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February 28, 2016:

Simmons finally manages to catch up with May and give her the longest status update - ever. Rain hands over a beta-version of the magic GPS.


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With the possibility that SHIELD has been compromised at very high levels, Jemma's finding it difficult to pass information to May. She's come into the possession of certain knowledge that she simply won't commit to written reports. Sure, reports are being filed, with enough information, but they're still rather generic.

Which is why the biochem has asked May to meet her Tea in an out of the way coffee shop - something she's picked up from both Barton and Jericho…. even if she isn't subtle…. But May should get the message that whatever Jemma has to discuss, isn't for ears that might be listening within The Triskelion.

Her security detail, Matthews and Jefferies today, are not far … keeping a watch on the disaster magnet Scientist.

On the table in front of her is a pot of tea … made from tea the biochem bought in with her. Go figure!

Melinda May arrives precisely when she promised, nodding to Matthews and Jefferies before claiming a chair at Jemma's table. "I asked Rain to meet us here as well." Clearly, another that can be trusted with particularly sensitive data. She reaches to pour herself some of the tea while waiting for the young witch and her companion feline to arrive.

Rain is somewhat aware. But she keeps to her own tasks, and when not mending an exploded Green Arrow, or collecting wayward souls, she is working on inventions or cases. She did helpfully exorcise some gremlins from the Windows 10 servers, but much to everyone's mystery, it was still pretty awful. Who knows, really? And the single socks that seemed to appear all over related to gnomes. WAND really does get up to some odd things.

As far as being trusted with information, Rain held/holds Loki's secrets. She is a dark blob of terrible secrets (ask her about hanging out with the Darkness). Captain jogs into the room first, tail flicking and in a ? shape. Rain enters shortly after, with a small laptop bag in. "Hey, sorry. Thanks."

"That's good, Agent May" Jemma responds with a faint smile. She's looking a little tired … but with what's been happening, it's a wonder the woman is getting any sleep at all!

There's a chair for Captain, if he chooses to use it. "Hello Rain, Captain. Been keeping busy, I trust?"

Without really waiting, Jemma dives in "Since Clint told us about the issues within SHIELD, I've been kept busy, Agent May. Clints requested my help in an operation that involves Agent Carter … errrr, the younger one. But … I wanted to let you know about it. I also thought you might like an update on the Daemonites and the issues I've been seeing with Sigma." So …. there's a lot.

That's a lot, all right. May nods slowly. "All right. Start with the Daemonites." That'll give Rain and Captain a chance to settle in and get tea or water, or whatever they'd like. She has information of her own to share, namely about a black and white suited woman.

Blink. Rain sure came up on a high note. Captain will hop onto the chair. Talking from foot level is tough. He looks to the two. Rain will get some tea, and Captain drinks water. "I see. That's quite an update. We've kept busy. I think the magic GPS is ready for beta testing," Rain offers. "But we're going to listen first."

"Daemonites … right." Jemma absently gives Captain a pat as she thinks. "I've had more reports of them tampering with those Psyborg emotion control devices and attended a scene the other day. A Psyborg and Daemonite were fighting … and after the psybernetically altered Coelacanths and the Daemonites, I'm beginning to have some suspicions."

Pouring her own cup of tea, she offers to do the same for Rain and signals a waitress "A bowl of milk for my friend here, please."

"Jericho intercepted a hacking attempt on OsCorp the other day that he's sure was of Daemonite origin." she adds with a shake of her head. "What we can't work out, is why the attempt was made from the outside, given they could infiltrate by impersonating or possessing someone." Maybe, as Jericho surmised, they are stretched…

"And then there's the London site. Do you remember when we found that bunker a few weeks ago, Agent May and we thought it had tried to send out a signal but Agent Pezzini disabled it? Jericho and I were called in yesterday … it's been receiving messages … from outer space."

Rains comment about the magic GPS gets Jemma's interest for a moment "Really? That would be very helpful right about now. Do you have any ideas on how you would like to test it?"

So, several things regarding the Daemonites. And there's more stuff besides. No wonder Simmons looks a bit frazzled. Has JEricho had any luck in deciphering the messages?" She knows it's a long shot, but it's worth asking. Knowing that Oscorp somehow avoids Daemonite infiltrations is … note-worthy. She might have to pursue that tidbit. "I have some ideas on how to test that. It only identifies and locates, correct?"

Rain listens. Captain merps at the pat and rubs his head on the hand that pats. "Thanks," Captain offers. "And thank you," Rain says, too.

She nods at Jemma. "I was going to take it places, like near my manor. It identifies and locates, yes. Maybe relative strength. It's more sort of a diet version of my magic senses. I can't really try to reach out when I'm flying on a broomstick." Or else she'd end up being a Halloween ornament on the side of a building.

