Of Hunting, Voting, and Fooding

February 26, 2016:

A would-be "hunt" is interrupted by the congregation of others at the Hall of Justice, leading to a couple more pertinent matters. Includes brief cameos by Hal Jordan and Kara.

Metropolis - Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-tha-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid
from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner
workings of the JL:A. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living


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Fade In…

The sun sets over the horizon, those who worked at the Halls of Justice were filtering out so that a shift could begin anew. Shayera was there, looming in the front seat of the halls before the screens, laptop settling in front of her which flashes briefly for a moment before it's powered down with a touch of a button. Whatever she was watching on that screen for a brief moment had little impact upon her, for it was now upon the large screen with a show of pictures of Egypt, chronologging and following the adventures of a man who shall not be named.

Her opposite hand plays upon the necklace that hangs around her neck, which was soon pressed to her lips and held there as she lifts her hand to allow that gesture to register so that she could access the screens. Slowly pushing the chair from the table, she steps around it, that hand still raised, her fingers curling slightly as she begins to flick the slide one by one.

…the sphynx..
..a few vases..
..a picture that was hand drawn of a woman, facing the side with wings..

Her own wings flutter upon her back, spreading to stretch for the moment, then collapses back behind her once more, a tick of a feather floating towards the ground which was soon snatched from the clear air. She quickly moves through the slides, stopping only once another picture was shown, one of a man holding an Ankh, dressed in slave garb.

"Now that is gorgeous.."

Hal Jordan is in the Hall in civilian clothes, having just surrendered any need to protect his secret identiy from the other members of the League. He felt like an idiot doing it and there was just no need. If he couldn't trust someone on the team, well, he'd find out fast enough and they'd find themselves squeezed inside of a green salad slicer toot sweet.

He's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a green polo shirt, one of the ones with the little alligator on the breast, although it appears the alligator is doing a beer bong, so this may not be properly licensed apparel. He sees Shayera at the monitor station and takes a chocolate covered pretzel out of the bag he carries, tossing it into his mouth and moving to lean up against the console.

"Hey there, wings. What's shakin'? Any intergalactic threats to the health of the human race? Any villains looking to conquer the world that we need to knock on their kiester? Any new episodes of Steven Universe on Netflix yet?"

Supergirl comes into the Hall from the Watchtower transporters. She's been getting her things in her quarters organized in anticipation of the big move to a new apartment soon. Also, being up on the Watchtower, out in space, makes her feel closer to Krypton. Seeing the others gathered in the Hall, Kara walks over towards them, smiling. "Hello, there. How are all of you doing today?"

There are some large, potted plants off toward one corner of the room. Haven't they always been there? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe they didn't look quite so…jungle-like, but that's what's there now. A little greenery never hurt in making an area look a little nicer.

The true purpose of those plants may be given away if anyone happens to look just so, for there is the very tip of a tail visible as it rests against one of the pots. The owner of said tail is otherwise hidden behind the leafy foliage, though the eyes are set on one and one only: Shayera.

More importantly, Shayera's feathers. When the wings flutter, the tail twitches quickly a couple times. Perhaps there's a little rustling sound from over in the corner. Certainly no Tigras could be hiding there. Absolutely not.

Ozymandias was just double checking how the vetting and training of his Umoja personnel have been going, when he happens to walk by the room in which Shayera is watching the screen. He pauses outside the room, remaining silent as the different pictures of Egypt move across the screen. His mind wanders back to those long ago days when had a wife and a family. It seems like he blinked his eyes and all the years have passed.

His eyes narrow for a moment behind his mask as he looks down at the floor. When he looks up, Shayera is looking at the man dressed in slave garb. "I have that same pictured etched in a gold plate.

Caitlin comes from the dining area. Naturally. She's got an entire tray overflowing with food, and a milkshake balanced on one corner to boot. "Hey! What's up, is this like lunch period in high school? No one's eating in there with me," she complains, insincerely. She flashes a smile at Kara and detours towards her friend, matching her path.

"How's the move going? You sure you don't need help?" she offers, solicitously. They get close enough to Shayerea and Hal to join the conversation— Hal gets a friendly smile and a back-and-forth bob of the head in a suggestion of the wave her occupied hands can't offer. Shayera gets an uneasy, even wary nod of greeting, and she steps a pace away towards a nearby chair, setting about ten thousand calories of food down in front of her. She hooks one ankle behind the other and attacks the cheeseburger first, wolfing it down with startling speed.

