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February 27, 2016:

The Professor approaches Jean with a minor (major) issue he finds troubling.

Jean's Office


NPCs: Professor X

Mentions: Cyclops, Nick Fury


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The young man was out of the office, which leaves Jean by herself. By herself to think, to ponder, to wonder about the days of old and the days of now, along with the days of the future and that of which shall soon come to pass. The water bottle was immediately drank and tossed into the garbage can as she makes the time to rearrange her desk. No use of her powers, the all too casual motion of gathering files and organising them atop of her desk in neat little stacks as she likes to keep them. The garbage can pushed against the side of her desk and the throw upon her favorite reading chair in the corner taken and folded. Books were soon adjusted and laptop screen wiped down with a moist towellete and tossed away in the circular file.

Her jacket was soon taken off and tossed along the back of her oversized chair as she sits, the flop down causing the seat of the chair to rise and rock her backwards as she lurches forward to settle within properly, her feet dragging her close to the desk to rest both elbows upon it. Fingers rest upon her temples to rub idly, her eyes immediately drawing up towards the door with a lift of her hand to twist the knob with a gesture alone and crack it open.

The rest is up to the visitor.

Perceptive as ever Jean is aware of the Professor's arrival door opening before he wheels in to the room and situates himself before her desk. A warm smile set across ageless features, a smile that reaches illuminated and compassionate eyes. A man who goes through life always viewing himself as both student and teacher.
"I am sorry we haven't had time to catch up. I was needed in Ibiza." Since taking on a more permanent station away from the X-Men and worrying entirely about the school and mutant-to-human relations. Recently he is trying to get on board with a cabinet working underneath the Secretary of Metahuman Affairs. That so far is not panning out as planned.

There was that foreboding presence that the man carried that held empathy and compassion that in times such of late she hadn't want to feel. But it was there, right to the squeaks of metal and the smile that rests upon his face, it almost seemed that Jean wanted to jump out of her skin at his arrival. Almost. But that look crosses her face was almost immediately transfered into something of relief. There was no hesitation in which she rises to clear around the desk to bend and give her long time mentor a very, very stifling hug around the neck.

"It is so good to see you!" Contain your excitement there, ol' girl. "And you're here now, that's really all that matters." She allows the hug to linger for but a moment, then withdraws ever so slowly to return to her seat, more relaxed than she was upon his entry. "I hope everything turned out well, then? In Ibiza, that is.."

A low chuckle escapes Charles as he gives a return hug accompanied with a pat upon the shoulder to Jean, "Yes for the moment, I have a return flight leaving Monday. The negotiations are ongoing but the Ibiza Island Council seems to be positive in our favor against the Genoshan Magistrates. It doesn't help the individual they sent is rather surly and ill-mannered. For the sake of these mutate refugees I hope they listen to me. This will be an important win for us and a blatant stand against Genosha and it's acts of inhumane cruelty." Yes, all mutants of the world are aware of Genosha and it's acts against their kind. Once the gene was isolated in the 90s the entire scope of threatre for the African country of Genosha changed.
"And here? How are things at home going? I trust you are keeping everything in order."

"Surly and ill-mannered seems to go well with your calm and knowledgable demeanor. Opposites attract, Charles." She grins just a little, fingers soon folding upon the desk as she draws in a slight nod. She was no stranger to the ills against mutants and others that faced differences of late. It was almost the same song that repeated through history, just different architects to the madness.

"Here?" Jean takes in a breath, and with that breath, certain walls were climbing and creeping, forcing them shut not by her own will, but by natural precaution. With an exhale, there was that internal struggle to tell it all, for inch by inch the walls rise, and mile by mile they seemingly crumble.

"For the most part." She admits. "Things have faced a turning point recently when it came to the trials and tribulations in Mutant Town. But they are slowly looking up. Community leaders and would bes are now starting to take a stand and working with NYPD at making it as safe as it could be barring natural and usual circumstances. X-Red have been tangling their own battles and managing just fine. Enrollment is up by at least twenty percent and if I do say so myself, the test scores are seemingly higher with the new tutoring standards that we've put into practice."

"I assure you there is no attraction on either side of this debate." Charles nods lightly while she speaks, "The Institute is doing fine. It isn't what I was talking about. I'll start with the first issue at hand…" Xavier sits back getting comfortable before tapping a fingertip on the pad of his chair. A small holographic projector emits images captured of a man called Mr. Clean. "This was intercepted by an interested party. I actually had a conversation with one of Nick Fury's agents in regards to acquiring this… what is X-Force and why are they killing people in the name of mutantkind?" Irritation? Maybe a little even the Zen like calm of Charles can ripple with emotion from time to time. "I understand they have even been authorized by someone to make use of our facilities and equipment. This is dire, Jean. Please, explain what I may be missing in this before I proceed."

