Night of The Living Dead (Or Meeting Jubilee)

February 29, 2016:

X-23 needed a break from the busy life at Xavier's and went on a walkabout. There she met a fellow (ex)student of Xavier's, after taking down some would-be thugs.

China Basin - Gotham City


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A drifter. A ghost. That's what X-23 currently is. It's that witching hour, where the night is bleeding into day, but it's still too early to quite say: Good Morning. Either way, X-23 doesn't seem to care, as her walkabout has taken her from the nicer neighborhoods to the not so nice and downright dangerous.

As such, when X-23's steps take her into China Basin, her bright green eyes automatically rove around the area. She's categorizing threats and non-threats and for now, the majority of the people out and about ping as a threat. While her eyes seem to be always on the move, her expression remains curiously flat, barely registering any type of emotion upon it. Perhaps it's that lack of emotion upon her face that marks her as prey, but whatever it is, four young thugs immediately spy the dark-haired young woman. Silent hand signals are flashed between the four young toughs, as they coordinate their attack.

The first two thugs, who were casually leaning against a lamppost, wait for X-23 to walk past them. Once Laura's past, they straighten from their slouch and fall into step behind her. The other two thugs fall in at a separate point, not much farther down the street, with them once again waiting for Laura to walk past them.

While it seems like X-23 is completely unaware of her tail, that's all just smoke and mirrors. She easily picked them out from the people upon the street thanks to their heartbeats speeding up, once they committed to their course of action.

The leader of the groups lightly touches his phone, which is blue toothed into his earbud, and says, "Don't mess up the face. Boss wants them pretty." His cohorts just grunt their acknowledgement, as they each have their phones and earbuds dialed in to each other.

There was a time where Jubilee wasn't a drifter, herself. A time where she lived and worked at the mansion - partied it up, caused a lot of trouble, all kinds of things. Most people are forced to grow up due to age or responsibility. Jubilee, well - she never had to grow up now, did she?

But she couldn't go back. Not like this. Besides - she was doing fine here. She was doing /fine/.

Or so she thought. Morning was starting to come around, and the vampiress was starting to get a little sleepy. And she was getting that little tingly feeling at her exposed skin when she walked outside of the shadows. Sunlight. Hiss. Bad. So she was kinda looking for a place to sleep. You know - one of those places people wouldn't look for her - abandoned buildings full of junkies, a pile of stuff that hadn't been touched for months. A lot of times, she didn't sleep glamorously anymore, but she was still alive, so that was a bonus, right?

Plus, she kinda preferred this section of town, where her particular ethnicity was randomly the majority. It helped her blend in, in spite of being a ~vampire~.

Even if she was /sure/ more people kinda knew what she was. It was the glances, you know? She got a lot of /glances/. Made a girl nervous. Jubilee wasn't exactly the stealthy sort, so Laura probably spied her a little bit ago. Worse, probably smelled her. She had that undead sorta flavour to her scent, you know?

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she spies the toughs tailing the teen, and then kinda lifts her eyes up towards the sky, as if judging just how much time she had left. Not a lot. Not as much as she would like. She starts turning her head away, but her amazing vampire senses kinda pick up what the guy says.

Jubilee stops, glancing up at the sky. "…dammit," she kinda hisses to herself. And in the next moment, she was moving. And moving /fast/ - stepping around the cars on her side of the street, and taking a wide circle around the group of thugs, lingering somewhere behind them.

"Well, hey, if it isn't Daddy Ling's boys!" she calls out, her voice full and chipper, waving to the thug leader as she approaches. "Oh, wow - are you guys out kidnapping girls?! This early in the morning?!" she asks, sounding incredulous. "Are you guys skipping breakfast? Most important meal of the day, you know!"

She continues to kinda casually walk towards the leader.

She was hungry - that was in the back of her mind. Maybe her eyes were taking on a bit of a red sheen.

