Magical Healing

February 25, 2016:

In the aftermath of the deadly attack in Gotham Jesana finds Green Arrow and takes him to Rain to be healed.

Gotham, Rain's Manor

The TriCities very own wretched hive of scum and villainy. Rain's lovely manner.


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Crime had been committed in downtown Gotham, chaos between the Scarecrow and the Joker (log link insert here) in which the Green Arrow had shown up to try and stop the crime; but during the crisis something had gone awry. Long story short, a missile had been fired and struck within feet of The Arrow, sending him disappearing in the explosion that rocked through Gotham. The Joker and Scarecrow carried on their own situations, but this page turns to the Arrow…

The blast had thrown him backwards into a building against a wall knocking the air out of his lungs from the impact, perhaps a saving grace as the heat from the blast couldn't vaporize there. He had slid to the ground only to be caught in the follow up explosion of the car which tossed him yet again through the window of the same building into the lobby and there he was left under a pile of rubble of the lobby, broken and trashed.

It has been a short time since the incident has occurred and there is much chaos taking place in the vicinity, nearly 100 dead, gas everywhere that is still dissipating so naturally it was quite easy to never notice the Green Arrow's sudden disappearance, something that might go missing for some time were it not for the fact that his phone had fallen out of his pocket and had sent an emergency alert out to whomever might pick it up.

Jesana was out of reach during the battle and arrives in the aftermath. She's nosing around to see if there is anything she can do to help, at this point the answer is not really, when she gets the alert from Green Arrow. Concerned, the native american demigod focuses her will intently on bringing herself to where he is, or at least as close as she can manage.

Jes ends up about two blocks down but she can see the car and the busted window and wall and is off at a run, nostrils flaring as she tries to catch his scent amongst the smoke and dust in the air. It's partly the traces of his blood on the light breeze and part her own innate and instinctive drive that leads her inside to the pile of plaster, concrete and rebar he's trapped under. Green Arrow is still someone she considers "hers" and Coyote jealously protects her own. "Oh holy shit! Don't tell me you're in that mess! I swear to Fenris if you're dead, I'll find a way to bring you back and kill you again my damned self!" Jesana growls as she starts towards pile.

The emergency personnel that are about are very tied up dealing with the civilian injuries and casualties along with the chaos of the are, leaving them to ignore Jesana's movements into the building since it was supposedly 'empty' at the time of the incident. So she is essentially alone in that chaotic mess.

It would not take much searching or digging to find the Arrow's presence, one of his arms is sticking out of the rubble as is a foot; one of those two appendages does not seem to be facing the right direction in relation to the other of course, the magic of broken bones or optical illusions. Despite it all, the hand that is exposed twitches some to show element of life; apparently resurrection won't be necessary this time around.

With a relieved sigh as his hand twitches, he's not dead yet at least, Jesana squats by the rubble where she judges his head to be near and eyes it carefully. If she moves this crap too fast or in the wrong way she could hurt him further. Fenris help anyone coming in here to try and stop her cause it'll probably be the last thing they ever do.

"Okay. I'm here. I'm gonna get you out of there. Just stay with me." She's gladder than ever over her increased physical strength and the fact that she's finally regained mastery of it. For the most part. Grabbing a chunk of wood panneled wall, Jes gently lifts it up and stands to toss it aside out of the way before bending to grab the next.
The third piece sends her to his feet so as not to upset te pile and the fifth, six and seventh are up closer to his head. "Oh I want to kill whoever did this." She growls softly. "Just rip their heart out with my bare hands and shove it down their fucking throat!" She tosses some rebar aside with a worried look, noting the streak of blood congealing down its length.

As the pieces of rubble get pulled away, bit by bit, more of the picture is revealed. The Arrow is sprawled out, the piece of blood coated rebar decorated as such since it penetrated through the side of his thigh. The odd angle of his foot was such due to what looks like a broken leg. The last bits of the rubble get moved enough that pulling him from it is possible and despite it all, green hood and mask hiding his eyes which are not open the barest hint of smile tugs at the corner of his lips.
"Get me… out of here…" The voice is whispered, gravelly and with bass as the voice modulator is still working pinned to his suit. "No.. hospitals."

"Well. No shit, Sherlock. Yeah that was my whole plan right there. Just waaaaltz on into the nearest ER with the Green Arrow in my arms. No, wait, I was gonna take your mask off first, just to be rrrreaallly sure they all saw." Her voice is more than a little growly. She's not even remotely angry at him, just very worried and it's easier to be gruff and sarcastic than to show it. "Dumbass." Jes mutters as she brushes the bigger chunks of stone and plaster off of him.

Silently she sends her voice out through her pendulum, her first choice is of course Fenris. Jes has some healing skills but they are pretty much limited to inserting an iv, cleaning and stitching wounds and medicating. She'd have no idea if she was setting his broken bones right, or if he has internal bleeding or some other worrisome shit.

He doesn't immediately respond, something else has his attention so Jes goes on and sends a thought to Rain -Need healing, come quickly.- The demigod turns towards the door for a second. She can hear someone approaching. "Crap. Time to go. Jes carefully scoops Ollie up. The leyline isn't as far as the last time she had to do this so there's that at least. She'll still be able to function. "We're gonna go somewhere else real fast and either Rain will meet us there or I'll take you to her. Hang on, Ollie." Jes whispers.

