Magic Abs and Feather Tatts

February 27, 2016:

Rain resists or is immune to the power of Green Arrow's abs and Jesana grants two tokens of Regard.

Rain's Manor

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style,
complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done
in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little
wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair
despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble
that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost


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Fade In…

With a start, Oliver's eyes snapped open and he sat up abruptly; probably not the most intelligent of moves to make but one that was instinctive as he looks around. Hands wide spread as he grasps the surface he was laying on and quickly hisses out. "Where am I?" The disorientation about the man is clear, the last thing he truly remembers was the fight in Gotham, everything since being a bit of a blur. A blur that is spreading across his mind turning it rapidly into a deep fog that causes him to feel vertigo effects after sitting up so rapidly. "Where.." He trails off again.

"Whoa easy." Jesana had been leaning against the couch with the side of her head pressed against his shoulder and nodded off. The sudden movement jerks her awake and she turns and puts a hand on his arm. "I found in you a pile of rubble and brought you to my friend Rain for healing. You were… pretty messed up."

It's a bit of an understatement really but well, she doesn't wanna think too hard about that. "What the hell happened?" Jes leans over to hug Rain. "Thank you. I owe you big time." She murmurs softly. Ollie is still covered in grime and blood but he's healed and his mask is still on. Jes knows how important that is. "Don't move to fast.. here." Jes snags the ginger ale with cherry that he'd asked for a bit ago.

Rain takes a moment to emerge from the fog. It's like watching a gorilla in a lingerie shop. Blink. Blink.Kablink. She smiles. "Welcome to Moontree Manor. Please, stay laying down. I do have robes and spare clothes if you wish a shower," With or without Jes. Rain really doesn't care. Her mom was a Tarot-esque witch. So much nudity and swinging that it's alarming how shy and reticent Rain herself is.

There's water and such available, too. "I can bring in some wet rags if you wanted to dab up. You were badly injured. I am sorry to meet under these circumstances. Miss Jesana brought you here. Thank you," She thanks them in turn.
Captain peers at Ollie. "Can I sit on him yet?" The cat asks. "No, do not back your butt into his face." Sigh. "Humans." Tailflick.

Oliver lays back down at the nudging of Jes and slows his process down as his memories start coming back to him. "Right… Right I remember now. The witch… and the talking cat." His hand is rubbing the side of his head now at the temple, trying to pull some of the pressure out of it even though there is none. "You found me in rubble, brought me here. Here is… Moontree Manor. I've been treated with magic."

It should weird him out, but at this phase of his life and with all his associates, it just frankly doesn't. "How bad was the damage? How long until I can get back out there?" The man may be jesting but most likely not, despite the trauma, wanting to pursue what happened. Again he moves to sit up but finds himself slowing some. "How, How can I repay you for this?"

Jesana gives Captain a fond look and smiles at Rain. She's so relieved she feels a little
lightheaded herself but she's been awake a few days and that was a whole lot of stress all of a sudden. "You're gonna sleep for a night or maybe a day or two. You gotta rest from losing so much blood. You um.. it was kinda close there."

Jes looks down at her grimy hands and frowns. It's lucky she'd returned in time to hear of the attack and ended up nearby when she got his message. Then again, luck probably had little to do with it.

"You never owe me anything, you know that. I meant what I said before, I'm here for you if you need it." Another frown. "Stop that. Rest. The attack is over with for now. Don't make me sit on you." It's half a threat. She's a helluva lot heavier than she used to be. She's already resisting the urge to drag him into a shower. That's not quite her place in his life anymore, unless he asks it. Plus he's probably gonna remember she carried him here any moment now.

Poor Jes. Rain smiles faintly back. The witch's purple eyes reflect a quiet serenity. "May I get you two anything to eat or drink? You may use the large bath or shower if that is preferable. You're safe here. People can't get in unless I allow them." A beat. "Unless you're fighting high powered mystics. But they have to be serious. And yes, do rest. You looked almost like the guy who got hit by the ONE Gotham bus that ran on time," She notes.

Captain moves to sit in the sun, roasting his cat buns because that is how cats do. "I'm Rain, by the way." She offers to Ollie. "And you are in fully mint condition, though you may be tired due to blood lost." She considers it. "As for repayment, first is on the house. That's how I get the best repeat customers. I used to heal people for food when I was homeless," She remarks. "So … it's not a big deal."

