Frost Giant and Sinmare

February 27, 2016:

The Dwarves told someone and they're out for blood

Flushing Meadows - New York


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Clearly one of the dwarves told someone.

Fenris likes for his supernatural conflict to be subtle where it's possible. Today it's not. There's a throwdown in Flushing Meadows Park and Fenris is counting his blessings that it's later at night. It means that there weren't a lot of civillians in the area to begin with and the ones that were out have gone to ground. The other good news is that the ambushers are after him, not anyone else.

That's about where the good news ends. There's a small army here. He counts about two dozen einherjar armed with modern ordinance and a lot of it, a pair ground bound wyrms - frost type - half a dozen frost giants and Sinmare, a fire giantess with a big sword, a lot of leather and a hole lot of hatred for the God-Wolf.

In short there's a pitched battle going on in the park and Fenris has called in help. At the moment he's in the middle of maelstrom of violence, sword in one hand, oversized revolver in the other. One of the wyms takes a hit that would have sheared the leg off of anything earthly, a pair of einerjhar are punctured by bullets the size of a man's thumb and then he whirls to ward off a blow from Sinmare. Most of the rest are just getting up from the blast wave of the howl he just unleashed… but none of them are down. He sure hopes some help arrives soon or this is going to get out of hand.


The air around the God-Wolf stirs as Astryd dives in from a height, a small round shield on her left arm and a spear in her right hand. Giant grey/black wings holding her aloft as plummets directly at the back of the Sinmare … spear out held.

"You need assistance, God-Wolf" There's a slightly gleeful look to the Goddess … she doesn't mind a good battle now and then.

Yes, May is showing up a little late. That can't always be helped. Though, now that she's getting a look at what Fenris is up against, she's feeling more than a little bit outclassed. There are, however, ways to even the odds. Like, turning these things against each other. The farther of the two wyrms is her target. And even with all of the things she's done recently, trying to leap onto the 'back' of an … ice dragon? … has got to be up near the top. Thank goodness for SHIELD cold weather gear. And a pair of particularly sharp mithril butterfly swords.

Eight does casual entrances pretty amazingly well, you'd never know exactly how many hours it's spent custom tooling cartridges to look at it. Hell many folks just plain won't even recognize eight if it wasn't for the rather singular aesthetic of it's firearms. Neat offset zip cafer jacket and trousers, tall riding boots, half face helmet and goggles and of course a silk scarf to hide the machine hiding behind that retro biker apparel. It just strolls into the scene as it sets that carbine calmly to shoulder, moving with a distinctly uncharacteristic sort've fluidity. Christ sakes, it looks downright human. For once. Not that it's alone mind you, Eight never fights alone.
Theres a spider the size of a full sized van just sort've trailing along behind, painted in that neat black and white like a world war one destroyer save for the cartoon cat wielding a sledge hammer painted across one side. That'd be rat smasher then 15 tons of heavy armor, HV weaponry and absolutely zero fucks over indescriminate property damage. There is no protest when it pauses to let Eight step atop it to look out over the battle, as the spider spreads it's legs and drops the multi barreled guns under it's head. Astride a heavy metal combat spider, Eight lifts it's chin and throws it's cards down onto the table.
"I do not know what you have come here, but you shall find only death here. You may be strong, but my name is Eight. Know this, I am beyond all strength and you are beyond all salvation."and with that, shit gets fucking real. The Spider opens fire, those big caseless fifties below the spider whir to life and start hurling hate downrange at several hundred feet a second. If it wasn't for their roar, you might even be able to pick up the distinctive rip snarl of a twin turbo diesel coming off idle somewhere far away. "Get wrecked!"

Seriously… what the heck is an Einherjar?! Julia has had trouble sleeping since she and her daughter were run out of town… literally. So she went for a swing. In her black and white costume.. she blends into the night far more easily than she would in the light of day. Spider-Woman is on SHIELD's files as someone who was until recently.. unknowingly working for a corrupt unit inside the US Military.
But now she swings towards the park and… drops to the ground, legs spread wide with one hand planted on the ground. "By the power of grayskull…" she mutters very softly under her breath. Then.. one of the Einherjar notices her and turns her way… as he approaches, she webs him up in psionic webbing before leaping over the guy and kicking him in the head on her way past. And then she notices others that are not the army of the dead. "Someone want to tell me what the heck is going on? I can fight but… these guys have a lot of numbers!"

