All on Board

February 25, 2016:

The Outsiders join up with Omega Men for handling unfinished business.

Wildfire's Spaceship


NPCs: Tigorr K'tten Orn Doc II Wildfire

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After introductions have been made, the first order of business was getting the HMS Starfire's crew to stand down, and bring over anyone who -wanted- to be there to ensure their Captain's safety.

The second order of business: Finding out what the Omega Men were doing -here-.

That very question was voiced by Roy at Tigorr, who growls.

"X'Hal, because it's -much- easier to ask the Princess Koriand'r!" Tigorr grumps. "Ryand'r thought it would be better to approach her, since your people were scattered to the far ends of space and they're being picked up for the slave market by the Citadel."

Once Starfire realize exactly who was here and why she radio'd for K'tten to stand down. But K'tten already had.

"I heard… We are -all- listening, Kori." All, meaning her crew. Orn, Depalo, K'tten…

"May I queue my crew into the system here so they can listen and see?" Pupiless emerald gaze shifts to the mirror image of her brothers as well as that of his crew. In turn she is switching channels of her comm to that of a similar wavelength hunt of theirs so they can openly communicate over projected screens and exchange.

When the slave market is mentioned there is an obvious tension that rides along shoulders, the flex of honed sinew that only serves to right and bring a warrior's pride to posture.

"So it is true then, more of our kind have survived even with the death of our home?" Pause. "And the citadel perseveres even after what was done to them?" Kori did not leave without severely /crippling/ their camp.

But if one could live, so could another and both cultures are traveling warriors, just of different spectrum.

"It's a warrior culture," one of the Omega Men (Doc, if Roy remembered right. It was hard to not think of him as TV-Face) said. "If the weak loses, they have no rights save to serve the strong."

"We -could- have approached Kommand'r, she possesses the might to do it, but…"

"Will she?"

Ryand'r frowns. "She could. But I could never read her mind, what she was doing. What she does, she does out of pride."

Tigorr slams a fist on the table. "Enough! We have already gone back and forth over the Tamaraneans already. The longer we delay, the more we'll have to rescue. Let's do it -already-!"

"No one should have to serve like that because they are not 'fit to live'… Truly." Starfire's voice goes low and even, almost soft as a whisper with her words, but the softness does not last long as Tigorr makes his point with the impact his fist does not even touch upon.

A glance to Roy, one that says a lot when she says nothing.

"Kommand'r may help, but with her volatility I would rather us try without and succeed. With the forces we can bring even her pride is not that blinded to stupidity to try and interfere again with her ways." Roy had seen it, heard her, but also seen how quick Starfire was to deny her full forgiveness with forgetting. Past is past, but it can still hinder the present even -if- it is carrying on.

Another look slides from Roy to the watchful faces of her crew over the projection. "Will you join us then?" Kori had made up her mind, theirs was their own.

"I will," Roy responds.

Whether others did or did not, at the least, Roy would at least stand with Kori. "We should also check and see who else's coming, since we're not -all- here right now. You know, Lunair's going to plotz?"


"Must be some weird Earth saying."

Hiss. "Get your weapons. Your K'tten can work with me," Tigorr grimaces. "I have the outposts. Most of them are being gathered in one area for the market before they are being sent apart. It is the best place to strike a blow all at once."

Koriand'r casts a smile towards Roy, one that is almost beaming, and yet maintains that thankfulness in its depths. Closer to melting. There is no hesitation from her current crew as well. Their anticipation showing in the shift of postures from pensive and curious to that of anticipation with the fidgeting. They were all borne or bred into this kind of work and it was more /home/ to them then anything else could be.

"We're in." Spoken simultaneously, and as Roy speaks of the others not present K'tten is already working over the boards to send messages to them. Reese, Lunair… Skaar having gone off grid during one of their…slips into time… His button is touched upon and swept over with almost aa look of momentary loss.

Awe. K'tten does have a tiny feels.

It is gone at Tigorrs tone and look when he speaks of working with her, her own eyes narrowing. "Something wrong with working with me, big kitty? Trust me, I can blow. your. mind." The smile isn't very friendly, but it is taunting at the baseline.

The final draw comes when K'tten opens their comm lines completely for mutual streaming access.

"If we're working together, it's -together-." Kori states. "The others of the crew should respond promptly. If not we give them coordinates and let K'tten and Tigorr handle getting them there separate."
Tigorr's response is short and to the point: "You ain't -woman- enough to handle me, sweets."

Rather than risk the wrath of K'tten's return fire, Roy quickly responds to Kori with a nudge. "I'm not getting in the middle of a catfight. Do you usually get involved in those things, or do we get out while we can?"

Wildfire rises quickly. "I would like to come and spend more time with your new home sister, if I may."
"Hold my controls!" K'tten barks and in quick turn is seen shoving Orn into her control command seat. "Hit that button when I am on the pad."

Roys nudge has Kori nodding and backing off with him and also offering a quick 'come on' gesture of her hand to Ryand'r. "Yes, now is a great time!" Just in time for K'tten to materialize on Wildfire and Crew's ship and head right for Tigorr, pressing a finger into his plexus.

"I am Tamaranean enough to handle everything you offer and still end wearing your claws on a beaded showcase around my neck!" Arms cross indignantly over her chest after flicking the unshaved half of deep red hair, the smile a show of teeth. "Bring it big boy." An up-down assessment of Tigorr with those deep green eyes.

Kori, Roy and Ryand'r? Already gone!

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