Oliver's taken a bit more time and seems to be comfortable sitting up without getting all woozy from the lack of blood flow. "Gotham… was carried here." He's pale; again from the blood loss, but is starting to regain his facilities. When the bath is mentioned and some of the other tones he shakes his head, "I may take you up on that in a moment to get myself clean. Once I'm feeling a bit stronger." When Rain introduces herself, he weakly lifts up a hand.
"Green Arrow." He does have the mask on, it'll help just in case. "Unless Jes told you who I really am… in which case I'm going to get her a muzzle."

Jes rolls her eyes. "Yeah. Broadcast it with a loudspeaker while I carried you here. Of course I didn't. You can trust her for sure but it's not my thing to tell. That's the second reason I brought you here. I think you were gonna die without a hospital and Rain won't ask if you don't want to tell. She's one of the Titans."

She snorts. Then looks thoughtful. The muzzle comment reminds her of something. "I'm working on these magically enhanced handcuffs. I'd like you to test them for me when I get them finished. It might be awhile. What I actually learned to do was get out of them but I'm turning it around to do the opposite." She eyes her hands again. "Gonna go wash my hands, I'll be right back." Jes darts into the bathroom.

Rain listens. "And feel free to chill here." She remarks. "THere's no rush." Rain looks around. "Hi Green Arrow. No, she did not. I could find out easily enough if I wished, but that would be mean. I'm sure some hilarious circumstance will do that for me anyway," She offers.
Then she blinks at the comment on handcuffs. Her eyes flick between the two. "Uh. I can give you a room to work with those. I'm - I have this urge to do more math quietly." AND HIDE FROM HUMAN CONTACT THANK YOU. "And sure thing," Rain remarks. Captain is snoozing, his catbuns in the sun. Cats(TM). No shame.
"It's um, nice to meet you, Mr. Arrow. Sorry about the circumstances. It looked like you got blown up."

"Yes, there was an explosion." Oliver states quietly as he tries to recall it. "Gunfire, I went to check it out after hearing reports. Lots of people were dead, must have been a robbery. It looked like maybe the Clown, at least people were dressed like they were his goons. There was a gas attack and I was distracted, missile blew up a car I was standing on." The Arrow rubs his temple again.

"I think I will take you up on your offer of a shower if you don't mind. One without handcuffs." The last part is added towards Jes, a small grin touching Oliver's lips at it.

It takes Jes a second to figure out Rain's reaction and then she facepalms herself and looks up in time to see Arrow's grin. "I meant that in a.. oh hell. To test them, not for kinky sex! I just. oh. I haven't slept in a few days." She's also still kinda excited she learned to do something magical that doesn't revolve around the leylines.

"They'll be useful for like bad metas and mutants, I'm hoping. But I've got more studying and practice to do before I can actually make them." There is so no need to explain any of the situations she's been in that being able to get out of cuffs magically would have been useful in. Once she'd learned though her mind had eagerly expanded on the concept. "Someone I know put on a cursed bracer and it wouldn't let them go. So Fenris taught me how to get out of it when he was helping them." Not everything she does is wild crazy kink stuff. Just.. some of them.
Jes nods and sighs. "Yeah it was him. I heard that much. I arrived after it was over and there wasn't anything I could do. I got your message just as I was about to leave. Man I hate that guy."

Rain is quiet as she listens. She looks like the sort of kid who got shoved into lockers a lot as a high schooler. Nevertheless, she ohs. "Ah, that's okay. I don't mind. Whatever you do or don't do," Little flaily hand gesture. She turns a bit red. "I hope it works out for you," She considers it. "And the clown guy sounds like the Joker." Sigh. "I think Arkham has the security of a spaghetti strainer or something." She taps her chin. "But I don't know."
She nods to Ollie. "I'll set a robe and some spare generic clothes while yours get washed if you want. You guys are welcome however long you want," She remarks. "I'm just glad you're alright. And huh." She pauses. "Hopefully this doesn't happen to you often?" She asks Ollie.

Oliver shakes his head and chuckles softly. "Far more often than I'd like it to." He slowly pushes
himself up off the place he was laying. "Guys in tech suits, insane Clowns.. oh, can't forget the occassional crazed stalker." The last one is wha tmakes the man shudder the most. "I spend more time recovering anymore than anything I think, trying to stay out of the fight. The world is… it's getting more dangerous and the playing field for us normal guys isn't quite level.

Jes frowns. She hadn't really thought about that. She forgets sometimes that it isn't normal to be able to heal so fast or take less damage. At least, it isn't normal for most. It's become that way for her. "Well then it's good you met Rain. You can afford to pay her next time and if you're too bad off you can get here or I'll bring you." Because her way of traveling is a helluva faster.