Much like Jubilee, X-23's own sensitive ears pick up that muttered comment. It's not hard to hear and if anyone is looking close enough, they'll see the first hint of emotion slowly form upon her features. What might that emotion be? Anger. At her sides her hands curl into tight fists and perhaps Jubilee's keener senses (at least for blood!) will pick up the faint coppery smell from X-23.

The few drops of blood that splatter upon the pavement are from the young woman's claws starting to peek through the skin of her knuckles. There's only the faintest of metallic glints between each joint, but soon, there will be a definite *snikt* happening.

Before that *snikt* of X-23's can happen, however, there's an interruption. Just before that interruption the strong (for Laura's senses, at least) smell of .. Something is scented. She has yet to fight the undead and while she can't name the scent as 'vampire' there's a familiarity to the scent, thanks to X-23 having been around quite a bit of death for most of her life. It's enough to cause her to shift focus from the would-be kidnappers, as X-23 looks for the source of the smell. When her bright green eyes land upon Jubilee's form, the assassin can't help but allow the slightest of frowns to begin to turn her lips downward.

It's only when the other girl moves and moves /fast/, X-23's gaze will track her until she disappears from her line of sight. X-23's not going to crane her neck around to watch the girl circle to the backs of the thugs, not when the dark-haired young woman can easily follow the shift of scent and possibly the sound of shoes on pavement just as easily.

Either way, when that faux-bright voice pops up behind the thugs, the four men abruptly stop in their tracks. Two turn towards the source of the chipper voice, while two stay turned towards Laura. The two thugs that turned towards Jubilee are definitely the leader and the second in command and as the young vampire approaches, their hands automatically drop to the inside of their coats, to the heat the two of them are packing. "Girl." One warns in accented tones, "Get outta here." The girl is for Jubilee, obviously, as the two thugs glower at her.

At this point, X-23 has stopped in her tracks and slowly she turns. Her eyes will take in the scene behind her. Two facing her, two facing Jubilee, all packing some sort of weapon. She can smell it. And while X-23 hasn't yet noticed Jubilee's redden eyes, there's little time for her to as the longer dark-haired woman finally moves.

Like Jubilee she's fast. Not as fast as a vampire, but faster than your average person. And as X-23 moves there's a possibly familiar sound heard -


And as soon as that sound is heard, two claws literally pop out of the girl's hands and with an easy leap, X-23 buries them into the closest man nearest her. One of the thugs that was watching her. He barely has time to mutter a curse in Chinese before the claws are buried in his chest. That curse falls to deep gurgles as blood fills the man's lungs now.

Clearly, X-23 is not a talk them down type.

That faint coppery smell - not so faint for Jubilee. She felt herself salivate, that scent becoming her whole world for a moment - her eyes twist towards something more crimson, and in spite of her trying to keep her voice more or less mellow and easy - it had a little rattling undertone. A hiss to it that made her sound sibilant - dangerous. "Not gonna do that," she says, her voice a little more clipped as she gets very distracted by that scent.

She needed to find rats. Not gonna be enough time left today, but… maybe she could spend the night, and hope no one bothered her. Eyes flick towards Laura, and she narrows her gaze.

She wanted to scratch the thug with her claws, bring that scent of blood out more - but she brings up her hand, and uses the heel of it to kinda whack the thug upon the chest, driving him towards the wall with quite a bit of oomph, his head *CRACKING* against the wall, and his eyes rolling up into his head.

"I know I look Chinese, but if you're gonna swear or whatever, could you do it in English? My Mandarin is pretty bad, you know," she says, dipping low as the second guy pulls out a pistol to aim at her - she was moving fast, that raincoat of hers flourishing out as she hits the second guy with a sweeper kick, to knock him off of his feet and onto his back.

And immediately, she was scrambling to get his gun, when…

Did the girl have knives? She was smelling tons of blood now, Jubilee's gaze snapping up towards Laura and her thug, her eyes widening. "Don't… kill them?" she calls.

She didn't sound convinced.

