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January 31, 2016:

New meetings all around, and one old - As the Spaceships Turn

Spaceship and Coffee Shoppe


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Fade In…

The coffee shop tucked away in a little corner of New York City had seen its share of brand new customers flocking in ever since the Tamaranean known as Starfire discovered the pleasures of a 'frequent drinker' card.

People of all types would come in hoping to catch sight of -that- tall 'chick with the gams', as one person put it. Others were considerably less gentle about it. Word of mouth was sufficient that at certain times of the day, it'd be overflowing. Even then, people rarely batted an eye at strange people showing up in cosplay. After all, if alien princesses could frequent that shop dressed in whatever she cared for, so could -others-, following her example of openess.

"Oh, -that- movie opened, did it?" was a frequently heard comment every other week.

So this time, word was "Which movie opened now?" when a giant Tiger-looking humanoid came in, practically bristling as he growled. "Ok, which one of you is Koriand'r?"

The proprietress barely batted an eye as she motions towards a certain table…

Koriand'r had been told to fit in, to try and meld, but it was hard unless she constantly induced her image with technology and lies. Aliens had come and done harm, she stepped up and back out since her old modelling career with Skaar to help and make a stand. Starfire is back to being a face and her modelling company even found her once again, frequenting the coffee shop by word of mouth and extended an offer…

So Koriand'r is offered pay to not only sport clothing lines daily, but to do it at her leisure and not just in front of cameras - hoping this not only benefitted her but the people who dared to stare… Although some of the lines were not necessarily feasible for human wear during the cold season, the woman bearing consumption of solar rays could pull it off and not think any further about the looks.

Sitting back at the booth Kori leaned over the table poking Roy in the nose with a new flavor of praline biscotti covered in whip cream from the top of her caramel pecan cappucino with a smile curling over deep purple lips. A 'coat' is worn, made of a faux suede appearing tan hue, barely brushing mid thigh where contrasting sinew of white criss crosses up the side, leaving gaps between the fabric of the mimicry of an eskimo parka - if they were meant to fit like -that-. The hood hangs largely down her back, also a faux fur that looks like it could have been truly from a yak in the off white that fades to black at the ends, mingling with the braided and partially bunned flame huen hair. A knee rests on the chair beneath her where just beneath the same fur rims of matching knee high wrapped boots. (Not) fit for winter weather, but enough for Kori. "It's delicious!" She exclaims while she teases Roy in that lean, but when the bristling beast shadows the doorway her whole body seems to come to a statue still, pupiless emerald eyes landing upon the large humanoid beast, righting now to remain knelt on the booth save that one foot sliding from underneath…

"That'd be me." She states while sweeping strands of that hair from her face in a flustered manner.

Taking a bite playfully, Roy has to agree. "It -is- good. Got more where that came from?" he asks, before a voice calls out for Koriand'r. Dressed for winter in what was largely a red-version of the Hoth-style parka that was made famous by Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back, Roy was none too pleased at the moment of relative peace and playfulness being interrupted by a tiger-looking humanoid with what looked like a Fu Manchu mustache, if that could be called a moustache.

Biting his tongue, Roy eyes the large humanoid.

"Name's Tigorr. What's the matter, never seen a Karnan before?" the humanoid growls, returning the look at Roy with belligerence, standing in front of the table. Brash, without a word of courtesy, Tigorr goes on to note, "So, princess, yer comin' with me, got places to go, people to see."

By the time the Karnan reached the table Kori had managed to come to a full stand that placed herself just in front of Tigorr with arms crossed over her chest, a couple of the puff balls hanging from the drawstrings to the hood dancing over forearms making the stance look that much less intimidating with their tribble like ply for placement in the motions. The same went for the sway around boots when feet shifted for a more firm -plant- and yet keep the casualness of an out-thrust hip to one side, but beneath the fur rimmed cuffs is the flash of purple bracers that bear the red Tamaran gems within.

Chin rises loftily as Tigorr addresses Roy and her, eyes narrowing. "I have seen, but not in the flesh. I have a dominator that I keep near and dear to me with an extensive library." That words were a hint, a clue to back what followed.

"Where and who? We're a package deal." Now one hand drops and gestures to Roy then herself before refolding. "Is there trouble you need aid with or are you trying to make it?" A glance to the people in the cafeteria behind them give hint. They are gawking, some entering slight visible cowing posture at the sight as Tigorr is no small creature and nothing to try to find your adulthood with.

There's something about the feral look on Tigorr's face that makes it clear that he's not at all used to the niceties. Tense muscle and fierce body language shows the Karnan quite frankly doesn't -want- to be anywhere near here, least of all in the middle of a swarming mass of gawkers. "Look, princess, -I- don't want to be explaining m'self here -at- all, and lots of things're gonna be clear if y'come with me. Your pet can come or not at all."

"Hey, I'm -not- a pet…!" Roy interjects, standing up and going face-to-face with Tigorr. Which consists of looking up above his head into a row of gleaming, bared pointy teeth.

"Yeah, so, princess, is he toilet-trained, or do I gotta show him what to do with his…?" Tigorr begins, before Roy cuts him off. "We're going outside."