Fenris. That asshole blew up the car he was on. That's just way too close. It's over now though and he's fine. Better to focus on that right now. Gotham's had enough death and destruction for the night and Jes kinda doubts Fenris would be happy if she went on a lowlife thug killing spree. "Seriously though Rain, thanks."

"Well. There are ways of blessing the chronically unlucky. Think it over." Smile. "Maybe think of a cool design." Rain encourages creativity and independence. That is just how the witch rolls. Captain snorts in his sleep, hind leg kicking. In his dreams, he is a majestic lion.
"And I am sorry about the stalkers. It sounds difficult. I understand, if it helps. I didn't have magic until a couple of years ago." So basically, most of her life.
"Still horribly squishy. And you are welcome. It's my pleasure. Help yourselves to washing and food. I won't hover over you," A handwave. And it's true. Rain lets them do as they wish. "There's also alcoholic beverages in the basement if you want something more adult."

"What do you mean blessing?" Oliver asks towards Rain, something about that having caught his attention as he sits down, "When I was away." He glances at Jes, she knows what he means by 'away', "When I was away I came across an old man who spoke of blessing those who were on the a certain path, kept harping at me about it in fact." Something is definitely piquing the man's interest, maybe the remnants of blood loss like concussion things.

An old man? "There are different kinds of magic. You know Zee, she's got magic in her blood. She's a homo magi. Rain is a witch. I'm kinda learning earth magic but the other stuff I do is less magic and more, a kind of divine power I guess. I dunno what your guy was talking about but Rain probably knows more about this kind of thing. I can tell the difference between homi magi and different types of magic usually, like if its light or dark or blood but I don't know much beyond that."

There are only so many hours in a day and she's always got a thousand things to do. Her time studying is usually no more than thirty minutes to an hour a day and that is grabbed as she can between other things. It's going to be a long while before she knows much. It certainly sounds helpful. Jes is also wondering if she can maybe get some kind of charm or something for him. Or maybe.. She'll have to think and do some discreet asking around.
"A blessing. A bit of good luck, protection. It's not going to turn you into Superbro, but sometimes it gives you the edge not to get hit by a bus or to duck a bullet or something," Rain waves a hand. "Magic flows through my veins. I guess I'm figuring out where I am in the course of things," She offers.

"Anyway, you guys can take a room here or hang out. And did he?" Rain looks to Ollie. She looks thoughtful. "He might be worried about you, if you are getting stabbed, blown up or whatever a lot. But marks and blessings can be permanent, so it's important to think it over."
To Jes, she offers: "It's tricky at best. Magic is intensely personal."

Oliver nods, "I will consider it. Which way is the washroom?" He asks towards Rain politely, clearly wanting to both think things over and get some of the blood, sweat… well no tears but the filth off of him rather than dirtying up the area he's in. "And please let the cat know, I don't want to have any feline intrusions?" He casts a glance at the sleeping animal, a wry grin touching his lips beneath the mask.

Jes snickers softly. It had taken her a bit of time to warm up to Captain, cats had been viewed as a nuisance or food by her before. Now, she just thinks of them all as people to be safe and she doesn't eat people. "I think your good. Just, don't move around too much too fast, okay."

She's not gonna try to cnvince him not to get clean yet, he needs to be clean. She's been there more times than she cares to recall. It doesn't help you feel better when you're covered in blood and dirt and it will actually make you worse off in some cases. She knows him well enough to know that expression and settles back against the couch after taking off her jacket. Rain's servent brought those sandwhiches and Jes has no idea what time it was when she ate last. Time is different here than where she was. "I'm gonna eat a bit. I'll be here if you need anything."
Rain doesn't seem bothered if they shower alone or together. Whatever. It's all good. She's just gonna roll with it. "And I'll tell him when he's up. The first washroom is attached to the first bedroom on the right. Second door down. First door is a broom closet," She explains. Rain smiles at the wry grin. She nods at Jes. "And no catnip."

"I am here, as are the servants, should you need stuff. I won't hover over you," She promises.
Oliver nods his head towards both. "Thank you. I will return when I am finished. I should not be too awfully long." With that, the man makes his way down the corridor, following the instructions Rain gave him. He is not going to rummage through her stuff. Nope. Not at all.

Jes eats as if she hasn't for several days. "I burn up so much freaking energy. And it's been a long.. whatever amount of time. I've been fighting these dwarves in Minneapolis but my Father decided to take over for a few days so I went to Giizhigong to grab a few things for an experiment. Going there with myself instead of while dreaming is.. a little more time consuming than I expected."