It's now two against two. Both men look to each other in that moment of 'oh shit', as they realize they've bitten off more than they could chew. That doesn't stop them from pulling out their weapons and brandishing them. Thankfully, Jubilee is already in motion and the third man goes down to the ground, with that leg sweep of hers. It's enough of a shock to his system that for a minute, she just lays there stunned, the breath knocked out of him.

As for the fourth man? His gun is definitely wavering between Jubilee and X-23, uncertain where to shoot, or who to shoot first! It's only when Jubilee goes for the downed man's gun, to kick it out of the way, that his gun finally levels upon her. At this point, X-23 has already pulled her claws free from the dead man's chest and at Jubilee's words, the young woman will turn her gaze towards the girl. "They deserve it." She states in the emotionless voice of hers, before her green eyes flick to the man now pointing the gun at the other girl. Quickly now, X-23 will dart forward even as the man pulls the trigger. There's the loud sound of a gunshot and while Jubilee can likely move out of the way in time, X-23 isn't quite so certain and so … X-23 moves in front of her to take the bullet.

If Jubilee thought it smelled like blood before? Now it /really/ does. Thug's blood and X-23's blood scents easily mingle together, even as X-23's healing factor kicks in.

Unlike others, the assassin only offers a faint grunt when the bullet slams into her shoulder and the wound doesn't seem to slow her down, as she lashes out with a strike to the man's throat. Claws sheathed now. No more killing, it seems, at least with claws. The fourth man goes down with another gurgle scream, as he clutches his throat, gasping for air. Cold green eyes will watch him for a second and then X-23 is turning around, to make certain the thug Jubilee was working on stays down.

Jubilee kinda looks up at the man as he levels that weapon on her, her mind distantly registering the threat enough so that when he fires - she kinda lifts a hand up, as if that would stop the bullet - only to see Laura throw herself in the way of the shot. Or sorta see it. The morning kinda looked red right now.

The man who had fallen - probably stunned rather than killed, but Jubilee's entire focus was on the falling Laura, that scent strong - too strong, and…! And, well, Jubilee, if nothing else, was a stubborn woman. Jubilee, if nothing else…

Gritting her teeth, she finds some willpower to tear her attention away from the fallen young woman.

Crouching low as she takes two quick steps forward, she /pounces/ - pounces at the man who had shot X-23, her fangs bared, her claws pointed towards him - Laura might have to work on the thug that she had sweep kicked.

Jubilee really couldn't resist anymore. That man with the sliced throat, well - that pounce lands her on top of the man, and as life ebbs out of him, she bites into that cut, and his neck, suckling greedily. Closing her eyes as she does so, a quiet little pleased sound leaves the vampiress.

If Laura leaves her alone, she would end after a minute or so, Jubilee shivering at the end of it - and looking a little stunned.

It doesn't take long for X-23 to bounce back from her wounds and when she does, her attention shifts from the last thug that's now down to the third. The third thug is once again moving and with a faint baring of teeth, X-23 swiftly moves forward. A well aimed kicked is then executed and with a resounding thud of boot hitting flesh, the third thug finally quiets. This time to unconsciousness.

Once the thug is out like a light, X-23 immediately turns towards Jubilee and the fourth thug. Out of the corner of her eye, X-23 was able to see the other woman all but /pounce/ upon the man. When she turns, she's in time to see Jubilee drinking the blood from the man's neck. Unlike most people, X-23 doesn't show any type of reaction, no disgust, horror, or shock. Instead her rather flat expression just bears witness to the vampiress' meal.

All will be quiet from X-23, as she waits for Jubilee to finish and when the young woman finally breaks from her feeding, X-23 will finally voice. "You are un-injured?" Her tone is completely devoid of emotion, as she says those monotone words of hers. It may sound more like a statement than question, but there is a question there.

It was… well… it was like someone turned a light switch, and Jubilee could think again. At least, think about something else other than blood. And it was still… just a little bit nervewracking to 'wake up' like that, covered in someone else's blood. It just… wasn't her style, you know? Drawing a sleeve up, she wipes her lips - it probably didn't help so much, with all the gruesomeness that was going on.

