She's A Terrible Athlete

February 21, 2016:

A catch up in a refuge in M-Town

M-Town - New York


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It's been a strange couple of days for Brin. Having spent some time at Rescue, she finally returned to her accomodation at X-Red and resumed her duties. Of course, she hasn't seen many of her teammates and she knows when she does, she's some explaining to do.

Today, she's back in M-Town, helping in one of the shelters. Easy work, that doesn't tax her control too much - although that headache is still ever present. At least she seems to have control back over her psychic constructs - that's a plus.

Colossus is here too! Ever seen a giant man covered in shiny chrome very gently dolloping soup into bowls? It requires more focus than he would care to admit but people get a kick out of seeing him struggling for strength Colossus has more than enough of. Flexibility and agility? No, he fat fingers embarassing text messages and crushes utensils in his hands.

"Thank you. Next!"

Melinda May has decided that checking up on Brinley would be a good idea considering the state the young woman was in last time she saw her. Having called ahead to find out where the empath was, May is just now arriving with a particular Agent Lewis in tow. Why Lewis? She would likely THRIVE in a situation like this. So, why not?

Entering the shelter proper, she hands Darcy an envelope. They'd discussed this on the way. And, it gives May a chance to locate Brinley and check on her before Lewis does anything … potentially noisy.

Noisy? Come on, May! This is a soup kitchen sort of thing. One does not table dance in a soup kitchen. There are social rules about this.

Darcy takes the envelope, smiling lightly as she makes her way toward the room the organizers call an office. The steel man, had Darcy double-take, then smile mischeviously and continue on without saying what had come to mind. Because it was NOT a PG remark and there is a May near by.

The empath is dishing up soup as well, her filters and shields well in place - even though they take a little concentration to maintain.

Not looking up as May enters, people come and go all the time, Brin serves a bowl of soup to the next in line offering an answering smile to the young woman opposite her.

Funnily enough, the queue for Piotr is a longer than the one for Brin - seems everyone wants to see the 'gentle giant' in action… which suits her for the moment.

"Your popular today, Piotr." She hasn't made any excuses as to why she's been absent for a number of days

"I am popular everyday." Piotr corrects in his accented english, though it is a little deeper today than most days. Part of the charm, perhaps, or the knowledge that people expect certain truism about his characters. Giant, drinks alot of vodka, terrible but enthusiastic sense of humor.

He plops down another bowl to be taken with a gentle smile that pulls at the lips hidden behind the steel beard. "Da, welcome. Next!"

Melinda May bypasses the line completely, ignoring any mean looks sent her way, and stops where Brin can see her. "Ms. Myers." Of course, her demeanor might set off a few of the shelter-goers, considering she's in full Vulcan mode currently.

Darcy leans into the office, smiling a bright smile at the organizer who's dealing with tomorrow's meal as tonight's is being served. Her bubbly voice is heard clearly though some of the conversation is lost in the general din of the evening gathering. She greets the organizer by name, holding out the donation envelope.

"Yes, you are." Brin murmurs quietly, smiling at the young mutant she's serving. "They're very lovely wings you have there … " the girls wings shimmer and flutter at the compliment "… I love the colours." The young girl turns make off with her soup, only to stop and stare at Agent May "uh…."

At Mays words, Brin stiffens and looks at the woman, colour draining a little from her face. "Agent May… "

Glancing to Piotr and beyond him, Brin raises her chin. Time for them to swap out … this isn't a discussion she wants to have here. "Will you join us, Piotr. You all deserve some explanations."

Piotr sets the spoon down, sensing the mood in the air. Mays is a threat? Colossus does not loom intentionally, it's just a side effect of being almost nine feet tall while in his inhuman metal form. Thump, thump, thump. Not a bit of him is graceful but he does try to be gentle as he comes out from behind the counter, jaw tense. Trouble coming?

Well, good thing he's a giant! Trouble is something he knows.

Melinda May nods to Brin and moves to follow, even as Colossus also moves to follow. If she finds his unintentional looming to be intimidating, she doesn't let it show. She simply moves to follow Brinley, her eyes tracking across the room as if checking the exits, looking for threatening expressions, making sure Darcy hasn't started a game of Calvinball in the corner…

Do they HAVE a ball? Calvinball sounds like a - Oh, May is moving. Darcy finishes her conversation with the organizer, shoves her hands in her pockets and heads over. She's pretty sure May won't need help with Mr. Steel Buns, but you know, never hurts to be ready to taze someone. Please don't get into a fist fight in a soup kitchen, May. There are rules!

