The Hookman and Sin

March 04, 2016:

On patrol near the waterfront between Sommerset and Battergate, The Fox encounters 'The Hook'….

Battergate - Gotham


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The rumors have been going on for some time now, that something or someone is stalking the waterfront between Sommerset and Battergate. It's one of two things on The Fox's 'to do' list, the other having to do with the one that folks are calling 'The Bat'.

The waterfront is a sort of varied area. Sommerset is nice, but the docks are chancy. Kane's on the docks side of the Finger River, approaching the derelict northern section where urban decay is setting in and the Battergate proper begins. It's been rather suspiciously quiet tonight. Even though the druid is astride a glowing elk on ground level he hasn't seen hide nor hair of anything unusual, only disturbing a few young couples engaging in what a previous generation might have called 'parking'.

"This if the Fox, checking in. Nothing so far. There's something up… oh wait, it's another car. Damn kids…" Considering the Fox is only in his mid twenties himself, that's kind of saying something.

"I'm going to turn back, I don't think-" A high pitch scream up ahead splits the night. "Uh oh."

Charlie asks helpfully there "Is he like… a reborn forty something leave it to beaver in a millenials body?" she is trying to tug on a boot hopping on one foot "Was that a scream?" she asks over the actual comm this time.

Babs probably shouldn't be back at work … but there you have it. The redhead is watching the screens on the second floor of the 'gym' she's relocated operations to. Still pale from the surgery the other day, she's at least using the pain meds … sparingly - and not as the doctors recommended.

"Yes, it was …" she answers the chaos muppet before speaking over the comms "I'm not seeing anything on the video fe—— wait …"

She might be seeing something… she's just has to reposition the camera's.

"Sending Misfit to help you, Fox."

The Fox has already spurred Stomper forward, the elk surging forward at vehicular speeds. Up ahead he can see a pair of high school seniors scrambling out of an older car. There's a man on the driver's side peeling the roof back like a tin can. With a hook.

The man wrecking the car has a hook, looks like a meat hook, buried in his wrist where is right hand should be.

Oh earthshine and starsong. It sounds silly but that's a fairly strong oath for the druid. Not good. Not good at all. Yes, help would be good! The Fox draws his crossbow and lets a bolt fly. It explodes into purple bands of force that wrap around the hook handed man who begins to struggle. The bands screech and tear as the two teenagers bolt. They're not gonna hold long at all.

Charlie hops around a bit more there in a circle and growls sharply and ferally as she finally gets the boot on. That was odd. "Take that you damn boot.. take .. it… take.. wait… Starsong.. do stars sing?" she hops a bit and then stomps and adjusts her mask. "There." she vanishes with a flash a purple and pink smoke. Then a split second later she appears by Fox. "Wait… is that a hook?"

"Another urban legend?" Oracle shouldn't be surprised… the feeds to that carpark gives a shadowy visage of the man with the hook for a hand. "The Hook or HookMan … prays on people who … seek more physical entertainment. Supposedly punishing them for their immoral behaviour." Which in this day and age is sort of laughable.

"Preys on randy teenagers. That's great." The Fox calls back to Oracle. "This one's not exactly on the list of things I study. How do we get rid of it?"

Gotham's last druid draws his sword as he leaps off the elk and tumbles to a fighting position. "Yeah that's a hook Misfit. Careful. I don't know how easy this one will be to fight." Certainly the HookMan is kind of taking exception to the two of them. It shreds the Fox's magic and comes right at him. Blade intercepts hook with a resounding clang. And then another. Who or whatever that is, it's clearly practiced in the use of that meathook as a weapon.

Well Hell. Misfit will vanish and reappear up on a car behind and to the left. "What is it with you with freaky monsters… I mean hecks.. all batman runs into is that Grundy guy and the Crocodile guy.." she trails off "okay that is pretty weird if I think about it…." she is .. well honestly Charlie is a bit of a randy teenager. Gasp. Anyhow she fishes around in her belt and wings an unluck rune at the urban legend.

That's a good question that Fox raised … it depends on which version of the legend you're reading. Of course, that's the problem with Urban Legends … the story morphs.

"There's a couple of things that might work …" Oracle is reading quickly, checking multiple sources "Sever the hook and destroy it … salt and fire, preferably. That's the common consensus for one version of the legend … " There's a pause as she checks something else "Decapitation seems to the be the other… "

Now that's a dilemma for her and Misfit - the Bats are strictly 'no-kill' - does the Hookman or The Hook qualify?

The other question, one that Babs and Misfit won't necessarily think to ask but Kane will is 'will 'killing' it get rid of it for good?' He's betting not.

The unluck rune sticks to the hook handed man and activates. It causes the monster to stumble with the next step he takes as a paver improbably comes loose and forms a pothole. The druid brings his blade down hard on the creature's right wrist…

… only to have the blade rebound and get punched with the other hand to go flying a good ten feet.

"Ow… okay, ow… that's gonna leave a mark. Oracle are any of those dock cranes still operational?" Hopefully Misfit can buy him some time with that thing.

"Careful Misfit. It hits hard."