Her eyes were brown again - although as the light hits them a certain way, there were still vague red undertones. Jubilee lets her eyes track towards Laura's green ones. "You know, I don't know what's weirder," she says, standing up, crinkling her nose down at the guy. A beat, though, and she seems to consider something… before she kinda bends over in a crouch, and starts rustling through his pocket for wallets. "The fact that you were apparently some super assassin out to kinda…" she makes a wide gesture with her hand, as her other plucks the wallet out. "…get revenge on all these guys, or…" A beat. "That you're perfectly okay with me just chowing down on this guy," she adds to that, tucking the wallet in the pocket of her raincoat before she kinda moves to the next one.

"Yeah, though - I'm fine, I'm fine. Not like I took a /bullet/, after all," she says, kinda peering up at Laura. "Where'd you get hit, by the way?" she asks, chewing on her lower lip with a fang. She had been /hoping/ to talk these guys down. But… well… life had different plans. "Are /you/ okay?"

A faint head-tilt can be seen from X-23 as she considers what Jubilee has to say. Well, /all/ of what Jubilee has to say. At least someone is saying something, yes? Either way, X-23 finally speaks, "I was not purposely tracking them." States the assassin, even as she watches Jubilee pilfer the thug's pockets. And yes, there are wallets and the leader and second command's wallets are just stuffed with money. Several hundred and all in larger bills, too.

As for seeming perfectly okay with Jubilee drinking their blood, X-23 frowns again, that slight expression dipping her lips downward. There's even a brow furrow from the dark-haired girl as she considers her next words. "You are mutant?" She finally hazards, her monotone question still coming across more like a statement than question, but it one! "I have not yet met a mutant that requires blood to sustain themselves." Nope, she has yet to meet a vampire either, it seems.

The question about being wounded prompts X-23 to look down at her shoulder. He beloved red jacket clearly has a hole in it, through and through, and as such, X-23 will point towards the bullet wound. "I am fine. I heal fast."

"Knew a guy - a couple guys, that healed like that," says Jubilee, kinda flip flopping her hand at the wrist in an odd gesture as she finishes her… 'looting', those fat wallets in particular seeming to brighten her mood. Rising to a stand then, she kinda brushes her hands against the side of her coat.

"So what are you doin' here in Chinatown?" asks Jubilee then. "Except looking for trouble - I mean, it looks like you can take care of trouble trouble, but maybe I could help you out?" she asks, flipping through one of the wallets, finding a credit card as well, and chucking it. "Yeah, I'm a mu…" Jubilee begins to say, but her whole demeanor changes a bit. There was a bit more… life to her now, even a flush in her otherwise pale cheeks, but she /reeked/ of blood and that weird smell. "…I dunno what I am anymore. I'm kinda a vampire. But I was a mutant. Vampire mutant?" Jubilee pauses. "And I went to Xavier's at one time," she says, considering. "Schoolgirl Vampire mutant?" she says. Another pause, and she glances around. "Schoolgirl vampire mutant Triad Slayer! Yessssssss…" she says, a little bit of a hiss touching her tone as she clenches a fist in a 'yes' gesture.

"So! I'm Jubilee," she says, offering a gloved hand, "And… hey um… I know this is kinda a weird request, but can we go someplace darkish?… soonish?" she asks, bringing up a clawed finger to tug at the collar of her shirt, kinda glancing this way and that nervously.

A look around the area is given when Jubilee questions just why X-23 is out and about. That frown still slightly puckers her brow and lips, as she considers her answer. Finally, Laura settles with, "There are too many people where I live." Her answer may be a bit mystifying, since she didn't really put any context in that sentence of hers, as to why there were too many people - but this is X. She's not always the easiest to understand, at times.

The mention of being a mutant vampire, causes X-23 to eye Jubilee a moment. Her nostrils will flare ever so slightly as she scents the air, looking for anything to tell her that Jubilee might be lying. X-23 knew of vampires, yes, in the grandiose way. They're in books and movies, but real life? Not so much. When she doesn't find anything within Jubilee's scent that tells X the other woman is lying, X-23 can only accept Jubilee's answer. She accepts it with a single nod, even if there is now perhaps a faint wary look within her eyes.