"Nor can I hold a map when I scry while flying, so …" They get the idea. Rain doesn't wanna crater. But Rain has to FIND things or she'd be a poor agent and occult detective. She falls quiet at talk of Daemonites. Hmm…

"Yes, he did. It took him a moment to, Agent May, but the message was very simple 'Any station receiving, this net. Your signal has been received and acknowledged. Operatives inbound to arrive soonest possible date. Please transmit status of current forces and hostile infestation. Help is on the way'" Jemma winces a bit at that.

"As I said, that signal originated from beyond the moon's orbit… I believe that we are going to have visitors … that aren't Daemonites and may be related to the Leonidas network." May might wonder if these visitors will be obvious in their or not … but given everything they know about the Leonidas network, it's been operating quietly since Vietnam and they've only just discovered it.

"If you need someone to help test that, Rain, I might be able to." Jemma smiles at the pair. The waitress arrives with a bowl of milk for Captain and puts it on the table in front of him.

Melinda May hms and waits for the waitress to walk away again before replying. "Well. We'll just have to hope that the enemies of our enemies aren't also enemies. We've already got too much on our plates as it is." She takes a calming sip of her tea. "Rain, I wanted to notify you of this. Just a few days ago, another magical assent of WAND's had her home residence attacked. It's one of the better-warded places I know of, and apparently the attacker did considerable damage. Take any precautions you feel are necessary to make sure that your home isn't similarly attacked."

Rain is a good audience. She frowns faintly. Not good. Reinforcements. She nods. "Of course, I'd be glad to loan you one of the beta machines. Just - be aware it is under testing." Fusing magic and tech is difficult. Captain merps, not talking in front of the waitress. Right then, milk and water!

Rain is only aware of the Daemonites and such as she is given. Tea is sipped and she looks to May. "Oh?" She frowns. "I see. I will keep an eye out and let the staff know. We bolstered things up after the Kythe incident." Yeah, skeletons, fire and more. It put more than a dent in the manor after all. Rain fishes in her bag. A pedestrian/motorcycle GPS. "Here we go."

"That's what I had been thinking as well, Agent May." Jemma shakes her head as she sips her tea "We've a detainee from a disturbance a few weeks ago. They were apprehended…" by Jericho, perhaps not suprisingly "… in altercation where they had tracked and attacked a Daemonite. Questioning them has proven particularly useful, but Jericho feels he might be able to … lean on them. But there may be legal considerations. Perhaps you and he could … " work together?

"I'll continue to work with Doctor Storm and discover ways to track them. Mr Storm also offered to approach some telepaths and we may need that as a last resort."

"That's about it for this bit, May. More questions that I have answers for … I know." Jemma will let May take the GPS, she's more likely to come across magical disturbances at the moment…

Melinda May accepts the smallish device and looks at its controls. "Is there anything in particular I need to know about?" And now she looks like an older person requesting instruction on technological devices from the younger generation. But, only if you don't look too close.

"There's settings in the menu. It has updated maps. If you want just a normal GPS, just set it to 'mundane'. Otherwise, choose 'all'. It picks up demons, rifts, magic and faeries. Don't take it to a RenFaire or it might get weird," Rain explains. "I have a second one if you wanted into beta." Rain offers to Jemma. "And I'll keep my eyes open for what I can find out about things. Maybe the Engineering Society has run into odd happenings," She considers. Captain is quiet, drinking and sitting. He can't really talk in here, after all

Rain adds, "It will show an icon for nearby sources of magic. So … yeah.

"If you do, Rain, I can do that. I don't see as much magic as Agent May, but I still see some." Jemma sits back and sips her tea for a moment, thinking about what next to drop on May. Either of the two subjects are likely to get a Vulcan look.

"You know that I've been following The Section, Executive Directive 51 and SIGMA agents… I picked up a lead from a search I was running. Seems Kwabena was heading undercover and I … managed to get him to take along to an Army base just outside of Metropolis. He and Cypher from X-Red got information that leads to Greece." A quick look to May and Jemma pushes on.

"Two things have come from this though. First, there's a woman known as Spider-Woman who thought she was working for the 'good guys'. After our visit she and her daughter was targetted by The Section and she's now in hiding with the help of Shift. I met her the other day, she rendered assistance with the Daemonite attack. I … think, Agent May, she'd be a good asset for us." An off the books asset that they know is not compromised.

She'll get to the second thing in a minute.

May powers on the GPS and plays with a few of the settings, not at all surprised when it pings on her and Rain and Captain's presences. There are other blips further afield, but she's not going to go chase them down right now. Thus the GPS is powered back off and pocketed.

And then yes, right on que, there's the Vulcan look. With added eyebrow. "Spider-Woman. Describe her." They were kind of in the middle of fighting Asgardian bounty hunters, she didn't really have time to get a selfie with the woman and swap contact info.

Rain nods, smiling as May plays with it. She seems glad it picks her and Captain up. Though, Rain has the distinct disadvantage of being unable to conceal her magical aura. Magic she is, and magic she shall be noted as. She props her elbows on the table. Her eyebrows furrow and frowning at the stories. And there's a vulcan look. The second GPS is slipped quietly over. Rain has kept busy. "Well. If she can stand up to those things…" It'd be handy.