Getting a response from Rain Jesana arrives at the edge of her front lawn a few moments later. The demigod is gently cradling a battered, bloody and broken looking Green Arrow in her arms. This will be yet another leather jacket lost but she's really not going to care about that. "Rain?? We're here!" Jes knows there are wards and doesn't want to chance upsetting them.

Rain's wards are actually very humane. They simply return unwanted guests back to the sidewalk over and over until the guest gets a hint. Sort of like, less ward, more selective access. The witch is probably playing video games inside, and she gets the message from the gates. Captain jumps off the couch, and manages to headbutt the gate button. "I wish I had thumbs," He quips.
Rain is up and about quickly. She opens the door, and the gates are open, too. "Ah! Please come in. Your friend looks really hurt." She has no idea who or what a Green Arrow is (Recycling advocate? Hulk Fan? Owns a green hoodie?). Nevertheless, the two are ushered in. "What happened, may I ask?"

Captain peers up. "… holy cow," The cat remarks in a rich, baritone voice.
First, let's not ignore the fact that being carried around by Jes is a little on the embarrassing side considering the that Arrow is well, bigger than she is by a bit. But he's in no condition to argue the status of things with the damage done to him. Rebar impaled leg, broken other places, shredded arm; and let's not forget the burns and singes. He looks like an explosion victim because he was in an explosion. However, the Arrow who is drifting in and out of the land of the living does manage to be around enough to take note of something and grumble, "The cat is talking to me. This can't be good."

Jes snickers a little and hushes at him. "Shh. It's okay. That's Captain. He talks." Jes is aware how it looks her carrying him, she also doesn't care. She's stronger now and she's saving his life so he's just gonna have to sack up a little and deal. "Gotham." She sighs. That's usually all the explanation needed there. "Fuck-uh fudging Gotham. I found him in a pile of rubble. He's hurt pretty bad and I can't do this kind of healing. Can you help him Rain?"

Jes is worried. The more more she looks at Green Arrow the worse off he appears and she knows that there aren't alot of humans who could retain conciousness with this kind of injury and doing so without screaming bloody murder, well, he's got nothing to worry about from her in the appearances arena. Jes knows exactly what kind of training and mental endurance it takes to be able to do that.

"This is Captain. He is my familiar. He talks. And is a cat," Rain explains. "I go by Rain," The witch introduces herself. Because she refuses to admit to being Winter Silverwolf Moontree. Ahem. She looks sympathetic. "Alright. We'll take care of him. Steve will fetch you drinks and refreshments if you wish while you wait." A dapper looking dark-haired man bows. Happily, Rain's staff are wearing human faces today.

"Please, set him on the couch." There's a blanket set out, likely for such purposes. "An explosion or collapse, I'd guess." Deep breath. "Okay. This is going to take like, half an hour minimum. Please, feel free to make yourself at home. There are spare clothes, refreshments and so on." She stretches and starts to look like she's meditating, entering a serene state monks would envy. MAGIC TIME MOTHER TRUCKAS.

A familiar? A Talking Cat? Through the concussion and brain fog, The Arrow groans softly and his swollen lip breaks into a small smile as he whispers. "Mage." It's a simple recognition of where he is; either being familiar with the arts enough to know from the tell tale signs or taking a stab in the dark. Despite the horrific damage, he is a rather resilient person, one of his finer traits is being too stupid to know when he should stop the fight. "I'll take a nice glass of ginger ale, with a cherry in it." The words come out haggard and drifting between this realm and the next as memory blends with moment in his mind.

Jes nods and gives Rain a greatful smile but kneels on the floor by Green Arrow's head and gently presses her hand to his forehead. She isn't going to leave him when he's injured and has no idea where he is. "Yeah, magic. I wasn't gonna risk your health my crappy skills and you're pretty messed up. Rain's great. She'll have you feeling better in no time."

She rolls her eyes a little bit grins. Ginger ale and cherries. Well, he'll be fine then. No thanks to the assholes that did this. "You gotta remember how to duck, genius." She'll help him drink that soda when it gets here, if he's still awake.

Rain shakes her head. "Witch. But close."
Steven lowers his head. "Of course, and the lady?" He looks over. Rain will do TIMEY WIMEY stuff because it really will take her half an hour or longer of meditating, quietly casting. A soft, light blue glow is added for manners and effect. Patients freak when you just stare that long. "You may watch if you wish to learn." She missed out on the whole DRAW DOWN THE STORM thing, but what she lacks in raw firepower, she makes up for in healing because Ollie will be in mint condition at the end of it. "And if you wish scars, tell me now or your skin will be unmarked as before. Organs, too." She is quiet after that. Captain peers, sniffing. His freckled triangular nose is all a-wiggle.

The Arrow's eyes flutter beneath his mask and it is clear he is about to succumb to the exhaustion of the body due to the damage. He speaks quietly though, for Jes although it is easily heard by others. "No scars… helps. No one can know. Know who I am." The last words leave as he passes out, leaving his life in the hopefully capable hands of Rain. And if while she's in there she ends up giving him a My Little Pony tattoo? Well, there'll be words later.

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