It seems the flood comes from the Watchtower, though Wonder Woman's own pace is set after Ozymandias', her tablet in hand soon tucked aside with a small smile in reports. Though, in speaking her gaze is still lowered towards the scroll of data before the screen goes black. "It seems all integration is going smoothly between teams - as assumed."

A clap of her hand upon Ozy's shoulder in passing into the Hall's room where the grouping of members is gathering up en masse all of a sudden. A grouping she has nt seen in some time.

The pictures across the screen scrolled over by Shayera draw the return of a small smile upon one corner of her lips.

"Ma'at?" A flick from the winged goddess to Shayera and back, already an easy equation in that regard, but the lingering upon the servant? This has cerulean gaze moving towards Ozy and is own reactions.

"In Themyscira they call her Themis. In Patriarch's world, Justice is her portrayal. How fitting, hm?" Both brows rise and through the reflection (in the looking glass) the flick of a predatorial tail is noted…

"Shayera, did you also forget Bast? As we seemingly have one of her ilk in our walls."

Kara smiles to Fairchild and nods. "So far, so good. I'll be doing the lease signing in a few days, once all the checks and deposits go through. I'll let you know when so you can help me move everything into the new place." Not that she'll need the help, really." Kara looks over at Ozymandius and nods to him. "How're you doing today, Ozymandius? Everything going okay so far?" When Wonder Woman enters, kara lights up. "Diana! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while."

Bast? What about Bast? One person here might draw Tigra's attention away from Shayera long enough to break her focus, and that one is apparently Wonder Woman. As the walls are brought up, a few sets of eyes might happen to catch hers through the leaves, then a pair of hands spreads the way for her to slink out into the room like it's completely normal to have been hiding there for an unspecified length of time.

"Hey. What's going on?" she smiles, a bit too wide a grin, a bit too much fang showing, a bit too much of an innocent expression on her face. "Fancy seeing everyone here all of a sudden, isn't it?" That tail-tip is dancing as her hands settle at her hips.

Ozymandias nods to Diana, "I am glad that things are moving smoothly. Good, Mister Washington wanted to know if you or he could make a formal announcement to the media about the partnership between his company and the Justice League." Ozymandias turns his attention to Kara for a brief moment, "I am doing well. I hope you can say the same thing.

Ozymandias peers at the other people in the room and taps his left foot as he starts to ponder something, but Diana mention Ma'at quickly brings him out of his thought. "Ma'at, has been very active here on this plane. I have business with her that I hope to resolve. I might need the League's help in resolving this issue, but we can speak about it another time.

Ozymandias clasps his hands together, "I was wondering has the Council had time to vote to move our prospective members to full fledge members."

Caitlin wiggles a hand at Tigra in a short, choppy wave, flashing a friendly smile to the feline woman. "Hi Tigra!" she says, welcoming her to the conversation at hand.

Then she hears Diana's authoritative tones, and Caitlin blanches. Just a bit. She clears her throat and by the time Diana's said her peice, Cait's sitting quite properly upright at her chair and she's using a fork and knife instead of her fingers. She's absolutely not making sure Diana's not giving her an unapproving look, but her eyes keep twitching that direction guiltily, as if expecting Diana to find something to take exception to. "Er, so, yeah, Kara, whenever," she says to her friend, wagging her chin at her quickly in a nod. "It'd be nice just to see the new place."

Kara's words draw attention away, the smile lifting just like her slightly bent posture to peer upon screens and at other apex predators hidden behind new shrubbery. "I am assuming because of the return of Clark and with the other dealings you have been busy. The latter being very good news. Congratulations on your new place." Though that part overheard and noted with the disappearance of personal effects. Though no question necessary there. Team members are just that. Family and team, but not prisoners; the dwellings within normally meant for no other reason then, nowhere else to go. Safety. Comfort. Rehabilitation. But the walls are still alien metals and far from an Earth based person's personal feel of home.

Though from Kara to Tigra the slight tilt of her head is given in a nod. "It is nice to see most here. A rare thing, but a good reminder." A pause as she assesses the woman in full revelation, a hand extending to her. "Diana. Good to finally meet."