Charlie ponders "is it a living thing or lik.. a figment made flesh.. is it a person?" she is thinking a bit more feral and brutal than she should be most days. "Anyhow." she teleports up to perch on a lightpost and flings two explosive batarangs .. .beep beep beep booooooooom style at it. "do we know?"

"Nothing definitive, Fox." Oracle is reading fast "Most of the references I have mention destroying the hook. Wait!" Reading quickly, green eyes scanning the screen "Look for an amulet, a necklace, likely a cross made of silver."

There's a very obscure reference she's just come across "According to this source, the original 'hook man' was a serial killer back in the early 50's… preyed on randy teens, as you put it Fox. Anyway, he was finally apprehended and sentenced to death … the only thing he was buried with was a silver cross. This reference suggests smelting that down to finally banish him."

That likely answers Misfits question "If this source is anywhere near correct, Misfit, this is likely more spirit than flesh…" she hopes.

"Dock cranes operational, Fox. Just … a … moment" The redhead taps into that network "All are ready for use … " It's likely she can operate them remotely, but she doesn't want to get in the way of the team.

There is indeed an amulet. Well, there is for a moment. Then there are explosions that have the Fox diving away from the suddenly booby trapped man. It's not that they don't do anything. To the contrary both go off and send the hook man ragdoll like into the nearest wall. But he is most definitively not dead. "I have no idea if it's alive or not Misfit. Does it really matter at this point?" The druid moves up and hacks at the downed legend's neck but the hook snaps up to intercept the blade and lock it. It takes a moment for Kane to disengage it.

"Okay, new plan. I don't have a crucible here. Oracle, get a crane ready. One with a load. Misfit, can you help me herd him to a good place to get buried?" The loads mostly look like I beams and lumber. Hopefully that will put a dent in his plans.

"Well… if he isn't a person.. I have a last resort planned sure…." she doesn't elaborate though Oracle certainly may have a clue there. Anyhow she teleports and stands a ways in front of Mr. hook. "Oooo man I am so excited about my boyfriend later.. Rrrrowr…" yup Charlie is trying to lure the monster towards Oracle's crane's.

"Sure thing, Fox." Oracle scans the cranes that she can see, selecting one with a bucketful of "goods". It swings to life, moving slowly … as much to give the two on the ground the indication of which one, as it's just damn slow.

Waiting for the moment that The Fox gives the word, the redhead positions the bucket to where she believes The Hook will end up.

The Hook Man turns toward Misfit and begins to stalk toward her. "Sssssssssssssssinnnnnnnnnnn." It's an almost sibilant hiss. The druid recovers and moves around, blade at the ready as he keeps a wary eye on it.

Without warning the hook man charges. God it's fast. The hook flashes up and rips through the metal skin of an empty cargo container as it just tears after where Misfit is moving, trying to cut her off. At the same time Kane breaks into a run. As the legend emerges from the other side he brings his shotgun up and fires. A blast of air sends the hook man tumbling but not for long. It's up in a moment and right after Misfit again. Will it catch her before Oracle is ready?

Charlie isn't too worried, though mayeb she is cocky. She fances back porting a she goes, tossing a couple more batarangs, explosive… tweet tweet mother fucker… or well whatever noise bats make. another unluck rune for good luck.. for Misfit at least… dancing aong trying to get the thing under Oracle's crate.. oh and not be hooked… that would suck.

That's all Oracle needed … the bucket releases and a metric crap-ton (yes, that's a real weight measurement) is dumped on The Hook's head. Burying him completely and arresting his motion.

"That's slowed him, Fox. Will it stop him?" The redheads digitally disguised voice filters over the comms.

"Don't know…" The Fox murmurs. There's a long moment where he thinks that hook will burst out of the pile at any moment… maybe it was Misfits batarangs. Maybe the weight was too much. But it doesn't come out. Later, when workmen clear the pile, there'll only be some ragged clothes underneath.

That's for later though. After a few minutes the Fox relaxes. "I think it's done. For now at any rate. Thanks you two." He shakes his head as he sheathes his blade again. "That's the fifth legend in as many weeks."

Charlie notes "That sounds like an urban legend proble,.. dibs when we get the Jersey Devil sightings…" she trails off and curtseys all snarky cute to fox "Sir Fox." then she cocks her head "Let me know when you need me all Seeing one…" she is in a gooa mood now. She vanishes with a slash of smoke.

"Yes, it is." Oracle responds and shakes her head at Charlies antics "Sorry about that, Fox." she sighs as the chaos muppet disappears. "You'd better be on your way too, Aragorn… those kids put a call into GCPD." He can hear the sirens in the background, growing nearer. "We need to follow that lead on the ledges."

"I'm still investigating the cleaning company… " the voice still digitally disguised, Kane should know her well enough to 'hear' the sigh that transmit "On the surface it's very legitimate. I'm running searches now on the principles." There's another pause "That was paused whilst I … " well he knows where's she's been.

"I know. You can't be everywhere at once Oracle. No matter how much you like people to think that you can." Kane whistles and calls Stomper. "I'm off to Midtown. I'll see what I can get on that building while you search."

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