her cellphone and looks at it. Using the touchscreen, she taps in, 'Do you even know which room he's in?'

Aaaaaaand… done. Aspect puts his faded baseball cap on and glances over his shoulder. He does wish he'd had a little more time to watch the place and rifle through their files but these things do tend to run this way. Sighing softly he pulls the door open to room 525 and heads down the hallway toward the intersection and the south elevators, away from Evelyn. So far as he's concerned this is another clean break. PD won't find anything but an empty room and by the time they do, he'll be long gone.

With little to go on, Evelyn's just going to need to stop anyone from leaving this floor. She taps into her phone, 'Which side?' Ugh, forget this. Evelyn's about ready to just go back outside and look when Aspect leaves his room. "Hey, you!" She shouts, as if the statement should be accompanied with 'Freeze!'.

The man in the cap, unseasonable coat and jeans stops and slumps his shoulders. He hadn't realized someone else was in the hall, damn his luck. "Sure," he says mostly to himself and his luck. "Why not?" He glances over his shoulder to see if maybe, just maybe he's not the one being yelled at. One glance at the brunette staring him down destroys that illusion. He stares at her for a beat… then takes off at a sprint.

Evelyn begins approaching when he stops, almost 10 meters away. "I — Hey!" Bam, he's off like a shot and Evelyn's right there after him at full sprint. Ugh, this probably isn't even the guy. "Stop!" She shouts, like that ever works. Her instinct isn't really keen on this, either. Law enforcement isn't her deal, even if she used to work with the police department. Walking to the beat just isn't her style. Stealth and infiltration is. Chasing after a man in a baseball cap? This seems wrong, but she does it at a full sprint.

Problem. Being chased on the fifth floor of the hotel. There aren't a whole lot of good ways down from here. Elevators are too slow and taking the stairs involves running toward her which - he glances back over his shoulder to see her giving chance and doing so very well - he's simply not going to do. Fire escapes would be good, but the windows are all shut and locked so that the air conditioning can do its magic. That leaves only one option. Aspect pounds around the corner and throws open the door to the roof access stairwell.

Evelyn gives chase like the champ she is. An android, her stamina is basically limitless to the point of her falling apart. Outside that, she's panting and huffing. Her cooling system is working overtime to keep her muscles working optimally. When she reaches the stairwell, she turns, shouldering the opposite wall a bit as she uses it to bounce a bit in the direction she wants to go, "Don't — That's the roof!" As if he didn't know.

There's a great deal of delicate timing involved in this. Jericho figures she's a cop of some kind and while he has no compunctions killing all kinds of people, he doesn't kill cops unless he's positive they're working for Hydra. Buuuuuut. That doesn't mean he's averse to making them *think* he'll kill them. Once clear of the stairwell he slams the door shut to buy him that extra second and sprits to the corner of the roof. Below him is a 60 foot drop to an alleyway. No fire escapes, he's not positioned right for it. Panting he pulls out an Uzi and takes aim at the door frame just in front of where she should emerge. If he can just make her duck back inside for a second…

Evelyn makes it to the top of the stairs just in time for the door to slam in front of her. "Damnit," she curses, trying the door handle. Luckily, the door locks from the inside and she steps right outside to find, "Shit!" Uzi! Okay, maybe this dude is who she's after. Or just some banger she asked by mistake. This building is pretty dingy. Quickly she ducks back behind the door for cover, not having a piece with her right now. "Can we talk about this peacefully?!"

She ducks before he can get the shot off. So much the better. He holsters as he pushes himself off the edge of the building backwards. "Eagle out." He snaps. Bright amber wings of translucent light shoot from his back and he unfolds them to slow his fall to more or less manageable levels. He still has to get out of sight, but he's fairly sure this should lose her. His calculations sadly don't account for the fact that she's a bit more elite than your average GPD plainclothes detective, or indeed, not human. If she reacts quickly enough, she may catch a flash of bright wingtips as he falls.

Evelyn pauses, taking a moment before peeking around the corner, "Hello—?" Oh, crap. He's gone. She doesn't even capture the glowing wingtip. Where did this asshole go? She runs quickly over to the side of the building where Aspect just was, looking down to try and see if he'd taken a fall. What happened?

The trash below, piled up near a dumpster, breaks his fall with a muffled thud. The wings slowed him down just enough to let him roll with the impact and come up on his feet but damn that hurt. "Switch off." No reason to go bolting away with glowing wings and eyes. That'll only cause more problems than it solves. Ditto flying, so this will be a ground bound matter. He bolts down the alley leading to the next street over hoping that he moved fast enough to evade her. Sadly for him he wasn't yet even to the center before his inexhaustible pursuer made it to the edge.

