Luck Charms and The Nowhere Markets

February 27, 2016:

The Nowhere Markets appear 'between' in Central Park.

Central Park / Nowhere Markets


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Central Park is often a place that Fenris uses to meet people of Power. Capital P. The folks who are the movers and shakers in his world. There's a number of reasons for that but it boils down to two things really: Open enough that most folks won't want to get into a fight in view of the muggles, and open enough that even if that happens buildings aren't likely to get knocked down. Of course Fenris isn't the only one who uses Central park, and today it's Market day.

It's an odd kind of market. Most of the people moving through the park just walk right by it. Technically, it's in a pitch of trees off the main path but once one passes through those trees it becomes clear that you're not in Kansas anaymore, as it were. The background of the park fades away and greenery that is not of this earth comes into view. There's a lot of people who clearly aren't human, goblins, brownies, boggarts and the like, hawking wares. This is the Nowhere Market, and only the magical, the chosen and the lucky get in. Those are the rules. And it just seems to be generally how that works. Which means, each time the market shows up (it's in a different place each time) some normals or people who aren't otherwise… er… involved in this scene wind up in. Whether they come back out the same depends entirely on them.

Moving through the stalls is a lean faced man in a long brown coat. He gives off a kind of predatory aura. Big and bad. He doesn't seem to be posturing though. Just looking, disinterestedly for the most part, at the wares on display.

"Guess y'liked dem tacos, no?" Lyn questions the taller man walking beside her. The musing smirk on her face creates a dimple against her rounding cheek. The pair could not be more different from one another, as one is dark in skin, ratty and poor in clothing, and floofy of hair, while the giant by her side is broad and pale, with more put together fashion and light hair. "Well, suppose we c'n go huntin' otha types a food once I get, well…some funds."

Shrugging her slender shoulders, the girl turns her head and looks around coming to realize that perhaps, instead of the yellow brick road, they may have stepped off and followed the red one instead. Dumbstruck at first, and perhaps a lil frightened, the girl reaches over and softly pinches the sleeve of the man's leather jacket. She has no words, but she does have one thing to do; remove her sunnies.

As her snake like eyes show themselves, she blinks and squints, trying to make sure she's actually seeing what she thought she was seeing. Glancing behind her, she follows their steps to where they now stand, and forward once more, she tries to focus on the most 'normal' looking of people here.

Nibbling her lower lip, a nervous twitch to be sure, the girl nods up toward Tiny and then pulls away from him. Her timid strides carry her toward the oppressive figur that is Fenris, and inches away from him, she stalls in place. Her lips part, but close, hesitant to say a word. "E-excuse me," she murmurs then, "I-well, I t'ink maybe my friend n' I got a lil lost. Can-where is dis?"

Walking beside Fenris, is Zatanna Zatara, a young raven haired woman. Wearing heavy biker boots, leather trousers, a white leather corset with a fishnet sleeved shrug and a diamond encrusted collar around her neck. On her left hip is an emerald pendulum and peaking above the band of her trousers on her right hip is a fox shaped mark.

She looks … tired….

"I'll need to repair Shadowcrest, Fenris. This time the hit was a bi—-" she looks at the pair that approaches them "Technically, this is Central Park." she answers with a smile.

"Tacos are amazing," That's Tiny's assessment. Giving a big cheesy grin of his own the man walks beside the much shorter Lyn, his hands in the pockets of a coat that's still looking a little worse for wear. Like it had been attacked by some REALLY big moths. Her promise of other foods earns a nod of his head. "Yes, Money seems important. I'm just still working out how everyone seems to get it." It takes him a second longer then it does Lyn to realise they'd taken a wrong turn.

"There's ment to be a Zoo out here somewhere…is this a Zoo?" It might have helped if the big guy had learned what a 'Zoo' was before going looking for it.

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere (no, not literally), SHIELD agent Melinda May walks quickly to catch up with Fenris and Zee then falls into step alongside them. "What happened to Shadowcrest, Zatanna?" If a magically warded residence was attacked, that's very very bad. She'll have to warn Rain to take extra care.

The tall man with Zee, that one who seems a bit… dangerous, turns to regard the two who just asked where this was. "Sort of, yes. You're in a place between if that makes sense." There's a pause. "Don't worry I won't be asking anything for the information. Though you should be careful whom you ask what here and what you agree to. Promises have a very real force in places like these."

