Give Us That Talisman

February 29, 2016:

Leaving a meeting at the Bronx River Art Center, Mari is set upon by muggers.

The Bronx - New York


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Late afternoon, early evening, the sun is setting and the streets are growing dark. Mari McCabe, dressed in a rather fashionable business suit, has just left the Bronx River Art Center and walks briskly down the street towards the nearest subway.

In the shadows behind her, a group of four men appear and start to follow her, whilst another group of three approach from the front.

"Nice necklace you have there…" one of the men, with a thick accent, greets the woman. "Why don't you hand it over…"

"I don't think so." the woman responds and as she does, the two groups try to rush her…

The native american demigod across the street turns her head as her ears catch the man's words. She's young and dressed in an obvious hurry, sandals and jean pants and jacket under which she isn't actually wearing anything but at least remembered to button. It's been a long week and she's just out to grab a few things and not in the mood for these morons.
"You know. It'd be so easy. So easy and I really just.." Wants to shoot them already. No warning, no.. nothing. Dead robbers. Problem solved. But she can't do that or, she could but shouldn't. So instead she crosses the street in an unhurried stroll. "GO. Away. From Her." It's not a request and if they've got any sense at all the edgy animal anger coming off the woman will make them scatter. Or, the opposite which happens sometimes, especially with men. The whole 'oh no I don't care what I feel, she's just a stupid weak woman and I'm gonna ignore what my instincts are telling me and fight' thing. If so, its not her fault what happens. That kinda person is too dumb to live.
Its around this time that it occurs to Jes that the woman might not even need her help. It is New York after all and the scent she's getting on the wind is.. very weird.

"… next time you decide to ask for the assistance of anyone still under SHIELD purview, most especially those actively working for WAND, I would like to know about it first." Yes, May is giving the man walking alongside her a quiet and calm-voiced but very stern dressing down. Her long-honed sixth sense about trouble pulls her attention away from scolding Barton and toward the two groups of men converging on a lone woman, and then — to make things even better — Jesana's walking right into the thick of it.

Without so much as changing expression, she pulls a strange looking pistol from where it was hidden inside her jacket and offers it handle-first to Clint. And then she's doing essentially the same as Jesana, though without the talking and drawing attention to herself. Oh, and pulls a pair of smallish metal rods from her sleeves.

Clint chuckles. "I take it Simmons passed her report along then." He notes, interestingly, that May isn't objecting to the plan despite the fact that the plan is to steal a bunch of intellectual property and technology. She's just objecting to not knowing about it first.

"If it makes you feel better we'll have the assistance of a bona-fide super hero on some of it and I think Agent Carter… er… you have two of those now right? I think the Agent Carter who isn't from the 40's will help us out as we-" Clint pauses as he sees the situation in develop in front of them. Of all the times to not have his bow.

Of course that doesn't mean he can't do anything. May just handed him an ICER. Which is great, this is probably a situation where they should have a body count. Clint's talents are more than just bow based. He prefers a bow, but a regular old handgun will do just fine

"That woman looks familiar. I think we have a file on her." He murmurs to May.

They likely do. Mari has worked with the heroeing groups for a while. A freelancer, if you will, but known to a number.

One of the men behind her, grab her arms to hold her and the others close in … trying for the necklace. As the hand closes on her arm, Mari bursts into action bringing a fist up to smack the guy behind her fair in the face.


The man staggers back, holding his nose as blood streams from it "The bitch brothe ma nothe…" As a second man swings for Mari's head and she ducks, delivering a cruel blow to solar plexus.

Jesana's words draw the attention of three of them "Go away, little girl. This is none of your business."

They've not noted Mays or Bartons approach yet - Mari and Jes are keeping them fairly distracted.

