This is Zion and we ARE NOT AFRAID!

February 27, 2016:

Rose meets the rest of Ripclaw's support team

Red Hook Grain Elevator


NPCs: Doctor Corben, T.I.M.M.I.E.


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Fade In…

12 abandoned stories containing 54 cement silos the Red Hook Grain Elevator is a monster of the good old industrial ages. A century-old relic now useless it stands before Ripclaw and Ravager.

The broad shouldered pale Native kicks the stand down on his motorcycle letting the beast snarl itself to sleep. "We got some people to meet. I think it might be necessary before we proceed further."

"I'm not paranoid and I trust you but you told me you had similar issues as me once. These guys can help, they can make sure… things are not broken or rigged."

30 some degrees Fahrenheit out and the man wears nothing but jeans and a tattered flannel jacket. He seems to be fine with no adversity to the cold weather. Clear skies but chill enough. "Come on."

Rose doesn't succumb to cold as fast as normal. Meaning she could nut up like the big ass native next to her and bare some flesh as well, enough that abdomen is seen in the open of long leather trench coat, a shining black of faux material lined in long fur at the ridges, black against the pale white of short cropped hair and pale scar laden skin. But the halter top is leather, true and through, laced criss crossed up her front where edged drops suspend along either side of abdominal to pint down towards the low slung hang of leather pants held aloft over hips by criss cross laces as well and the loop laden belt that hangs over top and laces through.

Don't doubt.

It was fucking cold and silos are creepy as shit. But jaw worked and head dipped down in an affirming nod.

"The eye is bionic, if they take it, they replace it. All I am saying." And in she went, heavy soled boots impressing the grounds beneath.

"Doubt that will happen. Awful trusting of you though."

The insides of the Terminal are as expected from the outside old, disused and graffiti covered. Anything of value long gone. Trained eyes and cybernetic implants can trace signs of recent traffic possibly hobos, Ripclaw or those he seeks out. Maybe hes staking vagrants.

A doorway, another door and towards inside silos they descend down old stairs and then a bolt is moved and a long hallway is taken. it feels as though they are descending in to the earth itself. "Some flooding down here from the Atlanteans. Careful which direction you go."

They proceed and within minutes a light turns on and soon a row of them are. A ramp of cement leading towards the underside of a silo and they stop outside a steel door.
Ripclaw lifts his hand and bangs knuckles against it, "It's Robert. Let me in."

"I came to a new world and trusted strangers to put it in me and take the other crap out," As if in memory she rubs the bared back of her neck, dropping her hand to shove it in her deep pockets. "Life is a gamble, Ripclaw. I've learned this the hard way."

The milky white of her cybernetic eye does cast a sudden glow as the darkness around them sinks in, casting an incandescent green then red to seek heat sources as they wander onward. Though every step does not deter the inward curl of pinky that seeks to trigger the harness along her arms and promise delivery of pistols or swords.

There's a reason her arms do not bend in a fluidity, more mechanically.

"I smell piss."

"Murphy Philosophy, huh? Smile, tomorrow will be worse." Ripclaw retorts and has to stop hiimself from sniffing at the air. Sense of smell something you really need to pay attention to when yours is beyond human capabilities.

"Not unlikely."

"I smell piss isn't the password." A voice says from beyond the door. A child-like voice.

"Let us in. it's Robert should have been password enough." The cyborg snarls at the door.

"Nope. Thats not it either. We changed passwords this morning."

"Caput Draconis, let me in damnit."

"No that was last weeks. Try again." An exhale from Ripclaw and his claws extend and begin to pluck at the metal door. "Timmie, I'm going to rip you limb from limb. Let us in."


"Coming from a perpetual victim of Murphy's Law, I have to lay faith in something right?" A sidelong glance towards Ripclaw and Ravager steps forward, tilting her head at the voice beyond and flares nostrils. A look of disbelief is passed from the door to Ripclaw. Seriously??

From behind her betwixt the fall of leather trench coat and bare expanse of lower back she unzips something and pulls out a handful of 'putty'. Fingers pet over it, ply with it, threaten to /knead/ it.

"C4?" Her password guess and what she holds in her hands.

"Not necessary." Ripclaw informs Ravager before kicking a small dent in the door. "Open up now, Timmie."