As he's saying that a creature of living shadow and a woman with a preying mantis head walk by, talking about something utterly incomprehensible. Something about apologies from the unrepentant and the trade value of dreams and whether or not sunlight or moonlight is the best for folding into silver.

"You two seem a bit lost." Well, that's a given considering what they just asked. "Were you bound for any place in particular?"

He'll let Zee answer May, though he's curious about the answer himself.

"No, chere. Dis ain't no zoo." The girl explains up toward the blonde who rejoins her at his own pace. She stares at Zatanna for a moment, nodding her head to that answer, and then the one called Fenris gives his own. "'N between…" Lyn echoes and nods slowly. "Yeah, dat makes a bit a sense. Like de spirit world?" Peeking around the duo now trio, she studies each and every fact that's present.

Her brows slope in obvious confusion, at least for the time being, until she relaxes them, and looks to the three once more. "No, don' t'ink we were doin' anyt'ing 'sides just walkin'. Ain't mad m'here, dough. S'beautiful, really." When worry subsides, wonder takes over, so much so that the dark skinned youth grows a smile.

"May!" Zee hugs the woman when she joins them and turns her attention to Lyn and Tiny. The mans' question about the Zoo has her canting her head slightly.

"Not quite the spirit world, but a close enough analogy." she offers "If you were thinking of something when you approached here, it might be how you found it." Goodness knows Zee's had friends that have done that.

"I'm Zee, by the way. This is Mr Wolfson and my friend … May." The other two can sort out how they wish to be addressed.

In an aside to May, though the others will here it "Yes, by her" Zee's older demonic double "and a host of demons. They were after an artifact I'm holding for Magik." It's unlikely that other magical residences at risk - not when Zee's still holding the amulet in question.

Poor Tiny, yet another day that's going to be more questions then answers. He looks at the man, then the oddly dressed woman and finally the newcomer who'd stepped out of nowhere before he looks around and those big eyes of his go a little wide at the shadow and bug woman walking by. Ever a tourist, Tiny seems to have wandered far further then upscale New York this time. "Between?" he repeats, clear attempt to comprehend showing on his face. "Spirit world?" In the end he lapses into silence, apparently hoping that observation will offer explaination to the former Labrat.

Melinda May nods to Zee, then looks at the obvious newcomers to the Nowhere Market. She's not been here more than once or twice before, but she's the sort to not let on when something is surprising or awe-inspiring to her. She also doesn't offer to explain to the obviously befuddled man.

Fenris is… relatively used to having to explain magic to people not used to dealing with it. "Spirit world… fae world. You're still relatively close to New York, generally speaking. You're definitely in the realm of fae beings and monsters though. The Market is neutral ground. They come here to buy sell and trade. They'll try killing one another another day." He motions for people to follow him as he starts moving again.

"I'm looking for some moonsilver myself. There's usually a hob or boggart that has one around somewhere. Haven't seen him yet th-"

"'Scuse me miss." Comes a voice from the right. It's a rather hog faced hobgoblin and he's addressing Lyn. "Couldn't 'elp but notice your poppet there. Right fine meatbag if I do say so myself. Pinnacle of the art. And he looks downright delicious too. Fancy sellin' 'im?"

Fenris sighs. The creatures here aren't… people. And yes, that one did just assume that Tiny somehow belongs to Lyn. And offered to buy him. For dinner.

The god-wolf glances back at May as if to say 'oy'.

"Nice t'meet ya. M'Lyn, and dis is Tiny." The floofy headed one explains, thumbing toward the man who isn't small at all, when giving his 'name'. She nods when being spoken to, acknowledging everything offered by way of explaination. Her mouth makes a silent 'oh' shape with one nod, as she tugs at Tiny's sleeve, pulling him along a bit as she walks after Fenris and his friends.

"Dey talk t'me sometimes. De spirits, I mean. Lwa specifically." A hand up, she stratches at the back of her skull, causing her hair to give a wiggle and sway. "Jus'…well, didn't study much a'dis growin' up. So amaz-" Then, she's being spoken to.