Jean has to laugh at that. There was a slight nervous laugh, but a laugh all the same. Though, the meat of the matter was presented and there was a slight groan that draws forth, her lips curling inward so that the flesh of her tongue could draw against it. She wasn't preparing to lie, though her memory recall brings about how the entire situation manifested.

"Their motto is to protect us, no matter the cost." She finally murmurs. Her fingers tighten against each other to the point knuckles crack, then release again. "The idea was brought to me by the three, and taken to Scott as he was the helm of it all during that time. The idea was for him to approach Director Fury as a.." She draws her hand up to rub against her cheek. "..hand in hand means to show transparancy. But ultimately, this lies on my shoulders as to why it was allowed to continue and the need to keep those who have the brand of X.. safe." She smiles sadly. "Even if I do not agree with their methods. I don't think I ever will. But knowing what I did know there wasn't a blind eye I could turn to it." She shakes her head then, almost sullen.

"We are not soldiers, Jean. To start believing we are means we have chosen a side and determined we are at war. It is not us against them. I will not believe that."
"I did not form the X-Men with the idea it was ever us against them. We use our powers to protect mutant and humankind from evil mutants and to be an inspiration. An example. Heroes. Protectors."
"This team, this X-Force as Fury's file called them are not part of my dream, my visions of the X-Men. This sounds more like Erik and his Brotherhood. I know, we will be pushed to kill at some point, any one of you may very well end up in that kind of scenario but 'at any cost' will never be one of our mantras. Destruction and violence comes easily to the best of us but we are to always strive to find a better way. A more righteous path. I cannot stand behind this X-Force. Choose to handle this how you will but I will not support them." A low sigh escapes Charles and he presses that button again, the image changes to a woman, a blond in a power suit with a badge, "This is Valerie Cooper. She has been assigned by the DEO to act as a liaison for the X-Men and the government. She expressed interest in taking over the X-Force team as part of their attache but frankly I don't trust them. Fury as well still holds a vested interest in X-Force. I require that you handle this how you best deem fit. I trust in you."
"Miss Cooper also wants to host a meeting with the leader of the X-Men. That, being you, I suggest you seek her out. Make it on your terms not hers. Keep mindful this organization has unhealthy ties no matter what they claim but we must keep an open mind."

"We must show a strength of conviction and an open firm stance for peaceful coexistence."

"I know that Charles. But a lot of us.." She pauses with that, correcting herself. "..them were plucked up out of their .." She couldn't find the right words, so she lets it hang for a moment then continues. "..and into what you consider a dream. And they've tried to follow it. They all have. And they all love you for it, it isn't their way no matter how hard I try to change that." She probably was speaking of Logan, that was still a sore spot for her.

She lets it go however, she would handle it as she sees fit, though her eyes come to the next image of Ms. Cooper. A hand lifts to rub a little at her chin, nails flicking against her cheek and a brush of red gone behind the ear. "I'll work something up with Fury, hopefully he'll listen to me. He's a man who's far better trusting of Scott than he is of me. I am going on total assumption here." A little smile given.

"And I shall be right to assume you've already prepared research on the DEO that I could take a look at? I have an idea to meet her somewhere far from here. Very far."

"I will leave what I have with you. I cannot give it more focus than I have. I must continue my efforts on shutting down Genosha's foreign affairs. It is long overdue." The holoprojector shuts off. Probably a Stark Industries model as Xavier seems to prefer it over WayneTech or even the Horizon Labs models. Everyone knows Hammer Industries is just knock off Stark technology. Well anyone who pays mind to technology or science news. The internet never lies after all.
"Yes but Jean, you share my dream and you are now Headmistress and Leader of the X-Men. It is your task to enlighten the rest of our children and those lost mutants, metahumans and mutates who seek our aid and guidance. Be strong, Jean. You are one of the best of us." A smile, another warm one and Charles reaches out to give her hand a squeeze.
"I must rest. The jet lag is getting to me and I do not want to spend my weekend here sore or making those around me uncomfortable. We will talk of other things later, the serious and the light."
Wheeling towards the door he stops and his mind reaches out to hers, "And Jean, you're doing a fine job. Please do not be too hard on yourself. This is your home and your family."
The office door closes behind Professor X.

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