"Fuuck. How the hell." Shit, now SHIELD will definitely want to know about this. Taking a couple steps back, Evelyn bolts forward before vaulting just at the building's edge. Her right foot comes outstretched as her arms spread wide for balance. A beat later, she's on the next roof in a roll, bolting back to her feet and running adjacent to Aspect as he corners.

The distinct 'whump' of someone landing hard above him startles him beyond the ability of mere words to describe. He glances up at her and his eyes widen in shock. "The HELL?!?!" He takes the next left, cornering hard and away from her as his mind spins through his options which are becoming more and more limited by the moment.

Now on a three story building, Evelyn's options are a bit greater than they were before. She might not have wings, but she can use the environment. She was trained for this. Running alongside Aspect, just a few stories higher, Evelyn reaches the next edge of the building fairly quickly. Panting, she plants a foot on the edge of the building, and leaps to the next, much taller building. A bit clumsily, she hits the site of the fire escape, clinging to it. "Fuuuuck. I hate heights." A complaint to no one. Carefully she swings in over the railing and quickly runs down a flight of the stairs before leaping off of the fire escape and onto the top of a roll away dumpster. The metal lid bends inwards, causing Evelyn to stumble a bit before she leaps off and runs outwards of the alleyway, making to hopefully run into or close behind Aspect.

Aspect clears the alley and looks behind him in all directions. His instincts scream for him to keep running, but the street is moderately crowded and running here will only attract attention. Better to blend. He takes off his baseball cap and quickly takes his jacket off as well, retying it around his waist. His forearms are now visible, lined with small metallic traceries. This is a risk on his part but in his judgment they're likely to be mistaken for body art and not changing his appearance is the bigger risk. He starts to walk, trailing a knot of people. Sadly his luck such as it has been holds. As he comes up to the next alley something flashes out in front of him at a dead sprint and he runs right into it.

"Oof!" Several tens of kilograms collide into Aspect at full force, sending Evelyn onto the ground as she falls back from the impact. People make to get out of the way as Evelyn tries to scramble to her feet and figure out what happened.

"Owwwwwww…" The impact had knocked Jericho to the ground as well. He picks himself up just a tad slower. He is, after all, just a bit winded from all the sprinting. "Sorry, didn't see…" He looks about for what hit him and his eyes light on Evelyn. "… You." That last part comes in a distinctly unhappy tone.

Evelyn's eyes widen momentarily, but she doesn't, as you might expect, immediately tackle Aspect and wrestle him into submission. Leaning over a bit, she offers a hand, "You could talk with me instead of shoot me this time."

Aspect sighs. His options now are talk or have a full force brawl in the middle of a crowded street with an unknown opponent. He doesn't mind collateral damage, but there's no way for that to go well, even if he wins. And a lot of people would get hurt needlessly. So he reaches up and takes her hand, saying in a sotto voice, "To be fair, I didn't shoot you the first time."

Evelyn nods, "Feel like an automatic is a big heavy though, don't you?" She closes her hand around Aspect's and pulls him up. She's warm. Humanlike. It's not easy to tell she's a machine, if not impossible. She does dust off her jeans after releasing your hand, though. "Come on, I have a car nearby. What's your name? I'm Evelyn."

Jericho hesitates for a moment. He doesn't give his right name out to people he doesn't know aren't going to spread it around. Right now it's looking like he's getting run in. Damn it. "I'm… called Aspect, in some circles."

"Aspect? Is that like an alias?" Evelyn asks, again offering her hand. It's downtown Gotham in the middle of the day. Following the police call, Evelyn went to investigate the scene after sending some annoyed texts to SHIELD like, 'You didn't even tell me what /room/'. Somehow, she ended up catching at least _some_ guy, who knows if it's the right goddamn perp. He tried to shoot at her, or at least squeezed off a few warning shots. There were some other interesting bits to that foot chase, too.

Leading Jericho away by a couple blocks, if he chooses to follow, Evelyn will end up at a black car, but not a police cruiser.

Jericho does indeed follow. He figures running again, at least right now, will only get him caught. Doesn't mean he won't look for another chance to get the hell outta Dodge. "It's a handle, yeah. My parents weren't /that/ cruel."

Melinda May is standing leaning against the front fender of the black car with her arms crossed, dressed in her usual field mission attire. She was NOT thrilled by the orders to take Evelyn out to bag this guy, but she knows better than to complain outwardly. When the pair approaches the car, she straightens and watches them with a flat expression.

