They Want Your Superstrength

March 02, 2016:

A disturbance at Columbia University has Tiny going toe to toe with a possessed human

Columbia University - New York


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"Yes Doctor Simmons, we're sure. That's the one that's been using the Columbia University network and triggered your alerts." Agent Yousef is sitting in a SUV with Jemma and her security details, at the end of the block, watching the students leave and enter the University grounds.

Of particular interest is a group of three people approaching the car … the man in the middle seemingly guided by the man and woman flanking him. As the trio grows nearer, the tall man in the middle starts to run. "Stop!" one of the SHIELD undercover agents calls out … and three others appear in front of the running man.

Tiny has no knowledge of University networks or even SHIELD. He was learning things, learning them fast enough, but there's a lot of things out there in the world to learn for a man who didn't actually have conciousness less then a week ago. Still he's out and about trying to pick up a little more.

Things had changed since the first fight he'd gotten into. He'd discovered he was 'strong' that day, but since then he'd started to pick up a few more odd traits about himself. Whatever he is, he's not entirely human, that much he knows. In the midst of some introspection while he makes his way down the street just simply wandering the sudden shouting draws his eyes over towards the SUV.

As the three agents appear in front of the man, he reaches out and grabs one, flinging them like they were a ragdoll and weighed next to nothing whilst backhanding another and sending them flying into the car that Jemma's sitting in.

"Well if we weren't sure before …" Jemma mutters as the body 'thuds' against the car door causing the car to rock.

The runner, turns in Tiny's direction, knocking students flying as he tries to get away. It won't be long before he's infront the blonde mountain and judging by the way those people are being flung about … he's unusually strong.

Some days common sense just isn't that common. Or maybe it's some in-built desire to do some good for people… Either way, where most would go getting out of the way of someone like that? Tiny goes stepping in front of the man and braces for the impact that's probably going to hurt as he swings an arm in a classic 'coat-hanger' at the other superhuman.

As Tiny goes to coathanger the man, he 'phases' moving right through the arm and turns on the Krypotian Clone. Long talons appear on the ends of his hands and grab hold, trying to dig deep. Tiny's felt this before … that pressure in his head… as something tries to enter…

"Don't engage him…" one of the SHIELD agents calls (a little too late, clearly), pointing a ICER pistol at the suspect … holding the shot whilst Tiny is near.

Familiar pressure, familiar foe…but Tiny never managed to get himself some answers on what exactly it was that he faced. Drawing back one arm he swings a fist towards the creature, intending to hit the creature as hard as his Kryptonian cloned muscles will allow. The man backs up after the strike, looking left and right…but it's not the warning that the agent yelled that has him concerned.

This street isn't exactly unoccupied.

Perhaps a familiar foe, but this one looks human not large Lizard creature. An incredibly strong human with claws, and now fangs that protrude from his mouth. Fangs that try to bite deep into his flesh …

Tinys strike lands causing the man to grunt only and still the mental pressure is there - urging the Blonde to succumb and let him in?

This man is strong, likely stronger than Tiny …

The SHIELD agents are busy clearing the street, cordoning off the area to keep the civilians clear.

That's not good, not in the slightest. Tiny however is kind of stubborn. The creature is stronger, so he's got to be faster. He'd seen what this sort of creature had done to those people in that first riot…he didn't need to see it again. Giving a grunt of effort Tiny leaps forwards, high into the air…and seems to hang there for a moment before he comes crashing downwards at the beast in a dull arial tackle.

He's not exactly a man with a wide variety of tricks, but that's a new one.

As Tiny lands in his tackles, he might be suprised to note that he passes right through the ponytail wearing man … who's now moving again, away from Tiny and the SHIELD agents. Anyone who's watching will see him disappear through a wall into a building.

The SHIELD agents descend on Tiny "Are you alright?" one asks the man.

Jemma's finally allowed to leave the SUV and hurries over "Tiny, isn't it?" the biochem asks, a frown marring her brow "Are you injured at all?"