"Okay okay, just so you know it's Z1ON0101 this month." Passage now clear a small light brunette haired child with bright eyes stands there one arm holding the door the other waving them in. "Oh, shes pretty! I don't think shes a SHOC though Ripclaw."
"She isn't but shes damned close and she'll help us." Striding past the tiny humanoid Ripclaw makes his way in to the next room, an open antechamber full with a couch in it, metal work weaved with cables, wiring and additional panels laden with a mess of electronics. It looks like a bad 90s comic book in here. The only natural things are the TV center of room, that sofa, a recliner and a stack of books and discarded pizza boxes.
"Where is Chip and Doctor Corben?"

"A what?" SHOC? Ravager's mismatched gaze shift from Ripclaw to Timmie and back, then Timmie again with a small tick at one corner of her lips.

Lowering down to a crouch her hand forms into a fist while index 'ooj-boos' out to wave to Timmie on his level, her other hand braced upon a fist on bent knee with that C4 still clutched. "You guys start em young too eh?" Rose inquires towards Ripclaw with a perked brow while she mutters to Timmie.

"Such a serious man, hm? If I am that way in another few years, pull my hair." Pause as she rises and blinks. "If I have any left."

Fingers ruffle the new and improved pixie cut bearing long wisps along the front with a grimace.

"Help you, yes. I saw enough to agree, but… Who is a SHOC?"

"Special Hazard Operations Cyborgs… SHOC. Cyberdata Technologies private army of assassins and killers." Ripclaw states while glancing around the room.

"Chip is out getting parts and Doctor Corben is in his lab."

"No, I am here." A new voice interrupts. An older man in brown slacks and a dirty labcoat walks in to the lighting of the room, hands tucked in his pockets. "I see you brought a friend, Robert. You should have phoned ahead."

"Honestly didn't think about it. This is Rose she calls herself Ravager. Rose, this is Doctor Corben. An expert in well, us cybernetic types."

Timmie chuckles at Rose and reaches out to poke her on the nose, "I'm special. Like C.C. Are you going to be my new nanny?" Whatever that means.

"No. She isn't. You don't need a nanny… "

"I know but I want one."

Rose's eyes are skipping between them all, pausing only to linger on Corben, the c4 tucked back and away, but the zipper does ot announce the fact that she sealed it away completely. If she needs to get out she will take this whole place with her - kid too. Timmie has no idea…

Or does he?

When he mentions nanny both brows go up and her eyes and attention go to him despite what Ripclaw and Corben state. "I don't do nanny'ing anymore, it gets the kids targets on their heads." And despite the coldness in her voice it is detachment from a past moment and memory, not the fact that it still did not hurt. but while she says it she points and presses a single finger upon Timmie's brow, just between his yes before the flicker of a sadness comes and goes.

…Lian is still here. And so is everyone else.

Eyes narrow in the thought and with a small nod she steps in along side Ripclaw and just before Corben. "I don't need my cybernetics to be what I am. So o, not a SHOC. Just Ravager."

"You think I'm just a cyborg? Almost all SHOC have the mutant gene or are mutates of some sort. You could have easily been one just like anyone else had they found you and not… whoever." Ripclaw says.

"Heh heh, a target on my head would be cool. It means I get to beat them up." Timmie lifts his arms up and flexes tiny biceps.

"You'll have to excuse Timmie, he is young and programmed with maturity protocols. Chip wanted a little brother I suppose, I'm not quite sure as to the why behind that just know… Timmie is yes, indeed, our very own special little guy."

A grin from the robokid and he springs over to the couch and lands in it turning on what sounds like Japanese Anime from all the screaming.

"Matrix. I just got the password." Robert says suddenly. Timmie hops on the couch pointing, "Ding ding. Good job! You win… cold pizza!"

"No thanks, I already ate Chinese with Rose before we came over."
"Aww you didn't bring us any…. "

"You don't need to ea… nevermind. Sorry Tim, next time crab wontoons and orange chicken, just for you." Ripclaw gives Rose a brief smile before nodding his head towards Doctor Corben.

Corben catches the gesture and turns to walk out of the main room down a hallway and in to a lab thats part cybernetic chopshop, green house, infirmary and the rest living quarters. "Go ahead and hop on a table please. I want to see who did your handywork if you don't mind me prying?"

Ripclaw folds his arms across his chest and leans against the wall, "It's safe. He's a pro."

As all things revealed before her process, Rose is standing there deadpan. Eyes unblinking as they shift between the trio and a single lid twitches at the bottom. Now she is zero'd in on Timmie. Not a child, not a robot, but an *entity*, and as long as someone lives holding is protocol, so does he? Right?!?