Fenris' revolver runs dry emptying the rest of the cylender into a Frost giants chest. That puts him down but probably not for good. He holsters it and puts both hands on the grip of his sword. He's got three more Frost giants inbound on him and a wyrm nipping at his heels. He doesn't look like much, though most of the people here know him. Just a lean faced man in a long brown coat. But he's a whirlwind of silvery metal right now as he strikes, parries and twists to keep away from an impaling spike of ice here, a blow that could send a car tumbling there, blast of frost breath right behind him.

Sinmare whirls with supernatural speed and knocks the spear off course, launching into a vicious attack on Astryd, each blow enough to cleave a tree in two. "Hah! Odin's Raven! Just in time. You can return this miserable cur to him when I'm done gutting him." Another blow, then another hammers into her spear.

Another drake and two giants peel off to deal with Eight. They're sending ripples of razor sharp ice along the earth toward him but they're closing fast. The spider chews the drake up bad enough to make it stumble, but one of the gaints leaps at it as the other tries to bull rush Eight himself.

The Einherjar, dead viking heroes all of them, look like a biker gang went very militant. They fight with expert precision of a dozen lifetimes spent honing warcraft though and they seem quite familair with guns. Spider-Woman webs one, then another and May cuts into a thrid, then a forth. That's enough to get their attention. They're moving in groups, using covering fire. Fighting smart. Two on twenty?

Who's going to come out on top of that one?

Astryds knocked back as Sinmare delivers the first viscious blow, getting the breath knocked from. At least her wings keep her aloft as she takes hit after hit from Sinmare, leading her away from Fenris … and hopefully exposing the Fire Giants back to the God-Wolf.

As the last blow rains down on her spear, Astryd rises in the air, raising her left arm to drop again with supernatural strength … into Sinmares throat and following through with that spear of hers …

"Raven, yes." she grates out, even though part of her attention is The Einherjar. Once she's done with Sinmare, they're next.

Melinda May has to keep moving, these guys are organized. Her fighting style is not designed to contend with organized groups. But, there's the woman snaring them with something that resembles spider webs. And these guys look like they have a good bit of metal on their persons. "If you can get them bunched up, I've got something I can try." In the meantime, she's keeping up with the ginsu samurai action.

Bunched up. Got it. Spider-Woman leaps into the air on superhuman leg strength as she gestures downward. Webbing springs into being along the ground about six inches up from it… in about a twenty foot radius. It takes a lot of effort to make it, but as Spider-Woman lands… she clenches her fist and the webbing attempts to draw anyone in it towards the center. "Hope it works!" she adds as she does her landing… next to May.

Eight doesn't take long in dismounting, before it gets right into the thick of things. That glorious arachnid construct is a fantastic sight to behold, the sort've thing truly no human hand could craft. The muzzle flash from those miniguns alone is enough to illuminate the battlefield like flood lights. Unmelted snow flashes to steam below it as the muzzle blast blows neat concave divots out infront of the guns, which explode into brilliantly lit dust which sweeps out to both sides. It's pouring fire, well everywhere. Changing targets at an incredible rate and burying them with the sort've ammo count you measure by the pound, before those miniguns finally flash empty. a pair of neat metal boxes tumble out behind, and it swivels that 36mm HV cannon around to bear on that drake before it opens fire with a staccato pulse interrupted only by the ripple of 40mm HEDP grenades. Ice, well it'll take more than ice to bother anything Eight produces clearly.
Speaking of Eight, it's moving foreward slowly as it's own carbine erupts in a steady stream of well aimed fully automatic fire, clearly focusing on smaller targets as it works to start hemming in the flanks. Completely unbothered by the sparks of incoming gunfire which skip through it's jacket and trousers, even if it's wardrobe is quickly looking worse for wear. "Fenris, shall I rend the Giant or is it out of the fight for good?"
Then it comes, a brilliant flash of light streaking overhead like a comet. It's the sort've speed that carves a perfect shaft of crystal clear air down the center of the battlefield. The sort've pressure wave that'll pop your ears. That 42mm ultra high velocity shell cracks apart milliseconds before impacting with a drake, shredding it like an enormous shotgun blast before erupting into a white hot fireball. The muzzle report takes a spell to reach the battle sight, as the drone sniper more than a few miles away pauses to reload. Ramming another round into the barrel before it begins flooding the breach with more liquid explosive for it's second shot. Turbodiesels screaming as it pressurizes the breach and begins charging the capacitors, half obscuring itself inside a growing fog of thick black diesel smoke.