SHIELD is an organization where the spies have spies, and Steve Rogers is a fish out of water. He's across the street from Melinda May's car wearing a baseball cap and matching black and white windbreaker advertising a local high school team, with blue jeans and boots. He's paused at the side of the road, looking as though he's about to take the bus.

Evelyn is wearing street clothes, a white denim jacket, a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt with a design on it. Evelyn's functionality is to blend in, however. She's also unarmed, as per what their exercise was _supposed_ to be today. "I guess that would be cruel," Evelyn says while approaching the car. How… Why isn't this man restrained? Or in cuffs? Evelyn is worst cop ever. "I'm not walking the beat. This is who you sent me after?" The question is directed at May. "No wounds." In regards to the gunshots earlier. "Did you leave your laptop in your apartment?"

The man accompanying Evelyn can best be described as… boring. He has short, nondescript brown hair, a jacket that's a different shade a brown tied around his waist, a grey tee so faded it's hard to tell if it ever had a logo and a plain baseball cap with no team insignia. It's hard to believe anyone could dress so plainly except on purpose. The only thing that stands out about him is the circuit like traceries on his exposed forearms. Maybe tattoos? "Dumped it." He says simply. It's a lie, but a believable one. Let them look for a laptop. He's certainly not going to tell them he was connected cybernetically. Also… why *isn't* he cuffed. Not that he's complaining…

Melinda May has been aware of Captain Rogers' presence since he approached that bus stop, but if he wants an invitation from her to join this little soiree over here, he's out of luck. Her eyes study the man that Evelyn brings over, taking in several details as she does so, then nods once to Evelyn and reaches to open the back door of the car. She's not worried about the man lacking restraints. She has no reason to worry.

Steve doesn't actually care much about May, he's more interested in seeing what the hubbub of this Agent is. Why Fury would send him to watch with everything going on is beyond him. Nevertheless, those are his orders and that's what he's going to do, true to form.

Ever guiding, Evelyn places a hand on Aspect's back to guide him towards the backseat through the door May so kindly opened for him. "Come on, then." If Aspect goes in peacefully and all goes well, Evelyn closes the door and looks up over at Cap. "Is that Captain over there?" She asks as an aside to May. She's looking pretty much right at Steve.

The odds of a successful breakaway just dropped. Aspect sighs inwardly as the car door is opened. At least he still has the use of his hands. As he ducks to get in the car he sees the SHIELD shoulder patch on May's jacket. He doesn't know who she is, but that patch is unmistakable. He pauses and his shoulders slump a little. "Fuck my life…" He mutters to no one in particular as he slides into the seat.

Melinda May gives Evelyn a particularly unimpressed look as she TOTALLY gives away to the Captain that she noticed his presence. Great going, rookie. After visually making sure that the apprehended man is all the way in the car, she closes the door after him and then very deliberately looks at Steve as well and tilts her head to indicate that he accompany them back to base while reaching to open the driver's door of the black car.

Cap makes his way over with a look on his face. He gets into the car on the passenger side and looks over towards May, "That obvious?"

May as driver. Captain as the shotgun. The leaves Evelyn .. ugh.. The backseat. She doesn't grimace or gripe, but she does return the look to May. What. We're we just supposed to leave him there? It's not like part of her training is recognizing when she's being tailed. Circling 'round, Evelyn opens the back door and slips in. Upon shutting the door, she leans in to look at Steve. "Hello, Evelyn. Nice to meet you."

Jericho says nothing, just sits there with his hands folded in his lap. He does glance briefly over at Evelyn as she gets in and then faces forward again. His silence however, is not inactivity. Odds are very good that all three people in the car whose name does not start with J are SHIELD agents. SHIELD is the ultimate police agency, at least, the way he hears it. He used to be all for what they do for the world. Now he's near positive that they can't be trusted, at least not as an organization. He's had similar problems with police agencies. He's got to get the hell out of here… but he'll probably only get one chance before they put him on lockdown… Hopefully they don't know who he is. That'd make things much simpler.

Melinda May very deliberately buckles her seatbelt as she looks at Rogers then the others via the rearview mirror. The look she gave Steve followed by the glance back at the others implies that she's not the one who’s ability to spot him should be bothering him. IF no one gets her 'subtle' hint, she'll finally speak up. "Seatbelts" And they don't start off until she hears three clicks, Police have NOTHING on her when it comes to insisting people buckle up.

Steve looks back and nods to Evelyn, "Hello. Steve Rogers." Steve gives a nod to Aspect as well for good measure and then turns to Melinda for a moment before clicking his safety belt.