When Ozy speaks up in regards to the merger and public revelation her head tilts only in a moments thought on it, as some of their benefactors have remained private and secret of their own volition, whereas others… "It can be as soon as there is full clearance given on the progress of integration and probationary period has passed."

Which brings her gaze to those gathered and what other things Ozy has brought to mention. "The Majority has passed in one regard." And in saying as much A velvet wrapped pouch of red and blue, cinched closed with gold rope is settled before Shayera. A glance from her to Ozy with a small lowering of chin.

But when chin rises her throat clears and Caitlin's tensed posture is taken into regard. Easily enough seen when the prior demeanor had already been taken into account.

"I don't know about that Caitlin. She refuses to use a dinglehopper unless in my presence. Tch and the Jeggydoodle as well! I abashed. I mean on Themyscira our dinglehoppers have 5 tines. Not just 4, How uncivi—-"

Diana stops then and deadpans. Really? Browperk.

"Yes, Ozymandias, I move we vote once we have the first order of business passed before them."

And back to Shay.

"I did not." She didn't forget Baast. There was some sneaking suspicion that she was being watched, but now that the culprit has revealed herself, there was no need to keep tense. With a roll of her shoulders, the wings slowly fade from view, only leaving the lingering feather that was pinched between her fingertips and twirled like a taunt. The necklace was soon dropped to rest in betwixt her bosom as she approaches Cait's 'station', helping herself to a fry and a snatch of the milkshake like a school-yard bully in the making.



Kara was soon given a half hug, a brief one, and soon she was moving back to her spot, leaning against nothing at all but the invisible wall at her back so that all of their faces were presented to her viewing. There were many matters to address it seemed, though, their shining faces brought a little bit of warmth to the cold heart that one would not admit to.

A smirk is drawn at Diana's play towards Caitlin, and then a final reach for the bag that was taken up and opened with a tug and pull of her fingers. Within, a com unit that nearly matches hers is revealed, and a card that was placed upon the table and settled in an order that seemed official.

Hands soon rest upon the table upon either side, a stone faced gaze given to all present, with the memory of those that chose not to be present.

"I hereby acknowledge Ozymandias.." She gestures towards the masked man, without a smile. "..as an official Council Member of the Justice League: Alliance."

And then it comes out. The moment that most people would face palm over if this were a very, very public announcement. Cameras, televisions would censor the bird woman, and possibly cut to a monkey playing a tambourine.

"Do you swear to blah blah blah fuckity what the fuck ever, take this shit and wear it you got access."

Enough of the formalities, all of this warm and fuzzy is making Hawkgirl need a goddamned drink.

Just what has Tigra been spying on this whole time? Until the others turned up, it was just the hawk and the tigress, two predators waiting each other out in the eternal struggle so one might gain an advantage over the other, however brief and miniscule it happened to be.

Only, Shayera might have grown bored while staring at the screen and Tigra may have taken a nap or two somewhere along the way.

That, however, is in the past now. The only lingering sign of the intense battle is a little quiver of Tigra's lip as the feather is shown off, held between the Thanagarian's fingers, and then with a short huff and a roll of the eyes the striped cat-woman runs a hand through her hair and her tail darts to and fro as she wonders, "So did I miss an actual memo somewhere along the way? Maybe while I was making that report on the Lord of the Deep?"

Fairchild's wave and greeting is returned with a few waggling fingers of her own. "What's up, Cait?" Before there's much of a chance to follow up on that, she's given reason to stare for a few seconds at Diana, accepting the hand with a grin. "Tigra, and yes, it is."

Eyes slide back over toward Fairchild again afterward. Then she laughs, just a brief sound. That seems to cut some of the ice, but she remains mostly in the role of quiet observer as the stuff with Ozymandias follows. "Congrats? Is there cake? Pie? Fresh fish?" she wonders, hopefully.

"We do not memo to meet like this. They happen when they do." A small wave of her hand and the fluid ripple of fingers resembles a freedom of the wind in that matter, but in regards to Tigra's write ups a small nod of approval is given. "Your eye for detail and the hunt is very acute." Wonder Woman states towards Tigra, aligning her with Artemis in that regard.