Time hadn't been on her list of concerns the last times she'd visited there and she hadn't payed that much attention. Besides she hadn't been alone and her Father probably sped things along or something.
Now that she's here though, there's something she needs to tell Rain. "I've been meaning to talk to you Rain. Me leaving the Titans.. I'll still be there if you guys need anything. I promise. It's just time for me to find my own path. There are things I need to do that I don't want tied to you guys." Jes says.

"If you take too long, I might worry you got flushed," Rain quips at Ollie.
Much of the things in guest rooms are mundane. The heating and cooling are magic infused, as are the lights. Rain is no fool. She does not leave magic items laying about willy nilly. At least the Arrow can pick up that Rain is a witch of common sense. There are some notes and journals on alchemy, a journey to hell and that she REALLY hates mechahitler. Witches gonna witch.
Rain looks to Jes. "Did you want some meat or anything? We might roast some brisket or a side of beef. David and Steve want to play with the fire pit." Rain is a gentle soul, letting her servants take hobbies and hang out. She doesn't seem bothered.
She considers Jes' words, then smiles sadly. "You may want to tell Vorpal, then. I am a peripheral member. There is little trust in me since I was Loki's apprentice," She notes. "That's all. And I understand, if it helps."

Jes tries not to drool at the mention of meat and then frowns as she focuses on the rest of Rain's words. "Well they shouldn't go to any trouble but if they already were planning it.." She sure as hell isn't gonna say no to that! "I trust you Rain. Completely. You aren't Loki and if I ever have a shot at it I'll try to kill him but that has nothing to do with you. I'm sorry."

It bothers her that the others have been like this towards her but there isn't much she can do about it, she's leaving them for her own reasons. "I'm going to. But I wanted to tell you. I've changed since my Awakening, or really, stopped trying to change into something I wasn't. I'm not a hero. I'm not one of the evil assholes either. but.." She's both and neither. She's Coyote's Daughter and a force all her own. Jes shrugs. "I have something to give you and Green Arrow too if he doesn't fall asleep in there and drown." Jes continues scarfing up the sandwhiches.

"He didn't find the expensive, old booze yet. I am sure he'll be fine," Rain teases. "We can check in on him if he takes more than half an hour," She offers. Rain nods. "We were going to do it anyway. Fire pits are fun," She remarks. "And you seem hungry." A wry half-smile. She seems quietly sad a moment. "I have far more secrets and shadows than people realize, but not everyone walks beautifully in the light." Rain is the quiet psychopomp to the criminal and fallen, tending to those in need. She shrugs.
"I understand about the Loki thing. And few of us really fit the term 'hero'. Do your own path, and that is what matters." Freaking true neutrals.
Time will pass, and the two are welcome to enjoy the manor over the evening. There is indeed tasty roasted meat, expensive drink and a feeling of protection. They are under guestright until they leave, after all. "And I trust you."
Rain beams.

They all have their own secrets and Jes doesn't trust easily or often but Rain, is Rain and she's one of the few people on that list. So is Green Arrow actually but for different reasons. "Thanks." Jes smiles. She feels a lot less like an angry beast now that she's gotten some food in her.

"I was. Sorry, I usually have some manners when I eat." Jes winces. Really, she does. "Loki.. it's what he did to Fenris. I saw some of it once. In a kind of dream. It isn't that he's a Trickster. I've told you who my Father is. Probably the oldest one this world has seen." Some of the first peoples believe the Old Man was there at the dawn of the universe even. "I don't know how old he is though. Not for sure. I asked once. He just laughed but the look in his eyes." Jes shudders. Fenris had once answered her question "What could be worse than that!?" after she'd told him the most horrorfying thing she'd ever seen. His response had been "Eternity." Seeing that look, feeling her Father's Presence. "It was more than a little disturbing."

Oliver emerges not to terribly long after that, cleaned. The problems he is facing stems from having been unable to find clothing that was appropriate sized for him in the room and not wanting to pry. So he had wandered back out in one of the available robes; and a mask over his eyes because really that's all anyone needs to hide themselves. Jes has seen the Arrow walking before with skin showing. The scars, the few tattoos here and there. So that level of comfort has him not overly concerned. Granted, he probably should have considered poor Rain a bit more before walking around in an ill fitting robe. "Sorry, I didn't want to intrude and wander your house but I couldn't find anything that fit. Do you have anyone who works here about my size? I'll happily reimburse so I don' thave to sit around in just a towel."