Well, Melinda IS the bus driver. Evelyn's buckled up right after introducing herself. Looking over to Aspect, Evelyn verifies he's buckled in 'extra' tight. Well enough, she caught the right man (probably). It's been a successful day. Don't leave it to the shy android to pry into the hacker on why he was cracking into a bank account in a rundown apartment, or how some acne-covered sysadmin who couldn't be older than 20 called the police on suspicious activity which lead SHIELD to him. In fact, Evelyn's just sort of sitting in the back seat looking uncomfortable.

Steve Rogers? Aspect's eyebrow goes up a bit. There's a name he recognizes. He inclines his head in a sort of seated half bow. A gesture of respect. Yes, he can respect someone and still absolutely not trust who they're with. He notes Eve's uncomfortable demeanor. "Where are we going?" He asks in a soft voice as he glances out the window. As it happens, he's already calling up Google Maps onto his HUD so he can see where they might be headed, but this way he can maybe get a bit of info and as a bonus, casually look for signs that the door's been reinforced.

Steve is turned around and sits quietly tapping on his leg as he watches the city street, marveling at how different the cars look, the streets look. Everything, really. The only thing the same, somewhat, are the buildings

Totally disregarding Aspect's question, Evelyn asks, "Are those tattoos or something else?" She looks over to Aspect, then to Cap, "I don't think you were that obvious. If I didn't know you, I wouldn't have guessed." She's lying of course. The light turns green at the intersection, and as their car moves forward, another car comes speeding down in a perpendicular fashion through the light. It's quite difficult to avoid, and even with Melinda's driving, it's still able to smash into the front end of the car.

The hacker glances down at his arms. "I think of them more as body art. The process is a bit different from a tattoo." Which is… not *quite* a lie. Technically. Tattoos don't involve invasive surgery. Or life-and-death struggles. And then the car is rocked sideways. For the second time today Aspect yells "THE HELL!!!!!" Thank God for the seatbelt Nazi. His head is ringing and bleeding enough as it is.

Cap chuckles at Evelyn and shakes his head, "Thanks, I guess." As his eyes move out towards the streets once more, he catches glimpse of the oncoming traffic a moment too late. "Look out!" *SMASH*

There is absolutely no way to avoid the collision, even for May. At Cap's warning, the best she is able to manage is slamming on the brakes and turning the car enough to mitigate the damage to the front driver's side fender instead of her on Aspect's doors. The young man behind her seat curses, and she is already throwing open her door to check on the other on. If they're trying to 'rescue' Aspect, they chose the WRONG way to do so. If they're innocent (if moronic) motorists, she'll make sure they're okay. Then glare them to death.

Ow ow ow ow OW! He's got a good cut on his forehead from banging it into the window. He coughs and looks over to Evelyn even as he tries the handle on his door. This is probably the best shot he's going to get to get out, but hey, she did him a decent turn the way she took him in and he's not a heartless jerk.

As the car impacts, Evelyn screams and covers her head, instinctively curling into a ball for the impact. Screeching tires and wailing metal, the car stops, her back covered in broken glass, though none of it is in her. She's still covering her head while Aspect tries to escape, and she can't do much more, given how disoriented that crash made her.

Two men in leather and black suits file out of the black sedan that was the cause of the impact, and one crawls out of the window of the driver side, bleeding badly. "Shoot them," he gasps. And the two men level guns on the four.

In one fell swoop, Captain America bursts into action. He pulls the top of the headrest clear off with one hand while opening the safety belt and the car door with the other. With incredibly quick reflexes he fires the oblong object straight at one of the men, hopefully bringing the guns towards himself.

Melinda May is no slouch in her reactions either — after all, she kind of expected this. The gun-wielding man closest to her gets an immediate spin kick aimed at his head, and May fully intends to follow through on the momentum of the kick to launch herself at the second gunman.

The door's stuck. Figures. Well, he was going to have to do this anyway. "Eagle out." He says, though it's hard to hear over May's gun play. Two translucent amber wings immediately make the back seat of the car much more crowded. He wraps one around Evelyn as he grabs her wrist, partly to give him more leverage to pull her out and partly because it'll shield her from stray bullets. Speaking of which… Aspect recovers his Uzis and begins snapping off shots at the gunmen as he slams his shoulder and free wing back hard enough to knock the door off its hinges. "God… damn you're heavier than you look." He grunts as he pulls the android clear. Once done he makes sure she's leaned under cover. "Hate to cut and run, but it looks like you guys have this." Offering the Cap and May a lazy salute he flaps into the air and vanishes among the city-scape.

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