Around this time Jesana also hears the tail end of May and her companions conversation and really hopes he means the other woman and not her because her skills are not on a "break into SHIELD and destroy my file" kind of level yet and even if she someone could, everything is probably electronic and Jes is pretty sure Jarvis's helpful advice would be to "Don't even think about it" only with a whole lot more words.
'Little girl?? And this after being called a Puppy, almost losing one of her people, not being able to save all of Zee's house and being tricked into spending time with her Father and missing a freaking battle with her God that is probably her fault. Yeah, Jes isn't quite caring who needs help now. She's a little intent on taking out some of her frustration on the guy in front of her with a series of very serious punches. She's a good boxer and if she forgets herself, can easily kill a human but the woman seems way more focused on breaking bones than actually trying to kill. *punch* Right into his nose. "Asshole! Broken nose is gonna be the least of your problems!"
Jes might have forgotten about May. *punch* Left jaw *punch* Right jaw *punchpunchpunchpunchpunch* mostly focused on his ribs before grabbing the guy by the shoulder and bending his arm back. Which gives her a view of May and Clint. "Oh crap." Jes glances aside to check on the woman she'd actually supposed to have been helping.

Melinda May runs quickly and quietly to put herself behind the men that had been following Mari. Jesana is being an excellent distraction, though a bit excessively violent. She stops, taps one of them on the shoulder, and when he turns, she zaps him with the taser baton in her hand.

"I forget, May, is standard proceedure to fire a warning shot or-" Pak! Clint lets fly with the ICER wearing an impish grin. Part of not being in SHIELD is not having to deal with matters of proceedure. "Hey! Durak." It's Russian. Judging by their looks at least one of them might speak it. And probably not appreciate the grinning man with the gun and the mouth. He takes aim and fires again. It's risky, firing into a melee, but Clint's an eagle ey- er, well, he's a very good shot.

Mays tap on the shoulder has the man turning and … dropping to the ground. Clint takes another with that ICER. The call of Durak certainly got attention from at least one who now pulls a gun on the Archer errr marksman.

"Lemme go, Little Girl" the man on the ground held by Jes growls in pain… clearly he didn't learn his lesson.

The last two, lunge and grab at Mari trying to drag her off down the street. "'t" mutters the woman as a golden light in the shape of a gorilla overlays her being. With what appears to be hardly any effort, those two are flung to the ground and knocked unconscious.

It's not a good idea to keep pushing her when she's pissed and despite the distraction and remembering May is there Jes snaps his arm. "Uh. Oops. Shit, sorry!" She mumbles under breath "Not." The guy isn't going anywhere anyway, Jes is pretty sure he can't see so well so she leaves him lying there and turns towards the one with the gun only to see Mari .
"What the…" Jes blinks and her nostrils flare. "Whoa. I uh. I guess you had this." This is the second thing she's seen in a week that she hasn't been able to identify. The demigod grins, her anger starting to fade already. "Hi. I'm Jesana. That's May and uh… hmm." She eyes Clint with interest.

Melinda May looks ready to go after the next guy still standing, but then Mari very handily flattens them. Well, then. Looks like Barton's memory is working. She looks from Jesana to the man she pounded and back, perhaps a bit disapprovingly. But not too much. She then turns and nods to Mari. "Ms. McCabe."

Clint shoots the pistol out of the 'durak's' hand and follows that up with a shot to the chest. Two in fact. It looks brutal until you realize that he's only holding a 'night night' gun. That guy's gonna wake up with a hell of a headache though.

The archer-without-a-bow flips the pistol in his hand to hold it by the barrel and offers it back to May as he walks up to the little group. "Nice little popgun." He teases May. It's a handy tool and he knows she's broken out bigger when the situation warrants it.

"Nifty trick of yours. Let me see…" Clint's memory is a little fuzzy but this one he remembers seeing a file on before his 'incident' with an LMD. "It's Vixen, isn't it?" Jesana's regard is noted… let's hope it stays friendly.

Panting slightly, Mari straightens and straightens her jacket, smoothing back her hair. "Thank you, Jesana. Agent May and … And it is a nice trick, to be sure " it's her turn to search her memories "Clint, isn't it. But yes, Vixen, or Mari McCabe when dressed like this."

The man with the broken nose is running away, the others are all down for the count.

"Are you able to take these into custody? Or shall I call the police?" she asks May, predominantly. "I really do appreciate the help."

Jes squints at the running guy. She's so gonna find him later. Maybe a few days later actually because she really wants to go home tonight and play with her kids. "Oh no problem. It's not like you needed saving." She grins at Mari. "I would've stood back and only interefered if you needed it but I was kinda in a bad mood and that one *kick* pissed me off." Jes pauses long enough to boot him in the ribs.
"I think I need some of my relaxing tea tonight." The native american comments mildly. She hasn't seen Fenris yet but she's heard a little at least. "Are you alright Agent May? I was out of touch for a bit but i heard the dwarves went for Fenris." And while she's not entirely sure May was there, it's likely because Fenris doesn't have a lot of people he likes and let's into his life and May is one of them. She'dve gone if he was in trouble. Though, it would have been the damned dwarves in trouble more like. "Nice to meet ya, Clint." Jes smiles.

