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February 23, 2016:

Gabriel arrives at the Mansion requesting a 'delegate', X-23 answered his call.


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He didn't want to be there. It was his choice but it wasn't his choice. Gabriel walked up the path towards the Mansion, the intimidating structure and he rubbed his arms just under the sleeves of the heavily worn T-shirt as a subconscious gesture. There was a hesitation to even go much further than just beyond the gate but once that first step was taken the man steeled himself and began to stride with a bit more purpose down the paved driveway, letting his booted feet fall heavily to accompany the breathing that was deep enough to keep him calm.

When he finally gets to what he presumes is shouting distance to the mansion, he straightens up a bit and calls out. "I am here and I do not mean harm. I was told by several people I should come here so I have come." Yes, the man is yelling at a building this early morning. Reaching up he pulls the cowboy hat off his head and uses the back of his hand to wipe his brow some. "Present a delegate." The words are meant to be loud enough to be heard, the last words he speaks now though trail off, "or don't… so I can leave this place."

While the Mansion has seen many many things one has to wonder if they've ever had a prospective student shout at the mansion for a delegate. It's definitely a question to ponder, albeit later. It may seem like at first that Gabriel's words aren't heard, but eventually from the windows there are a few faces pressed against the window. Mainly the students of the Mansion. It's early enough that many of the people are still sleeping and classes are still slowly gaining full steam.

Either way, Gabriel's request for a representative does finally prompt someone to appear. Though perhaps not exactly the person he may have been looking for. Likely he wanted a teacher, but instead he gets a student. A new one, at that.

The door swings open with a slow swing and within the doorway stands a rather slight of stature young woman. Her dark hair falls in straight waves down to her shoulders, as her oddly vibrant green eyes stare at the young man who holds his cowboy hat in hand. A slight frown tugs the corner of X-23's mouth downward, as she considers the young man, finally however, she says, "What do you want?"

Gabriel looks at the woman speaking to him, studying her in silence for long moments. "I know three people. All three of them told me I should come here to seek help. So I have come because I respect their wishes." He speaks it levelly towards X, the cowboy hat coming back up and being placed on his head once more. "So I have come, to speak with someone in charge or authority to see if they would be able to assist me. I do not have expectations of such but am simply doing what I promised I would." A couple of steps are taken forward now towards the mansion, slow, unthreatening steps.

"This is a place for people who are unique, correct? Well, I am one of those and thus am seeking such help." His words flow with a clipped, unusual accent to them as he stops after a few more steps, maybe about 30 meters from the mansion proper and keeping his eyes steady on the woman. "Is there help here? Or is it an illusion?"

When Gabriel speaks again, X-23 will tilt her head slightly to the side. His unusual accent causes that slight frown to deepen upon her features. She doesn't recognize that accent and that's odd. X-23 was trained to be able to figure out every accent that she heard. This one, however …

As Gabriel steps forward, X-23 likewise moves. She'll step out of the doorway and allow the door to swing closed behind her. Just in case this is some sort of attack on the mansion. Then she's scenting the air to see what she can sniff out about the young man's emotional state. While it's not as good as being a telepath, it can afford her some insight to a person.

"If you mean mutant." States X-23 in that flat monotone voice of hers, "Then yes. This place is here to help people in need." Warily now, X-23 will pad down the steps of the Mansion, intending to meet Gabriel half way. "Where are you from?" She finally asks, her questions very blunt and straight forward. "I do not recognize your accent."

His scent, well it is one of wariness and uncertainty. He is not afraid, that much is certain but he definitely is alert to what is going on. In fact the lack of fear is quite palpable. When X steps forward, Gabriel takes a pair of steps forward to match so he is not speaking quite so loudly and he keeps his eyes on the woman opposite of him. His head shakes slightly and he speaks, "I do not know." The words are initially quiet then he speaks a bit louder. "I do not know where I am from. I have no memories prior to about a month ago when I was found. So I cannot answer your question."

He knows how it sounds, what it sounds like. It doesn't deter him from saying it however and there is a bit of intensity as he continues. "It is part of why I am here. I am told that this place can help with both my memory and my… abilities to perhaps get me some answers to what is going on."

While other people would fidget or offer other slight movements as they speak, X-23 doesn't. All her movements are done with some type of purpose to them. As for his scent, all those emotions are easily sniffed out, except fear. That's interesting, at least to X-23's mind. Most people who come here first have some sort of fear held within their scent and the fact he doesn't is curious.

His explanation of what his accent is, or rather the lack of knowledge on his part, is given a moment of thought by X-23. Eventually though, she does say, "There are people here who can help with memories. It does not always mean they will find everything you are looking for."

And while most people at this point would offer their name, X-23 doesn't. Her learning curve with social norms is still quite small, it seems.