Mays not a threat and Brin is starting to project feelings of guilt. Not overly strong, but those nearest her will start to feel them - and those that know her, will know that this isn't usual.

Taking a seat at a table in the corner, the brunette mutant waits for them all to be seated. "Hello Agent Lewis, have met Piotr, aka Colossus?" She's not missed the way the young agent has looked at him.

"I'm still not quite sure what happened, Agent May but I know it's too do with my past with the Purifiers. How much of my history do you know?"

As to exits, there aren't many. The main one that they came through. There's one out through the kitchen and the windows that are placed in the walls.

The occupants of the soup kitchen, eye the small group as they move. Murmurs accompany their passing - "X-Red" and "SHIELD" can be heard amongst other things.

"Privet." Colossus says as he comes to a stop, keeping his hands to himself. "Piotr." That must be his preference if spoken to, which only makes sense… but, as far as codenames go, hearing people call him Colossus probably results in more unintended giggling than he prefers.

Is something you needed?" He's at least straight to the point!

"I wanted to make sure you're doing better, Ms. Myers. The last time we spoke you had been feeling unwell." When Colossus is introduced, May offers a handshake as she moves to take a seat. Yup, not at all scared of the metal man who's nearly double her height. "Hello, Piotr. Agent May. This is Agent Lewis."

Giggling such as Darcy tries to stifle? She is mature, she swears! Following May's example, Darcy also offers her hand. Her green eyes sparkle and her lips are curled up in a grin that shows there's not a bit of fear or intimidation in the younger Agent's demeanor. Maybe the 12 year old boy mentality keeps her that way?

"Hullo, Pioter." Because she can't get the 'tr' to sound right at the end of the word. "Darce is fine with me." She offers her hand to Brin too, because she's clueless about empath stuffs happening.

Shaking hands should be ok for Brin. Darce will be the judge of that. "Darce." Yes she remembers the exuberant agent from the Stark Un-Party.

Making room for Piotr to sit next to her, if he wants, Brin looks a little sheepish "May was one of the ones who recovered me, Piotr." she explains before looking to the Senior Agent. "I'm doing better, thanks. Just a persistent headache now." With a slight shake of her head "I really can't apologise for how much trouble I caused. But, I'm slowly catching up things, including the Natalia Utrecht… and I've information to share."

Very quickly, she summarises for Piotr - the hit on the mutant activist by SIGMA agents, May and hers mad dash to an offbooks safehouse where Utrecht still remains in a coma and the woman in the hospital that looks like her.

"Our mutual contact mentioned the term LMD, May. I've managed to confirm that the one in hospital is…" May might like to know how Brin /knows/ this …

"Maybe have real names. So you seem more like real people and not just black suit and sunglasses." Piotr says, grudgingly taking the hand with a shake. Darce? He seems slightly less of an antagonist with as he takes her hand in one of own giant limbs. "It takes work. Pyot-uh."

He looks to Brinley with a frown. He knew about her most recent troubles… but then again, Brinley is ALWAYS in some sorta trouble. He slowly takes a seat and listens.

Melinda May isn't wearing a suit OR sunglasses. She IS wearing a hand knitted grey scarf with something shiny running alongside the yarn. Nodding to Brinley to confirm her unspoken question about the Utrecht woman still in the hospital. "It makes sense. Where did your doppleganger come into this, Ms. Myers?" She's not sure how else to describe the other mutant that had been working to help her 'escape'.

Darcy smiles at Brin, noticing nothing out of the ordinary as she turns her attention back to Piotr. Trying again, she gets closer to pronuncing it correctly. Like May, Darcy's dressed comfortably. Her hand knitted stuff is well worn and the hat is starting to pill, tiny rolls of fluff balling up along its surface.

"Call me, Brin, please May." It's true. Brins always finding trouble of one sort or another. "Just May, Piotr. At least that's what I use." she murmurs.