It's only with the reveal that Jubilee once went to Xavier's that Laura will say, "That is where I live." Of course, by then Jubilee has christened herself Schoolgirl Vampire Mutant Triad Slayer and Laura can only look at the other young woman. The title /so/ went over Laura's head. By many many miles, it seems.

"Yes." She finally says to that last request of Jubilee's. "There are many abandoned buildings near here." She adds, even as her head cocks to the side again. "The police have been called. They will be here soon." She adds, perhaps adding to the incentive of finding somewhere else to be. With Jubilee's enhanced senses she might also hear the faintest wail of sirens as the police have definitely been notified thanks to the sounds of gunfire.

"Huh," says Jubilee at X's answer. A beat, and she kinda plays with one fang with her tongue, finally accepting the answer with a shrug. "Works for me, I guess. I'm a little bit of a people person, myself," says Jubilee. "At least, until I got bit, and now it's kinda… well it's /weird/. I mean, you know, hanging out around people, and they just smell /good/, like… Dominos pizza with extra everything good, and that's just /weird/. And I'm not a weird person," says Jubilee, her tone of voice entirely serious.


"Oh, hey, get out of town! I guess that makes sense - you're either a mutant town kid or you're a Xavier's kid," says Jubilee. "Or a Brotherhood kid, but they don't really do the whole kid thing? Kinda the whole, 'I'm so creepy and superior, bleah' thing. Right?" she says.

"Yeah? You heard that?" she says. "Then we probably should make like a nut and bolt, right? I know a place nearish by here." she says, grinning a bit. Lifting up a hand, she kinda curls a finger in a come hither motion, kinda casually meandering down a nearby alley, her eyes flickering up towards the lightening sky, her eyes kinda pinching at the edges then. "/Well/," she says. "I didn't get your name - but I can call you something if you'd like?" she asks, kinda glancing back towards Laura.

"Little Miss Stabbins? Plays the violin, but the tune is always sharp?" A beat. "I have no idea."

The mention of people smelling good, like pizza, earns a look from X-23. Again, not a aghast look or anything like that, just a flat look. "I do not think people smell good." Not with her sensitive sniffer, most people just reek of sweat or too much perfume, in Laura's mind, but none of that is said. And yes, like Jubilee, she's being /totally/ serious here.

As for Jubilee's next words? There's so many, Laura simply listens. Xavier's, Mutant Town, Brotherhood, she's been all of them. This again causes a frown to tug at her lips, though she doesn't really add much to the conversation at this point. Instead when Jubilee motions for her to follow, Laura will do exactly that. Her gaze will flick towards what few souls are around at this time (and hardly any of them good!) before she steps towards the alleyway. Jubilee's gentle reminder about her own name, or lack thereof, causes the dark-haired assassin to add, "Laura. My name is Laura."

She'll wait until the two are in the alleyway, before she speaks again. "You are not returning to Xavier's because people smell good?" And while her overall tone is still flat, there's a very very faint note of curiosity from Laura, as she makes that leap of logic.

Jubilee was fine with Laura being the quiet one. That meant that she could be chatty enough for two, right?

"Right. But yes - that's why I don't wanna go back, not until I can get a handle on… you know, this," she says, kinda waving an open hand over her face and self. And somehow, she produces a toothpick from a pocket, and lets it linger at the corner of her lips. "Laura's probably better. But now I have Stabbins stuck in my head, so if I slip, don't harass me about it, alright, Stab… Laura?" she says, grinning widely. "See?"

There was a door in the side of the alley, too - they were kinda lingering behind a burnt out apartment complex. "First level are like dealers and junkies, just kinda… walk on by. They know to leave me alone, right? Cuz I'm spooky," she says, wiggling her fingers as she looks towards Laura. A beat, and she kinda nudges the door open, a couple of people looking forlornly at the light coming through the door.