Kori is already stepping around Tigorr to head for the exit of the place on his first words, the follow up and Roy's rebuttal only bring a pause with a glance over her shoulder. Roy can handle himself, so no lack of confidence is shown - instead Tigorr is met with a gaze from below furrowed brow and an upper lip withdrawn in a feline manner to show a flash of canine. "I don't keep /pets/ of that manner. I keep equals. Don't insult me further, Karnan. No in -my- territory." Speaking in a manner well known to felidaen species, one even Koriand'r's people had traced back but their genetics took on the more human side of appearances, that did not mean instinct was diluted as well.

The pace that carried her outside was trained ease, but underlying was the rigidity of challenge and readiness. "He's coming if he wants." Kori states once outside, reaching up to touch down upon the ear bud that alerts K'tten and allows the crew to listen in on the conversation.

Roy's dander is up, but he manages to keep enough composure to add, "What's the matter, mama didn't raise you with a clean litter box?"

Tigorr's retort is unintelligible, but one gets the impression it was -nothing- nice about Roy's parentage, as he stomps out towards the door, regardless of whatever Roy followed or not. After a moment's hesitation, Roy follows.

Outside, Tigorr tromps down the street into an alley, motioning towards the alley. "Someone wants to see you, and he wants it to be a surprise. Nothing -nasty-, not like yer sister. Piece of work, that dame. Told 'im he should come see you himself, but apparently you people like playing games. Or your family does."

Starfire let Tigorr pass and lingered long enough to see Roy joining, the small smile comes to one corner of her lips and just before he can grumble any further she is leaning to press lips upon his cheek just before his ear and withdraw to pick up the pace to remain right behind Tigorr. The moment of affection one to lighten Roy, an apology for having to endure yet /another/ assault from alien ilk seeking her, as it seems to happen far too often to him.

Rising in a brush she is back behind Tigorr, but when he speaks of her family that rigidity seizes and hands just below fur ruff fist, even the ends of hair that hang too close to the hooded attire in leather woven braids start to ignite. "I am in no mood for further games in regards to my family or my people. If you sought me out to make a spectacle and joke of what was long stolen from me I will make sure your exit…!" And she goes down the alley after Tigorr with her own form of bristling carrying her with a stride that nearly lifts her from the ground.

Mollified, Roy follows along, long enough for Tigorr to hiss at him. "Relax, human. Can't be too careful, we've got a price on our heads. Especially if Blackfire gets a wind of us. -Then- the litter's really gonna hit the wind."

And then Tigorr is further down the alley, hissing. "Look here, Princess, you probably got your crew locked on us, so tell 'em to scan the coordinates near them… they'll find -our- ship. That's where you're going to end up. So soon as we 'port over, give 'em a heads up to not blow us into space, yeah? Don't really warm up well in vacuum."

Upon agreement, well, Tigorr barks out a comment in Interlac, leaving Roy to glance over at Kori, indicating he's got weapon at ready in case she's needed.

At least Kori had informed Roy of Blackfire, of course only when he had to endure meeting her, but that meeting did not go as bad as it very well could have, but what this Karnan keeps speaking of has her attention to the point of a boiling anger that is even bringing the tips of fingers to bear a perse glow as they relax and then return to fisted concealment.

"Catch that K'tten?" Kori speaks after Tigorr speaks his warning.

"Loud and clear boss, though we have had their ship in sights since they breached atmosphere. The scanners picked them up only moments ago though…" The later making K'tten sound her own repressed anger at being snuck past.
"Cloaking I am gauging, we cannot know it all, but we will adapt. Keep locked and hot. If I say get Roy out and make sure not even Phalanx can find remnants to make anything out of." Oh yes, with the buzz of other alien life forms research s being done on hostiles and possible friendlies for ways to approach if they ever came near. Eventually she would get closer on this Daemonite utterances, once religion stopped pulling up in human databases….

A tilt of Kori's head and she slides her gaze from Tigorr to Roy and back. A slow nod affirming to both of them. Ready.

What Tigorr said in Interlac was fairly easy to decipher: 'Ready to board.'

When the teleport is completed, the unfamiliar bridge is full of familiar faces, at least for Kori. Perhaps because they are among the most wanted people in the galaxy, particularly the Vega sector.

Broot, the large stone figure from Changralyn. Doc, a bio-organic from Aello. An energy being who was nameless. And… a Tamaranean, who steps forward to greet Kori with a smile. "Koriand'r."

This reminded her of her ship. Not in the makeup and layout, but the faces and who stepped forward. The reason Orn was wanted?

War Crimes: Escaped convict from base 18257.1 "The Citadel" Prison.
Status: Dangerous. Approach with Caution.
Comparable to Broot.

Depalo: Former Dominator
Wanted: War Crimes: Escaped convict from base 18257.1 "The Citadel" Prison.
Status: Extremely Dangerous. Approach with deadlt force.
Comparable to Doc.

And comparable to who stepped into view….
K'tten: Tamaranean
War Crimes: Escaped convict from base 18257.1 "The Citadel" Prison.
Status: With prisoner 1.1, Koriand'r, Former Princess of Tamaran. Capture and return, though subject K'tten is to be detained separately for distribution.

…. Wildfire gets a look from Koriand'r her eyes roaming from Tigorr to her brother and then to Roy before she moved just a -tad- to her right and kept herself standing by her lean on a console, one arm crossing over her front to grip opposing bicep. "Ryand'r…" The name is breathed as she looks up through fallen whisps of hair to him, unwavering as if she would blink and he would be gone.

"Roy, meet my brother, Wildfire."

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