"Mulch it!" Fenris calls to Eight as he puts paid to the wyrm on him and turns to deal with his frost giants who are in a bad way. He can't spare any help for Astryd yet if he doesn't want these things to get back up.

The wyrm on Eight's spider is very dead. Much like Fenris had advised of the frost gaint it's sort of mulched and the same goes for the giant that tried to leap at the spider drone, quickly thrown to the ground by an ungodly huge sniper rifle.

Sinmare snarls at Astryd as her fellow warriors fall. Moments later she takes a spear thrust through the shoulder and staggers back. She rips the warhead out with her free hand and switches grips but it's clearly time to go. A firey portal opens behind her and she steps into. "This isn't done, Valkyrie."

Eight switches to smaller targets and between that and Spider Woman's web slinging the Einherjar are bunched up pretty good now. Whatever May's got up her sleeve it has a decent chance of working if she does it now. They're really the only threat left. The big guns are down or retreating quickly.

The moment those Einherjar are all bunched up May flings at least a dozen of those little widow's bite disks at them promptly followed by an already arcing taser baton, hoping their bunched-up-ness and the punch the assortment of typically non-lethal weapons have will be enough to put them all down for at least a few moments.

Cringing, Spider-Woman steps back a half pace. "That looks decidedly painful." she remarks… moving into position to intercept anyone who may stay on their feet after that. But.. she is hoping it's done.

"I should think not." Astryds grey eyes gleam as she retrieves her spear and twirls it, holding the point in the direction of Sinmare, watching the giant disappear into the portal.

It's only then that she turns her attention to the Einherjar, a look of sorrow crossing her face as she approaches them … bunched up, webbed and now shocked. "I am sorry, Brothers but tell me who called you…" She'll return them to the Halls of Valhalla regardless.

"Targeting request accepted, be advised incoming fire has right of way."and another streak of light erupts overhead, as another shells slips through a gap in the friendly lines. It nails a Giant square in the hip, before erupting in a white hot flash the leaves much of that giant rendered to it's consituate components and charred earth in it's wake. That wheeled sniper platform rocks under recoil, nearly lifting two of it's tires off the pavement as the recoil impulse rushes down the street. Cannon barrel dipping as it vanishes amongst the flash of steam and sizzle of coolant being forcefed through the breach to keep the entire drone from melting down and cooking off.
Rat Smashes advances slowly, those miniguns whirring to life just as it's cannon draws silent. Trading cannon fire for another mass of minigun fire that mulches anything and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it's lane of fire. Then it falls, well mostly silent. Those guns stop firing anyway, even as it kicks over it's own diesel turbines and starts hurling sturdy cannon shell stripper clips out behind it as it struggles to reload it's armament just in case. Gunbarrels glowing red hot amongst the evening darkness.
Eight gets close enough to actually have to soak a magazine or five before it finally runs itself out of targets, carbine lowering amongst the sizzle of heat. It's neat riding apparel is in shreds, exposing the mass of chrome plated metal, kevlar and ceramic composite beneath. "All targets eliminated, thirty nine percent of ammunition expended. Drone safeties activated, spooling down combat algorythms. Threat assesment, negative. Hardware safeties enguaged, active cooling enguaged. Battery level at sixty three percent, all units are mobile and undamaged."Eight finally lifts it's head to get an good look at the carnage, and those gathered before loosening up it's shooting stance. "Combat action phase, complete. Net Lethality, one hundred percent. Enguagement successful. Searching for friendly injuries, is medical aid required?"Which…well Fenris probably understands. "Combat action summary:Successful. Consolidating mobile platforms on my position, shall we expect a second wave or is the site secure?"

The shock attack takes the Einherjar down and makes it quite easy for Astryd to send them back from where they came. It does, unfortunately, make it difficult for them to tell her who called them, but… she can always call one up to ask them later. Just remember the face. She probably already knows their names.

