Deploying The Eighth Fleet

February 21, 2016:

The Blues Eighth Fleet is deployed in the Indian Ocean, Mera is enroute and a Reacher … reaches out

Indian Ocean


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The Eighth Fleet has officially arrived in the wild areas. It's odd. For all the discussion of seeing if the Blue can fight, at the moment the Blue are the only people in the field in strength. This is of course because the tribes have to muster and organize. Even societies like theirs cannot instantly be at war.

Rowan is standing on the bridge of the Maelstrom, flagship of the fleet, watching the goings on. "Any word on the Atlanteans?" He murmurs to Ulani nearby.

It hadn't taken long to deploy the Eighth Fleet into the Indian Ocean. With Ulani's intel, it had been standing ready - albeit a safe distance from the borders - ready to move on Ulani's and Rowan's word.

"Not yet, Rowan. I sent notification to Queen Mera by way of one of my constructs when we left the moot the other day." The Blue Female stands 'at ease' next to the Dragon Blue, watching the inky black water ahead of them.

Honestly, because of the distances involved, Mera was not able to send a message ahead to Ulani. However, the moment she and a seemingly paltry nine of the Tide arrive in the area, she sends a mental message to the Blue emissary. ~We are approaching.~

"Sir contact ahead. It's uh… a group of people?" The officer of the watch comes forward to look at it. "Armored fighters in the.. .mmm, those don't look like the Lord of the Deep's forces. And there's only ten of them."

Rowan glances at Ulani who seems to be hearing something. Is it Mera?

"Sir I have major water displacement behind them. Something large is moving a few hundred klicks off."

"How large?"

"It's a Reacher, sir."

~Acknowledged Your Majesty~ Ulani sends back and nods to Rowan "The SeaQueen is in bound. I would suggest that is her."

~You have a reacher incoming, Your Majesty~ The Blue Female sends back ~A few hundred km's but coming in fast. ~

"Permission to deploy The Elite, Sir?" She's a soldier, a good one, and she'll take the Blue Elite that are part of the Eighth to provide cover for the Atlanteans and, with their help, drive this Reacher back.

/~Thank you.~// Mera is a bit terse as she promptly turns her attention to directing her assigned Tide to prepare for the incoming Reacher. They've fought them before, and made it out again. Barely. She has to make sure they're ready this time just like last time. ~Can we expect assistance?~

"Granted. Grab those dolphins the beastmasters leant us too." The officer turns to the comm.

"Signal the fleet. All hands prepare for combat. Elite and Marines into the water. All ships rig for hard shocks."

In moments the Blue ships are disgoring warriors, Ulani's elite among them. Rowan swims toward Mera as people take up formation. Ahead Mera can see mutants and twisted monsters 'swarming' off the reacher as it approaches. Mera can feel the horrible psychic presence bearing down on her. The Lord seems to be giving her particular attention. She's got it's interest.

"Here they come, your Majesty."

Ulani joins her Elite with the Power Armoured Dolphins by her side.

~ You have support incoming, Your Majesty. ~~

Taking her place in the formation, she watches The Reacher descend on them …. and sends her group into action … attacking the nearest mutates as they swarm.

Mera grimaces slightly as the Lord of the Deep starts focusing on HER, forcing her to close her mind completely. That is unpleasant and inconvenient. And to show her displeasure, she joins in the attack against the Reacher, using solidified water to stab it and slice at it as viciously as possible.

The Reacher gets skewered. Interestingly enough this is the 'end' of a reacher, not the middle of it as they've seen before so it's probably that the Lord of the deep is just arriving. All up and down the line the Blue are beginning their attack and the water echoes with the sounds of battle. Mera's got the thing transfixed and now she finds herself in a battle of wills against the being. It's trying to yank her water out of it and slap at the nearest battleship as the Blue fleet pours energy onto it's armored hide. But in order to do that it has to break Mera's control and, if it can, crack her mind like a nut. It'd really like that. Ordinarily this would be a sore contest for Mera but the Lord of the Deep is paying attention to a number of things right now and can't give her it's full attention. So she has a fighting chance to keep it where it is.

Ulani finds herself swimming along side a pair of armored Dolphins (Mera may see those, they're very different than the Atlantean versions which sometimes aren't even armored). There's a pod of mutates right in front of her and they're bearing down on the sea Queen. Actually… there's a lot of things bearing down on the Sea Queen. Rowan's in a fight on her right and it looks like her Tide are going to have to get their hands dirty. There are hundreds of things coming at Mera.

The Dolphins with Ulani don't need to be told what to do, they zip into the battle, the turrets on the underside of the armour delivering barrage after barrage of energy fire.