Melinda May takes the pistol-like thing back from Barton. "I'll tell Fitz you said so." The pistol disappears back into her jacket, and she looks at Mari squarely. "I think it would be better to notify the police in this situation." Then Jesana mentiones dwarves and she looks at the casually dressed woman a bit oddly. OH. "Well, someone went after him. It was dealt with."

Clint blinks. Dwarves? Someone's MMO no doubt. Wait… May knows… no, nevermind he doesn't want to know.

"Nice to meet you miss." Clint does a little thing where he touches the brim of an imaginary hat while nodding to Jesana. Did he drawl just a little bit?

"Have we met?" That's to Mari. He can't recall off the top of his head, LMD again. He's definitely aware that 'Vixen' has been a presence in the metahuman community for a while so it's possible. "And what were they after? Didn't look like some random mugging to me and if it was… they had absolutely no confidence, bringing eight guys like that."

"Once, several months ago." Mari smirks at Clint. "You fell down the side of building during a chase." Pulling out a phone, she dials 911 and reports the mugging attempt. "They'll be about 10 minutes or so, for those that don't want to be here."

"Dwarves?" she blinks at that … of course, she thinks Jes means small people. Of course she does!

"Want? Oh, my amulet." Her hand rises to cover the foxshaped pendant at her neck "A family heirloom they believe to be of value." she shrugs a little "this… was no random mugging, it was a planned hit. And not the first, I'm afraid."

Jesana seems to like the slight change in Clint's voice and the little gesture and eyes the man appreicatively. "That's Good." Jes murmurs to May before frowning down at the guy she beat the hell out of. "That figures, no I can't just walk by random street violence, i have to show for some kind of planned robbery. I can't even go to the damned store anymore."
The woman seems more amused than anything right now. Interesting new people pique her curioisty and redirect that negative anger into something more positive. Plus, she's already lost control in front of Agent May enough for one night. "It's uh.. been a long week." She mutters after the guy at her feet spits out some blood.

Melinda May looks from Jesana to Clint and back, then tells the Coyote-kin very plainly, "No." Don't even. "That's what punching bags are for, Jesana, not people. You'd better get going before the police arrive." Yes, Barton, May DID just tell someone to LEAVE before the authorities arrive.

Clint quirks an eyebrow, less at the 'No' and more at May being anything less than by the book. He supposes that might be what running WAND gets you. SHIELD may have come to grips with dealing with the weird and arcane but that doens't meant eh cops did. "Several months ago…" Well crap. Probably means she met his double and he doesn't remember it. That might be awkward later.

"I should probably also mosey on out of here unless you want me to give a statement or something." He is, officially just a civillian.

Unofficially, well, that's another matter.

"If you need help though just give a call. Uh… don't have a card or anything like that but May has my contact info."

"You two do that. I'll stick around. Cops are used to me, at least." Mari nods to the pair. "Jesana, learn to channel that energy. It will sit you in good stead later on." And if what Mari just displayed is any example …

"I'll be in touch with Agent May should I have need of you." she affirms to Clint. Perhaps it will be awkward later when she reminisces. "Thank you, again, for your help."

Shit, right, the cops. Jesana nods in agreement. "Nice meeting you, glad your okay!" Then scatters. She doesn't tend to get along well with authority figures and mistrusts the police. Partly it comes from growing up on the Res, but she's also been kidnapped and sold to HYDRA by corrupt cops. It hadn't helped her suspicions and paranoia any. "Anytime! She calls back over her shoulder

Melinda May nods to Clint, giving him the chance to leave if he wants to. "I'll stay as well, Ms. McCabe, to explain…" she gestures to the men that are down due to taser and ICER. Lends a little more credibility to how promptly the men were put down.

Clint grins and waves. "Catch up with you later May. You can ream me some more if you need to, but bring dinner. It'll be getting late when you're done I think." And with that, and a wink, he's off.

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