Her serpent eyes give a blink or five, as she takes in what's being asked of her. "Oh…Oh! Non, sorry. He ain't mine t'sell, chere. Jus' a friend a'mine." She leans down toward the creature, blocking her lips with a flat hand as she comments, not really in a whisper. "Be surprised how tough dat one actually is, too." Giving a wink, she looks up to Tiny and then motions to the magical being. "Go on now, tell'm y'not f'sale."

"Lwa…" Zee repeats and thinks for a moment "Haitian spirits, I see." She's aware of them at least, even if she's not as familiar as she might be with other forms of spiritual magic.

"Nice to meet you, Lyn and Tiny." there's a slight smile as she greets the latter. He's far from it … really.

It's always something when she comes to the Market! Zee looks at the Hobgoblin as he speaks and falls silent. Best not confuse the deal or rejection of it with added commentary.

The creature approaching them earns a strange look from Tiny, as if he'd taken a second to work out that the creature wanted to eat him. Well that's just rude. "I am not for sale," he says slowly, clenching a fist and looking up now towards the wolf-man's explaination. It clears a little bit up here, after all Tiny isn't so much 'stupid' as simply lacking knowledge most take for granted. "So how did we get here?"

Melinda May also refrains from complicating the situation by chipping in. Though she does narrow her eyes at the hobgoblin disapprovingly. As much as she wants to pull a weapon to keep the creature away from the large man with the incongruous name, she knows that that's a rather big no-no here.

It's also not particularly likely that the hobgoblin will force the issue, even if it thought it could which it probably doesn't after Tiny's display. Cajole, wheedle and bargain perhaps, but not force. "Suit yourself luv. But if you change yer mind I've got a proper set of incantations I do, gathered from the far reaches of Arcadia and the Otherworld." The creature says.

"What about you, mmm?" Now it turns to May. "I reckon you've got something worth buying eh? Taste of blood perhaps? All kinds of uses for a warrior's blood."

"I really think we should be moving on." Fenris says in a low voice that's almost a growl. He's moving again, leaving May to decide whether to answer or not. He appears to be guiding them toward a stall with a fairly ordinary looking woman behind the table. Well, ordinary but for the fact that she has black feathers for hair.

Lyn keeps her smile, but follows after Fenris when he moves. Her grip is still on Tiny's sleeve, but soon enough, she releases it. It's an odd mixture of 'stay close' and 'I don't want to drag you around.' Once the Hobb starts speaking with May, the dark skinned girl perks up and watches the pair for a brief moment.

The stallin question gets the once over, and almost instantly, Lyn begins to browse, taking into account what's on display. The feathered look doesn't turn her off, either, infact, she just has a bigger smile on her features, practically beaming at this point. "Y'hair's very pretty." She comments, reaching up and touching at her own massive floof. "Can' do a damn t'ing wit my own."

It's impossible for Zee to keep the wince from her face as the hobgoblin asks its question of May. Walking beside Fenris, she glances up to Tiny "Any number of reasons. One of you may just be more sensitive to the 'between' as suspect Lyn here is or one of your group might be thinking of something you need … and stumbled in by accident."

As they approach the stall, she smiles brightly "Hello Finder!" she clearly knows the being "I'm looking for some components … " then to Lyn and Tiny "Finder is good at … finding things, for a fee."

"No." That's all the response the hobgoblin gets from May and she moves to keep up with Fenris. As they approach the Finder's stall, she offers the feather-haired woman a respectful bow of the Japanese style, and even greets the woman in Japanese. Mostly because it's one of the most formal and respectful languages out there.

Tiny stays close enough, even if it's clear that in a world full of magic? The 'Muscle' is completely out of his depth. Following on along with the others they stop in front of the booth and he's still staring even after the woman starts talking. He'd only just started to learn what normal was and how he was fairly south of it. Looking back at Zee he nods his head, the look in those big green eyes of his really suggesting he's trying to take it all in. Poor non-magic types, stuff like this would be hard to process at the best of times.

"Rawk. Thank you dearie. I might be able to help with that, if you wanted, but I think you look quite lovely yourself." The Finder - for that is her name - has very corvid movements, slightly jerky, peering at people out of one eye despite the fact that both of hers are looking in the same direction. "Hello Fenris, May, Zatanna. Nice to see you. Are you here for those items?"