"My doppleganger?" she thinks for a moment and shakes her head "Absolutely nothing, I'm afraid. That was Ryan - something about our empathetic connection caused him to take on my look. I don't really understand why, but given he's a mutant, it's entirely possible." It had surprised her. "It's not something I care to experience again."

"As to Utrecht, we managed to … ahem … acquire some blood panels and information that if certain markers were present, then the 'person' who's blood it is a highly advanced class of LMD."

As they sit there, a slight scuffle breaks out between some young men. Nothing serious, just boys in high spirits, but maybe someone can redirect the energy.

Melinda May nods slowly. "I think I'd like to have a chat with Ryan at some point. And proving that Utrecht is an LMD won't tell me anything I don't already know, but it's also not something that can be released publicly. It would be worse than revealing to the world that there's a mutant out there that can change their appearance to precisely mimic another person. That level of paranoia I really would rather avoid."

Glancing over toward the scuffling young men, May looks at Lewis and tilts her head toward the boys. She hears all the time about Lewis' unusually good skills in engaging people, let's put it to the test.

As the scuffle started, Lewis's eyes drifted that way. She watched with the interest of the high school misfit who set off a chain of events three weeks ago to get the head cheerleader and the drill team captain into a heated arguement in the lunchroom. It's teh look from May that has Darcy snickering faintly and excusing herself. Making her way to the scuffle, she calls them out and works to get them doing something competitive that won't bloody noses. Like beat box rap dance battles using an app from her phone. Thank you Jmmy Fallon for the idea!

"I'm sure he'll want to speak with you too." Brin admits to May as considers the next statement from the Agent. "The archer that I got the blood panels from indicates that this is next model though. I agree we can't go public on it … but the fact is, we now have a test. Up until that point, May, she tested as human, even down to her emotions. I'm positive she thinks she is the real deal." i.e she herself doesn't know she's a robot.

Looking up to Piotr she offers a small apologetic smile. Trouble seems to be her middle name.

Piotr maybe doesn't understand. It's hard to tell if he's furrowing his brow or if it's always that heavy, as many look to the giant and think him a simple man who is poorly fit to follow the complexity of Brin-Drama. Maybe they are right. He sits in a certain sullen silence as he observes one of the SHIELD agents breaking up the nearby scuffle.

He plants hands to table, "If it bleeds, eats, breathe, feels? Maybe is real." Real enough anyhow to feel sympathy for.

Melinda May looks at Piotr. He's not wrong. "Blade Runner has become reality. Just great. The only catch to that is the LMD is being used to deliberately impersonate a woman who has been a champion for mutant rights, and they're making it sound like she's suddenly backpedalling and changing her tune. Going anti-mutant. You can see the trouble this could and likely will cause." Turning her attention back to Brinley, she nods again. "Having an actual repeatable test is good news."

"You're right, Piotr." Brin agrees with May. "Which is part of the issue. And something we need to handle very carefully. This is so very new to all of us." Looking back up to the counter, where the soups being served and out across the shelter. "If there's nothing else, May? I thought I might go organise some sport for the youngsters." Seems Darcey's example has enthused her "Want to help me, Piotr?"

Piotr looks to May at this, awaiting her answer. He doesn't seem convinced but it's hard to argue against the logic. A doppleganger weakening the position of X-Red's more or less most public face is a danger. However much he wishes that wasn't the case.

"Just one last thing, Brin." May seems to be studying the young woman intently for a moment, then produces a bottle of naproxen pain reliever seemingly out of nowhere to set on the table. "Take care of yourself. Piotr, I trust you'll be keeping an eye out as well." For as much as Darcy stumbled over the man's name, May didn't have any trouble at all. She said it with a bit of a Mandarin accent, but other than that…

Taking the bottle of Naproxen, Brin looks sheepish again "I will, May. And thank you." At least that will help with the headache, some.

Rising, offering Piotr a smile at Mays final statement. "Let's go show these kids how things are done." Or not … Brins not exactly the most athletic.

"I will try." Piotr says as he rises to his feet. Which probably means he will fail. Brinley is the most mild-mannered ball of trouble he's ever had the pleasure of keeping company with. She's ALSO a terrible athlete so he usually doesn't pick her for his team.

Melinda May moves to stand as well. She goes to collect Darcy and the pair of them take their leave with only a bit of token protest from the younger agent.

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