As one of the reaches for the left most dolphin, it twists, bringing the bladed dorsal fin to bear, slicing wickedly into the creature.

Ulani herself, shapes water, sending a bladed wave into the remains of the pod near her. She's not trying these ones, she wants them stopped … and pushed back and away from the Sea Queen.

Mera can't ease up on defending her mind long enough to call the Tide to her, and that's a bad thing. With so many of the mutates homing in on her, she does the only thing she can think of. Shouting so that hopefully Ulani and Rowan will hear, "Stay clear!" she then makes the water around herself one giant sea urchin of spikes. Anyone who wants to get near is likely to be skewered.

Those dolphins are rather wickedly effective. Ulani may not want to give them back. The reacher is starting to crack and breach. Mera can see it bleeding… right before near a hundred mindless mutates ram themselves into her water barrier. The sea fills with black blood and momentarily blots out her vision but she can hear the screech as the reacher is cut in half by the combined fire of the Blue Fleet. Well not in half. They've basically cut off the front five or six hundred meters of it which for a creature the size of this is kind of like skinning your knuckles. Still, the thing seems to have decided that the headlong rush isn't going to work without more support and begins to withdraw. The fight is sharp but surprisingly brief as those mutates and sea beasts not locked in combat disengage, sacrificing the front line to get away.

This is the Maelstrom. They're pulling back. Check for damage and dress the lines.

Nope, Ulani doesn't want to give this pair back. She likes them and they fight well together. ~~Queen Mera, The Reacher is pulling back ~ she's no idea if the Monarch can hear her, but she'll try anyway.

Gathering the Dolphins, the Blue Female returns to the line and organises her small squad.

Now … where is Rowan….

Mera can't see, and for several moments is also holding her breath. Because breathing this stuff? UGH. But then she can sense that the pressure from the Lord of the Deep is easing off, typically indicating that his forces are withdrawing, so she lets all solidified water go and then pushes every last bit of gore away to see fo rherself that that is indeed the case. Having missed Ulani's message, she simply stays in place and waits for the others to return to her location.

Rowan is indeed swimming that way and isn't, interestingly, a dragon. Mera can see - and scent - blood coming off a wound on his shoulder. Sometimes smaller with a spear beats bigger with scales and claws. The dragon-Blue gives Ulani a short wave. "That didn't take them long. Are you okay? I felt a pressure in my head but nothing too bad." He knows, though, that Mera is a lot more sensitive than others.

The tide present get a look and a nod and then Rowan looks to Ulani. Seems the Sea Queen came with her personal bodyguard. That's actually getting some notice now as Blue realize who was at the center of that battle line. Whispers of 'The Atlantean Queen' run up and down the line. Seems she has a reputation.

"They weren' expecting the resistance, I'll warrant." Ulani takes the liberty to inspect Rowans wound. "When we return to the ship, get that seen to. I avoided injury this time. As much thanks to the surprise that we could drop on it as much to my two friends here."

The Dolphins circle around Mera, keeping their distance for the moment, they're curious about the newcomer - but then dolphins are like that.

Hearing the murmurs up and down the line, the Blue Envoy turns the gathered Blue. "The Atlantean Queen and some of the tide came to join us. We owe her and them our thanks."

Turning to Mera, she offers a nod "Thank you, for your timely arrival. Shall we return to the Maelstrom?"

Now that the attack is over, the migraine from having been mentally attacked is starting to kick in. She manages to call her Tide back — only seven of the nine return, and they all have some manner of injury — and then she's nodding to Ulani wearily. The dolphins get a momentarily curious look, but she's really too worn down to greet the friendly creatures properly. "The Maelstrom?"

"The Flagship. I'm sure the Merarch will want to see you and can arrange suitable quarters." The fact that Ulani and Rowan can simply go up and talk to Mera is also getting whispers but they're whispers as the soldiers get on with their business, assess damage and secure their ships. The fleet will be dispersing into patrol stations soon enough as the wild tribes muster.

"How long are you with us?"

"Come Your Majesty." Ulani ignores the whispers. That she and Rowan can speak with the SeaQueen is something that isn't unusual, now.

The dolphins fall in beside the Blue Female, something else that garners the interest of some of The Blue. That the Elite female consorts with Rowan is one thing, the Sea Queen another but that the wild tribes have entrusted a pair of Dolphins to her … just adds to the level of amazement.

Mera nods to Ulani. "We can't stay long, but at least enough to meet with the Merarch." Okay, headache not backing off, but these dolphins are FASCINATING. She'd show them to Arthur and ask him about them, but just thinking about it makes her head hurt.

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