It is not as if Gabriel's learning curve with social norms is any better as he just stands there staring at X in silence for some time. It is a weighing look, one that is assigning value and it lasts for a few long moments before he speaks once more. "So will I be able to meet with someone who is in charge or can I depart with the knowledge that this was a fool's errand as I've suspected all along." Although the words are a bit harsh, the tone is not nor is the emotion behind them. More of a blunt statement of reality as he continues the staredown, even to the point of stopping blinking.

"I will not lie, I do not suspect this place to be capable of helping me. I am only here because I promised that I would come to see. I am a man of my word and honor it, therefore I have come. I did not state I would do so with an open mind." The explanation may be more for himself than for X, but she's the person he is speaking with so it is delivered towards her.

"Yes." Comes X-23's response to Gabriel's initial question about seeing someone in charge. "This way." She finally adds, and she'll take a step aside to allow Gabriel to walk towards the door. She's going to try and bring up the rear, as it were, which would afford her an easier time to cut him down should he turn out to be a bad guy.

Like Gabriel, X-23 is good at not blinking, as well. Especially with her healing factor, it keeps her eyes well hydrated and allows her to easily not blink.

His other words, however, are heard and while she doesn't necessarily react to them at first eventually she will finally say. "It is easy to not trust others. This school is different." And while her words are still quite monotone, for Laura that is high praise indeed. In fact, in Laura-speak, she's actually endorsing the school quite eagerly.

When the woman steps aside to let him take the lead, Gabriel does so, either blissfully unaware of the potential of being attacked from behind or simply uncaring of the threat. He starts to walk towards the mansion more directly now but speaks as he does so to the woman again. "It is difficult to trust those you do not know and have given on reason to trust. I have done reading of those here and am very suspicious of the motives, but will give an opportunity."

After a few steps, as he gets closer to the door, he pauses. "I am hesitant to proceed. I do not believe that I want answers that may lie within."

X-23 is right behind Gabriel as he walks to the door. His words are once again heard and she allows them to sink in, before offering what thoughts she has on them. "It is easier to trust yourself than others." She agrees, as she pauses when the young man likewise pauses at the threshold of the Mansion. His last words cause the dark-haired woman to scent the air again, her nostrils flaring slightly with that movement.

"It is better to have answers than not." She advises in that monotone voice of hers, "Otherwise you will always question." And to help him, she'll move to reach around him to open the door for him.

"Sometimes, perhaps it is better to question." Gabriel comments quietly, mostly to himself before nodding politely towards X when she opens the door for him. With that, he walks into the mansion and stops just within. "There is energy here. I can feel it, very vibrant and abundant. I will be careful to not accidently harm anyone here." The tone is one of admission and reassurance mostly for the Laura that he has now come to feel is defensively wary of him.

"I will not explore on my own, rather I will await for whom I need to see or be escorted in order to prevent any misunderstandings. I do not wish to have any conflict in this place."

"No." She says immediately to Gabriel's initial statement, thanks to her sensitive hearing picking up those quietly said words. "It is better to know. Without knowledge you cannot make the best decision. You will make mistakes. Mistakes mean death." She says matter-of-factly, even as she steps in behind him and casts a look around the foyer. There are a few students at hand, but mostly, they're moving to and from classes. They're not paying attention to Laura and Gabriel, yet, at least.

At his mention of energy around the Mansion, X-23 can't help the tilt to her head, as she considers him again. "What are your powers?" She finally asks, even as she nods at his next words. "I will take you to the Headmistress. She is who answered all of my questions, she can do the same for you."

Gabriel is quiet for a moment then shakes his head, "I do not fully know what I can do. I take the energy of things and then I can turn it, bend it into what I want it to be. I have done this only once that I know of." He doesn't speak much more of it but the tone is one of harrowing and seriousness; something must have happened. He looks at Laura and speaks steadily, "I was found in a crate, chained up and locked away. This was done for a reason, perhaps that reason was a good reason. Thus if I know the answers to that question, and the answers is I belong in chains, then does it still mean I should know the answers?" His tone is level and then finally he nods a bit, "Yes. The headmistress. That is probably the correct course."

Before she moves toward the staircase that leads to the upper levels, X-23 will pause at Gabriel's words. That slight frown of hers deepens and causes a slight furrow between her brows. "Yes." She says, yet again, before expanding further. "It is better to know what you have done to know where you need to go." She'll take a step towards the stairs that wind upward to the next level, "Past actions do not have to be repeated, if you know of them and wish to be better." And there's a faint inflection to her otherwise flat voice, perhaps indicating a seriousness or harrowing, much like Gabriel felt.

"This way. I will take you to her." She adds lastly, before she pads up the marble steps, only glancing over once to make sure Gabriel is indeed following.

Then it's a trip to the various faculty offices that can be found within the Institute, so that Gabriel can indeed speak with Betsy the current HeadMistress of the School.

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