"Not injured," Tiny speaks up, moving to stand up once more while dusting the concrete of his ruined jacket. The slash had been the last straw for the tortured leather. The demon's fakeout had been a little unexpected and he'd put a little more effort into the tackle then he'd intended. "Just…confused" The man looks back towards the wall, peeling the last ribbons of his jacket away to discard them. "What was that thing…things? That was what was making those people crazy."

He looks back to Jemma again, still frowning. "It was strong too, really strong…" he says before pointing his hands towards one of the agents who'd so far only stood back from him. "How are you all planning to stop it?"

"Can we track them…" Jemma speaks to one of the Agents as Tiny asks his questions.

"We've found the man, Agent Simmons. Passed out five blocks from here." They must have been moving fast to get that far so quickly "We're taking him into custody. Says he doesn't remember much at all."

"Doctor Marshall, return to The Triskelion with them and examine him immediately. I want the results of his scans. And scans hourly until I instruct."

A salt and pepper man nods to Jemma and heads off.

Turning her attention to Tiny, the biochem nods "Yes, they are strong and fast. And Psychic. But that's not what was making people crazy. That silver device I disabled did that… it was malfunctioning and manipulating the emotions in the area."

Blowing out a breath, the short brunette looks up at the blonde giant "We call those things though, Daemonites, they're shapeshifters and can possess people and of extra terrestial origin." On their first meeting, Jemma had noted that Tiny didn't seem … comfortable … in his surroundings but she's no reason to believe he wouldn't understand what she's saying now. "From what I just observed, it was trying to possess you."

"Possessed?" He repeats, a frown on his face. It's clear enough that if he doesn't quite understand yet, Tiny is still really really trying. "So they couldn't do what they did last time, to all those people. They could only use one?" He frowns, tucking his hands into his pockets the man doesn't exactly seem reassured with the jargon being thrown around left and right. "I don't want something like that controlling me," he says slowly. "It would be very dangerous."

Jemma looks at Tiny as he speaks. "And they didn't do that to all those people… "And I suspect that's why it stopped to engage you. My observations indicate they only tend to stand and fight if they think they can win. Most times, they run… as we just saw."

She's curious though "Why do you say it's very dangerous if they possess you?" She's certainly seen how strong he is, and that's enough to make anyone think twice.

Sometimes a spade is a spade, or muscle in this case. "I'm strong…and bullets don't hurt me. I was shot this week by men with big guns, it didn't leave a scratch." His eyes turn now, moving to look towards the building the creature had escaped through then back again. "If I started hurting people, I wouldn't be easy to stop." He exhales a breath now, one hand going up to rub at his face. "Can you catch it? Stop it?"

"I had noticed." Jemma eyes Tiny and the damaged jacket. "You sound a little surprised by that fact … " she'll leave that hanging for the moment.

His question has the biochem making a face. Jemma can't lie - well, she can lie, just not well. So she doesn't. "We're … working on that. We've managed to stop one or two, when we have the right combination of tools but that's not so easy to put together. I and my team are learning all we can and trying to find out how to do just that."

It'll have to hang, given it's not something that he seems able or willing to share more on. Instead he frowns again and looks back down the street, giving a little frown and scratching his nose. One last question hangs on the mind of tall dark and bumbling; "Why?" he asks out of the blue. "Why do they do that? Possess people? Hurt other people? What do they want?"

"All good questions, Tiny. To gain access to information, to hide in plain sight? I'm still working on their real motivations…" Jemma responds. Noting that he didn't address her hanging statement, the biochem considers him again "If you ever want to find out about /why/ you're so strong, I might be able to help… you can find me at The Triskelion."

Another SHIELD agent approaches the pair "Doctor Simmons, we've cleaned the site and we're pulling out." Which is Jemma's cue that it's time to go. Certainly the two agents hovering near them, will make sure she goes.

"Was there anything else, Tiny?" she smiles apologetically.

"One more," the man says, frowning a little before he looks upwards then back down at the shorter woman being lead away by the shades and suits. "Just quickly…what is this 'Triskelion?" Ever the clueless, at least he looks a little more embarrassed at the lack of comprehension. "If I want to find you…where do I find it?"

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