We're Not the Same

February 21, 2016:

Following (New) Rachel's appearance and Rose shooting her, Nate and Rose draw lines.

The Bungalow

A residence in Salem Center


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Fade In…

Nate returns to the cottage close to midnight time. Rachel had a lot of questions for him to answer, but finally she passed out or sheer exhaustion. At some point during the evening he also got his hand bandaged. He is not really tired, though, too much to deal with. Including, he supposes, talking with Rose about shooting Rachel.

Perhaps some things should wait, but Nate is not good at waiting. But for the first time in three years, he is angry with the white-haired girl. It is a very unnerving feeling.

Unnerving. The feeling you get when you wake up and piercing green eyes that bear a deep emptiness are staring at you from a shadowed corner and then depart as silently as the watch had been.

For once in a long time, Rose took a freeing shower, one that washed the blood from her nose during unconsciousness, from her hair. That and it helped ease the migraine that had her seeing red and her head pulsing every time she moved too fast.

Coming out of the shower, Rose is wearing a pear of huge fluffy pj pants and halter top, moving directly to the kitchen to open a bottle of vodka and down her painkillers with it.

Never mind Nate coming in, she knew he'd be pissed, she shot his 'sister from somewhere down the timeslip' and the pill was not just for the past, but for the present.

Imagine it is hard to swallow..

The door opens, then closes. Familiar steps head for the kitchen, where he can feel Rose. "Told Laura to bring you here," he comments. "She is pretty reliable," and he is stalling. Nate never stalls. "So yeah…" pause, "why the hell did you do that, Rose? She wasn't even the woman that…" he makes a vague gesture. The older Rachel actions never seemed a big deal to him. If killing bothered him they would never have become lovers.

Nate's inquiry is waited on. She did not even sit, but there is a rigidity when he reveals she was not the same girl that was a mass murderer. Rose did not know that bit and the bottle is pulled from once more to chase that new flora down. But instead of admitting? Rose simply sets the bottle down and removes her hand. His tone is setting her on defensive as, he has -never- (as he reminisced) been this way towards her before.

"Last you spoke to me," a tap to the temple to state how the exchange had happened. "You were in pain before I closed it down and came."

"You tell me? You're in pain, I respond to help and walk into a space where you all are fighting, she's lit up like mutating Christmas tree and gee, her shining past pre-disappearance gave me -no- red flags, whatsoever."

Beat, vodka shot.

"Or the shining past of the other one. Whatever. Other me here sucked too from what I heard, but hell if I know."
Nate ohs. "There was some psychic feedback," he explains vaguely, glancing at his injured hand. Maybe he should have explained better when he invited Rose to join them. "She was scared, I wasn't much better when I crossed over to your world. I picked a fight with the Martian Manhunter."

He sighs, walking closer to the young woman. "You almost killed her," he states. "I can't imagine what I would have done if you had."

Sucked, or as her father insists - was not the same, his Rose was….better? To him, maybe. She was done there too. As for the here and now…

"You want to convince people she is not the other one? You have some work to do. Her face is on wanted lists all over the underground. The price on her head alive is," A low whistle. "Dead. Not so much. But -you- should know what people in the underbelly do to metahumans when they get them. Use them for. Your sister's better off dead now then later. This other Rachel has some work to do to prove otherwise, and I wont be the only attempt."

When Nate steps closer, Rose and that bottle slide away, only putting the small kitchenettes bar corner between them, this way she can look at him squarely, the mismatched gaze a piercing thing for those who don't know. "Then think long and hard on that, Nate. In the other world I thought I killed my own father. Doing it to kill my brother who was after Lian. A child unrelated for two that were family."

The vodka bottle is eyed now and not partaken from until after her final statement. "You'd do what you thought best. And who am I to hate you for it?"
"Who wants her?" There might be some killing to do there, yes. "Rachel was released without charges. No one should know about the Centurions' island, unless they were involved in building killer robots. If they were, I want them."

But this is not really what Nate wanted to talk about. That is mutant business, that makes him angry but it doesn't hurt like what happened a few hours ago. Rose shooting Rachel is deeply personal. "I wouldn't shoot your father like that even if he was… I wouldn't."

"Who is not the question, it is how many." Now Rose claims a seat, but just on the very edge, just like her own posture.

"But you have to work your way up the ladder in the underground anyway. -Who- is really behind the hits?" A shrug there, one that slides the strap of halter off her shoulder to hang lamely along the side.

"The game is not easy. You don't ask questions. You just do. I did not act for them, but I know." When Nate speaks of her father, Rose's head tilts and she openly stares at him, even if it is through shorn ends.

"If you thought he was going to do to me as he had others, no matter the semantics - You wouldn't shoot him?"
No. Yes? Someone so important to Rose should get a break, even if Slade Wilson maybe deserves to die. Something Rachel doesn't. "Not if there are non-lethal alternatives," definitely not as first response. "And Ray was no threat to me, at least not an immediate one, we are too closely matched. Or at least we were, this time she seems younger."

To that Rose just shrugs. Perspective is very different on this matter. To him neither Rachel nor Slade should die in 'imagined' or 'not them' scenarios, to her, they should be put down. "Then we have an impasse. I would for any I considered family. True. Family. Truly innocent."

Rising from the seat then, Rose takes the bottle, her keys and as she heads for the door starts gathering her gear, but when her back is to him her eyes close and teeth grind. "This Rachel may be another…" Rose is over-explaining herself, or was about to, something she's never had to do before. Not to him or anyone.

"Nevermind." And she's not going to start.

"You don't have to go anywhere," growls Nate. She is in pajamas, too! "This is your place. If you don't want to talk, I am the one that should go. Farewell, Rose." He heads out, and he doesn't have anything to pick up, he never does.

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