Approaching towards Shayera and the card as well as comm laid out for Ozymandias has Wonder Woman clearing her throat. Shayera's phrasing… "I am going to have your cable cut off at this rate." Though that does not stop her stance at Shayera's side as they wait for Ozy to come and appropriate his new and discard the old.

"Have you not made a request of Hans yet?" A brow rises as Diana's shocked gaze returns to Tigra and the smile lingers. "He already is aware of the promotions and is fashioning a feast. You may want to put in your request and preferences and he will do as a chef of his calibre does." Cook to his own tune, because you cant tell the man a thing. It all has to be /*perfekt*/.

Though once Ozy approaches Diana's posture has realigned, straightening her proud stature and keening her gaze towards him. "As you have shown you commitment to the team, its people, and well being of the whole of the world in crisis, this is not simply given - it is earned as a beacon of Trust bestowed upon you to uphold and maintain, like the pillar you have been with us all."

Caitlin doesn't precisely flinch when Shayera comes over, but she does lean waaay back to let Hawkgirl help herself to whatever's on the plate, even scooting it a few inches forward helpfully. And she doesn't make any protest either, even when her precious milkshake gets purloined.

When Diana starts lambasting her, Caitlin's eyes bug out. It's possible she's sprung a small leak, too, because a tinny 'eeeeeee' sound comes from somewhere near the back of her throat, and she instantly flushes a brilliant shade of scarlet that completely clashes with her orange hair. Her jaw works up and down a few times to find some grounds for protest, but the words don't seem to be wording. She's only saved by the congratulations offered to Ozymandius, and her eyes duck to her plate with a shellshocked thousand-yard stare.

Ozymandias arches his left eyebrow as Hawkgirl starts to speak and slowly nods his head. "Yes, thank you." A small smirk quickly appears behind his mask as he asks, "Does this give me permission to ask to touch your feathers without getting knocked across the room?" Ozymandias raises his hands jokingly in the air, Ozymandias calmly states, "That was my attempt at humor." He hands over his old access gear and receive his new access gear. He dips his head in homage to the two other Council members, "As I stated in the beginning, I will always exists I will be here for the Justice League. Thank you for this honor.

Ozymandias clasps his hands together again as he pivots and turns to face Tigra, "Your personality is unique to say the least, and for the record I am not choosing you to be voted in as a prospect, because I come from a people that high respects for cats either. I choose you to be voting in as a recruit, because when Hawkgirl was being held in Apokolips, you performance exceeded any standards of bravery and according to your reports you have not falter since then. I hope the other Council members take my recommendation and vote you in."

"No." Is all Shayera says to Tigra in the missing the memo. "But your reports on the Lord of the Deep have been enlightening and troubling all the same. Continue with your assistance in that regard and check in often. Do not hesitate to call if help is needed. But you are doing a splended job, and recognition is due." Was.. was that a smile? It.. it may have been! But there was a definite twirl of a feather between fingers that has Shayera taking those little paces to reach out and hand towards the taller 'felina' as if she were asking for peace.

Even though there was no peace to be made, but the promise of a good turn for the other.

(Which means, Shayera just may shave Tigra in her sleep. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!)



Shayera smacks her lips as she returns her attention to the milkshake that was nearly left forgotten upon the table, her nose wrinkling at Caitlin's reaction in a phantom smile that suddenly reveals itself over the straw there, and an offering of the milkshake by placing it back upon her tray for a handfull of fries that were soon cupped against her shirt and taken bites of. Never pass up a good meal, especially if it wasn't yours and made by Hans. Everyone can attest to his cooking. EVERYONE.

Ozy's remark about her feathers draw a near owl stare. Of course it was forced, but she caught the joke and returned with something unexpected.


Blank stare, cue his words towards Tigra and a slight nod given. She was, after all, saved by the woman. Again, one good turn deserved another. Possibly five more.

"She has my vote." That in itself was a given. "And the others?"

"I've had a little practice at it going back to my detective days, but I totally wasn't stalking Shayera just before," Tigra tells Diana with a crooked, fangy (again) grin, but she otherwise takes the compliment the way it seems meant to be. Technically it's true. She didn't get any closer from that one spot the entire time she hid behind the plants.