"So wait? You can't…" As Timmie skips off to watch anime her word liners…


Ravager watches the kid go. Fuck the fact he just /might/ be a cyborg. He'd survive her.

For a moment she is watching him become absorbed while taking Ripclaws passed over cold pizza slice and when she snaps to, it is just in time for Ripclaw to nod her after Corben. ".. I had to…" She says flopping the old greasy 'cardboard' back and forth.

The sight of the lab pulls Rose from her reverie though, a swallow easily working over the slender column of her throat, a single foot swept bk towards the exit.

A single snap of azure and white gaze goes to Ripclaw as the ye goes green in reflection, trying to map out exits in snappy motions of gaze. "How safe?" Rose asks before a single hand touches down upon the table.

Old habits die real damn hard.

" I trusted him with my life." Ripclaw states.

"It's quite all right. I do not need to cut anything open or proceed with radical steps, just a closer look." Leaning forward an optical device is lifted up and fitted over Corben's eye; cold hands touch Rose's chin turning her head up and off to the side. "Hrm, could use some work. I imagine you experience a small bit of latency. I can improve your speeds maybe add some corrections. No further implants?"

"I don't think she is even a partial reconstruction, Corben. Just some basics."

"So it would appear."

"She is joining us against Cyberdata."

"Is she? Why? We can't exactly pay her and if she has no cybernetics putting her body through rejection or suffering from anything we can help with. There really is nothing… no reason to put her life on the line."

"Dunno, ask her. Maybe she just likes to kill bad guys."

When Corben touches her chin she shies away like a mustang, but eventually he is allowed to do his research, even despite Ripclaws vouch.

When they are done also discussing her she casts a wary and yet curious glance to Corben, sliding down from the table like she was violated, even hugging her coat closed. "So they did it fully? No more bombs? Maybe upped abilities in my eye?" A small smile and then it all faded at Ripclaws final statement, looking between him and Corben.

"I like killing people who have no regard for life on a large scale." Rose states, and slowly rights herslef from her discomforts.

"You don't have to help me, or pay me. I have other means. Just let me help you keep what I saw… Away from anyone."

"No bombs. Not as far as I can tell… " Corben taps the lens and points behind him towards a flat monitor where an X-Ray image is projected. The inside of Ravager's skull and the connected implants are displayed. "Mostly neural and ocular related. You should be fine. No brainboxes or explosive chips or tracking devices."

Corben slides the eyepiece up and stands aside so she can get back down off the table. "I really didn't sign on to this for more bloodshed but I know some of them deserve no less and as a doctor… I don't say that lightly."

"The doctor has more reasons than most to be filled with a lot of vitriol towards Cyberdata and it's types… Most." Emphasis indicated as Ripclaw clenches and unclenches his talon-like hands. "Intention isn't to just slaughter everyone though. I explained this. We just want to take them low and make them unable to operate again. No more hurting others no more experiments, no more murder."

"No tracking chips or odd implants otherwise."
"So we're safe on that front."

"Yep. If shes going to be part of the team you'll have to introduce her to Chip when he gets in. He can set her up with a security bypass so she doesn't get locked out or blown up if she tries to come down here alone." A look is given to Ripclaw an inside one. Expected when you bring new people around to clandestine hangouts.

"…No more…" Rose repeats as she slides from the table, distancing herself from the doctor and.. Well them both while he eyes rise to the X-Rays and a slow nod is formed. "So they were true." A small smile. "I did them a favor." She speaks in regards to the X-Men and all they did for her, and now she hopes to return in payment to their kind. By being who she is.

A slow blink and when they mention Chip and security bypasses her head shakes, but not in denial in a moment of more clarity. "Make sure it is not some odd code like the Matrix thing," A gesture in a cant of her head towards Timmie. "My nights are long."

More then one way to put it.

"Welcome to Zion." Ripclaw smirks while pushing away from the wall, "Thought you were part of their team? That usually ends up beyond favors. Also the boyfriend?" Brow-quirk and Ripclaw is leaving Corben's space. He's a private guy and introverted only so much of Chip, Ripclaw, C.C. or Timmie is tolerated most days and the mutant fully understands that. He is the same way. Peace and harmony springs from silence and solitude.

"Chip and C.C. will be back soon, I'll show you around if you need a place to stay here. The dojo is more of a… home away from here for me. This is the base of operations. It's worked for us so far, no tourists, no visitors, only the occasional vagrant that uses the place for shelter. Though, we had some ghost busters in a while back… I think that is C.C.'s fault. Him and Timmie think its fun to prank the hobos."