Jemma got the Vulcan look and blanches a little. She did after all insert herself on an unauthorised covert mission. "Spider-Woman? Black spandex with white accents in the shape of spider… That's all I can really tell you. Except she protected me and worked with Matthews and Jefferies and she seems … genuine. I'd like you to meet her."

Taking up the second GPS, Jemma looks it over and operates the buttons. Yes, it picks up Rain and Captain …. and … May. "This is good work, Rain. Nicely put together. Fitz would be most suitable impressed."

"If you have a way to contact her, tell her I would like to meet." May will discuss the gallavanting off at another time. By the way she went pale, it's probably a pretty good guess that Jemma already suspects that was a … less than brilliant decision.

Rain is quiet at this. She smiles at Jemma "Thanks. Glad you like it," She really is. She takes a deep breath. "I - good luck. It seems like you have been busy enough for 3 people." She's respecting that.

"I do have a way and I've already suggested it." Jemma confirms. That done, she continues on "The results of the visit, was very interesting though. What we've found is that The Section targets mutants, political activtists, religious organisations or anything that might threaten the 'American' ideal … Economic Stability if you will."

May might find that interesting given the hit that was taken out on a certain Mutant Activist who is currently still held in an offbooks safe house - although, to the world, Natalia is safe in Columbia Medical.

"What it did do though, was put me and the others on a Section hit list. They tried to take me the other day. Thanks to Shift, though, we've prisoners held in SHIELD facilities for questioning." Something that May and Shift might want to do.

"Three people, Rain. I suppose so." Has May told Rain why they aren't sharing this information too widely and why they're meeting offsite? "What sort of feedback do you want on the GPS?" Jemma kind of wants to know how it works… she's curious that way.

Melinda May nods at Jemma at the mention of prisoners. Something she will definitely want to do. "I'm sure someone already told you, Rain, but the reason we're discussing all of this off of SHIELD premises is that we've been given information that makes it rather likely that the agency is … not as secure as we'd like. So, try to avoid discussing any of this around anyone from SHIELD that you don't implicitly trust."

Rain huhs. The Section. Still. The witch looks between them. Captain curls into a ball. "And … oh?" Her eyebrows lift. "I see. I understand. I think. You guys are really the ones who listen to me when I'm not exorcising the Windows servers," She admits. "I can't really be too magical around everyone."

Melinda May can't help but huff very faintly in amusement at the thought of exorcising the Windows servers. "You might be better off asking Jericho's code demon to scare that server straight."

Which brings Jemma to the next item of business. "Now, regarding that, Agent May." the biochem bites her lip as she thinks on that. "Clint asked me to a meeting with Agent Sharon Carter… she's undercover right now. Seems whoever has infiltrated SHIELD, has also infiltrated HYDRA and are also targetting tech firms and materials related to dimensional technology." she pauses a moment

"I don't know if it's Daemonite, SIGMA or Psyborgs … or another group, but Clint is right, it's happening. Agent Carter and he think we should steal the tech and keep it safe until this is over … and they want me to help… play overwatch. Identify the tech that is of value, so they can … appropriate it." There now, she's said it. "He knew I would speak to you about it."

Rains comment about exorcising windows gets a slight snort of amusement "Fitz would love to hear you say that, Rain." she chuckles a little as she waits for Mays response.

Rain looks between the two. Her eyebrows lift at mention of dimensional targeting. "And oh?" She beams and smiles at the Fitz comment. May's response warrants consideration. "That might work. They are persistent. If there's anything I can do, let me know."

Melinda May deliberates for a long moment. "Do it. But all of the same precautions apply. If you need to pull from outside resources, tell me so I can authorize them."

"Thank you, Agent May." Jemma hadn't expected any real opposition, but it was a big thing that Clint had suggested. "We've spoken to Ms Van Dyne already and there's a few companies we'll be approaching asking them to work with us on this. Replacing their tech with decoys and tracking devices." But there are others they will simply steal directly from. OyVey!

"I'll continue working with Doctor Storm and Ms Smoake, if that's ok. And if you approve Spider-Woman, her too." Seems Jemma's developing a nice little network of people she can rely on … and that's without including Jericho and possibly Magik. "Oh, and some of the X-Red folk too. Like Cypher."

Of course, Jemma will also have her security detail. The four agents that she trusts most next to May.

Pouring another cup of tea, the biochem blows out a breath "I … think that covers everything, Agent May. Until we know what we're dealing with, I'll be keeping my official reports … vague."

Rain looks between them. She nods. "You're welcome to come by my lab if I can help, or loan you anything. Though, I seem to keep a little busy. There's so many small, odd supernatural phenomena. And storing forbidden artifacts," Hand wave.

Oh yes, May has noticed how vague recent reports have been. She's been approving them regardless, and has already spoken with Fury privately about them. "You're both approved to go off the reservation if needed to follow up on this." Well, within reason, of course.

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