"I am." Fenris rumbles.

The dusky woman brings out a carved wood box and pushes it forward. Fenris looks inside, where a number of shards of silvery metal the gleam despite the lack of overhead light rest. Along with a vial and a scrap of paper. These two he takes out, handing the vial to May and the paper to Zee.

"Bramblebite, May. Try it the next time something from my neck of the woods gets in your way. Put it on those mithril swords you have."

Zee can see her scrap of paper is written in Linear B. And Fenris doesn't explain what it is. Which means she's got some homework.

"Now then, what can I do for you two. Oh! You must be new to the market. I'm the Finder. And I find things. My prices are fair, on my Name, and you'll not find better this side of Otherworld." She looks over both Tiny and Lyn. "Mmmm, your auras are interesting. One of you favored of the spirits, the other…" She doesn't say, just smiles. "I wouldn't mind sampling either. I'll bet they're divine. And I can give you fair trade for both."

Melinda May accepts the vial and looks at it for a moment before pulling a slim, hard-sided case from an inside pocket on her jacket. The vial disappears into the case and the case goes back into her jacket. Just like that. She's making a mental note to have a tiny bit of the contents analyzed by Jemma, though she's sure that the magical properties are likely far more important that the chemical composition. Then the Finder is addressing Tiny and Lyn and she looks at them with one eyebrow quirked slightly.

Lyn smiles and glances down, her slitted pupils moving side to side in a bashful deflection. "T'anks." She murmurs, giving her large hair another scratch. Curious, as ever, she peeks over toward the box given to Fenris. The items inside studied, but for whatever reason, the glimmer of moon white off the metal seems to hold her attention for much longer.

When addressed again, she returns her focus on The Finder and stares in silence for some time. "'m not sure. Don' know if 'm lookin' for anyt'ing. Sometimes, dough, dey say y'find what y'need, even if y'ain't searchin'. Oh, I'm Lynette, and dis is Tiny." After introducing the pair, she eyes up toward the Krypto-clone, wondering what his answers would be to the whole ordeal.

At the comment about 'sampling', Lyn looks across at the bird like being and nibbles at her lower lip. "Alright," she decides after a few silent beats pass. "I'll allow it."

Tiny's aura is yet another thing that's going to have to be explained to him. But there's certainly no magic to the alien hybrid. After having just had another creature offer to buy him for dinner, the man is a little less eager then his companion to offer anything up for 'sampling'. When Lyn agrees he looks a little suprised to say the least and blinks at her before looking at Fenris and Zee questioningly, as if by gaze alone they might be able to tell him if his friend is in danger.

Zee takes the paper from Fenris and raises an eyebrow at the God-Wolf "I imagine it's also encoded inside the Linear-B" she murmurs. Yes, she'll have homework to do, she normally does. Fenris rather enjoys teaching by doing … and it suits the way the young mage works.

Seeing Tiny's look, she offers a small smile but directs her next comment to his companion "You should agree the details of the trade before you accept it, Lyn." Zee has been made the offer a couple of times and declined it - you never know what someone can do with a part of you or … whether the sample will take something important. Auras are tricky like that.

"Finder, I'm looking for Fairy stones, polished by the light of the waxing moon by a Satyr." She addresses the question to the woman.

The Finder chuckles and pushes a charm toward Lyn. "Fair is fair. I cannot take anything for free, nor for less than it's value. One sip of your Aura then." There's a slight… dip in her magic. The Aura is connected to Lyn of course. Part of her. The Finder didn't take much but the drain is noticeable. Slight, but there.

"I can find those for you, Zatanna. I'll need a favor from you though. A piece of congealed magic. Tass, you call it sometimes." Bargaining is what happens here.

Fenris offers a one shouldered shrug to Tiny. "Ordinarily I advise against parting with aura, but a little won't hurt her. And she knows what she's doing if knows about magic." Which she seems to. Either that or she is a remarkably well adjusted mortal. "The Finder won't hurt her, promise. At least, not without a proper bargain to do so. How long have you two known one another?"

The Bramblebranch May was handed gleams slightly. And it makes the pendulum gleam slightly as well.

"Rawk, that's interesting. I didn't expect to see a mortal have an item of power like that."