"Thanks, by the way. I think I was starting to singe," she says, stepping briskly through the place, not… quite looking at the people they pass by. But the edges of her face and lips pinch. She felt something for them. There was a stairway that led up to a door - said door looking thick, metal, and kinda not at all natural. "Was a gun runner or somethin' holed up here when I got here. I convinced him to move, and…" It wasn't a cush luxury suite, but it was a room. 'Jubilee wuz here' was spraypainted on the wall with pink paint, and there were a few little bits of neon, probably stolen from a Hot Topic somewhere. There wasn't quite a bed, but… there was kinda a cardboard box. A refrigerator one. She could fit. Trust her. "So," she says.

"I realize I shouldn't have showed you this place, cuz now I'm going to have Ororo or other people at Xavier's coming by and making moony eyes at me to come back or whatever," she says. "So if you can keep it a secret, I would be /so happy/, Laura," says Jubilee, looking back to the other. She whispers, in a dark, intense voice. "So happy." Beat. "Anyways! Want some food?" she asks, moving to one side of the room. Jubilee's idea of food were twinkies and fruit pies, apparently. Not like she could get fat anymore, anyways.

At least someone is a Chatty Cathy here. Because that will never /ever/ be Laura, even when she breaks out of her shell, as it were. When the two stop at the door, X-23 will automatically scent the air. She can smell the mass of humanity behind the rickety door and her hands will idly curl into fists again, even as Jubilee continues to gab whilst pulling the door open.

While she doesn't necessarily stare everyone in the eye, she does allow her gaze to roam over the whole room and the various people that can be found there. The dealers are immediately tagged - threat, threat, threat. Even some of the druggies are tagged as threats, as she senses the wildness in them, both from the drugs and from within. Still, this is Jubilee's domain and as such, X-23 just follows the other girl up the steps.

The spray painted message is given a quick look before she steps inside Jubilee's 'domicile'. Again, her gaze flickers around the whole room, as she gives it a thorough looking over. When it mostly pings back safe, those clenched hands will relax. The mention of keeping the secret causes Laura to look back to her newly met friend and with a shallow nod, the assassins says, "I will not tell." Which is like pinky-swear for Laura. Really.

At the mention of food, Laura will automatically look from Jubilee to the trove of twinkles and fruit pies. Again there's that furrow of brow as she considers her next words. Slowly, she says. "You eat more than blood?" Nope, she's not saying whether she's hungry or not, but sensitive ears won't pick up any tummy rumbles from her.

It was kinda sad, really. Jubilee tried to help where she could, but a lot of the people here wanted to be here. At least she could scare away the truely abusive types. And the teen-snatchers - but… a lot of them were starting to get wise, and preferring daylight activity around these couple blocks.

But… Jubilee would forever and always be a gabber. Even with the whole emo angle that being a vampire gave her, gabbing was her gift to the world.

With an underhanded toss, she tosses a twinkie in Laura's direction, opening another for herself. "I don't /have/ to - in fact, it tastes kinda terrible. But it's a nostalgic kinda taste, right?" she says, kinda biting into it. And it tasted bitter, as opposed to the sweet, savory aftertaste of the blood on her tongue. She preferred the bitter. "Eat one, it's good for you," she says. In fact, it was probably the opposite of good, so…


"Laura," she says. "So what do you do for fun?" she asks, gesturing towards one corner. Bathroom, if she needed it. And a washing machine. Blood got on Jubes' clothes disturbingly more often as of late.


Comes the sound as one claw is unsheathed when that Twinkie is tossed her way. She'll neatly stab the Twinkie through and bring it closer. A faint sniff will cause the girl to look towards Jubilee. Disbelief that's the first real emotion that can be seen filtering across her face now. "It does not smell good for me." Too sweet. Sickly sweet. It's a sure bet that X-23 was not fed too many sugary treats while being trained by The Facility.

Still. That Twinkie isn't tossed aside, instead Laura will hold the treat there, on her metal covered bone claw.