"I was? But I wasn't. My methods are not theirs and who I am," A small moment of thought as she ticks moments off on fingers only while here. Pausing on second hand she looks at Ripclaww. "They are not theirs. As I said, I am /not safe/." Though despite saying t, and the weight it holds in words a small smile plucks at a corner of her lips. Until he asked about Nate.

"I shot his sister." A flick of wrist and flourish of hnd and she gestures a gun point, bang, and then a middle finger.

"That's about how it went down." Musing she listens, despite how her mind has about come to a boiling point and is all but on a gossamer thread from dialing into Merc Match to go be reckless again and binder after the payment.

"I burnt my place down. So… Yeah. As long as I do not have to share a spot with McPiss Pants I'm good." Though a stare is offered towards them both.

"Timmie needs a lesson in why /not/ to prank hobos."

"I suppose that is one way to call it. I guess it really isn't my business and we're not exactly allowed to be picky at this point… Cyberdata is massive. The only thing on our sides is so is their ego beyond that." Ripclaw shrugs.

"Then you're good to stay here. There is a lot of space down here if you don't mind being a cave dweller, Chip has lights set up throughout the place that mimic natural lighting and a lot of real homey pictures." A thumb juts off towards a pin up of what appears to be the 1st Wonder Woman from WWII back in the All-Winners Squad era and next to it is an old farmhouse with mountains in the background.

"Vintage. You'll fit right in I'm sure. I think you'll be in over your head with Timmie; imagine a kid… about 7 or 8 that never has to sleep. I mean, just imagine… for a minute if you would and you have Timmie." A few rooms and he opens up a submarine like portal door to open up to a small bunker style room. "Here you go. All yours. Bathroom is at the end of the hall, must have been meant for overnight crew because the showers are standing only so I hope you don't like baths. If you butter up Chip enough maybe he'll rig something up for you but otherwise you get what you get."

"Yeah, call it what you will. I wont apologize despite the "mistake"," A quote even made with her fingers and a shrug to boot. "I have one bag and my bike stashed by the dojo. I'm carrying light from here on out." Rose states as she gets the little tour that guides her to her room and the standing showers. Nothing that gets more then a passing glance from Ravager. Because anymore, that is who she is.

A lingering glance passes towards Ripclaw when he speaks of Timmie, her smile something barely there, but none the less true in its brevity. "But he'll survive *me*?" A look down the hall, towards where Timmie and the Doctor had been.

"That's one less I have to worry about while we face your Cyberdata and whatever else gets in our way." Though stepping back and into what Ripclaw called hers she spread her arms out, the swords sliding out and then pivoting free with the fall of that dark foreign animal hair from the cuffs towards the floor in their flourish. Crossing them she plaes them on the bed, the pistols following to lay beneath, pointed out in effigy of sabers.

"/I/ won't *need* to butter Chip up." A wink and she reaches back as if to grab long hair no longer there, instead grabbing her collar and resettling herself within her coat… her new skin.

"When do we start?" Ravager asks, looking up to Ripclaw with the smile fading and a solemn promise omnipresent.

"Chip is going to love you." Ripclaw assures before looking the room over. "Fortunately he has these pulse emission things that chase away bugs. I hear this place was pretty infested with roaches… " A sharp toothed grin appears, "At least I think he is still running those things." A shrug and Ripclaw gives a two clawed wave, "We start as soon as we have something solid. I have to drive back up to Westchester and the Hudson. Chip and C.C. will help you with the rest in the morning." A studying stare is given Rose as if he is missing something, "Eh, we'll talk tomorrow. Hope you're ready for all of this Rose."

Rose rolls a shoulder in a shrug and steps back from Ripclaw, turning to shed her coat and toss it on the bed over her things the pizza slice appearing from a pocket somewhere? Bitten into, the flapped at him over her shoulder in a passing glance of that mismatched gaze over the slope.

"Stop underestimating wwhat I can take. First mistake."

"Noted. I'll bring your stuff back with me." Ripclaw peels his eyes from the swordswoman and departs past the loud sounds of childish squees and Dragon Ball Z powerups.

Dragonball? Nope. Eyetic.

"Right. You can drive, but I ride." Rose leave the large effects behind in her bunker, but to get the Tomahawk and her duffel? She's going with… And leaving DBZ behind her.

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