Lyn eyes the charm, considering it before reaching out and claiming it. The deal was stuck, and instantly, she feels the heady sensation of losing something that was part of her. Gripping the charm against her petite chest, her lashes flutter before she steps back, using Tiny for a small bit of support before correcting her own posture.

"Well, dat ain't so bad." She smiles, her eyes settling on Zee after her wisdom is shared. "I'll know dat f'next time. T'ank you, Zee. Guess I jus' like jumpin' sometimes. Ain't got much a'nothin' to lose, no how."

Observing as more business continues, the dark skinned girl takes a moment to open her hand and eye the charm resting against her palm. "Dis," she asks gently, "what does dis do, Finder? 'sides lookin' pretty."

"A couple of days." Tiny answers, perhaps a suprising answer, but friends are in short supply for the man, so even the most recent are highly valued. The Kryptonian hybrid looks at the charm offered to Lyn…but she looks okay for the time being. Instead he looks at the others bargining now, May and Zatanna. What would he trade if he were interested? Hard to know. Harder still to bargin when you don't know what you want, or should be wanting.

"We all have something of value to loose, Lyn." Zee speaks quietly to the young woman "Don't ever underestimate yourself."

Mays Bramblebranch gleaming against her pendulum has Zee looking interestedly until The Finder draws her attention back "How much do you want and what type of magic?" Does the Finder want some of Zee's or something else.

Glancing to Fenris whilst she is bargaining, she's not asking for guidance but she finds his presence reassuring.

"A couple of days. That's great." Zee's made friends and had them move in with her that quickly…

May still as often as not keeps her Leyline Pendulum hidden under the neckline of her shirt, but had it more 'on display' upon arriving here. When the Finder comments on it, she looks at her, then at the gold dragon and carnelian necklace briefly. "Thank you." She doesn't tell the woman that it was given to her by Fenris. That kind of information might require a barter. May is used to bartering, having worked in places all over the world.

"Luck, mon petit cheval." The Finder chuckles. "Luck yet spun from the loom. Use it well." It isn't much luck to be sure. But it is luck. Good or bad, depends on the intent with which it us used.

"Any kind will do. I'll have your stones if you can bring me the tass in two moons time. You'll find the market then, I'm sure." It'll move but, you know, these things are just part of mystic life.

"Not long then. Interesting." Fenris is definitely noticing the way Lyn clings to Tiny. Either they hit it off well or it was an eventful couple of days. It's not his place to ask though.

"When you're finished here I'll show you the exit. Wouldn't do to have you getting lost in some Arcadian forest."

"Luck. Mmm, ain't very skilled in dat, but I'm learnin'. Worked de other night at least." Whatever worked, during whatever was going on, the girl doesn't say. She does, however, pocket the charm and beams up to Tiny as if she had just received a great boon. "Maybe we find dis place 'gain sometime." She, for one, sounds hopeful.

At the offer of being led out, and not lost, she nods her head toward Fenris, but keeps her interested fixated on Lee, May, and the feather crowned woman behind her counter.

A way out without getting lost seems perfectly find to Tiny. He turns with Lyn and spares the other two a glance. "Maybe," he repeats, but it's pretty clear he's less eager then his companion. The Kryptonian might find the place curious, but the things that he doesn't understand and that might want to eat him.

When Fenris offers to lead the unusual pair back out of the Market, May simply nods to him. She's ready to leave any time now. Mostly because she's NOT been expecting to find them HERE. Central Park, yes. Not the Market.

Nodding to The Finder, Zee smiles again "Alright then, Fass in two moons time. I'll be here." and then she'll have the Fairy stones she needs.

Leading the group away from The Finders stall with a wave, Zee chatters along to her companions "You'll find the Markets when you need them, but if you wish to visit, you can always ask one of us." Yes, she'll oferr for Fenris as well! "Here's my card …" a flick of her wrist and a card appears with ways to contact her.

"Agent May" Zee finally realises that she's not asked the woman about her presence "Was there something you wanted?"

It's not long before they reach a small copse of trees "This is an exit, walk straight through and you'll end up back in Central Park."

Melinda May walks a little behind the small group as if protectively. And, considering that hobgoblin earlier, she feels justified in doing so. Then even once they're safely back in Central Park, she's still watching over the others somewhat protectively.

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