Rain's mom liked to do rituals skyclad. Nudity is the least of Rain's worries. She looks to Jes, and smiles. "It's okay. And I understand. Loki isn't the nicest person. I just tried to encourage his nicer side when I could. And keep tabs on anything big going down," She notes.
And then along came a soggyollie. Rain blinks. "Well. You're about Steven's height."
"I'll fetch you some. Wait here." She promises. "No need to reimburse. That's my fault for not grabbing them faster." She will fetch them so the two can have a moment.
Jesana grins a little and watches him enter the room. "There's a sight for sore eyes." She murmurs as Rain moves to fetch the clothing. Well, she's here and so are they, it's time to do this while she has a chance. Jes doesn't care about nudity either and would just take her shirt off but she already unintentionaly came off as pervy earlier, Rain returning to find them both half dressed isn't gonna help that, so instead she just shrugs out of the straps and tugs the front side down from her collarbone.

The movement reveals a very intricately detailed feather tattoo along the right side. "There are two ways to do this but I've been led to believe that the one way may have unexpected consequences so I'm gonna do it this way." Jes sighs and closes her eyes. It'll be weird and probably painful but, better this way she thinks.

The demigod places her thumb and fore finger on the Feather stem and slowly pulls. She doesn't make a sound as she draws an actual feather from the tattoo. It takes her about two minutes and looks as if unpleasant would be an understatement on how it feels but despite that she goes and does it a second time. She'll wait for Rain to return to explain but when she does, "I'm going to give you both one of these. If you keep it with you, if you need me, just hold it and think of me and I'll be summoned to you."

"Jes, what are you doing?" Oliver asks, moving to stop her at first until realizing she's doing something that he frankly doesn't understand. When it is all done, he's left looking at a feather that was pulled from her flesh and his eyebrow is raised. "I have a concussion." It's a simple observation that helps explain whatever it is he just saw. "Right? I passed out in the shower just now?"

Rain returns. She has a nice, forest green type suit. It's not formal, just /nice/. "Here we go. He had a green phase for awhile. We're both mystified," She remarks. "But you can borrow them." There are even boxers tucked inside for modesty. Hey, she's thoughtful.
And then she blinks. "Ah… Surely. You're welcome to teleport here or call me if you ever need, alright." She seems quietly concerned. She really doesn't seem bothered by nudity. "If it's too hot in here, please let me know." Then she looks to Ollie. "No, I would be poking you with the meterstick if that were the case." Totally a scientific technique.
"But - you should get dressed before it gets REALLY cold. There's a coat in the room beside the bathroom you used. Take that, so you don't freeze yourself."

Jesana laughs and tickles his chin with it before handing him the feather and moving to give Rain hers. "No, you didn't. It's real. It's a power I gained while in Giizhigong the past few days. It's also why my quick trip to grab some plants turned out to take longer. I can do this for the people I choose to." Which really won't be just anyone. Only the people that matter to her or the ones she feels responsible for in some way. Rain and Ollie are the first, not the second.

She considers for a moment and then explains the other part. "The easier way, for me at least is to transfer it onto a person as a tattoo that would only be there until you used it but that way.. works a little differently and I'm not even ready to try it. It is a spell I suppose and it doesn't bind me to you or anything. It just brings me to you."

When Rain returns, Oliver looks at her and dips himself a bit in gratitude as he accepts the clothes. "Thank you, and do not worry about the temperature. I am used to being exposed to the elements. I slept outside for several years with no shelter so really, I am fine." He does take the clothes though and pull them to himself before looking at Jesana, blowing at the feather she tickles him with and then places it on top of his clothes. "I've always kept mysticism at an arm's length. It's the pragmatic in me, something I don't understand is best something I don't muck with."

"Yeah well. Keep it with you anyway. It's just a feather, it'll just bring me to you if you get into trouble like last night again and unlike your phone it won't break if it gets hit wrong and as long as its on your body somewhere.. it'll work. She's aware that if he hadn't been able to touch his phone for that message.. by the time anyone found him it would have been too late most likely. "That's also why I did it this way. It's less.. mystic." The other way she mentioned involves forging some kind of connection. It sounded a helluva lot more personal than this and she's not ready for that kind of thing yet. She's still figuring this demigod stuff out.

"And you just watched me make it and Rain healed your broken leg and ribs and wrist and all that in less than hour." Jes grins. She can't help it, she knows he's alot more comfortable with what he can see and do himself but she'd rather have him alive than not and he's good at a great many things. There isn't a lot to tease him about. "So just do me a favor and stick it in your wallet or utility belt or something."

Rain smiles to Ollie. "Doesn't mean you /should/. Regardless, I am not going to tape a jacket to you," She offers. "And truly, I understand the skepticism. I have a degree in electrical engineering. I didn't have magic then." She's sympathetic. "You two can stay for dinner and I can give you a portal home." She nods. "I should take a break from fiddling with my inventions and mathbooks anyway."

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