Which leaves the field clear. "I'm not hurt badly. And I don't think they'll be back." Fenris replies to his robotic friend, extending a hand in greeting. "You've met Astryd here yes?" When she's done if they've not been introduced properly he'll introduce them.

"Quick thinking Agent May, thank you for coming. And…" Now the Lean Faced Man's rather penetrating gaze lands on Julia. "I don't believe we've met."

It's a work of moments for Astryd to send the Einherjar back to the Halls of Valhalla. Calling on her inate magic, a portal appears … with a viking drinking hall clearly visible at the other end. "Go now, my Brothers …" she ushers them through, closing the portal behind them.

Returning to stand beside Fenris, wings still unfurled - giant grey/black feathered things that tower over her head and nearly drape on the ground - sporting a few bruises around her face, her predators aura is very present.

Offering her hand to Eight she nods "We've met, Destroyer-Wolf." and then looks to May "Daughter of Dragons, it has been a time. That was quick thinking…" then to Julia "… both of you."

"Probably because we haven't." suggests Spider-Woman. She lifts a hand to her head in a mock salute before looking to May. "You're very good." she remarks. "I hope I wasn't crashing a party you all wanted to have to yourselves. I was just…" she gestures about.. opens her mouth to speak, and then shuts it. Then she just sighs and shrugs, "Insomnia." she admits with a shrug.

Melinda May takes about the same amount of time to pick up all the fallen zappers as Astryd spends escorting the Einherjar to Valhalla. Her only initial response to the black and white clad woman is a nod, but then she adds, "Your help here is appreciated." Yes, she recognizes the woman from SHIELD's 'person of interest' database, but she doesn't mention it. Not yet.

"We have indeed met Fenris. It is good to meet you again Astryd, well fought. I am happy to report your indication of Iron's wounding capabilities were proven correct, I thank you for that."Eight surveys the sight for a moment longer, no doubt compiling an after action report of absurd accuracy. "This was a very successful enguagement, I apologize I was unable to mass more firepower in the battle space in the time allotted. Logistics continue to be a restriction on my capacity to repel these raids."Fixing it's gaze finally on Spider-woman, which well is somewhat disconcerting potentially. Eight's decidedly mechanical but that current facial design is also somewhat skeletal and the red glow of those eyes clearly does not tend to give folks the warm fuzzies. "I am Eight, your assistance was appreciated. Please be advised, I would offer to shake your hand in greeting but I am currently too hot to touch at the moment. High velocity weaponry generates excessive heat, and I do not wish to cause any discomfort."

Fenris doesn't seem to be too bothered by the excessive heat but… he is fated to eat the sun, after all. Or at least prophesied to do so. "Well that's one way to work Insomnia out. I do appreciate your help. My name is Fenris. Eight you were just introduced to. This is Astryd." He points to the winged woman. "And May." It's curious how no one ever calls her Melinda. Not even a divine predator. "What shall we call you?"

"Ah so you're the one whose been dealing with these little incursions, mmm Eight? Glad to hear that. We should go over that at some point. Sadly, it's likely that this particular one was about me. I think I've upset someone and I'm going to have to go pay a visit to them soon."

With a Frost Giant and Fire Giant, Astryd isn't surprised someone is upset. Looking up at the God-Wolf, she's tall but he's taller, she give him a questioning look. "I will attend with you, Fenris." She's a score to settle.

"You do good work, Eight. Your arrival was certainly appreciated." Her grey eyes light on both May and Julia, as she falls silent.

"I got here as quickly as I could. I might need to head back, though. Have a briefing to prepare for." May looks at Julia as she takes her leave, then nods to Eight. "Noisy, but effective."

Eight nods softly, casually walking back to that big drone to stow it's carbine. "We will have to speak soon, no doubt. In the mean time, I have a model train to complete."Woah woah woah everyone, model trains are SERIAL BIDNESS. Eight gives one last look around, before turning to just casually meander right back the way it came. "Be safe and well, contact me if I'm needed of course."and well, off he goes.

"And sometimes if you're not." Fenris will visit soon. "Be well Eight."

"Well, May, Astryd, shall we?" He figures if May is going to be missed he can at least get her back to her office before he goes back to… whatever it was he was doing before he had to fight a small scale war.

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