Next time, perhaps a line of them leading toward the monitor area…

Asked about the cook, she shakes her head quickly back and forth. "No, but I will!" The prospect of some particularly tasty fish seems to have sparked her interest. So stereotypical. Meanwhile, she pads her way, barefoot as just about always, over toward Fairchild and stops close enough to stage-whisper, "Psst, Cait. She was speaking gibberish to get you to loosen up a little."

Unless a move is made to stop the tail, it'll curl 'round and release from one of Fairchild's calves. "I think that was her way of being friendly."

Unless a move is made to stop the tigress, a burger or sandwich will be snuck off the woman's tray full of food. "A snack. Thanks!" If you ever wondered how much it costs to feed a team of metas…

Perhaps while chewing and swallowing a mouthful of food, her head angles in Ozymandias' direction. "Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, I've heard." One might expect her to say this related to Hawkgirl and her feathers. The grin only lingers as her mannerisms are brought up along with the man's own ancestry and their regard toward felines, but it fades toward something more serious as she answers simply, "I was just doing the right thing, cliched as it sounds. Plus, I was kind of tired of getting shot at and not being able to move in very far. I appreciate it, but oh, was that one big, smelly mess." She makes a face just thinking about it again. "By the way, I always found Egyptian history interesting, even before I became…me."

Finally, Shayera returns to her center of attention, long enough for the serious nature of the ocean issues to be remarked upon. "I'll definitely do that," she nods.

Everything else is forgotten in the short term, including an apparent call for some vote for her. Tigra has a feather! Thankfully, she doesn't wind up with it between her lips. Instead, she just grins down at it and makes it dance between a few fingers. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Caitlin pushes her tray a few more inches towards Shayera as the Hawkgirl and Tigra both start claiming her meal. The redhead, Amazonian in appearance if not by birth, looks almost crestfallen, and despite Tigra's winking assurances she can offer little more to the tigress than a tight, strained smile and a tiny shake of her head, bangs dancing against her brow. She clears her throat, not quite trusting her voice, and slips a lone fry off the plate and nibbles it with a good bit less appetite than she'd had minutes prior.

Leaning forward a fry is pulled from Shayera's nestled placement and Diana takes her own stand behind a chair, directly across from Cait and Tigra as Ozy and Shayera speak in regards to one of the two present to be moved into more trusted positions within their ranks. Popping it past lips her hands finally come down to rest on the back of the rolling office chair. The tension is evident in the stuffed leather, shadowing around fingers that indent the backing in their grip… And then it subsides. Apokolips still brought a light distance and deadness to the backdrops of her eyes, stealing the light that took a while to return. But one thing never left.

The stature in shoulders squared and lowly muttered "…add fish, Hans. Raw."

Righting her stance she releases the chair and leans over the table after passing the obstruction to take a bit of the communal milk shake and set it back in its place. Not at all blind to Caitlin's reaction to her words, although puzzling.

"Caitlin was also there, I recall her brash act to pursue me into the void itself, and despite the Apokoliptian show and time, she has remained with us. So not only do I vote yes for Tigra, I also wish to add Caitlin to that status with your approval as well." A glance from Cait and Tigra to Ozy and Shay and she slowly returns to a stand, stepping back to the door to open it with the buzz to her comm.

Normally Hans presented with flustered fanfare, but he knew tonight was something a bit more silent for now, until refreshments are called for. Then his adoring fans of his feast can dote appreciation upon him! Instead a large cart is left before the door, laden with figs, dates, breads, yogurts as the Egyptian homage, spanning down to that of chicken in abundance and spices, moving to wings, burgers, more fries, weenies in blankets, and a tray with a silver domed lid over it, but if Tigra's senses are keen enough, she will know the smell of fresh shore and catch. All garnished with fruits, vegetables, and a rainbow of colors for the buffet. Even flowers front and center.

"Behold then, those who have not had it before. Hans a la…carte?" Pulling the cart in with ease, Diana then moves to take a place behind Cait and offers her hand, and if taken she makes the woman in her moment of self depriciation, stand.

"I still do not know precision in making light in the world of Patriarch's, Caitlin. If my jest offended I apologize, as it was the least intent to one that could come so precariously close to Themyscrian borne." A slight lean that places her between feline and red headed amazon.