As for Jubilee's explanation of why she still eats human food, Laura simply nods once. She can understand that. There are things she still does to remind her of a few /good/ memories from The Facility. Primarily reading a certain book about a boy who's a puppet.

Fun. That's a hard question for Laura to answer. She'll fall silent for several seconds as she considers. Likely those seconds could easily be filled by Jubilee's chatter, but thankfully, Laura does answer. "I train." Perhaps she means exercise? She does seem like the focused exercising type.

Jubilee bites her lower lip with a fang then, as that claw comes out. "So that's where you were hidin' them," she says.

"But, you know, you could just catch it next time. Terrible," she says, stepping forward. Around the claw, she starts kinda pulling the plastic wrapping off - one nice thing about being a vampire was the built-in claws helped a lot with opening packages - and she pulls the rest off with a flourish. "There," she says.

"It doesn't smell good? I mean, I guess it's not /healthy/, but that's half the fun, right?" she says, canting her head a little to one side - stuffing the plastic in her pocket as she takes a step away. But when Laura says what she does for fun? The pain on Jubilee's face was real. "Seriously?" says Jubilee. "No… dancing, no music, no sports, no skateboarding, no video games - shopping? - just… train how to fight and stuff?"

Another beat. "They musta loved you at Xavier's."

Clearly, Jubilee is an invade personal space type of person, whereas X-23 not so much. When the other woman steps into X-23's three foot bubble, the dark-haired assassin can't help the wariness that enters her eyes. Only pain typically came when someone got this close to her and she's still dealing with that automatic reaction. Thankfully, Jubilee keeps it light and when the wrapper is removed, Laura will once again bring the offending treat to her nose.

Nope. It still doesn't smell appetizing to Laura. In fact, she'll look from Jubilee to the Twinkie and then back to Jubilee. "You are certain this is good." She states, even as she turns her green eyed gaze back to the sugary treat. Finally, after what seems like a millennia Laura will take a small bite of the Twinkie. While her expression doesn't change, it does freeze. It's hard to tell whether that expression is a good thing or not. Eventually though, the girl will take another bite of Twinkie. So, perhaps a good expression, then?

"I do not know if they love me at Xavier's." She replies around her Twinkie eating. "I do not think they do. They do not often talk with me." Continues the young woman in that flat voice of hers, "I do not mind. They are too noisy." So, no, no dancing, skateboarding, video games, shopping, etc.

Jubilee could kinda sense the tension in the other woman. She moves a little more carefully and slowly when she would remove the wrapper proper, before taking a step backwards. "Yesssssss," she says, that lingering 's' carrying a bit of a hissing noise with it. "Eat it - you know you want to," says Jubilee. In fact, she could kinda tell Laura didn't want to, but… she was trying to broaden the teen's horizons, don't judge!

"I get the feeling you don't often talk with them, either," says Jubilee. There was a banged up old chair on one side of the room. She kinda flings herself onto it, the wood of the chair squeaking. If Laura didn't like noisy, she wasn't going to like Jubilee.

"Tell you what," says Jubilee, bringing up her hand and rustling in her pocket. The ganger's wallet? The big fat one? She plops it on her lap. "You see this? This is mall money. You come back here at sunset, and we are so gonna catch a movie, and go shopping - and listen to music, and… well, you can see what you like, and don't like, and that could help, right?!" says Jubilee, smiling so wide her fangs show.

Soon enough the Twinkie is finished and the one claw retracted. Apparently Laura is a neat eater as there's very few crumbs upon her that would give away her indulgence. Yes, eating a Twinkie is an indulgence for the girl. It's Jubilee's very astute guess that causes Laura to look back towards the girl. She frowns slightly, even as she offers a singular nod. "I do not." She manages, admitting that no, she's not exactly seeking the other students out to chat with. They just seem so much more … Immature.

Still, when Jubilee mentions coming back at sunset and detailing what the two should go do, Laura will say, "I will return at sunset for this mission." OH yes, this is definitely a mission in Laura's eyes. "Stay safe, Jubilee."

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