"Note no utensils. Even at a feast in my Embassy on a night with Thor we drank and ate like warriors of olde, the only thing that you could ever do to earn any distaste from me is break our foundation." Beat.

"Or sell yourself short. You're a warrior, a woman, and if my fellow council members approve, more vested with the League." It seemed to take a moment as Wonder Womans lips moved over teeth. "So forget (although using Shayera's colorful lanuage was debated) the forks and propriety. You're among friends."

"Cailtin Fairchild, I believe that you would benefit for further guidance from members of the Justice League who are no longer recruits. Again, you were the one of the first to venture into the fight to save our leaders, and cannot be ignored. You seem to want to hang around with us old folks, so that only should deserve sort of reward."

Another smirk forms behind Ozymandias' mask, "Seriously, I vote to allow Caitlin Fairchild to become a recruit, but I hope she knows that if she has a question or concerned that she needs to ask for help, even when we are in the heat of battle.

There was nearly a snap of her teeth as Diana reaches to steal a fry. Even though it was all in jest and good tidings, Hans arrival with the cart pretty much seals the deal where everything was concerned. "I agree and concede." That was all that was written, while they all made nice with each other, she was going to make nice with Hans betterment at showing enthusiasm when the cart arrives.

There is a plate.

No utensils.

Fine with Shayera, she was going to get down and dirty by grabbing a fist full of meat to slop upon the tray like no ones business. Nevermind the Tamaranian slug-hurstvien (spudlings) that she's eaten in the same vein, she was going to be merry and full.


Yeah, Shayera checked out. Welcome to JLA.

Were Tigra not overly focused on the feather right now - it's moved on to the other hand - she might mention something about the fish given the fact her ears are good enough to pick up the mutter. But…feather. She leaves Diana's attempt to explain herself to Fairchild alone, that being something between them.

Only once the cart of food is brought out does she snap back out of it, and the feather is safely tucked behind an ear, visible through some of her hair. "Ooh, more food. Something smells gooood." One guess what she's pinged on to. She has no vote in anything yet, and will deal with the outcome of their decision some time later. Meanwhile, It's time to chow down. "Thanks!" The tail dances in eagerness, the provided food soon partaken of not just by her, but others.

Caitlin's eyes snap up and get big as saucers when Diana offers her a hand, and the redhead rises with an awkward motion, accepting the assistance and the gesture that goes with it. She clears her throat a few times, the dark flush leaving her face except for high, pink spots on her cheekbones.

"Oh… g-gosh, thanks, Diana," Caitlin says, trying to find her voice. She clears her throat again and looks around, embarassed by her emotions manifesting themself so plainly. "I-I wasn't offended," she hurriedly reassures Diana. "I thought you were… teasing me. I'm sorry," she says, flashing an embarassed but wide smile, particularly at the notion that she has something in common with the living demigoddesses of Themyscira. "Thank you, Diana, that really means a, um, a lot to me." She takes a big breath and blows a bunch of tension out from her shoulders, lower lip jutting out and flipping her bangs skywards. She gives Shayera a wide berth and uneasy glance as Hawkgirl wanders past, but smiles again at the others. "Thanks again, everyone. And… yeah, I'm still starving," Caitlin says. She picks up a cheeseburger and promptly starts spreading the garden across it, and finishes with a generous *splurtch* of mayonnaise.

"I'll try to to the League proud," Caitlin asserts seriously, and then takes a giant and -very- unladylike bite of her burger.

"Just know, becoming a member of the League fully means that you are not secret anymore, you will be seen and recognized by the public and every action comes back to us with the weight of nations and as it seems to be playing, worlds… It is not light, but its rewards are far more."

Food? Yes, food. And akin to Shay Diana is piling it on as her rigorous training has not yet let up and her appetite shows as much, though…

"Hans? Yes. Some with the little umbrella thingies…" Whisper. "What did you just call the Beach drink?" Diana's stare at her food became somewhat….blank.

"If you speaks to the technicians before you leave, they are waiting to issue you new access gear according to your new rank." Ozymandias says as he heads towards the door. He pivots on his left foot to face the new recruits before leaving, "Welcome to Justice League: Alliance. I hope you come to see the people in these halls as amazing allies. Have a good evening." Ozymandias dips his head to the duo, "If you never need help from me, please do not hesitate to ask for it."

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